Final Fantasy: Solid
by d_Galloway

Cloud sat in the break room, drinking his milk. Nothing ever happens to him, he thought. Not since that stint in MOG-CHOCO. God, what the hell was he thinking? And who the hell named that group?

Of course, all thoughts stopped when he was knocked out by a bunch of soldiers that happened to be standing right behind him the whole damn time. They simply picked him up and delivered the body to Colonel Steiner.

(Briefing session)

Steiner: Good to see that you're back with us, Cloud.
Cloud: I don't know what you're talking about, Colonel. Where the hell am I?
Steiner: Back in MOG-CHOCO. But that's not-
Cloud: I quit, remember?
Steiner: Will you listen for a second? Freaking moron.
Cloud: All right, what is it?
Steiner: We have a situation that only you can resolve.
Cloud: No way, Steiner.
Steiner: Now, is that any way to talk to an old friend?
Cloud: You're no friend of mine. We weren't even in the same game.
Steiner: Oh, you'll accept this mission, all right. Terrorists have seized a weapons disposal site off the coast
of the Frozen Continent. The site was first used to dispose of Magitec weapons after the Empirical War, then later
used after the Shinra conflict. The weapons were dismanteled and de-activated before and after being sent; I don't see what the terrorists have to gain from this.
Cloud: Who are the terrorists?
Steiner: Specially-Engineered soldiers, probably remnants of the Shinra army. When you and AVALAUNCH destroyed Shinra several years ago, they were left with nowhere to turn. We adopted them into MOG-CHOCO, but they have seized the entire site. They are led by elite members of MOG-CHOCO.
Steiner: And if you ask about the name again, I'll kill you.
Cloud: Not exactly gaining my confidence right now, are you?
Steiner: Listen. There are six members of MOG-CHOCO that are leading the terrorists:

Shotgun Tiger, master of torture and gunslinging.
Distracting Octopus, master of disguise.
Psycho Angel, capable of mental telepathy and powers.
Gunarm Raven, powerhouse and ex-miner.
Archer Wolf, capable of hitting any target with a bow.
Dried Cloud, the leader of the terrorists.

Cloud: Dried Cloud? What kind of codename is that?
Steiner: All I know is that this terrorists shares the same codename as you. But first, we need to give you something.
*Relm enters the room*
Relm: *injects a needle into Cloud's arm* Here. This will help you.
Cloud: What's that?
Steiner: An anti-freezing potion. It'll keep you from freezing to death during the mission.
Cloud: When did I say that I would accept, anyway?
Steiner: It's too late. We've already installed the Codec, Underwater Materia, and nanomachines.
Cloud: Do you think that's going to stop me?
Steiner: *pushes button*
Cloud: *falls through the floor into an underwater SDV (Swimmer Delivery Vehicle)* You bastard, Steiner!
Steiner: Listen. You are to take the SDV as close as you can to the base. Once there, you are to exit, then, through use of your Underwater Materia, reach the surface. Once inside, you are to STEALTHELY get inside and release the hostages. I'll tell you who they are when you reach the point.
Cloud: I'll kill you when I get back. You know that, right?
Steiner: Of course. *pushes another button* *the trap door closes, and the SDV is launched*

(end briefing)

Cloud opened the hatch and swam out of the SDV. The vehicle sank to the bottom of the ocean, which meant Cloud didn't have to look at the damn thing anymore.

He surfaced, then climbed behind some crates. In fact, that was all that was down here; a bunch of crates, and a tractor in the corner. But it was what was in the back that intrigued him the most; a tall, poorly-dressed man talking to two soldiers in Shinra uniforms.

"He'll be here," said the man. "I know it. In the meantime, I'm going to go swat down some bothersome flies." He then headed up an elevator.

Cloud squatted down, then called Steiner on his Codec.

(begin Codec conversasion)

Cloud: This is Cloud. Steiner, can you hear me?
Steiner: Loud and clear. What's the situation, Cloud?
Cloud: Looks like the elevator in the back's the only way up.
Steiner: Just as I suspected.
Cloud: So who are the hostages?
Steiner: I'll tell you later. Just get up there without being seen, okay?
Cloud: Whatever.

(end Codec conversasion)

Cloud successfully sneaked to the elevator and reached the surface. He got rid of the Underwater Materia, and prepared for the rest of the mission.

The elevator slowed down, then stopped completely. The large doors opened to reveal a snow-covered building with several crates and a Heliport in front of it. Cloud snuck behind one of the boxes and opened the backpack he hadn't noticed before. Inside was a patented "FOX-CHOCO Sneaking and Cold-Weather Operation Suit", a pair of binoculars, and a pack of cigarretes. Cloud immediately called Steiner on his Codec.

(Begin Codec conversation)
Cloud: This is Cloud. I'm in front of the weapon's facility.
Steiner: Good work, Cloud. Age hasn't-
Cloud: Are you saying that I'm old?
Steiner: Just...shut...up.
Relm: How's the sneaking suit?
Cloud: It fits like a glove. I'm a lot warmer, too.
Relm: Good.
Cloud: Is that all you can say?
Steiner: Listen. We don't have time for a lot of talk. We've launched a diversion from Baron: two Red Wings Mark 2's are headed your way. The terrorists should know about them by now.

Cloud peeked over the corner of the crate. He saw a large, brown-gold single-maned Airship taking off.

Cloud: Steiner, a Rind-E just took off from the heliport. What's something like that doing on a base like this?
Steiner: I have no idea.
???: Wow. You must be crazy to fly a Rind in this kind of weather!
Cloud: Who's that?
Steiner: This is Tifa Lockheart. She designed your Codec, and volunteered to save your game.
Tifa: Wow! I can't believe I'm working with you again, Cloud!
Tifa: You're not over the Aeris thing yet, are you?
Cloud: You got that right.
Tifa: Anyway, you know what to do to save, right?
Cloud: Yes. I'm not a kid, you know.
Tifa: Shut up, Cloud.
Steiner: Well, good to see that you two are off to such a good start.
Cloud: Shut up, Steiner.
Steiner: That's enough shutting up, everyone! Cloud, now's your chance to slip by those damn Shinras and rescue the hostages!
Cloud: Who the hell are they?!
Steiner: First is the MARKA Chief. We don't have an actual name, but he is described as tall, black, and part of the MGS cast. Second is Tot Tot, president of Armstech and maintainer of the facility. And third is...
Cloud: Is something wrong?
Steiner:...Princess Garnet.
Cloud: Did you call me a princess?
Steiner: NO! The third hostage is Princess Garnet!
Cloud: Why her?
Relm: Who cares? Just rescue her!
Steiner: Also, all weapons are OSP (On-site procurement). Get a gun and move in!
Cloud: Fine.
(End Codec conversation)

Cloud dodged several spotlights, Shinra gaurds, and security cameras, eventually netting a SOCOM handgun. He then crawled into a ventilation shaft leading into the facility. On the way in, he recieved two Codec calls:

Steiner: That shaft should take you into a Magitek Armor hanger. Also, our diversion Airships were just shot down, and Dry Cloud said that if we try something like that again, he'll do something that isn't nice.
Cloud: That's what they all do.
Steiner: I know. I should tell you about Kuja and Necron sometime.
Cloud: Now's definately not a good time.
Steiner: I know.

???: Cloud, this is Auron. It's been a long time.
Cloud: Auron, what are you doing here?
Auron: A story that'll take too long to describe. All I'm saying is that I'm here to help you.
Cloud: Good. With people like Steiner on back-up, I'll need all the help I can get.
Auron: Good. Cutting communications.

Cloud continued his long crawl through the ventilation shaft and reached an opening. After Steiner went through some wierd "climbing down" instructions (what the hell is an "action" button?), he climbed into the hanger.

While walking along the iron catwalk he had landed on, he noticed that his footsteps echoed with every step. Then he recieved a call from Auron.

(begin codec conversasion)
Auron: That floor is designed so that your footsteps echo. Since you're a complete idiot, I'll just tell you to crawl on your belly whenever you're on that floor.
Cloud: Okay. Whatever.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud used this new technique to reach the end of the catwalk, then dodged a security camera and climbed down a flight of stairs, where he saw two gaurds patrolling in front of an elevator. He pushed the call button while there backs were turned, then pushed it again to speed it up, then climbed on and pushed the B1 button.

The elevator stopped to reveal a long, empty hallway. There weren't any gaurds or security cameras. It was quiet; a little too quiet. Cloud quickly called Steiner.

(begin codec conversasion)
Cloud: It's quiet. A little too quiet.
Steiner: I don't get it.
Tifa: Cloud, the MARKA Chief must be around there somewhere. Before you go, though, you'd better save your game.


Cloud: Thanks, Tifa.
Tifa: No problem.
(end codec conversasion)

Snake found a ladder leading into a ventilation shaft. He climbed into the shaft and found the cell the MARKA Chief was being held in. He ripped the cover clean off.

The MARKA Chief explained the sad truth; the weapons disposal facility was actually a cover for the ultimate weapon, a walking, Mako-powered battle tank, known as Metal Gear Atma. The plan was to test Atma by firing a dummy Magitec missle in order to prove its ability to perform in a live combat situation. Cloud was, of course, pissed off.

While they were talking, the prisoner in the next cell, a young, black-haired woman, listened through the wall. She could hear every detail.

The MARKA Chief then explained how two passwords were needed to activate the launch, but a member of the terrorists named Psycho Angel could read minds, and was able to get his. Tot, he said, was being held in the second-floor basement, behind a few fake walls. He then told about the card keys, a set of three keys that could override the launch.

Cloud was about to bust him out of there when the Chief began to act strangely. He seemed paniced. He began to ask Cloud questions about other override methods and such, then clutched his heart as the graphics all turned black-and-white. He screamed at the top of his lungs, then walked towards Cloud before falling to the floor. Cloud checked his pulse.


(begin codec conversasion)
Cloud: Relm! The MARKA Chief! What happened?!
Relm: I don't know. It looked like a heart attack, but-
Steiner: A heart attack? No.
Cloud: Steiner, are you hiding something from me?
Steiner: Absolutely not.
Steiner: Look, we don't have time to debate. Get out of there and find Tot!

(end codec conversasion)

Cloud searched the Chief, only to find a measly Level 1 PAN (Personal Area Network) card. No one would be stupid enough to put a lock on a cell door with this as the key (especially since the prisoner had one to begin with). And to top it off, the ventilation shaft was too high for him to reach now. He was trapped in the cell.

All the quiet of the situation was interrupted by the sound of a door opened, followed by a scream and a loud "thud". Anything that sounds like that CAN'T be good (law of RPG's #21). The cell door opened.

Cloud walked outside. The entire hall seemed a bit too quiet. That, and there was a naked guy (thank God for censorship) lying face-down by the neighboring cell. And someone in the gaurd's uniform was pointing a gun at Cloud's head.

The conversasion began with Cloud being accused of killing the Chief, followed by Cloud taunting the stranger after he noticed the safety wasn't off. Little did they know of the gaurds that were behind the door, until the fight began.

Cloud pulled out his SOCOM and began an all-out shoot-fest. The other person, however, wasn't firing. She (it's a woman's voice. Deal) just stood there while Cloud killed every gaurd that poured into the room. After a wave was taken out, an even larger one entered. After some words of wisdom, the stranger began to shoot (FA-MAS=Carnage). The gaurds fell like flies, even though a gernade attempt nearly blew Cloud to pieces (the other one wasn't even fazed). Finally, after what seemed like hours (but was really two minutes), the fighting stopped.

The two walked into the hall, with the stranger running in front of Cloud. It took him only one look at her ass to know she WAS a woman (not my fault; play the game). As soon as she got to the elevator, she turned and emptied no less that seventy rounds in Cloud's direction. Fortunately, they all missed.

The doors closed with a reverbating slam. Suddenly, everything went black-and-white, and a REALLY wierd guy was floating in front of the door. He had a long ponytail, twisted wings, and very disturbing clothes. He smiled, then said in a deep, rasping voice, "Good girl. Just like that." Then he dissapeared, returning everything to normal.

Cloud did what was natural; reach for the Codec.

(begin Codec conversasion)
Cloud: Relm, I just had some kind of hallucination. Are the nanomachines acting up.
Relm: No, they appear to be functioning normally.
Cloud: Then what was that?
Relm: It must be Psycho Angel, MOG-CHOCO's chief psychic official of psychic powers and psychic abilities.
Cloud: Man. I've never seen "psychic" used so many times in a single sentence.
Steiner: Just forget about that right now. Just find Tot.
Cloud: Fine, Steiner.
(end Codec conversasion)

Cloud went into the elevator and rode to the second floor basement. He picked up a few cases of C-4 and blew down some weak walls to reveal a hidden room. Inside was a small, bird-like man tied to an assortment of ropes that were networked in a spider web-like fashion to four pillars. Cloud assumed that this was Tot. He was just about to reach for the rope when he noticed the C-4's attached to every one.

Then he heard the sound of a gun cocking. He just barely dodged an attack from Shotgun Tiger, the best shooter in MOG-CHOCO. The terrorist explained that should the ropes even be nudged slightly, the C-4 would explode and kill Tot. The only way Cloud was going to save Tot was to beat Tiger.

(one boss fight later)

Tiger hid behind the pillar, complementing Cloud on his victory. He then stepped out for one last shot (with Pule Ammo), but wasn't able to pull the trigger. Something sliced his gun hand clean off. And this same thing cut all of the ropes seemingly in unison, giving Tot enough time to get away from the explosion. Tiger grabbed his hand and ran out the door, swearing revenge.

The figure turned off its stealth camoflauge. It was a ninja, dressed in black cybernetic gear, wielding a steel katana. Cloud didn't know who this was, and yet there was a feeling of familiarity in it. Tot seemed to be agitated by the ninja's appearance; it was obvious he knew something.

Anyway, they weren't getting anything from the ninja; his suit suddenly began to short circuit, causing him to turn his camoflauge on and run out of the room.

Cloud set Tot against a wall and began the interrogation. Tot admitted to surrendering to Tiger's torture, which meant that the terrorists now had both passwords for the launch. When asked about the card keys, Tot mentioned that he gave them to a female prisoner before he was tied up. Then he mentioned the head of the Metal Gear project, who was being held at the warhead storage building.

Then he died, the exact same way the Chief did.

(begin Codec conversasion)
Cloud: Steiner! Can you hear me? Now he's dead, too!
Steiner: I have no idea.
Cloud: Don't lie to me!
Relm: It looked like another heart attack, but we won't be able to tell without doing an autopsy.
Cloud: Damn!
Steiner: Cloud, that female prisoner must have been Princess Garnet!
Cloud: Great. Another kid.
Steiner: Get into contact with her as soon as possible!
Cloud: Okay, Steiner. But this is the last time!
Steiner: Fine, fine. They don't pay me enough, anyway.
(end Codec conversasion)

Cloud took a level 2 card from Tot's body, then carefully walked through the destroyed walls. He returned to the main room in the B2 to discover that someone had sent in the reinforcements; the path in front of the elevator was being patrolled by two soldiers. He was able to pick up a FA-MAS Assault Rifle and some Chaff Gernades from a few smaller rooms, then knocked the two guards out with some quick punches. Once he was in the elevator, he hurried his ass to the first floor.

(begin codec conversasion)
Cloud: Steiner, what's Garnet's codec frequency?
Steiner: I...don't know.
Cloud: What do you mean, you don't know?!
Steiner: Do I look like a know-it-all to you?
Cloud:...Good point.
Steiner: Just check the back of the CD case.
Cloud: CD case?
Steiner: Yeah, the CD case!
Cloud: What the f**k is wrong with your mind?
Steiner: Hey! No cursing on my watch!
Cloud: I don't have a damn CD case with me!
Steiner: Check your bag again.

Cloud opened the bag he was given in the beginning, and found a Playstation game entitled Final Fantasy: Solid.

Cloud: Why'd you give this to me, anyway?
Steiner: Just in case.
Cloud: In case I find a PSX here?
Steiner: Just call her, damnit!
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud snuck into an unguarded room and checked the back of the CD case. Indeed, there was a codec frequency on the back. He quickly called it, as Steiner had requested.

(Gallo-Note: As a MGS player, I can tell you that the preceding conversasion was long and boring; it was the first time I ever came close to falling asleep while playing a game. Therefore, only a brief summary will be provided.)

Garnet quickly told Cloud to call her Dagger, she always hated the name Garnet (although, being proper, she said she "disliked" it). She then described how her disguise was making it easier to sneak through the base. She then told Cloud that she had a level 5 card, which would allow her to open the large doorway to the snowfield between the hanger and the warhead storage building. She then promised to stay out of the way...

Cloud used his new card to enter three previously inaccessable rooms. The first one contained a guard and a SOCOM silencer. He broke the guard's neck, took the silencer, and put it onto his beautiful pistol. The second contained a folded cardboard box. He took it, thinking that it might help him hide. The third had a really cool set of Thermo Goggles and a Pocket Mine Detector. He then returned to the doorway, which Dagger promptly opened, just before giving Cloud some warning...

(begin codec conversasion)
Dagger: Be careful. The passageway's like an airlock. There are infrared lasers sticking out of the walls. If you trip any one of them, the doors will lock, and poisonous gas will leak into the room.
Cloud: Thanks for the tip. I'd better save. *calls Tifa*
Tifa: Want to save, huh?
Cloud: Yeah.


Tifa: Good luck.
(end codec conversasion)

(a couple hundred Game Overs, continues, restroom breaks, cuss words, and loads later)

Cloud finally reached the end of the passageway. He heard the door slowly open, bringing in the cold air from the outside. He boldly moved onto the next part of his adventure.

Chunk 2