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Mission 7

Mission 7

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Yet another long range only mission. The funny thing about this mission is the name of it is "Char". Hopefully by now you've figured out who Quattro really is. With that said on with the mission...

Throught out the game you're more than likely to see many familiar faces. For instance, here we have Hayato and if you don't know who he is I'll tell you. He's the pilot of the Guntank prototype that was developed under Operation V in 0079. Later he became the pilot of a Guncannon.

The enemies here are just plain old Hi-Zack's but this time they come with a hover craft that allows them to fight over the ocean without having to use their thrusters. They are a little bit more difficult to defeat than the Hi-Zack's that you have fought thus far but not by much. Increase your Lock On-Speed to make up for their added boost in speed.

The best way to avoid enemy fire is to move in a zig-zag fashion. Like this: /\/\/\/\/\/\/\ and so on (sorry for the bad representation I couldn't think of anyway to explain it better). You have to fight six battles of two Hi-Zack's per battle.

Once you have destroyed the twelve Hi-Zack's you should make a savestate in case you get destroyed in the upcoming battle and it's a real doozy.

Now the fun can begin. Now a days it seems everyone in the UNT has an interest in you. Here we have Baran Blutarch in his brand new Asshimar mobile suit. Your job is to destroy it. Make sure you're at full health or as close to full as possible, having a full ammo supply wouldn't hurt either.

During this battle you have a small speed advantage over the Asshimar, you can dodge its shots the same way you've been dodging the Hi-Zack's attacks (zig-zag movements). Unfortunatly for you the Asshimar has the same attack as the Messala that you fought in Mission 5, only this time it does a whole lot more damage than it previously did.

This is one of those bosses that are a real pain to beat if you're at low levels. The Asshimar also has the ability to change into a bird like mode and fly around and pelt you with blasts, this is even more dangerous than his other attack. After dealing around 350AP damage to the Asshimar, it will fly off.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 8!