The Daemon Saga
by d_Galloway

The Dameon Saga part 1: The Trinity of Power

Galloway couldn't keep the problem out of his head. Another figure mentioned surpassing Mox, the same being he had defeated mere months ago. How could he have let this happen? Why the hell does he ask himself stupid questions in his sleep? What is one plus one? Will he ever score?

The next day, he returned to MERC HQ. Since MERC has a profile on about every person in existance, they're sure to have something about the mysterious robed man. Besides, it was pizza day, and he had a reputation to continue: eat as much as possible before the cooks through you out of the cafeteria.

He went to profiling and described what little he saw of the man. After narrowing it down to 400 people, Galloway told them to enter knowning Hanzo and Mox. This turned up 400 people yet again. This time, he told them about the shadow. Although the clerk obviously thought he had gone nuts, she checked it up anyway.

This time, there was only one match: a tall, thin man with a clean-shaven face and a long black robe and a golden staff to boot. The man's profile was rather morbid, to say the least:



Dameon is one of the poster boys of evil. His list of crimes go on for miles.

His first attack was in July 17, 1982. He is reported to have simply entered a Swedish town, then burned the thing to the ground. He then killed all the surviving resident. What is most horrifying of this said event is the fact that, not only where the residents murdered, but most of the blood was drained from their bodies. Also, the buildings burned in the destruction showed no trace of combustive materials; it was as if the whole place had simply self-destructed.

A second event identifying Dameon occured on April 26, 1985, somewhere in California. It happened just as before; the explosion created a small forest fire, however. It was thankfully controlled.

Dameon has since then been committing several acts of terrorism of the worst kind. Although some of his attacks seemed to be carefully thought-out and executed, most were the same as those previously mentioned. Despite the catastrophic events, the governments of all the involved countries went to great lengths to cover-up the incidents.

The nature of Dameon's attacks seem to indicate an almost search-type system. His attacks are mainly centered around Sweden and the United States. He has dropped out of sight since 2000, where another terrorist named Hanzo began to work.

REWARD: $500,000,000


Although Galloway's draw practically dropped at the sight of the reward, he was more intrested in the dates of the first two attacks: July 17th and April 26th. For some reason, those dates seemed familiar...

Suddenly hit with a flash of realization, he left quickly and returned home. He then hid away from everyone else and casted the teleport spell.


Galloway landed right on top of Magus, who was tied to the floor as part of his torture. Weiila soon came in, dressed in some rather tight leather and wielding a large whip.

Galloway got up. "Do you two want to be alone," he asked, "or should I come flat out and tell you that you're in some serious trouble?"


The two began to talk, with Magus still tied to the floor. After explaining the entire situation, Galloway pointed out the two attacks: July 17, 1982, and April 26, 1985.

Their birthdays.

Afterwords, Galloway told Weiila about his mission. He said that Dameon had talked about a talisman and how it would make his plan work. The problem was, he only saw a small glimpse of it on Dameon's desk; he hadn't been able to learn what it was or what it did.

After some deliberation, they decided to talk to David; he always seemed to have a better understanding in these matters. Weiila simply handed the whip over to Eihra and told her to torture Magus like no tommorrow. She grined evilly.

Weiila: That's it?
Galloway: Don't force me to get a new everlasting rag.
Weiila:...I'll be good.

The Daemon Saga part 2: The Talisman of Fornus

After a small trip back to Galloway's house, Galloway hunted down David, who Neo had blackmailed into giving him a sponge bath. After a small argument, they dragged David into Galloway's room to explain things.

David pulled out a large book entitled "The Complete Guide to all Talismans, Medalions, and other Assorted Magical Things". Galloway explained what he heard and saw, while David tried to find it.

After a few minutes, David finally found a talisman that matched the description given:



The Talisman of Fornus once belonged to King Fornus, who ruled a small kingdom located in present-day Ireland. A cruel and oppressive king, Fornus was well-hated by all his subjects, servants, attendants, and even family. His brother is reported to have remarked that "I would rather be slaughtered than live in a living hell like this."

Fornus took an interested eye in magic. He is reported to have had several magicians in his court. Nearly all were fakes, of course; however, there was one named Dracuin, whom is reported to have had actual powers.

Fornus wished to see how time would play out; whether his kingdom would rule forever, or if it would be confined to the dust heap of history. Dracuin sought to create an item to accomplish this end, but time is nearly impossible to master. Fornus was never known to be a patient man.

Finally, Dracuin came up with a talisman. He gave it to Fornus for his birthday. After everyone but Fornus and Dracuin had left, the king started to use the talisman. What he saw was frightening; he would soon be killed. He was unable to see the murderer, but he learned soon enough; Dracuin quickly murdered his former master right there. He then took the talisman and ran.

Once free, Dracuin began to explore the talisman's powers further. He learned that it not only granted the power to see time, but also to go through it. This allowed him to see and experience everything. On one of his travels, however, he is reported to have met a demon. He struck a deal; eternal life in return for the power to travel through time.

After the deal, however, he betrayed the demon, sealing its power within the talisman. He escaped, closing the portal behind him. With the extra power of the demon held within the talisman, he was now able to go farther and farther. Eventually, however, he dissapeared from all sight.

The talisman is missing to this day.


"So you see," said David, "the talisman allows him to see through time, as well as travel through it. I'd hate to be in your shoes if you ever have to fight him."

"David," said Weiila, "can you guess what his plan is?"

David sighed. "Well, since he mentioned Mox and Hanzo, it would be safe to assume that the three were working together. Therefore, they would all know about you two. With Dameon's power to see through time, he would obviously know when you were going to be born, and try to stop you while you're young and helpless. Mox tried that somewhat, but we all know what happened."

"Anyway, like the book said, the talisman is not perfect. He could see who it was and when it was, but they couldn't guess exactly where. Therefore, he was mostly guessing everything. So he's obviously trying to destroy you two so nobody can stop him."

"Great," said Galloway. "A time-travel plot. This is just WAY too typical."

"But, how are we supposed to figure out where he's going?" asked Weiila. "We don't have any 'magical talismans' and stuff?"

"That's your own damn- oh, sorry ma'am," said David.

Galloway, however, had already picked up his cell phone. "Hello? Yes? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Listen, shut up for a second. I'm going to send someone over to chat with you in a few minutes. Either you let them in, or I'll go over there and tap you on the shoulder. Okay, we're in agreement. Bye." He then hung up. "Weiila, it's going to pain me to do this, but don't worry. You won't feel anything for very long."

He then ran Weiila straight through with his sword, killing her.

David looked down in surprise. "What the fuck did you do that for?"

Galloway had a big grin on his face. "Don't worry. She's all right."


Weiila felt herself tumbling through a tunnel. Long, bright streaks of colors flowed right passed her. So this was what it feels like to die...

She suddenly felt herself hitting a solid floor. She was in a very screwed-up place. The head of an enormous stone statue was right behind her, covering most of the floor. Books and various rubble were strewn about. A large wooden door was in a corner; except there were no real corners, as the whole room seemed to be floating.

"Well, well," said a cold, whispery voice, "it seems that I have a visitor."

Weiila: You killed me! I hate you!
Galloway: Hey, you'll be all right, okay?
Weiila: *growls, then pouts*

The Daemon Saga part 3: Homunculous

Weiila casted her eyes aroung the room for a minute. There was nobody else inside the room. Where was this voice from?

"I would have expected someone more...non-female. Except, of course, you are actually somewhat intelligent. But it doesn't matter; you're dead, you're hear, and we have to talk."

Suddenly, a man materialized on top of the door. He was extremely pale, with deep red eyes that seemed to cut straight through Weiila's spirit (except she WAS just a spirit now). His clothing was pure black, which mached well with his black hair. In fact, she was barely able to tell it was a man at all.

The man's face changed towards a cold smile. "So, you want to know about this Dracuin, correct?"

Weiila gulped. "Uh, yeah...but who are you?"

The man continued to smile. "I am called Homunculous, and it would not be wise to question me. I may be ordered to help you, but who says I have to help anyone?"

Weiila shudderred at the coldness surrounding the stranger. Homunculous was quick to pick up on this. "Dracuin was a rather...disgusting figure. All he ever did was destroy others while watching his own back. In truth, I admire him.

"When it happened that Dracuin had drained the demon's powers, he used the talisman yet again; this time, he sought to see if anyone would dare to try to stop him, and whether or not they would succeed. Do you know what he saw? He saw you and Galloway destroying him."

"But," said Weiila, "why simply destroy mindlessly? Why not try to hunt us down?"

Homunculous continued his smile. "At first, he could only make small guesses where you were. His plan was to kill both of you while you were young, but he couldn't get any specifics. Therefore, he only guessed where you were, and destroyed those places. He thought he had succeded; then he learned that you two had destroyed Mox. Now he has two generals, ready to kill you; that is, once you return to life."

Weiila began to tremble. Someone else was after her? Someone else wanted her dead more than ever? She was still dead?

A small, flat device fell in front of Weiila. "This is a Digipad," said Homunculous. "Should Dracuin decide the try his plan yet again, it will allow you to stop him. Now, take it and return to life."

Weiila picked up the Digipad. Homunculous dissapeared, and the door he was sitting on opened. Still rather nervous, Weiila stepped through.


She found herself lying down in front of Galloway and David. A large bandage was placed around her stomach, and her entire body was still shaky.

To make matters worse, she saw her broken glasses in Galloway's hands. The idiot had broken them again.

She told them about Homunculous and everything he had said. Everyone agreed that their first step would be to find out what Daemon was planing.

Suddenly Neo, still wrapped in a towel, entered the room. "Excuse me, David," he said, "but I think we were in the middle of something?" He then held up a bucket of soap water and a sponge.

Shuddering in disgust, David went with Neo to the bathroom.


Daemon handed the picture he had of Galloway and Weiila eating pizza to his two generals.

"Listen closely," he said. "These two are to be taken with the upmost seriousness. They destroyed Mox. They obliberated his army. Destroy them quickly. And do not fail me."

(nothing down here)

The Daemon Saga part 4: Red Phoenix

Gemini came home a few minutes later, his ninja outfit covered in sweat and grime. He went to his room and changed into his normal street clothes. Sensei had been pushing him and Hunter like crazy since the whole situation with Mox, and it was driving him nuts. With Mox destroyed, who else would require a ton of skill to beat?

He didn't pay any attention to Neo, who was still getting spongebathed by David, or Galloway and Weiila, who were in Galloway's room with the door closed. He simply flopped down onto the couch. Just another day, like always.

An unbelievably loud knocked filled the house. Gemini opened the front door to find a very wierd-looking guy at the door. He was tall, bald, and wore a robotic suit of red armor with only the head exposed. On the chest of the suit was branded "MERC".

Gemini turned down the hall. "Brother, there's some guy here to see you!" He then felt the stranger grab him and toss him clear into the other side of the living room.

Galloway and Weiila walked out into the hall. The man let out a cruel smile. "I can't believe the little ruts' still alive! This won't take long!"

Galloway let out an astonished gasp, then pushed Weiila back. "Get the hell away," he whispered. "This is going to be a very messy battle."

Galloway rushed the man, but he simply stepped inside and knocked Galloway through the front door. He then tried to crush his head in, but Galloway rolled out of the wayt at the last second and fired an energy beam. It didn't even faze the armor.

Galloway quickly fired up Kaioken times 12, then renewed his normal attack. Unfortunately, the man was much stronger due to the armor, and wasn't even fazed, even with the additional power of Kaioken.

Galloway found himself lying on his back soon again, with the man's foot squarely above his neck.

"Just a runt, after all," said the man, "and to think you've had nearly seven years. You discrace me. Just be glad to die at the hands of the greatest MERC of all time!"

Suddenly, the man leaped back in pain. Weiila stood on the porch, chanting something. The man continued to back away, then finally flew off.


Weiila quickly used a Cure spell on Galloway, which was enough to get him back up. He walked back to the house and simply collapsed onto the couch, a look of surprise still plastered onto his face.

"Who the hell was that?" asked Weiila.

Galloway soon began his long rant:

"I first heard of MERC when I was ten. I signed up as a trainee shoryly thereafter just to pass the time. I was in the middle of my class, and only a few at that position ever make it to official members. We were bigger laughingstocks than those at the bottom of the class for some reason.

"At the time, MERC was ran by Commander Red Phoenix. He was considered by nearly everyone to be the greatest mercenary to ever live; he completed seventy missions, each time by killing everyone and being the only survivor of the mission. He always got the hardest ones, which made it all understandable.

"However, he lacked patience with the middle-class kids, especially me. For some reason, I really ticked him off. He did everthing to make certain my classmates and I were tortured beyond anything else. Most of them didn't make it, but I somehow did. This obviously angered him.

"The last part before full initiation into MERC is a field mission. I was sent in with a team consisting of high-ranking MERC members. Our team leader was, ironically, Red Phoenix. He had volunteered to lead a team in order to survey their skills first-hand.

"Everything was going smoothly. Then we started to lose members like crazy. Soon there were only two left: me and Phoenix. We had planted the bombs, like planned. When we were just by the extraction point, however, Phoenix went ballistic and tried to kill me. That's when I learned how he was always the only survivor...

"During his attack, he accidently destroyed a support beam, causing a large chunk of the roof to fall on top of him. Seizing the opportunity, I escaped before he could free himself. I had barely gotten out of the building before the bombs went off.

"MERC thought he was dead. I explained the entire situation to those in charge, and they excused me of all responsibility. It seemed like it was all over. Apparantly, it isn't."

Weiila, however, had fallen asleep in the middle of the story. Galloway sighed. "Great; she's a full-grown adult and she still falls asleep." He then picked her up and prepared for the teleport spell.


Galloway found Weiila's house in shambles. Someone had torn the whole place apart. At first, he suspected Magus, but the warlock was still tied to the floor. Eihra was in a corner, rambling to herself.

"He's gonna kill her, he's gonna kill her, he's gonna kill her, he's gonna kill her!"

Galloway now knew what was going on. Someone else was out to kill them.

Daemon had some followers.

Weiila: *is still asleep*

The Daemon Saga part 5: Evil Plots of the Demonic and Time-Travelly

Galloway returned to MERC to find out some more about Red Phoenix. Unfortunately, he was immediately taken to the commander, who gave him the most horrifying, most degrading, more unbelievably stupid assignment ever contrived by man:

The Last Night.

It was a fairly simple concept. The night before their field tests, students were taken to what was left of the MERC compound in Sweden, which had been closed since a small incident involving a smoked salmon, Regis and Kathy Lee, a Beta VCR, and a badly-timed bald joke. They were then locked inside for the night, with instructors being inside with them to watch over things.

Since Galloway wasn't an instructor, he was given the job of escourting the little monsters into the compound. This was as big a job as trying to destroy the entire population of Asia. He had always tried to avoid this assignment, but fate seemed to like working against him.


A few hours later, the round-up began. Galloway, along with Tiger, was assigned to gather the kids in the New Hampshire compound. After about three hours, only half of them were accounted for. Then they found that the missing bunch were inside a closet, reading Playboy. When they were told to go, they simply called Galloway's mom a whore.

Needless to say, they were in a lot of pain when they were brought through the underground tunnels leading to the Sweden compound.

The kids were thrown in, except for one, who refused to go. Galloway grabbed him and dropped him off inside, but the automatic doors locked behind him. He was trapped inside here, too!

After cursing his bad luck, he decided to check the place out. None of the good furniture was left; only a few old chairs and a dusty desk. The walls needed a few repairs, and so did the roof.

The ventilation system had to be out of whack, though, because there was a loud clanging noise inside there. Then Galloway recognized what that was as it got louder, and louder, and louder...

Dan broke out of the shaft, scissors ready.


Weiila eventually recovered. Eihra had mellowed out after watching five seconds of the All-Piccolo DBZ marathon. The place was still wrecked, but no sign of the person behind this was available.

Then Galloway knocked down the front door, with Dan write behind him. Everyone, naturally, screamed in terror.

Then Gemini showed up, having followed the tunnels to where his brother was.

"For the love of God," said Gemini, "can't we just skip this? South Park's on!" The mere mention of the show drove Dan crazy and forced him to run away.


After much searching, they finally narrowed Daemon's plan down. (Except for Galloway and Gemini, who were watching South Park.) Daemon had some sort of plan for the FF characters; therefore, stopping by the Break Room seemed to be the best action to take.

When they told Galloway the plan, he looked shocked. "I wouldn't go near the Break Room right now. Trust me." Weiila, however, knocked him unconcious and dragged him along.


The room was completely deserted. Everything was destroyed, except for a small note that said:

I guess you're hear to stop me. Go back about ten years if you seek to do so. And be prepared to die.
-Sincerely, Daemon

Galloway called Neo and David, ordering them to come over. With Galloway, Eihra, Gemini, David, and Neo with her, Weiila felt ready to take Daemon on. She set the Digipad for ten years ago.

Everyone was lifted off their feet, and started hovering in mid-air. A green bubble soon surrounded them. They began to stretch somewhat, then dissapear along with the bubble.


Daemon felt their power coming towards him. He smiled in victory.

Weiila: This sucks!
Galloway:...TO HELL! *sends Weiila to hell for five minutes*

The Daemon Saga part 6: RPG Kids!!!

After falling through the very fabric of time and space for what seemed like an eternity (HAHAHAHAHAH...I kill me), the small group of heroes finally found themselves on solid ground. The bubble that had enclosed them vanished, and they found themselves in the break room yet again.

It was still a mess, but this time in an entirely different way. The computers were Packard Bells instead of Gateways. The tables seemed a bit more miniature than before. And the floor was littered with children's playthings.

Suddenly, a loud smack was heard from the side closet, followed by a lot of screaming and crying. Galloway suddenly recognized where they were.

This was the home video Cid had shown in the last FF Break Room.

*awards himself a large check*

Locke and Celes exited the closet, sobbing and crying like the kids they were. White Mage stood behind them, a look of unbelievable triumph plastered onto her face. Unlike the White Mage everyone knows, this one seemed to enjoy smacking the kids around.

Suddenly, their eyes met the small group of heroes (the heroes of the fic, NOT the ff characters). White Mage smiled, grabbed her big honkin' hammer, and lunged at everyone.

She then killed them. THE END

Galloway: WAIT A FUCKING SECOND!!! *sees Magus messing with the script* What the hell is going on?
Weiila: I told him he could ruin the fic, in retaliation for all those mean things you've been doing here.
Magus: Heh heh heh...
Galloway:...Weiila, do you have any idea what evil you have unleashed?
Weiila: What?
Galloway: He just killed you.
Galloway:...*pulls out the REAL script*
Magus: WHAT?!
Galloway: You actually wrote on a contract that specifically states that you will never harm Weiila again. Do you hear me?
Magus:...*walks away, bawling like a baby*
Galloway: *burns the paper* Good thing he's gullible. Now let's continue, shall we?
Weiila: Yes.


White Mage smiled, grabbed her big honkin' hammer, and lunged at everyone.

Weiila and Eihra jumped to the side. Galloway and Neo did that "DBZ-move-so-fast-that-nobody-can-see-you" routine. Gemini leaped up and grabbed onto the ceiling (old ninja trick). And David executed his boxing skills in punching White Mage straight in the ribs.

She doubled over, gasping for air. Gemini fell from the ceiling and pinned her to the ground. Neo pulled a chain out of his jacket and tied her to a chair. And Galloway, Weiila and Eihra just watched in sheer joy.


White Mage struggled against the chain, but to no avail. Galloway then began the usual torture process. After this got them nowhere, they decided to just find Daemon and destroy him.

That's when White Mage passed out. And Red Phoenix smashed through the roof. And Daemon's voice echoed throughout the room.

"Fools! White Mage was to slaughter all the FF characters, thus bringing an end to your writing ways before they even began. But due to your actions, I've lost control of her! Now Red Phoenix will have to finish you!" With that, the voice dissapeared, and the battle began.

(after about five minutes)

David was half-dead on the floor. Eihra was wounded, but still alive. Galloway and Weiila had taken a pounding, but where still moving. Neo and Gemini had barely been touched the whole time. Phoenix wasn't even scratched.

Celes and Locke had retreated through a side door. After a while, every FF character (still as kids) poured into the room to watch the spectacle of deadly combat.

Finally, Gemini made his move. He jumped-kicked Phoenix square into the chest, accelerating as he had done so. The blow was so hard, it actually succedded in cracking through the thick armor, revealing a mess of wires. Gemini pulled back in surprise, as Phoenix went into the usual rant of what had happened to him.

He said that he was almost killed in the explosion, but had somehow survived; however, nearly his entire was paralyzed. Daemon gave him a new cybernetic body to use in his revenge. Only his head remained of his original body. Now, he could easily destroy every single one of them.

Although the FF characters wanted to fall asleep, they had to stay awake; it was part of their training in listening to villains kill time by explaining their entire schemes.

Gemini continued his attacks, but none met with the same ferocity of what he had done before. Finally, Phoenix bored of his attempts, and blew him away with a single blast. Gemini fell, nearly dead.

Galloway felt the anger welling up inside of him, accompanied with the knowledge of what he had to do. He turned to Neo, and and they both nodded.

The entire room was engulfed in an unbelievably white light. When Weiila's eyes finally adjusted, she didn't see any trace of Galloway or Neo; instead, a shadowy being stood where they were...

The light dissipatated, and everyone was shocked at what they saw...

Weiila: What did I see? What did I see?
Galloway: *isn't around to answer*
Weiila: Great. I have to wait again.

The Daemon Saga part 7: Ultra Galloway

As the smoke surrounding the figure cleared, it revealed a rather strange individual. It bore a resemblance to Galloway, but had Neo's build and height. Every part of its body seemed to be crackling with a strange kind of dark energy. The expression on its face was cold and impersonal.

It was definately Galloway, and yet at the same time wasn't.

Phoenix stared in awe for a few seconds, then laughed. "Do you really think special effects are going to stop me?" mocked the cyborg. He then launched a simple missle.

Galloway grabbed it in mid-air, turned it around, and let it go. Phoenix was blown back, but not seriously injured. Galloway stared at his opponent, his face expressionless now.

Phoenix then decided to go at it in the usual martial arts fashion (you knew it was coming, so deal with it). Galloway blocked his punch easily, and Phoenix recoiled, his hand severaly smashed. A kick soon followed, but Galloway moved behind Phoenix and hovered there, as if taunting him.

Finally, Phoenix realized that this whole plan was not going to work on Galloway, so he fired an entire volley of missles. Galloway fired a mess of energy beams, destroying every single one of them in mid-air. Phoenix then pushed some buttons on a console in his arm, and an array of energy balls fired at Galloway.

This time, however, Galloway grabbed one of them and used it to absorb the others, creating a massive energy ball. He then tossed it straight back at Phoenix, who was blown away yet again.

When he came back this time, he was still fairly uninjured. The FF characters took out a bunch of notebooks and began to take notes on "Cut Scene Fighting". Phoenix turned towards them and fired a volley straight at them.

Galloway used a Wind Blast to blow them through the whole in the wall, and safely out of the dangerous area. The characters didn't mind, really; they just continued to take notes.

Galloway and Phoenix then went back to the martial arts battle; only this time, Galloway was actually attacking. Phoenix's attacks missed constantly, while Galloway's knocked off pieces of the armor, revealing various bits and pieces of exposed wires. Now the damage of Galloway's attacks were beginning to show.

Finally, Galloway delivered a devastating blow to Phoenix's midsection, revealing his major energy source. A plan hatched immediately in Galloway's mind. He grabbed the cyborg and tossed him high into the air.

Galloway raised one arm, using the other for balance. He then charged up massive amounts of energy into his raised hand, creating a crackling electric ball. When he fired, the standard "shout-the-name-of-the-attack" routine left his lips:


The blast connected head-on with Phoenix's mid-section, creating a massive explosion. When it cleared, there was no trace of Phoenix anywhere.

Another flash of light followed, and Galloway and Neo reappeared. After looking around, they collapsed from exhaustion.


After regaining conciousness, Galloway explained the whole thing. He had figured out quite a while ago how to re-fuse with Neo to create his true self again. However, due to Neo's nature, as well as the rise in power they had gained from watching DBZ, the fusion ended up creating another form, which they nicknamed "Ultra Galloway" for some stupid reason.

They never really used it that much, though, since they couldn't stand sharing one body. Besides, it sucks the energy right out of your body.

Then Galloway fell asleep.


Daemon sensed where what was left of Phoenix had fallen. He found that the former mercenary had lost one of his arms and his lower half, but was still alive. He scooped up what was left and returned to the base. He didn't have enough time to build Phoenix a new body.

But he had an even better idea...

Galloway: Order the box set today, and you'll recieve it yesterday through a process we don't quite understand yet!!!

Part 2