Auron's Lost Loves
by Kimmy B

Auron sat and looked into the flame of the campfire. Nothing moved but the birds starting to return to the sky. He had no reason to be here as Yuna had now destroyed Sin forever. So that meant that she was safe now and he was free to move on. He had for filled his duty to her. He moved away from the fire were everyone was sitting. He couldnít stand the silence. He went quite a few meters away from everyone else. He needed time to think, to plan his next move.

Tidus came up behind him. Tidus walked as quietly as he could but he still had his fatherís clumsiness about him.
"What do you want?" Auron said, his voice filled with aggression. "How could you hear me?" Tidus walked and sat down beside him. Auron smiled slightly at him, "You may deny it, but you are very much like your father. That's probably why I was always getting into trouble with feinds. Because your father couldn't stay quiet for one second," Auron chuckled and turned to look back at the ruins that lay around them.ďYour going to the Fareplane soon, arenít you.Ē Tidus hung his head.Auron looked at Tidus, ďYes. I have nothing keeping me here. I will have Yuna send me, and Iíll be on my way.ĒThere was an awkward silence between them both. Neither knew what to say. "What are you thinking about?" Auron turned to look at him again. "That, Iím afraid, is none of your business. But if you must know. Iím thinking of my mother." Tidus had never heard anything about Aurons family before. "What was she like?" Auron became aggressive again. "Must you ask so many questions?" Tidus was taken aback at Aurons abruptness.Ē I just wanted to know cause Lulu was asking if you were ok. Obviously she knows a lot more about you than anyone else. She wouldn't tell me. She said that if I wanted answers to questions I had to look for them myself or something like that." Auron said nothing and did nothing but look a head. Tidus began to walk away. "I told Lulu about my past at the Thunder Plains, because that place brought back very painful memories. And if you really want to know. My mother was killed by Sin when I was 14. I loved her very much. She and my little sister were all that I had left. I also had an older brother, but..........but I killed him with my fathers sword trying to protect my mother and sister from him." Tidus sat down again, "That seems a bit drastic." He gave a nervous laugh. "You didn't know my brother. There were rumours that in the war that my father and brother were in, that it wasn't Sin that killed him. That it was my brother." "Ok Iím getting a little confused here start from the beginning." Auron chuckled again. "I was born in Killica, but my family moved to Besaid. My father was part of Spiras Army. He was a great fighter and commanded his team well. Before that he had been a farmer. And since he was retired when I was born we moved to Besaid and he bought a small house just over from the temple. The last time I looked it was a pile of rubble covered in weeds." "Reminds me of what Zanarkand looked like when we saw it." They both laughed. Auron continued with his story." Since I was too young to work on the farm, I was made to stay inside and help my mother in the house. My mother had been a summoner. But when she found out that she would have to give up her life. And leave us all behind. She quit her pilgrimage. My father said that he was very proud of her. But at that time I didn't know what was asked of a summoner. My mother was very wise. But she was shunned by everyone else in the village because she had given up her pilgrimage," Auron smiled, "she said that the only reason why she had given up was because we would probably starve to death because of my fathers cooking."Tidus smiled broadly, "She sounds nice. What was her name?" Auron struggled to recall it, as it had been years since he had heard it, ďHer name was.........Fena. But to me she was always Mammy. I know it sounds stupid, but she told me about her mother and she called her Mammy so I started to call her that." "I don't think it sounds stupid. A lot of people call their Mom's weird names. But that one's not so weird." "My father had to go away one day. He said it was because he had to go and fight. Fight for Spira. And that since both him and my brother were going away, I was the man of the house and I had to take care of everyone. He left and only my brother came back." Tidus hung his head,Ē I know the feeling. When my old man went missing, I guess part of me did miss him. But I just shoved it into the back of my mind." Auron tried not to look at Tidus and went on," When my father died my brother changed. He became twisted. He didn't look after the land. He would beat me regularly. I would scream until he was done. I did that because he loved to hear me scream. That was the only way to get him to stop. My mother was to scared to confront him. She had lost her powers as a summoner so she couldn't fight him. Then, one night, he came home drunk and threatened to beat my mother to death. By that time Id had enough. And I-" At that very moment memories of the dead came before them. Just like they had in Zanarkand. They were of Auron as a small boy of 7 with his brother looming over him. And his mother cowering in a corner. "Leave her alone!" The young Auron shouted. His face was full of anger and hate. His brother laughed. "What are you going to do about it? I could easily kill you. In fact I think I will." He threw himself at Auron, but before he could draw his sword to kill him, Auron picked up his fathers heavy sword and ran it through his brotherís gut. His brother fell to the ground and Auron started to cry. His mother came over to him and hugged him. His muffled cry could still be heard. "Iím so sorry Mammy. I just wanted to protect you. Iím so sorry." Fena ended her embracing of her son and looked at him in the eye. "I don't blame you. Don't you ever think that I blame you because I don't. You did what you thought was right. That wasn't your brother that you killed, the person that you killed was nothing more than boy who's mind had been twisted by war." The memory faded. Tidus stood up in disbelief. Auron stayed sitting and starred at the ground. "I think that we should continue this at another time." Auron got up to go. "You mean you want to tell me more. Auron smiled slightly. "Well, you already know the beginning, you might as well hear the rest." Auron started to walk back in the direction of the fire.

Tidus sat and watched the sky.He knew Auron felt that he wasn't welcome here. But he knew someone was probably would change his mind.

Chapter 2