Final Fantasy: Solid, Chunk 2
by d_Galloway

Cloud's eyes wandered over the frozen ground before him. It seemed to be too quiet for a base like this. Where were the security cameras? The guards? The inevitable boss that would appear out of nowhere and wreck havoc?

He had barely walked more than three steps when his codec went off.

*begin codec conversasion*
???: *a static screen appears* Cloud, there are claymore mines around there. Use a mine detector.
Cloud: Who is this?
???: Just call me "Sorethroat".
Cloud: Sorethroat? The informer from the SeeD scandal last year?
Sorethroat: Never mind that right now. There's a tank ahead waiting to ambush you.
Cloud: Just who the hell are you, anyway?
Sorethroat: One of your fans.
*end codec conversasion*

Cloud activated his mine detector for five seconds, then decided that it sucked and used his thermal googles to pick up the heat traces from the mines. He carefully crawled to each one, being certain not to set off the delicate triggering mechanism. Eventually, the path was clear, and he came out with a healthy amount of Claymores, too.

His trek to the other side was halted when an explosion at his feet sent him hurling back towards where he started. An enormous tank rolled out onto the field, its enormous cannon aimed at Cloud's body.

A deep, heavy voice rolled out of the tank. "This is Gunarm's territory! No Clouds are allowed to drown my beautiful land!" An enormous man with a large gattling gun for an arm opened the hatch of the tank. A large raven flew out of nowhere and landed on his shoulder.

Cloud was simply shocked. "He looks like Barret...nah, it can't be."

"Now, begin to fly in the air like the cloud you are!"

(Boss: Tank)

Cloud hid behind the rocks, making certain that the Tank's heavy shells. Out of ideas, he called Steiner.

*begin codec conversasion*
Cloud: Steiner, how the hell do I stop this tank?
Steiner: That tank uses a complicated radar system to aim. If you take out the system, the tank's cannon won't be able to follow you. Use a chaff gernade.
*end codec conversasion*

Cloud pulled out a chaff gernade from his stash of weaponry and tossed it towards the tank. The explosion sent strange shrapnel flying all over the battlefield. The Tank turned blindly, trying to find the elusive target. Taking advantage of the new shift in the battle, Cloud ran towards the Tank, only to learn that a soldier had climbed up the hatch with a turret gun.

After dodging bullets for a few minutes, Cloud had a sudden idea. He grabbed a gernade, pulled the pin, and tossed it towards the soldier. It bounced clean into the hatch, and the poor fool only had enough time to shout "Oh, shit!" before it exploded. The poor sap flew into the side wall, and the Tank seemed to be completely destroyed.

After picking up a dropped level 3 card, Cloud walked through the door into the warehouse.


After Cloud had left, Gunarm crawled out of the ruins of the Tank and called to someone on his codec.

"Well, boss. I hope you're happy. He got the card."
"Let's play with him a little longer."
"He is not someone to be taken lightly. This one destroyed a tank by himself."
"Are you going to give up because of that?"
"No, boss. The raven on my arm thirsts for his blood."

Cloud walked down a ramp leading to an enormous, mostly-closed door. It was barely opened enough for him to crawl through there, and from the sound of things, a few dozen gaurds were patrolling inside. He was just about to try his luck when his codec went off.

(begin codec conversasion)
Steiner: Cloud, don't use weapons in that area!
Relm: Don't worry; I've programed his nanomachines so he won't be able to.
Cloud: What? What's going on here?!
Relm: Think about it. That room is stocked with Mako-filled warheads. The triggering mechanisms have been disarmed, so there's no risk of accidently setting them off. However, a Mako leak is something we can't afford on a mission like this.
Cloud: Oh yeah.
Steiner: Our weapons specialist, Celes, knows more about it than I do. Contact her if you want more information.
Cloud: Got it.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud successfully dodged the guards and security cameras, then made his way to the elevator. Knowing these guys, they would be keeping Butz in floor B2...

*one uneventful elevator ride later*

Cloud walked to the other side of the empty room. There was definately something not right here; there were no gaurds or security cameras, and the door wasn't even locked. The instant he stepped through, though, he knew why; they had placed gas vents into the adjoining hallway. Undaunted, he stepped inside, only to find that the floor in front of him was crackling with electricity. He then recieved yet another codec call.

(begin codec conversasions)
Sorethroat: Cloud, that floor is electrified. If you step on it, you're toast!
Cloud: Then what the hell am I supposed to do?
Sorethroat: The floor is powered by a generator somewhere nearby. If you follow the wires on the ceiling, you should be able to find it.
Cloud: And then what? I can't reach it!
Sorethroat: You need a Nikita Missle Launcher.
Cloud: Where can I get one of those?
Sorethroat: On floor B1.
Cloud: Fine, I'll do it, you stupid-
Sorethroat: Watch it.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud went up to floor B1. He dodged a guard, then proceeded into a room with another guard. He then slipped into a small room containing a gas mask and a Nikita Missle launcher. As soon as he picked up his new toy of destruction, he got a call.

(begin codec conversasion)
Celes: Hello there, Cloud.
Cloud: Who the heck are you?
Celes: I'm Celes, your weapons specialist.
Cloud: Okay then. Tell me what the hell's a Nikita supposed to do?
Celes: A Nikita fires a remote-controlled missle. Once the missle is launched, it can be easily controlled through use of controls on the launcher.
Cloud: Hmmm, sounds good.
Celes: Well, I've gotta go.
(end codec conversasion)

After nimbly dodging the guards again, Cloud made his way back to the elevator and returned to floor B2. He stepped in front of the electrified floor, equipped his gas mask, and fired the Nikita missle.

The missle hit the generator, destroying it in a shower of sparks. The electricity in the floor stopped immediately, and Cloud was able to safely cross it into the next room, which was fortunately gas-less.

He hadn't walked but five steps when he heard the screams from someone on the other side. He found the entire hall to be filled with the dead bodies of Shinra soldiers. As he continued onward, one crawled from a corner and collapsed, barely scratching out the word "ghost" before dieing.

Around the corner, Cloud saw what appeared to be a soldier floating in mid-air; it wasn't until he noticed the odd blur under the soldier that he knew it was the ninja from earlier. It simply tossed the bloody corpse behind and continued into the next room, with Cloud in pursuit.

The Ninja, now fully decloaked, pointed his katana towards a cowering figure in a white lab coat. It simply said, "Where is my friend?" The poor victim was either too shocked or too scared to give any sort of response, except for soiling his pants.

Cloud seized the opportunity and pointed his SOCOM at the Ninja's head. The cyborg turned and said, "At last, our glorious battle will be concluded. I have come far from another world to do battle with you."

The victim wasted no time in hiding in a small locker. The Ninja simply said, "Fine. Watch from there, then. This will be a battle you will never forget."

He swung his sword in front of him. "Now, Cloud, fight me. Make me feel alive again!"

(Boss: Cyborg Ninja)

Cloud fired several SOCOM rounds into the Ninja, but the cyborg simply reflected them using its sword. It then charged Cloud, sending him flying to the back of the room. The ninja let out a small laugh, then continued to stalk slowly towards Cloud. In panic, he used his codec.

(begin codec conversasion)
Cloud: Damnit! I can't shoot this guy!
Relm: Listen. The signals I'm getting from the nanomachines is distressful. There's no way you can win in a shooting match with him. Part of the whole cyborg thing is improved reflexes!
Auron: Cloud, you have no choice but to go head-on with him.
Cloud: What do you mean, Auron?
Auron: Just try to knock him off-balance.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud charged forward and tossed the Ninja down with a Clothesline. It simply got back up and went on the attack again: only this time, Cloud was able to get in a quick jump kick before the ninja could strike. It got up, laughed, then jumped to another side of the room.

"Very good, Cloud," it said. "Now we can fight like warriors." It sheathed the Katana behind its back, then raised its hands in a boxing-like stance. "Hand-to-hand. It is the basis of all combat. Only a fool would chance his life to a weapon."

Of course, Cloud was just about to mention that the Ninja did use a sword, but in light of his wounds, he decided not to.

The cyborg stalked calmly to Cloud, then pulled out a remote. It aimed it at a computer way in the back and pushed a button. The theme from the Mortal Kombat movie began, and the fight resumed.

The ninja once again took the offensive, unleashing a series of attacks before Cloud could even blink. The sword had just served to weigh him down! Cloud was able to dodge the first two, then was grazed by the third, then knocked down by a roundhouse. The ninja tried to stomp on his head, but Cloud grabbed his foot and tossed him to the ground. But once again, the ninja got up.

Cloud then took the offensive, striking the ninja with a "one-two-kick" combo. He then used a Judo grip to send it flying into a wall, leaving a hell of a dent as a result, but barely damaging the ninja.

The two continued to exchange blows for several minutes. Then the ninja landed a sweep to Cloud's legs, flattining him against the floor. It then jumped into the air, directly above Cloud's head, and fell back to Earth. Cloud was able to roll out of the way at the last second, but the ninja's landing left a big hole in the metal floor.

Eventually, the tune stopped. The ninja once again took out the remote and pushed a button. This time, the song "Kung-fu Fighting" played. Once again, the fight resumed.

Cloud grabbed the ninja's leg in the middle of a kick and tossed it down. He then procedded to soccer kick it in the head a few times. Then the ninja rolled away and stood up again. Cloud was able to see a few dents and some trickles of blood; his attacks were beginning to damage it. The ninja retreaded to its corner. He then taunted Cloud, saying "Hurry up and catch me!", activated his stealth camo, then hid in a corner.

Cloud cheated, however. He turned on his thermal goggles and pinpointed the ninja's location. They exchanged only a handful of blows before the ninja returned to its corner. It was definately beginning to feel the damage; the entire body seemed to be electricuted. Still, it stood up and said, "I've waited so long for this pain!"

Cloud jumped forward again, striking a punch against the cyborg's body. It crumbled down for a few seconds, whispering "I remember that punch." Cloud then struck it again as soon as it stood up. This continued until suddenly, the ninja went haywire and began blasting everything in sight. Cloud, unable to get close enough to do any damage with his fists, pulled out his SOCOM and shot the ninja a few times.

(end boss fight)

The ninja regained its senses and sat in what was left of an office chair. It then turned to address Cloud. "So, do you remember me now?"

Cloud's face showed definate signs of shock. "No, it can't be. You died!" After those words, though, the ninja short-circuted again. It banged its head against the floor, rambling on about "the medicine" and "I'm losing myself." It then stopped moving for a few seconds, then jumped up, turned on its stealth camo, then fled out of the room.

Instinctly, Cloud reached for his codec.



Okay folks, I'm going to diverge a bit to explain some stuff. First off, MGS had a section that summarized the events of MG1 and MG2; it helped to make the story more sensible in the long run. Since I'm going to be going into some WIERD stuff next, I might as well write some half-ass parody of it.

Final Fantasy Gear

After saving the world from Meteor, Cloud fell out of sight. This was short-lived, however, as he soon joined up with MOG-CHOCO, an anti-terrorist organization. He easily passed the tests, and was admitted.

At this same time, Shadow, one of the best agents available, was sent in to investigate the fortress country called Inner Heaven. His last communication before dissapearing contained two words: "Metal...Gear..." Big Boss, the man in charge of MOG-CHOCO, and quite possibly the greatest soldier to ever live, sent Cloud in to locate Shadow and discover what the hell Metal Gear was.

Cloud met up with a resistance group, which helped him break into the prison camp where Shadow was being kept. After freeing him, Cloud was taught the ropes of espianoge by Shadow himself. Shortly afterwards, though, the Inner Heaven military attacked, and succedded in killing the rebel leader.

Cloud and Shadow infiltrated the main base of Inner Heaven and located Metal Gear; an enormous, Mako-powered robot. Cloud set the time bombs, but when he turned to leave, he recieved a message from Big Boss.

Big Boss thanked him for destroying Metal Gear, and said that Cloud was going down with the base. Cloud and Shadow escaped in the nick of time, as Inner Heaven was wiped off the face of the Earth in the explosion. A chopper dropped by and picked up Shadow. He seemed to be thanking Big Boss...

Final Fantasy Gear 2: Cloud's Revenge

When Mako supplies began to dry up, mass hysteria began to spread. However, a beacon of light was shined; a scientist named Dr. Cid had created a formula that would supply the same amount of power as Mako, and yet be in unlimited supplies. Suddenly, he was kidnapped by a rogue nation called Maron. Colonel Steiner told Cloud, now a mercenary, to go rescue the scientist and retrieve the formula.

After infiltrating the fortress, Cloud met up with Dr. Walter, a scientist who helped on the original Metal Gear. He said he was kidnapped and forced to work on a new Metal Gear. They ran into the next room, where Dr. Cid's body lay. Suddenly, Cloud recieved word that Walter had come here willingly; he wanted to steal the formula for himself. Learning he was outed, Walter tried to kill Cloud, but was no match.

Cloud met up with Nastasha, an ex-soldier for Maron. She said she knew who was behind this, and where Metal Gear was. As she was walking over a bridge, however, a rocket destroyed it, killing her and seriously wounding Cloud. Just before he blacked out, Cloud saw Shadow smiling at him.

When Cloud awoke, he was exactly where he had fallen. He followed Shadow's footprints, which led to where Nastasha said the Metal Gear was. However, while crossing a minefield to get inside, Shadow stopped Cloud and challanged him to a fist fight. They fought, and Cloud won, but in the process killed Shadow. He continued onward and confronted Big Boss, who was pleasantly surprised to meet him. He then told Cloud that he was his true father.

Cloud was shocked, but Big Boss said it was time for him to die. They fought, and Cloud came out the victor. He then procedded to destroy Metal Gear. As he left, Cloud felt like he needed to dissapear.


(begin codec conversasion)
Cloud: Shadow! That ninja was Shadow! No doubt about it!
Steiner: What? Impossible! He died in Maron four years ago!
Relm: Not quite.
Cloud: What?
Relm: He was recovered after the battle to be used in several genetic experiments.
Steiner: But Shadow was already dead!
Relm: *with slight anger* Yes, but they revived him. They kept him alive four years while they experimented on him like a lab rat!
Steiner: That's the sickest thing I've ever heard.
Cloud: Relm, why didn't you tell me this before?
Relm: Because it's classified information.
Cloud: Is that the only reason?
Steiner: Cloud, we can't waste any more time on this. Hurry up and find Garnet!
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud opened the locker that the scientist was hiding in. The scientist introduced himself as Butz, the head programmer behind the Metal Gear Atma project. He said he was told that the project was to develop an anti-missle unit, but when Cloud forced the truth down his throat, he could barely keep himself under control. He told Cloud that Atma possessed four weapons: twin vulcan cannons, a laser, a missle pack and a rail gun. It would be a challange for an entire army to take this thing down.

(skipping dull stuff about genetic curses to get to good stuff...)

(begin codec conversasion)
Dagger: What can I do for you, Cloud?
Cloud: I need you to escort Butz off of the base as quickly as possible.
Dagger: I'll be there as soon as I-
Soldier: There she is! Get her! *gunfire is heard*
Dagger: Crap! They've found me!
(end codec conversasion)

Butz offered to help Cloud via codec. He told Cloud that he had stealth camo, so he could sneak around without the risk of being caught, and since he knew a lot about the security and computer programming around the base, he could be some help in a pinch. He then turned on his camo and left.


Cloud returned to B1, where he had last tracked Dagger's codec. He snuck into the computer room, where he saw a guard walking very strangely.


He let himself be seen by her. She ran off to the bathroom, with Cloud in pursuit. When he reached her, she had laid out her enemy uniform in order to throw Cloud off-guard. She then sprung up behind him.

(yet another boring scene here)

Cloud and Dagger left the bathroom to find the floor completely deserted. Cloud returned to the computer room and picked up more Nikita ammo and a set of Night-Vision googles. He then recieved a level 5 card from Dagger, allowing him access to the commander's room, which led to the communication tower, which, according to Butz, led to where Metal Gear was being held.

At the end of the hall, Dagger fell, grasping her head and screaming in pain. She then stood up again, but this time she spoke in a strange, hissing voice.

"Come along, Mr. MOG-CHOCO, the commander is waiting."


Cloud entered the room to find it completely deserted. As he walked into the center of the room, a very strange music started and Dagger grabbed her gun, pointing it at Cloud. After rambling on about making love to Cloud, she stalked forward. Cloud immediately recieved a call.

(begin codec conversasion)
Steiner: Cloud, Garnet's not herself. Don't use your weapon.
Relm: It must be Psycho Angel. That tune is his mind-control music.
Steiner: Don't kill her. Try to knock her out.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud quickly gave Dagger a judo flip, knocking her unconcious. Just then, the transvestite angel appeared, laughing at the hero in carnal delight.

(after a bunch of shit too hard to explain in a Fanfic like this)

Psycho Angel laughed once again, then prepared to take Cloud on...

(boss: Psycho Angel)

(after dying a few times...)

Cloud was unable to figure out how to beat the transvestite angel. The bastard could read his damn mind; he couldn't surprise him! Finally, he called Steiner.

(begin codec conversasion)
Cloud: Steiner, how the hell can I beat this guy?
Steiner: We provided you with a Bradygames guide. Read it to know how!
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud his in a corner and pulled out the guide. Turning to the page for Psycho Angel, he finally learned the secret: Use the second controller. Quickly, he changed to the second controller. He then lunged at Psycho Angel.

His fist collided head-on with the terrorist. Shocked, Angel backed away and started to move the furniture in the room around with his mind, trying to smash Cloud. Once again, however, Cloud read the guide; he simply laid down to avoid the deadly furniture. Once everything stopped, he once again stuck at Angel.

After this had gone on for quite a while, Dagger returned to her feet. Once again, Angel took control of her mind, but once again, Cloud knocked her out. He then got her up AGAIN, and commanded her to blow her own brains out with her gun. Cloud was able to quickly knock her out, however. Enraged, Angel went back to attacking Cloud. However, the battle soon ended.

(end boss fight)

Angel fell to the ground, gasping in pain. Dagger got back to her feet, still dazed and confused from what had happened in the battle. Cloud walked towards Angel's body.

Psycho Angel went into a lengthy monologue about his own life story. He said that his birth name was Kefka, and he had been born in a small village by the Frozen Continent. He had learned of his psychic powers at a young age. The first mind he read was his fathers: he learned that daddy was planning to kill him, as Kefka's mother had died giving birth to the kid. Frightened, he burned down the entire village, killing every single resident. He then joined several organizations before finally landing into MOG-CHOCO.

He told Cloud and Dagger that he did not share the boss's dreams of world conquest; he simply wanted to kill as many people as he could. Every mind he read was filled with the same filthy, selfish desires. Cloud, however, is different. His mind is much purer than the others; he has no past, and no future. He then moved a bookcase, revealing a secret passage to the communication tower.

"Funny," said Kefka. "This is the first time I've ever used my powers to help someone. If fells kind of...nice." Then, he died.


Cloud and Dagger made their way through the passage. They reached a dark cave, filled with wolves. Through use of his Night-vision Goggles, Cloud made his way through, with Dagger right next to him. They soon reached the tower. After navigating a small minefield, Dagger and Cloud talked about how they were going to get through.

It wasn't until it was too late that Cloud noticed the laser light aiming at Dagger's leg.

An arrow flew out of nowhere, hitting Dagger's leg dead-on. Another then hit her arm, and she went down, badly wounded but still alive. Cloud suddenly recieved a codec call.

(begin codec conversasion)
Steiner: Princess!
Cloud: Who the hell was shooting?!
Relm: It must be Archer Wolf, the best sniper in MOG-CHOCO.
Cloud: Most snipers work in pairs. This one's alone, huh?
Steiner: Where is the shooting coming from?
Cloud: Well, there's nowhere to hide between here and the tower. She must be on the second floor of the tower.
Steiner: None of your weapons can hit her from where you are. You'll have to get a sniper bow somehow.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud quickly called Butz.

(begin codec conversasion)
Cloud: Butz, I need a sniper bow. Do you know where one is?
Butz: I think I saw one in the armory of the hanger.
Cloud: THE HANGER?! You mean I have to go all the way back there?!!
Butz: Sorry.
Cloud: What the hell's wrong with you? Why don't you just bring it here?
Butz: Sorry, Cloud, but-
(end codec conversasion)


Cloud began to walk towards the tower. Suddenly, he recieved a codec call from Tifa.

(begin codec conversasion)
Tifa: Cloud, I think you should save your mission.
Cloud: What?
Tifa: I just have a feeling that something bad's going to happen.
Tifa: Cloud, be careful.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud reached the entrance, only to hear an alarm go off and see a small army of guards surround him. A young woman, dressed in a white snow suit, walked towards Cloud and revealed herself to be Archer Wolf. She then knocked him out with her sniper bow.

The last thing Cloud saw before falling completely unconcious was the guards dragging him away.


Cloud came to. He was in a small room, and strapped to some kind of rotating bed. In front of him were two familiar faces: Tiger and Wolf. A third face, however, had joined them.

It was a tall man, dressed in some stupid blue clothes that matched his long blue hair. He looked at Cloud in silence, a cruel smile on his face. He slowly walked forward.

"Hmm, there certainly is a resemblance. Don't tell me you don't remember me, Cloud?" Cloud just looked on in confusion.

"Boss," said Tiger. "Why are we playing these stupid games, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Because, my thick-skulled companion," said the new guy, "I have a genuine intrest in this little reunion. Besides, shouldn't we be focusing on the girl?"

Suddenly, the sound of a cell phone ringing filled the small room. The new guy answered rather hastily. "This is Kuja. Yes. Yes. What? Those idiots! All right, Gunarm, I'll be right there." He promptly disconnected.

"It seems the President is refusing to give in to our demands. Does he really think we're bluffing?" Wolf added, "He's a politician. His reputation is all he cares about. He wouldn't know a right move if it hit him in the face."

"Maybe you're right," said Kuja. "Tiger, I leave things in your hands."

"But sir," said Tiger, "what about that Ninja? Bastard took my right hand!" Kuja sighed, then answered, "So far he's killed 20 men. Whoever he is, he's some kind of lunatic." He then started to make his way out of the room, giving one final glance over his shoulder.

"Good-bye...dear brother."


"So," said Tiger, "are you going to watch the show?"

"Not now," said Wolf. "I have to feed the children." She then left the room through a side exit.

Tiger moved towards Cloud. "She thinks those wolves in the caves are her friends. She's a strange one, all right. Once she has a target, she'll stalk them endlessly. Sometimes she even falls in love with them before she kills them. But that doesn't matter to you."

He moved towards a computer panel in the corner. "Tot said there was some trick to using the card keys. We only found one on the girl, and couldn't even discover any hints as to where the others are. So what's the trick?" Cloud shook his head in response.

"I see," said Tiger. "No matter. How's about a little game? Let's play for, say, the girl's life?" Cloud was shocked. Dagger was still alive...



"This game is a matter of survival," said Tiger. "That bed you're connected to is rigged with electronic wires. When I enter the command onto the computer, a powerful electric shock will be administered through your entire body. If it's only for a short while, it won't kill you."

"Press the O button repeatably to regain your strength. When you've had enough, press the Select button to submit. There're no continues here, my friend. I do hope you saved your mission data before you came here."

Cloud smiled. This was going to be so easy with that turbo controller of his.

"Oh," added Tiger, "don't try to use rapid fire. Because believe me, I'll know."

Cursing his bad luck, Cloud pushed that idea out of his mind.

"I will be running the current three times, after which you'll be able to rest; that is, if you're still alive. If you can survive, the girl will live. If you die, the game is over. If you submit...well, I hope you'll still be able to look at yourself in the mirror if you do."

Tiger moved his only remaining hand toward the control panel. "Let's begin, shall we?"

Cloud heard a small sound, then felt an unbelievable pain as electricity ran through his body. He was even able to see the crackles as they pulsated around him. After what seemed like forever, it stopped, and he slumped forward.

Suddenly, another wave of electricity went through his body, this time at a much higher force. His whole body quaked. When it finally stopped, he felt so drained...

The third burst of energy blasted through him. Cloud could feel himself losing conciousness, but he couldn't surrender. He couldn't let Dagger die...

Finally, everything stopped.

Tiger turned from the control panel. "Well, well. Look who survived. All right, I'll keep my word. But don't expect to be let out of here. And be prepared, because this will continue until the boss is pleased."

Cloud suddenly lost conciousness yet again.


When he came to, Cloud was in a large cell, mostly empty cell. The only two things in there were a bed and a man sitting in the corner.

When Cloud came to him, he saw that it was the MARKA chief. Except it looked like he was dead for days. Quickly checking his unbreakable watch, Cloud noticed that he had only been out for fifteen minutes.

In confusion, he quickly called Steiner.

(begin codec conversasion)
Cloud: Steiner, it's me.
Steiner: Are you all right?
Cloud: Yeah, for the time being.
Steiner: How's Garnet?
Steiner:...I see.
Relm: Don't worry. Maybe he's only bluffing.
Cloud: He doesn't look like the bluffing type.
Steiner: In any case, you have to get out from there.
Cloud: But what about Dagger?
Steiner: I can't believe I'm saying this, but we have to hope that he is bluffing. We're running out of time!
Cloud: Okay, I'll think of something.
Relm: Cloud...there's something I have to ask you.
Cloud: What?
Relm: Do you have any family, by any chance?
Cloud: No- wait, there was one man who claimed to be my father.
Relm: Really? Where is he?
Cloud: Dead. By my own hand.
Steiner: Big Boss...
Relm: How about any friends?
Cloud: Well, there's Steiner...
Steiner: Ah, you're still calling me a friend.
Cloud:...and then there was Shadow.
Relm: But, didn't you kill Shadow?
Cloud: Yeah, but it wasn't anything personal. We were just two soldiers on different sides during a war.
Cloud: Anyway, I have to get out of here.
Steiner: Cloud, try calling Butz; I'm sure he can think of something!
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud was just about to call Butz when he heard a guard walk up to his cell and say "Tiger is ready for you."

"Well," said Cloud, "here we go again."

(one torture scene later)

Cloud found himself back in the cell. Without hesitation, he called Butz.

(begin codec conversasion)
Cloud: Butz! Where are you?
Butz: I've just arrived at the Armory.
Cloud: Listen. I need you to get me out of here.
Butz: Okay. I'll be there in just a second.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud just sat and waited. Suddenly, the guard outside his cell grabbed his stomach, doubled over, then ran like hell towards the batheroom. Butz then used the opportunity to get to Cloud.

After handing him some rations and a bottle of ketchup, Butz gave Cloud a lvl. 6 security card. This would allow him access to the tower. He also gave him a handkerchief, which he said belonged to Wolf. He then went through a few minuted talking about how he and Wolf were so alike, and how he believed he was developing feelings for her, and Cloud trying to tell him that she's nothing more than a cold-hearted murderer.

That's when the noises in the bathroom stopped. Butz just turned on his stealth camo and ran off, leaving Cloud. However, he had an idea...

He quickly layed down in the middle of the cell. He then poured the ketchup all over his body, thus creating the illusion that he killed himself. When the guard saw him, he freaked out and rushed into the cell, leaving the door wide open. Cloud then proceeded to knock the living shit out of him and run out the cell.

He ran to the torture room and picked up the chest containing all his gear (even the card key). He then snuck past a security camera and called Tifa.

(begin codec conversasion)
Tifa: So, you want to save?
Tifa: Remeber, you're lucky to have the time to read a fanfic like this. So enjoy it!
(end codec conversasion)

(one long trip back to the tower)

Cloud looked at the spot where Dagger was hit. It was still covered in blood. He could feel the pain and doubt welling up inside him. He had failed her.

Suddenly, his codec went off.

(begin codec conversasion)
Auron: Cloud, I can't take this shit anymore.
Cloud: What?
Steiner: Listen, Cloud, you tried. Besides, Dagger might still be alive.
Cloud: I sure hope so.
Steiner: *chuckles*
Cloud: What's so funny?
Steiner: Oh, I just remembered something Relm told me about her grandfather.
Relm: Yes. He was the first asian man to ever make it to assistant head officer of the Galbadian Special Forces.
Auron: When did you say this was?
Relm: In the 60's, when Roover was in charge.
Auron: Hmmmm...
Cloud: Listen. I have to get over that tower and stop Metal Gear. I'll keep in touch.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud went through the door, only to get caught by a security camera. Suddenly, every guard and their brother emerged from the shadows and attacked. Cloud, being the resourceful man that he is, pulled out his FA-MAS and ripped them a new asshole. Unfortunately, since the tower was about 50 stories tall, he had quite a run ahead of him...

(after what seemed like forever)
Cloud had done it. He had single-handedly slaughtered all the guards in the tower. He collapsed at the top of the staircase, and after catching his breath, went to the rooftop connecting bridge.

Suddenly, he heard an all-too-familiar sound: a Rind-E. The airship leaped up in front of him and blasted the bridge, destroying it completely. He then heard a rather unpleasantly familiar voice:

"At last, Cloud, you're finished!" It was Kuja.

Cloud scrambed to where the bridge stood. Spying some tough rope in a corner, he quickly tied one end to himself and one end to the last remaining railing. He then rapailed off the side, the Rind in hot pursuit.

Cloud was just starting down when he heard two very bad sounds: machine gun fire and steam geysers. The Rind was smashing the pipes that ran down the side! Cloud carefully made his was down, dodging both the Rind and the steam.

He was now on the middle bridge connecting the two towers. Spying three guards in the distance, he pulled out his Sniper Bow and quickly finished them off. He then continued onward, only to once again see the Rind on his tail. After running like hell down the pathway, he reached the second tower.

Inside the room was something that nearly brought tears to his eyes. A weapon that could finish off the Rind:

A Stinger Missle Launcher.

Grabbing his new toy, he stepped outside, only to see the Rind fly off into the distance. He still had to finish off the Rind; he couldn't afford to be chased around all day.


Cloud tried the elevator inside, only to learn that it was jammed. He then tried walking down all the stairs, but the seventh story staircase had collapsed. In desperation, he called Butz.

(begin codec conversasion)
Cloud: Butz, I'm at the second tower. Can you fix the elevator?
Butz: Cloud, I'm at the elevator. I just took it up.
Cloud: What?
Butz: You'd better come up here.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud reached the top and talked to Butz. The doors were apparantly jammed for some reason. He could fix it, but the Rind was still outside. Cloud then ran to the roof of the second tower to finish it off. But just as he reached it, he got a call from Celes.

(begin codec conversasion)
Celes: Cloud, are you really going to go against that thing alone?
Cloud: Yeah. I think I stand a chance with this Stinger.
Celes: Remember, that Rind is a real monster. It has about ten missle launchers, a machine gun, a state-of-the-art radar system, and excellent manuervability. Kuja has extensive training in flying airships; this is second nature to him.
Cloud: Thanks for the advice. Bye.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud stepped out onto the roof. The Rind flew up almost immediately.

"Hello again, dear brother," said Kuja.

Cloud was shocked at what he said. "Brother?"

"Ask the father that you killed," said Kuja. "I'll send you to hell to meet him!"

(boss: Rind-E)

Cloud quickly pulled out the Stinger and hit the Rind. It then flew straight over him, firing its machine gun straight at him. If it wasn't for the convienetly-placed structure in the middle, Cloud would have definately been history. When the Rind stopped, Cloud fired yet again.

This went on for several minutes. Then Cloud heard Kuja scream "Eat this!", and saw a missle flying towards the roof. Fortunately, the missle blasted an area he never went to in the entire fight, so he came out okay.

Suddenly, the Rind seemed to back off. Cloud kept his eyes peeled around him, checking for any sign of the airship. Suddenly, it jumped up and began to fire. Quickly hiding, Cloud yet again avoided the machine gun fire. He then fired some more.

After this had gone on for a while, the Rind turned, jerking madly and smoking from the serious damage Cloud had delt it. Cloud then saw the missle fire. Realizing that the explosion would not reach the doorway due to the shape of the roof, he flattened himself against the door.

He was right. The entire explosion curved around him rather than into him. Kuja, unable to see anything from his vantage point, laughed with carnal delight.

Then the Rind started to crumble apart. Kuja cursed the machine, but it was no good; the entire battle had damaged it so severely that it could no longer operate. It plummeted towards the ground.

Cloud stood in the middle of the roof, watching the Rind fall. Only five words escaped his lips: "See you in hell, Kuja." Then an enormous explosion filled the air, and a gigantic fireball shot up from where the Rind had crashed. It looked like Kuja was done for good.

When the explosion cleared, Cloud looked down at the ground. He saw the reckage, but it was something else that really attracter his attention:

Kuja was running from the heap. He had survived yet again.


Cloud returned to the elevator, and found it working. He stepped inside, and heard the weight limit alarm go off. Ignoring it, he pushed the button for the first floor. On the way down, however, he got a call from Butz.

(begin codec conversasion)
Butz: Cloud, it's me. Is the elevator working alright?
Cloud: Yeah, but something's strange.
Butz: What?
Cloud: The weight allowance alarm went off. What is the limit for this elevator?
Butz: About 800 pounds. But the strange thing is, it went off for me, too. And I only weigh 145. And, Cloud, there were five stealth prototypes in the lab. I went to get you one, but the other four were missing.
Cloud: And, in order to pass the weight limit, you would need at least five people...
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud quickly equipped his thermal goggles. There were indeed four cloaked soldiers. By this point, however, he was so accustomed to killing that he wiped them out with ease.

Finally, the elevator reached the bottom. Cloud quickly bolted for the door. He found himself in a snowfield; the exact same one where the Rind had crashed. The wreckage was gone, however.

He was walking towards the other side when an arrow skimmed his knee.

(begin codec conversasion)
Cloud: Butz, were there any other stealth prototypes?
Butz: No. Why?
Cloud: I've just been shot, by an incrediably good archer.
Butz: It's her! Archer Wolf!
Cloud: What?! She's here?!
Butz: Cloud, please, don't hurt her.
Cloud: Listen to yourself! She's nothing more than a cold-blooded murderer! She shot Dagger, remember?
Wolf: Ah, hello my love.
Cloud: What the hell?
Wolf: Don't worry. I'm very close by.
Butz: Wolf! Don't!
Wolf: Quiet, you! Never get between a wolf and its prey!
Cloud: You must be pretty confident; it's a bad idea for a sniper to reveal his position.
Wolf: Ah, let me give you a small token of my esteem: an arrow straight from my bow to your heart.
(end codec conversasion)

(one boring boss fight later)

Cloud made his way up the snowfield to where he had shot Wolf. She was still lying down, with blood trickling down her chest.

She then began the standard overdramatic death scenes that plague the series.

She said her true name was Leena, and she belonged to a group of refugees after her kingdom was destroyed by Wutai. She would wake up every morning to find a few more friends and family dead. Everyday she ate almost nothing but dirt and berries, and was always running from her persuers. She then met Big Boss, who took her away from all that and trained her to be a sniper. She was then able to see war from the outside as well as the inside. But she had disgraced herself in the process; she claimed she was no longer worthy of the codename "Wolf".

Cloud reassured her, saying that mercenaries like him were often called the "Dogs of War"; always for sale to the highest bidder. But Leena was different; proud, intelligent, fierce. She was no dog; she was a true wolf. His words were so powerful, Leena even mistook him for Big Boss temporarily.

She then asked him to finish her off, in order to end her pain. Butz suddenly appeared, however, horrified at the sight of his love. She then asked for her bow, which was right next to Butz. She had used it so many times, it was like a part of her. Butz reluctantly fulfilled her wish.

"Now," she said, "it can be complete. Finish the job...hero." Cloud raised his SOCOM slowly, pointing it at Leena's head. Butz, unable to cope with what was going on, turned away.

"Good-bye, Wolf," said Butz. Then Cloud pulled the trigger.


Cloud placed Leena's handkercheif on her head, claiming that he had no more tears to shed. He then headed in the same direction as Kuja, but Butz quickly stopped him. "What are we fighting for?"

Cloud's reply was cold and harsh. "I'll tell you when the mission is over. Now go!" With that, he left.


Cloud made his way past an army of security cameras, and descended deep underground.

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(to be continued)

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