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Mission 8

Mission 8

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Mission 8 Maps

The name of the last mission was Char, a legendary Zeon ace pilot from the One Year War. This mission's name is also another legendary pilot, Amuro, the boy that climbed into the RX-78-2 Gundam's cockpit and saved Side 7 and then went on to have many battles with Char. The last time we saw Amuro was during the battle at A Bao A Qu in the Gundam fighting Char who was in the Zeong. What does Amuro have to do with all of this? Why is the mission's name the same as Amuro's? You'll just have to play to find out.

What? Could it be? Yes! For this mission you get two, count them TWO new mobile suits. In addition to the Gundam MK II you get two Rick Dias's, one for Amuro and one for Roberto. Make sure you press L/R and use the points that each Rick Dias comes with (it should be about 19).

If gaining the use of the Rick Dias you also get a new companion, Amuro Ray. Here's a real shocker, Amuro and Char are actually fighting together instead of against each other.

Nothing much new with the long range part of the mission. Three battles at two Hi-Zack's per battle. After the Hi-Zack's however...

After the plague of Hi-Zack's has been taken care of the boss for this portion will come out of hiding and fight you. The boss is a Gaplant, a transforming mobile suit.

In some ways fighting the Gaplant in its transformed state is easier than fighting it in its mobile suit mode, reason being is it won't be able to the dreaded attack that all of the boss mobile suits to date have been able to. You guessed it, the undodgeable onslaught of blasts and his hurts and is able to damage you greatly then just take a few shots more at you and you're dead.

The AEUG's four mobile suits have infiltrated the Island Base and no, you don't get to control all four. Just so you know who's in what I'll name them off (starting at the top and going clockwise): Char in the Hyaku Shiki, Amuro in a Rick Dias, Roberto in a Rick Dias, and Kamiyuh in the Gundam MK II. Funny how Char gets a brand new mobile suit but Amuro doesn't.

You only get to use three of the four mobile suits that were deployed and the Hyaku Shiki isn't one of them. Don't worry too much because you'll get to control it at a later point in the game. Four Hi-Zack's await your arrival in each and every area in the mission and you must destroy all of them! Unlike Cross Dimension if any of your mobile suits are destroyed then its game over for you.

Here's an rather obvious question: "The two Rick Dias's suck, how can I level them up quickly?" First I'll show you the "hard" way of doing it and then tell you the secret to doing it the "easy" way. First Step: Move the Gundam towards an enemy suit but make sure that it is not facing the enemy.

Second Step: Choose the mobile suit you wish to level up and let it attack each turn on the mobile suit that the Gundam has been put in front of. Now for the "easy" way, every time your mobile suit is destroyed you get the GAME OVER screen and the choice of replaying the mission. What the game doesn't come out and tell you is that when you replay the mission you get to keep all the Exp. points you had making it rather easy to reach the 25 level max. Guess this could've helped back on all of those hellacious long range battles.

You could always boost the Rick Dias's Close ATC to the limits and use their close attacks to destroy the Hi-Zack's. If you do decide to do it this way make sure you boost the Close DEF as well as the Close ATC because some of the Hi-Zack's here can do deadly damage with their beam sabers.

Once the Hi-Zack's have been defeated Roberto will fly off to fight Baran in his Asshimar and Kamiyuh will fly off after him. Baran has no trouble destroying the Rick Dias and Roberto with it. Kamiyuh in the Gundam arrives just in time to see the destruction of Roberto, now you get to take the Asshimar on.

The Asshimar is very, very, very deadly with a beam saber. His normal beam saber attacks will do around 80AP damage or so but (run and hide kids) the Asshimar also has a devestating 4 hit combo which can easily cut you down to size and more than likely kill you too. You'll need plenty of Energy-Pacs to survive this battle.

Personally I like to fight with a beam saber in Close-Range but this is one of those times where Long-Range is best. First off you'll want to get a little distance between the Asshimar and yourself. Next use the (Pin Point) A-Gun skill to attack the Asshimar four times for the price of one. Hopefully it shouldn't take more than a couple turns to destroy it. The Asshimar can still attack you with his rifle but the damage is no where nearly as great as that of his beam saber.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 9!