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Mission 9

Mission 9

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission


Another one of those Long-Range only missions. This one offers many Hi-Zacks for you to play with.

Dar! You get to fight an onslaught of Hi-Zacks. Dispose of them the same way you have thus far.

After 26 Hi-Zacks things start to heat up when Rosamia shows up in her Gaplant to finish Kamiyuh off once and for all.

If you can think back to the last time you fought the Gaplant you'll remember the painful attack that it used. Not to worry though the Gaplant comes fully equiped with a cannon from hell that's aimed right at you, all you have to worry about is if it actually connects with the attack.

Don't forget about the Gaplant's ability to change into a hovercraft mode. Here's the formula that you'll want to know: Gaplant Mobile Suit mode = good when YOU on the offensive; Gaplant Hovercraft mode = good when you're on the defensive. Remember that and you shall go far my son.

Brief conversations between the pilots will break out periodically throughout the course of the battle. Once you've dealt about 300AP damage or so the Gaplant will go... BOOM!!! Congratulations on a well earned victory.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 10!