The Daemon Saga chunk 2
by d_Galloway

The Daemon Saga part 8: The Assault

After returning to the present, Galloway recieved a call from the commander. There were plans for yet another attack on Daemon's base, and once again, Galloway was Squad D Leader. Realizing the opportunity presented by this, the entire group decided to sneak aboard the landing craft, thus gaining access to the base. But first, there was a friend they needed to call...


Jennifer struggled to get David to eat any of his food. Rick just watched from a distance, a small smile on his face. He had saved Jennifer, and was rewarded handsomely for it. He just hoped that Galloway had the same success.

That's when the phone rang.

"Hello?" answered Rick. "Uh-huh. Uh-huh. WHAT?! ANOTHER EVIL LOSER TRYING TO DESTROY ALL OF MANKIND?!! I'LL BE RIGHT THERE!" With that, he slammed the phone down and headed for the door.

"Hello, Rick," was the first thing he heard going out the door. The mask was back. He needed it again.

Sighing, Rick put the mask on and headed for Galloway's house.


Gemini, meanwhile, had contacted Sensei and Hunter. Realizing that Daemon's actions affected the balance more than Mox's did, they joined the group. Claiming to have been hired by an unknown factor, they headed for the base seperately from the rest.


Galloway met with the other squad leaders, then entered the craft. The others were able to hide, but Rick had a little trouble fitting his now-muscular form into a box.

After about five minutes, the commander telecasted the briefing.

"You are to land at the southernmost beach around the base. Once there, you must make your way through several machine gun emplacements, hundreds of soldiers, and the League of Women's Voters- oops, ignore that last comment. Anyway, once inside, you are to eliminate Daemon. But be careful; you cannot claim the reward unless you have 51% of the carcass. That is all."

The rest of the ride was uneventful (except for Green Viper asking Galloway for the five bucks he owed him). After what seemed like forever, they reached the beach. Their presence was immediately met by gunfire.

Gemini and his group reached the beach from an opposite angle of the fighting. Realizing that his brother was in peril, he snuck up to the machine gun emplacements on the walls and took out the gunners, one by one. Sensei and Hunter, however, already escaped into the base.

Galloway, the heroes, and the rest of the surviving MERC members looked for an easy way through the wall. Then Rick walked up and taped it, causing the entire southern wall to collapse into dust.

Even more soldiers came, but Rick, realizing the odds, transformed into Monster Rick, scaring Daemon's entire army away. He then grabbed the Eastern wall and slammed it into the ground before reverting to normal (just because he can).

Galloway and the others made their way into the base; the rest of the MERC team stayed behind to help the wounded. With the army still cringing in fear, they reached Daemon's lair unopposed.

Inside, however, was Dan. The doors slammed shut behind them, trapping them inside. It looked hopeless.

Then Gemini, who had been hiding behind the desk, checked his watch. 10:00. He turned the standard oversized TV on to Comedy Central, just as South Park started.

Dan struggled against the show, then tried to break the door down. Weiila, however, recognized what was happening, and made him look dead-on into the TV.

After about five minutes of watching the show, Dan's head exploded. Note to all: Don't watch South Park unless you're already clinically insane.


While checking for Daemon, they found a note. Galloway and Weiila showed each other the contents, then told everyone to get off the place (except for Eihra and Neo). They had to deal with Daemon's plan yet again.

They set the Digipad to April 26, 1985...

Weiila: I think I see where this is headed...
Galloway: You have no idea...

The Daemon Saga part 9: Don't mess with the kiddies!
By Weiila by request from Galloway *evil laugh*

The small troop entered a rainy field outside a small town.

"Oh great..." everybody grunted and tried to summon umbrellas with every means possible.

"Where are we, anyway?" Eihra asked, sourly crossing her arms as Neo held her above his head for protection against the rain.

"We should be about my birthday, and that's my hometown," Galloway said in a typical overtaught guide's voice, "let's move, people!"

They rushed towards the town, hoping they wouldn't be too late to stop Daemon from killing Galloway as an infant...

"Not another step!" came a hoarse voice from above.

The four heroes looked up, wincing in disgust as a crippled shadow came down through the pouring rain, smelling like the oldest leftover one has ever found in the back of the fridge.
It looked much like that, too. But also vagually like...

"Phoenix!" Galloway hissed.

"I have returned! And I shall claim revenge by holding you here while master Daemon set the magic bombs to kill the whole town! Mwahaha!"

"Go generic villain..." Eihra sarcastically said while Neo put her down.

"Doesn't look too strong," Weiila remarked, too late realizing what she was saying.

A stomp from the zombie cyborg's foot created a ravina in the field. Luckily everyone had the nerve to leap out of reach in time.

Galloway cursed under his breath, knowing a fuse with Neo would leave them too weak to battle Daemon. Time waas running out, fast. He looked around for a plan and found Weiila shaking mud from her leg while playing around with the digipad.

"You handle Daemon, OK?" she said with an almost mad grin, "I think I know how to make sure this stinky stays away."

Seeing no other option Galloway shrugged.

"Alright, but what are you..."


With a holler the female author lounged at the zombie. He swept his arm out in surprise and she clung to it, activating the Digipad. The two were engulfed in the transport light (tm). Sadly, that also included Neo who had been trying to sneak up on Phoenix during the distracting maneouver.
They all disappeared.

"Well crap..." Galloway grunted.

"Don't just stand there, man!" Eihra commanded, hurrying towards the town, "we've got your ass in junior form to save!"

Sighing the warrior followed the eccentric dancer.


Neo sat up and grabbed his head. Hedghogs were wrestiling behind his forehead.

"Phoenix knocked you out and then he ran off to kill me as a child," he heard Weiila's voice from somewhere above him, followed by a chanting.

His headache quickly subdued due to the healing magic and he looked up.

"You're being attacked as a child by a psycho zombie that can knock me out," Neo said with raised eyebrows.

"Yeah, just over theere, any minute now."

Weiila pointed at a big, red building with orange roof tiles in a distance.

"Then what are you SMILING about?!" Neo asked.

"Oh, you'll see."

And she began sprinting towards the building. Growling something about women Neo followed over the frozen landscape.

"It's March, 1992," Weiila merrily informed, "and that's the Noret school. It's minor hell on earth."

"Oh really? You haven't seen military training..." Neo scoffed.

"You haven't tried the food here..." Weiila retorted with a shudder.

She skidded to a halt behind some leafless bushes and pointed.

A small, skinny girl in a red jacket and with shoulder long brown hair came walking up the road. She was obviously Weiila as a child, but seemed a couple of years older than she had been during the curse Mox had put on her.

Neo hissed as Phoenix leaped down from from the roof and landed before the child, but the grown Weiila put her hand on his shoulder to hold him back.

"Just stay here and watch the show," she whispered with a grin, "do you think I brought him here just so he could kill me?"

"But that's a kid!" Neo snapped.

"Oh yes..."

"Who are you?" the small Weiila cried in shock, backing away from the stinking, ugly monster before her.

"I'm Phoenix, kid," the zombie smirked, "and I'll be the last thing you see."

He advanced with cruel delight over the child's fear, but Weiila kept holding Neo back. She was mumbling to herself.

"Three, two, one..."

The small girl finally found her voice as the nightmare howered over her.

"Help me, Loria!" she cried in a highpitched, ear shredding voice.

Phoenix crashed on the ground with a surprised "Ouff!" as a pair of sandals planted themselves on his poorly sown back. Big, red and B-formed wings swept about a storm of long brown hair as a woman faintly alike the grown Weiila gracefully leaped of the monster.

"Attacking innocent, helpless children, are we?" the female creature said and tore up the blinking Phoenix by his throat.

"Duhh..." Neo mumbled.

"Cover your eyes..." Weiila merrily said and pressed herself against the ground.

Neo didn't however, and as Weiila looked up again his face had a pretty festive green color. Bits of zombie was plastered on the red walls and the skeletal bushes.

And Loria was juggling with a pair of rotting feet and a rather shocked-looking head, fire from her fingertips frying the remains as they passed by. Finally she let them all fall and crushed the smoking leftovers beneath her fine feet.

"There, all better," she gently smiled.

"Thanks," the small Weiila said with a big smile and turned to enter the school.

Loria flapped her big wings and disappeared into the winter clouds in the sky moments later.

The grown Weiila stood and brushed off the worst mud and ice from her clothes before starting to fiddle with the Digipad again.

"Come now, get a grip of yourself," she mildly urged Neo, "Gallo and Eihra surely waits for us."

"Wait, wait, wait!" Neo said as he got up, "first explain to me what that butterfly thing was!"

"Oh her..."

Weiila smiled faintly.

"She was my first character, an alien queen with firepower to blow up small planets in a fit of irritation. She was a bit hard to control though, so I had to drop her into the dephts of my mind."

She gave a lovely smile.

"You, Gallo and Magus can be happy Mox turned me to a SEVEN year old kid," she mildly said, "I had a horrible temper when I turned eight and that was when I made Loria up. Now don't just stand there, let's get going."

She hit the Digipad and in a flash of light they were on their way back to the year 1985, April 26...

Weiila: So? OK?
Galloway: Knowing you've still got the author powers I won't comment yet.

The Daemon Saga part 10: The Power of Women
By d_Galloway

Galloway and Eihra had successfully jacked a car from the nearby court house, and were driving like hell to find Daemon before the bombs could go off. Besides, the whole town was definately smaller than before, so there weren't as many places to hide as there would be in the present.

After a while of searching, they found what appeared to be five Black Order members driving off in a white van with a pentagram painted onto the side. At first, they cursed their bad luck. Then they saw the van get blasted by a bolt of lightning while driving by a church (Note: Half of all buildings in Visalia are churches). The only salvagable thing was a conviently-placed map showing the locations of all the bombs.

Within a few minutes, they were all disarmed.


Galloway and Eihra returned to the field, and began to wait for Weiila and Neo to return. The rain had finally let up, and the sun was showing. A guy and a girl rode down the street on a bicycle, the girl on the handlebars, while the air began to play "Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head".

Galloway suddenly found himself grateful that he had lost most memories when he was five.

The sound of metal colliding with the ground alerted the two to the giant, mechanical, scorpion-like creature behind them. Suddenly, it Phoenix's voice.

"So, the little bitch and her little guardian whatever thought they could destroy me, huh? Well, a single tissue of my body survived, and Master Daemon took me to the future, where I was cloned into a brain! Now I am in charge of this beautiful new body, forever ready to destroy you once and for all!" He then exploded into five minutes of laughter.

When he stopped laughing, Galloway had sliced off one claw, while Eihra had used her Mankaksopoppo to take off two legs quite nicely.

"Bitch!" said Phoenix, looking at Eihra. "Don't you see? I cannot be destroyed, especially by a little girl that should be cleaning her little house up and making babies instead of helping to fight evil!"

Galloway then let out a big grin as he saw a large fleet of buses pull up behind the scorpion robot. The banner on the side read: Angry Army of Women Against Descrimination.

The women left the bus and mobed Phoenix, tearing his metallic body apart piece by piece. Eventually, only his head was left. Daemon suddenly appeared, grabbed the head, and teleported away.

Weiila and Eihra took that moment to teleport back. Everyone finally returned to the present.


After exiting what little remained of Daemon's base, the group rejoined the MERC squads, who then promptly left for their own base. Unfortunately, the trip was a little longer, due to rough waters, and the only movie they had was Spy Hard (which is funny only before the twentieth time). When they finally came back into port, everyone tried desperately to get that song out of their heads (except for Gemini, who loved it).

Everyone then returned to Galloway's house to plan the next move. That's when they saw another all-too-familiar individual on Galloway's couch: a blue-robed man, eating Chinese Food.

Blue Robe.

After spitting the lousy chinese food out of his mouth, he turned to address the now-large group. "So, Mox wasn't alone. This is just perfect. Now we have to defeat an even stronger evil."

"So you've come to help us, huh?" asked Galloway.

"Well, not completely," replied Blue Robe. "You see, Meliah was...well...desiring a vacation, so..." Meliah then popped up from the other side of the couch, still wearing her Black Mage attire but carrying a camera as well.

Blue Robe then continued. "Let's go. We have a lot to talk about."


Daemon placed Phoenix's robotic head onto the platform and typed something into the computer. After a while, the download screen said "Complete", and Phoenix appeared on the moniter.

Daemon had one last plan for his undying mercenary...

Galloway: *is too bored to say anything*

The Daemon Saga part 11: Yet Another Threat

After ariving at their hotel (namely, the crappy one where taking a step outside creates the risk of being gunned down mercilessly), the group reached Blue Robe's small room, where the usual "discussion of plans" would take place.

After explaining what they knew about Daemon, Blue Robe sighed, then began the long explanation of all the events.

"Mox aparantly met Daemon mere days before my friend and I defeated him originally. Mox believed that he would succeed, but needed a back-up plan in case he didn't. Daemon said that he would ressurect Mox in the case he died during the battle. Naturally, Mox agreed.

"When Mox did die, however, Daemon was currently in a few years before this. He recieved the word, but due to the long period of time separating the two, he did not revive Mox immediately. This enfuriated the mage, who now sought revenge against Daemon.

"However, another form had begun to speak to Daemon; we do not know the name, nor the intentions, but it is believed that this being was able to convince Mox to join himself and Daemon rather than destroy them. Hanzo then joined a few years later.

"Mox soon began his quest for the Black Pentagram. Hanzo sought to revive Japan's militaristic glory. Daemon laid low, keeping the talisman hidden to make it seem like he had not possessed it to begin with; that way his master would be off-guard. It appears that Mox planned to destroy them all to begin with: Hanzo was just unfortunate enough to stand in his way.

"Then you came and destroyed Mox, as well as disrupted the power of the Pentagram. Daemon realized that he was the only one left of the three, and he had no choice but to play along with his master for the time being. He then acted as if he had searched long and hard for the talisman, and began to scheme against you. He realized that, if you two either ceased to exist, or ceased to write, nothing would oppose himself, his master, and his comrades, whom he all plotted to destroy.

"However, you defeated all of his plots. Now he seeks a new general, one that could be strong enough to defeat Phoenix, but not powerful enough to lose control of. Since Daemon is incredibly powerful, he has little trouble with the control part, but few are powerful enough to defeat Phoenix."

At that point, Weiila gulped.

Galloway walked slowly up to Weiila. "Listen, think VERY carefully. Is there any chance that Daemon could gain control of Loria and use her against us?" Weiila simply shook her head no, but Galloway didn't trust the response.


(Meanwhile, at what's left of Daemon's base)

Daemon: Master...
*mysterious shadow appears*
Shadow: You have news, or you would not dare waste my time with this intrusion.
Daemon: Master, Dan is dead, and Phoenix is not ready to fight right now.
Shadow: I see...
Daemon: However, I witnessed Phoenix's progress, and in the confusion, I was able to find a suitable replacement.
Shadow: And this replacement is...
*Loria enters the room, a big D stamped onto her forehead*
Daemon: I gained control of her mind quite easily, sir. She's, in all respects, unbeatable.
Shadow: You said that about Phoenix, as well.
Daemon: This time, it's true. They will not be able to stand a chance.
Shadow: Well, then, it seems the tides have turned yet again.
Daemon: Should I send her into the past?
Shadow: Yes. And tell the others as well; they will be interested in dying to save themselves.
Daemon: *laughs*
Shadow: *laughs*
Loria: *laughs*


The note then entered the room: "Go to when Weiila's existance was threatened. There is a nice surprise in store for you there."

Sighing, Galloway and Weiila ushered everyone else out (except for Neo and Eihra, of course), then activated the Digipad.

(Nothing to see here; move along!)

The Daemon Saga part 12: *insert title here*

After landing neatly at the same spot where Weiila and Neo had landed before, the small group kept an eye out for Loria and Daemon.

A few minutes passed, and little Weiila finally showed up; well, actually, she landed quite neately in front of the school. After dusting herself off, she looked around, aparantly exhausted (I forgot to mention that this was night). Finally, Loria showed up.

"Loria," said the confused child, "what am I doing here?"

Loria grabbed the kid by the throat and whispered, "For your own demise, you little turd!"

Suddenly, the entire area flashed with a bright white light. When it dissipitated, Ultra Galloway had safely moved little Weiila to the roof of the school before Loria could even blink (old DBZ trick).

Enraged, Loria charged at Galloway, and, to the unsurprise of everyone, Galloway was knocked through the roof. He then busted through the door and back into the battle.


Behind the bushes, the adult Weiila realized that there was no way that Galloway was going to win. Sighing, she called upon her inner abilities...


A cloud of mist appeared in front of Loria, who was still in the process of beating the crap out of Galloway. It then produced a pair of shackles.

Loria gasped. "Sl-Slaver?"

The mist produced a small smile, then began to reach for Loria's wrists.

Suddenly, a foggy D appeared on the mist. Daemon appeared in the distance, smiling. Now he had control of TWO of Weiila's creations. Things were looking his way.

The two double-ganged Galloway, knocking him down more times than people can count. There was no way to win this battle. Weiila's creations had won.

Finally, Galloway got up, beaten but severely pissed. The aura of energy around him grew larger; even Daemon was shocked at what was going on. Loria and Slaver just looked on in surprise, preparing to strike.

Suddenly, Galloway's eyes turned a deep green. His aura began to turn gold. And finally, his hair straightened and turned gold as well.

In the fine tradition of DBZ parodies, Galloway had gone Super-Saiyan.


(back in the present)

Realizing that he had a LOT of time to kill, Gemini offered to show Meliah around town. Besides, he needed the fresh air.

After about five minutes, though, the physically-weak Meliah finally decided that they needed to catch a cab. They hailed one down...

And were thrown inside.


(meanwhile, at the land of balding men)

Balding men celebrated being the greatest lovers in the world. (Besides, Galloway needed filler material before his upcoming battle with Loria and Slaver, and we needed to celebrate those balding heroes around us.)


The Final Fantasy Breakroom Halloween (interlude)