The FF break room 9
by d_Galloway

*Weiila walks onto the set (still as a kid)*
Weiila: Uh, how does this work?
JFGemini (Galloway's brother): *is behind a camera* You just say some random stuff and we start, okay?
Weiila: Okay. Ummm, let's start!
JFGemini: *slaps forehead, which is protected by his mask*
*switches to hidden camera*

*The Break Room is the same as before. Auron and Tellah are sitting at a table, drinking some sake (rice wine)*
Auron: Man, kids today. They don't ever listen to what we say.
Tellah: Speaking of which, where the hell is Vivi?
Auron: He said he was going to battle some sort of idiot. But who cares?
*Edward enters the room*
Edward: Donuts! Where are the donuts?!
Tellah: Black Mage is supposed to get the donuts, and since he's not here right now, we don't have donuts.
Edward: WAAAAAAAAHHH! *hides*
Auron: Kids really suck, you know that?
*Zell enters the room, carrying a truck full of hot dogs behind him*
Zell: Hot dogs!
Tellah: *sighs* It's just not the same without Vivi and Black Mage.
Auron: I agree with that. But we just have to wait until they come back.
Zell: Hello? Guy with hot dogs here! Get them now! *is crushed by the truck*
Tellah: *sigh* Bolt 3.
*The truck is blown off of Zell*
Zell: *gets up* My hot dogs! *runs after the truck*
Auron: What a moron.
Tellah: *takes a drink* Now, where were we?
*a knock is heard at the door*
Auron: *answers the door*
*Galloway walks inside*
Galloway: Excuse me, we're a little lost.
Tellah: Oh really?
Galloway: We need to get to Alaska, but our map was destroyed. Can you give us directions?
Auron: *takes out a map and draws some directions on it*
Galloway: Thanks. *leaves*
Tellah: Well, let's continue.
*Mox enters the room*
Mox: Excuse me, weaklings, but do you know how to get to Switzerland?
Auron: You!
Mox: Well, do you or not?!
Tellah: Your voice is different; you're not the same one that attacked us last time, aren't you?
Mox: *sighs* Tell me how to get to Switzerland or die.
Auron: *gives him directions*
Mox: Thank you. *leaves*
Tellah: I give up. We'll never be able to drink this sake like this.
Auron: You're right.
*Edward comes out of hiding*
Edward: Man, I'm tired. *gets some coffee*
*a Blitzball comes wizzing by and smashes the coffee pot*
Edward: *hides*
Wakka: *enters the room* Sorry. *grabs his Blitzball and leaves*
Auron: More kid idiocy.
Tellah: Yeah. Let's leave.
*Auron and Tellah leave*
*switces back to Weiila*

Weiila: *is currently drinking some milk* Man, we're back on? I finally get to host, and all I get is this?
JFGemini: Yeah. I guess our episode is going to be a little "short".
Weiila: *glares at JFGemini*
JFGemini: But don't worry. I don't think people will think "little" of you!
Weiila: Are you making fun of me? *tears begin to well*
JFGemini: Brother was right when he said people like you where in "short" supply!
Weiila: *cries and runs off stage*
*Galloway teleports in*
Galloway: Brother, you are an idiot. *teleports out*
JFGemini:...does this mean we can break for lunch?

Galloway: Weiila, I'm sorry for how my brother treated you. He just doesn't know when to let a joke die. That, and he loves Shrek. *runs away*

The MOXsaga part 7