The FF Break Room: Halloween Special!
by d_Galloway

*Kenny walks onto the stage, carrying an assortment of cards*
Kenny: *holds up card that read*
Card: Since I cannot talk, I will be using these cards. Galloway and Weiila are-*changes cards*-battling some evil somewhere, so I am going to-*changes cards*-host the show. Now watch, or-*changes cards*-I will kill you!
*a stage light falls and kills Kenny*
*switches to hidden camera*

*The whole break room has been decoracted with Jack o' Lanterns, skeletons, fake blood, cobwebs, and various other signs of Halloween. Black Mage is sitting at the table, a huge bowl of candy in front of him*
Black Mage: *begins to eat the candy*
*A loud knock is heard at the door*
Black Mage: Now what? *opens the door*
*Relm and Vivi are standing outside, holding large bags with money signs printed on them*
Relm and Vivi: Trick-or-treat!
Black Mage: *grabs two apples and puts them into the bags*
Relm and Vivi: *start crying*
Black Mage: *slams the door shut* Now back to the feast!
*the still Super-Saiyan Galloway time travels in, kicks Black Mage's ass, then returns to the past, leaving a note*
Black Mage: What the hell was that? *reads the note*
Note: Those who give fruit destroy the very meaning of Halloween. Either give them candy, or I'll show you what this form is REALLY capable of.
Black Mage: *gulps, then opens the door*
Relm and Vivi: *are still crying*
Black Mage: *gives them a bunch of candy, then slams the door shut* Damn!
*Auron enters the room*
Auron: Oh, for the love of-! Black Mage, did you try to eat all the candy again?!
Black Mage: I refuse to answer these allegations! HADOUKEN!!! *Hadoukens Auron out of the Break Room*
*Rydia enters the room, wearing a witch costume*
Rydia: Now, the hat I'm all right with, but do you think this black robe makes my butt look big?
Black Mage: *is too smart to answer that question*
Rydia: Fine, be that way. *goes to get a cup of coffee*
*Cloud enters the room, wearing a suit of black armor similar to Mox's*
Black Mage: *screams, then runs away in panic*
Cloud: Yep, this stuff works.
Rydia: Tell me; does my butt look big? sane person would dare to answer that question.
Rydia: *sighs* Maybe you're right.
*A knock is heard*
Cloud: *opens the door*
*various kids from Squaresoft games hold out bags of candy*
Cloud: *suddenly feels very evil* Sorry, kids, but we're all out! *slams the door*
*the door is immediately broken down. Mr. T enters the room and grabs Cloud by the neck*
Mr. T: I see a bowl of candy over there, sucka! Now give it to them kids, or I'll get mad!
Cloud: *is barely breathing* Okay, okay! You win!!!
Mr. T: *drops Cloud, grabs the bowl, and returns to the hallway*
*Celes enters the room as a pig*
Celes: *oinks* So, what do you think?
Rydia: You turned yourself into a pig for Halloween?
Celes: *oinks* Yeah. Just about.
Rydia: And you was to be turned back?
Celes: *oinks* YES! OH, GOD, YES!!!
Rydia: *sighs* PIGGY!!!
Celes: *returns to normal* Thank God! Now, what the heck happened here?
Rydia: Oh, a combination DBZ-parody-Hadouken-Trick or Treaters-Mr. T-kind-of-situation. Nothing too serious.
Celes: Oh. *goes back to the dressing room*
Rydia: This is why I hate Halloween.
*Galloway time-travels in, kicks Rydia's butt, then leaves, dropping a note behind*
Rydia: Now what? *reads the note*
Note: Do not admit to hating Halloween; otherwise, I will kill you.
Rydia: Fine. I think I'll treat myself to that hidden stash of candy in the cupboards...
*switches back to Kenny*

Kenny: *magically reappears* *muffled voice*
*A truck flies in and kills Kenny, followed by a bombing raid, a parade, and Steisandzilla*
Kenny: *is killed every single time*


The Daemon saga part 3