Auron's Lost Loves chapter 3
by Kimmy B

Tidus watched as Seymour’s mother tended to Auron’s broken arm. He had started talking to Auron in his head but had gotten no reply. Maybe since Auron was unconscious at the time he was said to be an elf, then maybe he was unconscious inside of Tidus, and therefore, still didn’t know about his parentage.

Tidus came back to reality and focused on what was happening. Lord Jyskal came in the room. Seymour’s mother had already mended Auron’s arm and he was lying on his back sleeping.

“How is the boy Kayla?” Lord Jyskal asked.

“He’s doing better. I’ve never in all my days seen someone sleep so deeply. He must have been walking for days to get here.” Said Kayla.

“Only question is, is were was he going. Are you sure that he is of the elf’s that my father had as slaves?”

Kayla nodded her head.

As Kayla told him about the symbol, a dark figure in a black cloak came silently out of no were. The figure removed its hood, and Tidus could clearly see it was a young woman. She had raven coloured hair and pale smooth features. She wore glasses and a sad expression on her face. She reminded Tidus of both Lulu and Rikku. She had the same bright eyes and slim figure of Rikku. And she had the long soft hair and features of Lulu. She looked at Tidus and smiled. She looked at Auron and a single star glistening tear fell from her eyes.

She walked up to Auron and stroked the hair out of his face gently. At that minute, both Auron’s chose to wake up. The Auron in the bed sat up and yelled out in pain and landed back on the bed, his face scrunched up in pain. Tidus felt a sharp pain go through his arm. He yelled, but no one noticed because he wasn’t really there.

Tidus looked around for the room for the girl. But she had vanished.

He watched as Kayla gave the young Auron something that put him to sleep again.

Everything started to go blurry, and Tidus saw flashes of what happened after that day. He saw Auron being trained by Guado warriors, and then he saw a slightly older Auron training with Jyskal. It stopped with Auron storming in. Stomping into the main hall and through the door. Jyskal was sitting at the far end of the hall. The lights were out and only candles dimly lit the rooms. Auron did not see him and nearly passed by him.

“Auron. What is wrong?”

Auron looked at Jyskal and started pacing back and forth, “I lost my fathers sword.”

“Then it is gone.”

Auron’s voice started to rise. He was finding it hard to control his feelings lately.

“But I can get it back, I can get it back!”

“Auron!” Jyskal’s voice became nearly a shout, but became as low as a whisper, “Let it go. Come sit by me.”

Auron did as he was told and kneeled down beside Jyskal.

“I have tried to channel you anger Auron. But still more remains. Anger clouds the mind. And turned inward, it is an unconquerable enemy.”

Auron looked at the floor as if ashamed. Jyskal placed his hand on the top of Auron’s head.

“You are different from among your Brothers Of Combat. For you choose to face this enemy, alone. But, as you do, do not forget them. And do not forget me.”

Tears fell from Auron’s eyes and into his hands. Jyskal removed his hand from Auron’s head.

“Come. I want you to see something.”

Auron did as he was told and wiped his eyes. Tidus felt the anger that raged inside of the young Auron, and could not help but feel sorry for him.

Tidus followed Auron and Jyskal to some sort of museum. Neither Auron nor Jyskal said a word.

Jyskal opened another door and went to the far end of it. He told Auron to stay were he was, in the middle of the room. A few minutes later, Jyskal came back with a huge sword. Tidus recognised it as the one that Auron still carried around with him.

“This is a sword of elf origin. It was made by the finest elf craftsmen in the whole of Spira. It’s a shame that no one should get to use it. And since you lost your father’s sword, I’m giving this to you. I think that it is only right that you have it.”

Auron smiled, “You really want to give a sword so magnificent to me? Words can not describe my thanks.”

Jyskal smiled as well and handed the sword to Auron. Auron had braced himself, for he thought that it would be so heavy, he’d fall over. But no. It was surprisingly light. Jyskal put his hand on Auron’s shoulder, “Your 18 now. And I know that tomorrow you will be going to Bevelle to become a monk at the temple. But are you sure it is what you really want?”

Auron nodded. He hungered for the hustle and bustle of city life. He had spent to many years here and it was time to move on. Yes he would miss the group that he trained with called the Brothers Of Combat. They had indeed been like brothers to him. But he was young and wanted to see some of Spira before he got to old.

“Well, if you insist on going tomorrow morning, then I suggest that you go and get some sleep. It’s a long walk to the nearest harbour. It’ll take you a good couple of days to get to Bevelle.”

Auron nodded at him then walked away. Everything became blurry again. Tidus saw Auron leaving Guadosalam, leaning on the railing a side of a boat and arriving in Bevelle. He then saw Auron being welcomed as a warrior monk at the temple (Tidus also saw the looks the high priests daughter gave him). He then saw the next 7 years. Most of it was just a blur. Auron was now 25 and still a monk at the Bevelle temple.

The blurring stopped, and Tidus found himself in Auron’s chambers. Tidus looked around. Everything was so damm neat and tidy. There was a bed, a fireplace, a washbasin which had a oval mirror, a cut-throat razor and a bar of soap to one side of it and a desk that could hardly be seen by mountains and mountains of books.

No wonder Auron thinks he knows everything Tidus thought.

At that moment, Auron burst through the door, followed by the high priests daughter.

“But why won’t you marry me? Am I that repulsive?”

Auron started packing away his books and personal belongings.

“No I don’t find you repulsive. And the reason that I wont marry you is the same one I told your father. I don’t love you.”

The girl darted about him as he tried to pack his things as quickly as possible.

“What has love got to do with marriage?”

Auron stopped packing and looked at her, “Love has everything to do with marriage. I promised my mother when I was very young that I would never marry someone just for their money or because it was expected of me. I promised, that when I married, and Yevon willing someday I will. That I would marry the person because I loved them. And you know me Affy. I never go back on my promises. Let’s just face the truth. I don’t love you and you don’t love me.”

The girl hung her head and Auron started packing again.

“Were will you go?”

Auron picked up his belongings, “Ill go and stay at that Al Bhed’s place. What’s his name? Rin. The lads tell me he dose a pretty good deal on sleeping arrangements.”

The girl lifted her head up again. Her face wet with tears.

“Goodbye Affy.”

Auron left and the girl dropped to her knees.

Barley a whisper, she said, “Goodbye Auron.”

Tidus saw a flash of light, and he was then in a café. Auron was sitting in the corner drinking some sort of red juice that Tidus couldn’t recognise. Auron sat quietly while the café buzzed around him, with customers coming and going.

At that very moment, Braska came in through the door. He looked around at the faces that surrounded him, then went to the counter.

“Excuse me. But I’m looking for a warrior monk called Auron. I heard he lived near here.”

The owner of the café looked up from what he was doing, “Yey, he lives in an Al Bhed tavern. Its owned by a man called Rin.”

Braska nodded in appreciation, “Thank you.”

“Or you could just go right over to were that man in the red coat is,” the owner smiled, “That’s Auron. But if I were you I’d leave him. He’s in a bad mood today.”

Braksa nodded in thanks and walked over to the table that Auron was sitting at.

Before Braska could say a word Auron said, “What do you want? Are you from the temple? Did Affy send you to try and change my mind? Well you can just go right back to her and tell her I’m never changing my mind.”

Braska was taken aback by Auron’s quickness at asking questions before he’d gotten any answers.

“I’m not from the temple. I am Summoner Braska. And I have come here to ask you something.”

Auron took a drink from the strange red juice and looked Braska up and down, “Take a seat.”

Braska did so and looked at Auron, studying his face. Auron looked back.

“What’s the thing you wanted to ask me?”

Braska came back to reality, “I know that you are one of the best warrior monks in the history of Bevell-“

Auron quickly corrected him, “Was.”


“I used to be one of the best warrior monks. But I’m not anymore because I am no longer part of them.”

Braska’s eyebrows raised in surprise, “Oh! Well since you have no obligations right now, then maybe you would be my guardian?”

Auron looked at Braska, not knowing what to saw.

“You’re the one who married an Al Bhed aren’t you?”

Braska nodded.

Auron smiled, “Well anything that will make trouble for the Temple of Bevelle, then count me in.”

Auron stood and held out his hand. Braska stood as well and shook it. They arranged to meet up at the outskirts of town, were they would make their way to Besaid to start Braska pilgrimage.

Many days passed. But finally they arrived in Besaid. They were both sore and weary from lack of sleep and food. They were welcomed at the Crusaders tent. Were they were given a big meal and a place to spend the night.

When Auron woke he found that the bed next to him was empty. Auron got up quickly and went looking for him.

Auron found him exactly were he thought he would, in the temple praying.

As Auron walked up to Braska, a girl the same age as Auron walked by. Tidus had to double take. It was the hooded girl. Only she was less pale, and she was wearing a long purple coat like Auron’s only it reached to the ground, some sort of witches hat that’s point curled off to one side. It also had feathers in it. She wore knee high biker boots and a short skirt and a suede top. She was obviously a Summoner as she had come from the Cloyster of Trails and held a summoners staff make of wood and a purple crystal at the top in her hand.

Auron stopped and Tidus felt a strange feeling of want come over him. Tidus laughed.

It was dismissed quickly as well. But Tidus could see she liked him to. Because she gave him a small side glance, looked away and blushed. Tidus could feel his cheeks going red as well.

Auron watched her move gracefully to the entrance of the temple and leave.

Auron shook himself mentally trying to bring his mind back into focus.

Braska came up to him, “Its time to go into the cloyster of trails now. Summoner Watly is finished.”

Auron looked at Braska, “How do you know her name?

“We both arrived here at the same time and I insisted that she go first as I needed to prepare. She is actually very young to be a summoner. She’s 24 and seems so confident about it. Maybe its because she doesn’t have any family to leave behind. She doesn’t even have a Guardian,” Braska gave Auron a side-glance.

Auron turned away from Braska, “No, no, no, nonono Braska! I have enough trouble being a guardian to one summoner; I think two would really be pushing my luck of surviving to make sure you finish your pilgrimage.”

Braska didn’t say another word and went to the cloyster of trails. Auron followed.