The Daemon Saga chunk 3
by d_Galloway

The Daemon Saga part 13: Weihra

At first, Loria and Slaver just watched as the now Super-Saiyan Galloway glared at them. Then they laughed hysterically for no apparant reason, and finally charged forward.

Of course, Galloway moved out of the way, but they just kept on attacking. Everyone knew this was going to be one long fight...


Gemini and Meliah were bound and gagged to a set of chairs in the middle of a nearly-empty wharehouse. At first, they were curious as to what the hell was going on. Then someone came walking out of the corner of the room, someone that struck complete fear into Meliah. Someone that will not be introduced in this paragraph.


After watching the fight for about five minutes, Weiila and Eihra became incredibly bored. They went so far as to read the notebook Galloway had dropped; the one about fusion, the universe, and why the hell people liked Pokemon.

After getting nowhere for a while, Galloway finally decided to risk increasing his power. Turning madly, he powered up for Kaioken.

He collapsed, almost completely paralyzed.

Loria and Slaver, seeing their chance, began to kick the living shit out of the pinned guy. When Weiila and Eihra finally looked up, and saw how the battle was going, they went back a few chapters.


The new figure taunted Gemini and Meliah as they squirmed helplessly in their chairs. He soon began to launch into the usual "lengthy speech" about how he was going to kill them and how nobody was going to stop him, and on and on and on...

When he turned around, Gemini and Meliah had escaped, their ropes cut. Cursing his luck, he dashed out of the building. When he was gone, Gemini and Meliah came out from behind the crates and ran like hell in the opposite direction.


Galloway and Neo unfused and layed on the ground, bleeding and broken beyond comprehension. Finally deciding that they had played enough, Loria and Slaver prepared for the final attack that would finish them off for good.

Suddenly, another flash of light filled the area. From behind the bushes emerged someone new emerged. She looked like Weiila, but definately had a little Eihra in there.

Galloway suddenly remembered the notebook he dropped...

Loria and Slaver laughed with glee, and charged forward. Unfortunately, they were caught off-guard by this new person, and soon they were chewing dirt. When they tried to get up, she knocked Loria unconcious with one kick.

Slaver looked around, confused. Suddenly, he realized that he was nothing more than mist; he could simply escape from the battle, and nothing would happen. Unfortunately, he didn't quite realize that Daemon does NOT like cowards. Suddenly, he found himself as a solid.

The new person took great delight in kicking his ass.

As soon as Slaver hit the ground, the Ds on their forheads dissapeared. The day was saved!


Weiila took the liberty of healing Galloway and Neo, who then took the kid version of Weiila and sent her home, telling her to forget this had happened or that they'll hurt her severely. She ran off in complete fear.

After a while, Weiila and Eihra explained everything. While reading Galloway's notebook, they discovered how to do that whole "fusion" trick. When Galloway started getting his ass kicked, they decided to try it out. What had happened was the results. Galloway just passed out, with Neo following soon after.

Weiila walked over to Loria and Slaver and sent them back into her mind. Hopefully, they would stay there this time. She then activated the Digipad, and they all returned home.


Gemini and Meliah returned, and delivered the news of their horrifying encounted to Blue Robe. He simply sat in shock at the name of their kidnapper. Suddenly, Galloway, Neo, Weiila, and Eihra fell into the room, exhausted as hell.

This was one LONG day.

Loria: How could I lose?
Slaver: You just did, so shut up.

The Daemon Saga part 14: The Hook

After everyone had returned to the correct time, they decided that Galloway and Weiila would find some nice, deserted road at night so that they could discuss plans for how to destroy Daemon. Since Weiila was still recovering from the fusion, and Galloway was in the bathroom, they had no say in this decision.

That night, they took Galloway's dad's truck and moved to the traditional make-out street (since Galloway has never made-out, he had to ask directions first). Finally, once in a secluded area, they began to plan for the upcoming battle.

Suddenly, the sound of metal hitting metal filled the air. Weiila became very distressed, and so did Galloway. Unfortunately, the engine had decided to fail at this point.

The passanger-side door opened, revealing a tall, muscular man in a heavy brown jacket and hat. He looked at the two for a moment, then pulled out something from his pocket.

"Here," he said. "I believe the gentleman dropped this when he asked directions." Confused, Galloway took back his wallet and asked, "Okay, what are you doing here?"

"Well," he said, "I was going home when I saw you drop your wallet. I tried to get it back to you, but you went on driving. And since you had a young, beautiful woman with you, I figured that you were coming up here."

He then turned to leave. That's when Weiila saw something that the door had been blocking before:

The man's right hand was a hook.

After she let out the most unholy scream imaginable, he realized that the hook was bothering her. "Oh," he said. "I didn't realize young people were such bigots."

He then launched into the true story about what happened:


"I lost my right arm when my cousin decided to play with a chainsaw. My uncle sent me to the doctor, where I was given a hook for a hand, as well as an artifical arm. Afterwards, everyone regarded me with suspiscion, and some went so far as to label me a 'homicidal maniac'.

"Well, when I grew up, I left home so that I could strike it on my own. I graduated from Harvard, top of my class, and a major in business and economics. However, the hook was still a major turn-off, both in hiring and sex appeal. I was jobless and alone, with only a Harvard diploma.

"One night, I was wandering around Lover's Lane a few towns over. I saw a young man who was having trouble with his car. I came by and asked if he needed any assistance, and he assured me that it was just a matter of a lack of gasoline. When he continued onward, however, I saw a guy jump at the young man and kill him before I could react. When the cops came, I was quickly aprehended and sent to the Mental Institution.

"Well, after a few years, I was released. Unfortunately, due to a bungle in the system, it seemed like I had escaped. Without knowledge of this, I went through another Lover's Lane, and found a wallet lying on the ground. Upon opening it, I saw that it matched the person who was putting the moves on a young woman. I reached out to open the door with my hook, but the car suddenly raced off at such a speed that it ripped the hook off.

"After getting a new hook, I went off to try to live an honest life. To make a long story short, I became a cook at a restaurant afterwards. And now, here we are."


"And what," asked the man, "are you doing here?"

Galloway then went into detail about Mox, Daemon, and various other villains. The man, however, seemed to be most interested in Daemon, and asked for a description.

When Galloway finished, the man was in shock. "That- that's the same guy that killed that kid!" he said. "That's the guy that got me locked up! That guy must pay for his crimes!" With that, he jumped into the back of the truck.

Galloway looked back and asked, "Okay, what the hell are you doing?" The man said, "I know where that guy is, but can't get to him because of some sort of trial junk he has inside. We need four people that are somehow related to any of two stupid heroes to go inside and destroy him. That's why I'm in!"

"Two people..." said Weiila. "I think I know just who."

Apparantly Galloway got the same idea; he was already on the cell phone, talking to Starstorm and Pokefreak.

Weiila: More characters; that's just great.

Coming Soon:

*See how Hook is related to the story (hint: He's related to a character from Mox Saga and a character from Daemon Saga)
*Witness our descent into the Tower of Really Nasty Things!
*See our authors each write their own sections to the twisted castle

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