Auron's lost Loves Chapter 4

Tidus watched as Braska obtained Valfor and meet Jehct. Auron was in a foul mood again. The whole village of Besaid watched as Braska summoned Valfor as Yuna had done. Jecht looked as amazed as Tidus had been when Yuna had summoned Valfor. Auron stood at the sidelines forever watching as always. Never taking his eyes off Braska. Some things never change.

Tidus watched as Jecht told Braska all about Zanarkand. He also watched him with the young Yuna.

She was so innocent then, why couldn’t she have stayed that way? Tidus heard the husky voice inside his head say.

As night fell, a massive fire was made and a celebration began. Music played and people laughed. As if trying to pretend that Sin didn’t exist. Braska sat by the fire with Jecht, listening to his stories, while Auron kept his distance by leaning on one of the stone pillars of the Besaid temple. Leaving him with his thoughts about were Jecht came from.

Watly came out of the temple and walked right past Auron, not noticing him.

“Your Summoner Watly, aren’t you?”

Watly stopped dead in her tracks. She turned towards Auron trying to seem confident, but totally failing. When she spoke, her voice was shaky, trying to make it sound confident as well, but she failed at that to.

“What if I am? What’s it to you?”

Auron stood straight, “My name is Auron. I am G-“

“Guardian of Lord Braska. He told me about you.” She smiled as she studied him. Trying to read him as if he were an open book. He tried to do the same, but they were both good at keeping themselves shut.

“What did he say?”

“He said that I’d stay away from you if I didn’t want my head bitten off.”

A small smile tugged at Aurons mouth, “Really?”

“Na. He said that you were a nice enough guy. And that you always mean well.”

Auron felt he was getting to comfortable with what was happening here. His face turned cold and hard, void of feeling.

He said quickly, “I must go now, good night.” He walked away from her as quick as he could, leaving her alone and not to sure what she had said or done.

The next morning Auron woke to find that Braska was up and about again along with Jecht. Auron hated the fact that Braska never woke him up. But he had gotten used to it.

As he left the Crusader’s tent, he found Summoner Watly, sitting right outside the entrance sitting in a chair reading a very tatty book.

“Good morning,” she said not taking her eyes from the strange markings that lay on the pages of the book, “Did you sleep well? I did. This place is so quiet at night that I slept like a rock. And anyway, since your up we better be on our way to the next temple.” She said all this not even looking at Auron and never taking her eyes off the book.

He didn’t bother to answer her question and started to ask some of his own, “I’m sorry but we?”

Watly snapped the book closed, “I’m coming on Braska’s pilgrimage with him. I will be a guardian to him, and he will be a guardian to me. Jehct thinks it’s a good idea to.” She stood up, coming up to his shoulders. She looked him straight in the eye. They both stood there for a few seconds, not saying a word and never blinking. The silence was broken by the sound of Jecht’s voice.

“Hey Watly! What in the name of hell is in this trunk?” Jecht came up towards Auron and Watly, dragging a huge trunk. His movements were slow and strained.

Watly smiled and giggled slightly, “Be careful with that trunk Jecht. There are a lot of very old and expensive books in there.” She walked up to the struggling Jecht and took the handle he was heaving the trunk by, and with what seemed no effort at all, picked up one end by the handle and dragged it towards Auron as if it were filled with feathers.

“Books!? Why would a Summoner need books for, all you need are the clothes on your back and a Summoners staff.” Auron had a bad feeling about this Watly and that was why he was acting so cold towards her. Watly could feel his suspicion and told herself to be careful around this one.

“If you may not know Auron, I am not just a Summoner, but I come from a very long line of very powerful witches. Every single woman in my family has had the gift of the Craft, and even on my pilgrimage as a Summoner, I shall not and will not forget about my family heritage, which means I need these books to perform spells. Since I cannot pass this gift on, if I am the one to defeat Sin, then the Craft will fade away. Along with every dragon, elf, fairy and goblin. Now if you will excuse me, I have some more books to pack.”

Watly walked back into the Crusaders tent and disappeared. Tidus felt hate roll over him and settle in his heart. He also had a feeling that the hatred that Auron had for Watly, was made out of a care and an attraction that Auron didn’t want to face. Tidus thought of it as a means to keep her at a distance and safe.

“Why do you have to be so god dammed harsh with her Auron, she only wants to do her job.” Jecht wasn’t part of Spira and didn’t know Auron, so he couldn’t understand why Auron acted the way he did towards Watly.

Jecht sighed and went after Watly to help her pack her books.

Tidus felt Auron leave Tidus’s mind as he had done in Guadosalam, and Tidus followed Jecht into the tent.

“Sorry if I didn’t stand up for you back there.”

Watly looked at Jecht with questioning eyes. She laughed and started choosing books that she would put in her brown leather rucksack to take with her on her journey.

“I didn’t need anyone to stand up for me Jecht, I am quiet capable of doing that myself. Could you help me find a book called Maps of Monda? It’s a small red leather book. I know I had it here somewhere.”

Watly rummaged through the mess in a corner desk that was her books. And by god there were a lot of them.

Jecht chuckled, “I’m not surprised that you can’t find it in this mess.”

Watly smiled at him, “If I’m the one that is to defeat Sin, then all these books will go towards rebuilding the isle of Besaid library. It was destroyed nearly over a thousand years ago. The building was totally demolished, and all the books burned. The Sin, at that time, didn’t swim in water like the present one does. The present one seems to be more of a water mammal, sort of like a whale.”

Jecht stopped lifting books and looked at Watly strangely.

“Oh! Sorry forgot, whales are extinct now. Silly me. Well a whale was a large fish like thing that lived in the water, but it’s not a fish. You see humans belong to a group called mammals and that’s what a whale is. A whale’s heart is the size of a small car and a fully-grown man could swim down its main blood vessel. I think I have a picture of on here some were. A-ha! Here we are.”

Watly produced a book called The Zoo, which was really a little kid’s book, but it had a picture of a whale.

“Wow that thing is huge!”

Watly smiled, “Yey they were beautiful things. Pity there’s none of them left really. I remember when I was a little kid there used to be a whole family of killer whales that would come to the shallow pools that were hidden in a cove right by my house. They used to rub themselves against the rocks. I used to watch them until I had to go inside because it was getting to dark. But then one summer they never came back. I heard on the news that summer that whale poachers had been caught killing killer whales. And coz I knew the whales so well coz they all had their own special spots, so I drew the spots and gave each one a name.

Then on the news one night when I heard about the poachers, I saw the whole family that I had named being dragged onto the beach. They were all dead.”

Watly snapped the book shut. She put it down and picked up some more books. She squealed in delight, “Look! I found the book. As I was saying about Sin. The Sin that destroyed the Besaid library flew and breathed fire. That’s how the books were burned. And since then, no ones had the courage to rebuild it.”

Jecht sat down on a bed listening to Watly as she spoke.

“You should be a teacher you know? You know tones about Spira’s history.”

Watly pack books away in draws, cupboards and in the trunk leaving out the ones that were to be put into her rucksack.

“ You really think so? I don’t know. I’ve only been living in Spira a year you do know that I’m not from this time?”

Jecht nodded.

“Anyways, I have chosen the books I’m going to take. We better get Auron and Braska and head for Killica Temple don’t you think?”

Jecht smiled and nodded again. They both left the tent and went to find Braska and Auron.

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