Auron's Lost Loves chapter 2
by Kimmy B

Lulu walked through the temple at Zanarkand. This place was no longer any use to anyone. Just another building that in the fullness of time would crumble to dust. She wiped the thought from her mind and thought of what she should do now that she wasn't a guardian.
Tidus sneaked up behind her and jabbed her in the ribs. Lulu shouted out and without thinking gave Tidus an electric shock. He yelped in pain. And Lulu laughed as he jumped about like a crazy monkey.
Tidus stopped jumping and looked at her and smiled, "That wasn't funny." He then mumbled, "That was really sore."
Lulu smiled, “Well that's what you get for sneaking up on people."
Tidus gave her a big smile, "Hey. Have you seen Auron? I wanted to talk to him."
Lulus smile faded,” I know he's been telling you about his past. He told me that he was. A bit of advice Tidus. Don't take what Auron is telling you lightly. Be careful of what you say."
Tidus could tell that she worried about Auron. Because if he was caused to hurt he might turn into a fiend. He knew the Lulu cared for Auron.
"Ill be careful. So do you know were he is?"
Lulu smiled again. She was glad that Auron was telling Tidus about everything that has gone on in his life. It would help Tidus get some perspective on the matter.
"I believe that he's gone to were Lord Zeon’s soul was. But I wouldn't bother him just now."
"Why. It's not like he's praying or anything. I don't think Auron ever prays."
Lulu laughed and walked away.

Tidus walked through to the Chamber of the Fayth. It no longer had a Cloyster of Trails anymore, because there was no need for it. He walked into the chamber and saw Auron kneeling down. He wasn't praying, he was...meditating.
"What in God's name are you doing?" Tidus said confused.
"I had a wise teacher once. He said I had a lot of anger. This is how I control it. It's how I've stopped myself from becoming a fiend after all these years."
"Oh!" Tidus stood there for a few moments, "Are you ready to talk some more?"
Although Tidus couldn't see it, Auron was smiling. Tidus was very VERY much like Jecht. Although Tidus had done one thing different. He hadn't turned into his father completely and had tried to learn from his father’s mistakes. Which was a good thing.
"Your very curious about me aren't you?" Auron stood up and turned to face Tidus.
Tidus smiled, "Well curiosity killed the cat. I actually now wonder where that phrase comes from."
"Well I think your safe. Your not a cat but you are very curious."
They walked in silence out of the temple. Tidus followed Auron out of the temple and they sat on a clump of rock.
"Sin came from up and out of the sea. No one noticed it. It was that damm quiet. It came out of the water and floated in the air for a few minutes. That's when someone in the village saw it. Over near the harbour, there used to be a very large bell. And beside it there would always be someone from the village watching so that if Sin did come. Then we'd all be ready to tuck tails and run.
I was 14 then. I had never seen Sin before because it had never come to Besaid before. It was just newly reborn. The Calm hadn't lasted that long.
Anyways. The boy I knew from school was on duty by the bell. But he didn't see it. You know why?"
Tidus shook his head. His face emotionless with concentration on Auron's story.
"He didn't see it because he was asleep. So while it was hovering, it turned a sort of purple colour. Then plunged back into the ocean, making a huge tidal wave. I was working up in the woods clearing forest. I could see the whole village. And the farm was to one side of it. I could see my Mammy weaving just outside our front door because it was really hot that day. I could also see my little sister, Izabel, but I used to called her Izzy Bee. Because she was always full of energy and she loved honey," Auron laughed.
"She was playing in the fields with her friends. Then I looked out towards the sea and I could see the wave heading right for Besaid. I saw it hit the end of the pier and I saw my friend thrown flat onto his front before he was engulfed by the wave. I ran as fast as I could down the hill. I had only one thing on my mind. I had to get my Mammy and Izzy Bee out of there. But I stopped half way down the hill and I saw Izzy Bee running back to the house screaming. So was my Mammy. She took Izzy Bee into her arms and she was screaming my name. Before I had a chance to answer her, the wave swept over them."
Auron hung his head, trying to stop the red-hot tears from flowing. His face turned red. He was gasping for air as if there was none. Tidus put his hand on Aurons shoulder. His breathing slowed to calm, deep, relaxed breaths.
Tidus's voice was low and soothing, "You know you don't have to tell me anything. Its your choice."
Auron looked at Tidus and smiled.
“It doesn’t really matter now. They’re both gone. But the thing that makes me the most angry is that I couldn’t help them. They were dead before Sin left a few minutes later. They didn’t drown. There was some sort of poison that came from Sins’ body. Their faces were purple from the poison. Only a few of the people from the village survived.”
Auron looked around them, “My home was destroyed, I had now were to go. So I buried them and put on my fathers coat which I still have,” he pointed to his red coat, “I took his sword and I left. I snuck onto a ship and went on my way. I had no idea were I were I was going. I just needed to get away.”
“You know I’m expecting that soon we’ll be seeing your memories.”
“Probably. I’ve been finding it a lot harder lately to stop myself from turning into a fiend. We should hurry up this story, or you might never hear the end. I think that I should just show you my memories. It would probably be a lot easier.”
Tidus nodded in agreement, “I have just one little question. Last time you showed me your memories…….well em……………I could feel what you were feeling. Is that normal?”
Auron shrugged his shoulders, “I’m not really sure.”
And with that, he became lots of Pyerflys. And they flew around Tidus’s head then went into him through his chest. Tidus became sleepy and sank to the ground.

Tidus found himself back at the Moonflow. He looked towards the forest and saw the entrance to Guadosalam. He then looked back at the Moonflow and saw a boy of 15. He wore a red coat that was way to big for him. He also had a sword that he could hardly lift. He had his head in the water and he was drinking deeply from it. It was obvious that he had been walking non-stop for weeks. His boots were meant to be black and so were his trousers but the were a dusty grey with mud and dirt. He had short spiky hair.
The boy got to his feet his head shocked with water that started to drip down his form. He turned to face Tidus. Tidus gasped in shock. It was Auron as a young boy. Except he wasn’t seeing only the people, he was seeing every single detail of that day.
He looked at the boy and a sudden wave of emotion swept over him. He then felt lost and alone. But the emotion went as quickly as it had come.
Auron was as stubborn then as he is now, Tidus thought.
I heard that, Tidus jumped. He realised that Auron was going through this with him. Watching through Tidus’s eyes.
The boy lowered his eyes and took a map from his back pocket, “Where to go next. Hmmmm. I might as well go to Guadosalam while I’m so near it,” he stopped talking when he realised that there was no one there to listen, he cursed to himself, “Get a grip Auron!”
Auron wiped away the drops of water that were on his forehead. He started to walk towards the Guado city humming a tune as he went along.
Tidus followed him. Then out of no were came a massive fiend. Tidus noticed that it was the kind that Lulu and Wakka had said to leave to Auron because he was strong enough to kill them easily. But Tidus doubted the young Auron’s chances of killing it.
It came directly at Auron and sent him flying. Auron fell on his left arm, and Tidus heard an almighty crack of bone. Auron screamed out in pain. The fiend came at Auron again, but warrior Guado’s ran up behind it yelling and shouting. And with a few quick spells, it was dead.
Auron lay motionless on the ground. He had passed out from the pain.
You were a bit of a wimp when you were 15 weren’t you Auron? Tidus said.
He felt a pain in his chest and doubled over as if he had been hit.
I was only 15. I was barely even a man then, your 17 and I know that you still cry. So now who’s the wimp? Auron said from inside Tidus.
Tidus laughed, Ok Ok. I’ll let you off……… This time
Tidus heard the same old chuckle that Auron always used.

The Guado warriors stood round Auron and looked at him. A young women. A human women dressed in long robes came running. As soon as she came close enough, Tidus saw that it was Seymour’s mother. She bent over Auron and wiped away the hair from his forehead.
“Lets get him inside,” she said firmly, “this arm needs to be tended to.”
The Guado warriors did as she had commanded and gently picked up Auron. He was limp and lay motionless in their arms.
She led them into the Guado city. Tidus ran after them.

In Guadosalam, things hadn’t really changed much. Seymour’s mother led the warriors to a room. They lay Auron on the bed at the far end of the room. Tidus saw Seymour’s mother sit down beside him, she had a bowl of hot water on her lap, also a white cloth and a small bottle of oil of some kind. She poured some of the oil into the bowl and the water fizzed and bubbled violently. As it calmed she dipped the cloth in the water, what had now become as cold as ice water. She then laid the cloth on his forehead.
A guado girl came up behind Seymour’s mother and bowed down slightly, “My Lady Summoner. My Lord wishes to know what all the noise is about. What should I tell him?”
Seymour’s mother looked at the girl, “Tell him that we have a young guest. I want him to come here as soon as possible.”
The young guado girl nodded and left the room.
Tidus looked at Auron more closely and saw that he started a fever and was breathing heavily. Seymour’s mother had noticed this and ordered that someone help her change his clothes to some that would let him breath easily.
They laid Auron on his front and took off his coat and undid the buckles of his armoured vest. These were both removed and once they were, Tidus noticed a strange marking on Auron’s right shoulder. It was an A with some sort of bird of fire half hidden by it. Seymour’s mother went over a bookcase as search the vast amount of books that were in the room. Once she had found the one she was looking for she went over to Auron and searched its pages.
She stopped at one page, which had the same symbol as on Auron’s back.
“What is the matter My Lady?”
“This is no human boy. See how his ears are slightly pointed. He is half elf.”
Seymour’s mothers face became grim. One of her handmaidens came and kneeled down beside her, “What dose that mean?” She pointed to the symbol.
“This is an elfin symbol. By the looks of it, he was given it when he was only a few hours old. See how it’s all stretched. It means, “Survivor.” It’s a protection mark.”
The girl’s face crinkled up in confusion, “But aren’t all the elf’s dead. They were all made slaves nearly 1000 years ago and 15 years ago they were all slaughtered like cattle.”
“I will explain everything when Jyscal comes. Right now we must tend to this young mans arm and get this fever down.”

Chapter 3