The Mox saga
by d_Galloway

Special Guest Star: Weiila (please don't sue!)

Galloway slowly rose from the bed, his brain fried like it always was in the morning. His characters were mostly asleep, with the exception of Black Mage, who was still looking at White Mage porn on the computer. Galloway slowly sneaked out of the room and went to the kitchen. After a vain attempt at cooking eggs, he simply got a bowl of cereal and sat in a deep trance. He didn't know why he did this: it just felt good.

Weiila woke up herself that same morning (well, give or take a day-damn date line). She simply went to her half-scribbled notes, prepared to scheme up some revenge on Magus for the previous kidnapping attempt at Barrows Castle. It didn't take long for her to notice that someone had torn through the notes. She simply glanced around...and noticed a large figure in black armor standing right behind her.

"Magus, I'm in no mood for jokes!" said Weiila. The figure, however, clasped her hand firmly and reached for her sacred pencil. When the fingers closed around it, however, the figure screamed in pain and drew back, looking at its burned gauntlet. Weiila tried to run out of the room, but the figure was somehow able to move quite quickly, even in the heavy armor. It grabbed Weiila again and threw her against the wall. It then walked slowly toward the pain-stricken Fanfic author.

"Even now, the weapons curse me," growled the figure slowly. "I cannot even touch the damn pencil!" Weiila tried to stand up, but the figure simply shoved her down again. It then continued, "Still, I cannot allow it to be used against me. There's only one thing that I can do to stop it." A large gun, which looked like a laser from a 50's sci-fi movie, suddenly appeared from the figure's left shoulder as soon as the sentence was finished. Weiila tried to run, but she was nearly doubled-over in pain. The weapon fired, hitting Weiila straight in the chest.

Even as she was screaming, the figure left the house and flew off, saying to himself, "I must destroy the other one before it is too late."

Galloway finished his cereal in silence, unknowing of what had happened at Weiila's house that very same morning. He then put on his standard street clothes and turned on the T.V. Just another lazy day. His brother and parents had left town on a camping trip, and since Galloway has had nothing but bad experiences on camping trips, he was allowed to stay home. He rejoiced at the prospect of not having to deal with his annoying brother for a while.

No sooner had five seconds passed than Vivi and Black Mage entered the living room. "Hey!" said Black Mage. "Put it on the Playboy channel!" Vivi then began to insist of cartoons. Galloway simply rubbed his forhead and said, "Black Mage, I've told you a thousand times already, we don't have the Playboy channel! And Vivi, if you want to watch cartoons that bad, then watch them in my brother's room. I don't have time for this!"

Suddenly, a loud knock on the door was heard. Galloway rose from his seat on the couch and went to the door. When he opened it, he found a handcuffed Magus being escorted by none other than Bill Gates. Yes, that doorway in the castle led into Microsoft Headquarters!

Gates simply said, "Is this yours?", and pushed Magus slightly forward. "No," said Galloway, "but you could just send him in a box and mail him to Weiila. By the way, have you seen a guy named Dan?" Gates nodded. "He's the mailboy right now." Galloway let out a little laugh, but he was soon interrupted when he heard the sound of something flying at him-fast.

The same figure that had attacked Weiila landed on Galloway's front lawn and walked calmly toward Galloway's front door. It pushed Magus and Gates aside, cursing Microsoft under its breath, and grabbed Galloway by the shirt collar and tossed him into the couch. It slowly walked to the closet that Galloway kept his sword in, opened it, and touched the handle, only to back away in pain. Galloway, seizing the moment, quickly shouted "FETCH!". The magical lasso created by his Fetch spell retrieved the sword. (Gallo-note: This is a fanfic. Anything can happen in one, okay?)

The figure strode forward and took out the same shoulder laser that had shot Weiila. It began to laugh, but soon stopped when a scythe cut across the back of its armor. Magus stood behind the figure, weapon drawn. Gates stood beside Magus, standing in a REALLY stupid martial arts stance. The figure put the laser away, and charged at the two, knocling them over like bowling pins. Black Mage and Vivi tried their Hadoukens, but the figure shrugged off the spells like they were nothing and sent the two flying into a wall. It then ran like hell through the door and flew off.

Galloway helped the four downed ones up and sat back down. Gates was the first to speak. "What the hell was that?" Black Mage had a look of shock plastered onto his face. " couldn't be...Galloway!" Galloway simply answered with a "What?" Black Mage said, "We need to get to Weiila's house, now!" Gates, for once, seemed to be interested in the common good. "We'll use my plane. It's at the airport. Hurry!"

*A near-crash to the airport and a long flight later*

The four heroes (plus Gates) ran up to Weiila's house. Galloway had dumped Magus here so many times, he knew where it was like the back of his hand. Black Mage broke the long silence by asking, "Galloway, you could fly. Why'd you take a plane?" Galloway just shrugged his shoulders, smashed a window, and went inside. Gates said, "Hey, there's such a thing as a door!" Galloway went back outside and kicked the door down. Vivi simply said, "Oh well, close enough."

The house seemed eerily deserted. Weiila's characters should have been running around, causing maniacal madness. It was nearly 7:00 pm here, and no one was around. Magus smiled slightly. "Maybe she's gone away forever." Galloway smiled and responded with, "Don't bet on it. She's here somewhere." They slowly walked toward Weiila's room. Magus pressed his ear against the door.

Galloway tapped him on the shoulder. "Do you hear anything?" Magus looked down and said, "It sounds like someone's...crying." Gates sat by the door. "I wonder," he thought, "is it possible that this guy got here before we did?"

Suddenly, the figure smashed through the roof, looked down at the heroes (and villain), and laughed. "So the puny heroes have decided to save the girl? This will be most entertaining." It descended down to the ground and moved toward the door. "Yes, greedy one, I have been here. I have meet with better success here than I did with you. Why don't you see for yourself?"

The figure pushed the door open slowly. A small girl sat on the bed, surrounded by a puddle of tears. Galloway glanced around the room, then turned toward the figure and shouted, "Where is she?!" The figure let out a deep laugh and said, "Don't you see? She's right there." He pointed at the child. Everyone's mouth dropped-except for Galloway's, since his power was beginning to emerge due to his extreme anger about the circumstance. "What did you do to her?!" The figure let out another laugh. "She stood in my way. I had no choice but to defeat the threat. Since I was incapable of killing her, I decided to reduce her to a less dangerous state."

Galloway gritted his teeth. "What was she gonna do, write you to death?! Use that pencil against you?!" The figure let out a scream at the mention of the word "pencil", and flew back through the roof. Galloway followed right behind him.

Gates and Vivi went to comfort the now-child Weiila. Magus pondered whether to just stand there or kill Weiila while he had the chance. Black Mage stared at the hole and simply kept repeating to himself, "It isn't possible, it isn't possible, it isn't possible..."

After about 30 minutes, Galloway flew back to the house, gasping for air. "So," asked Magus, "how'd it go?" Galloway looked up and said, "I lost him over Switzerland. Damn chocolate's too addicting!" His then looked at Weiila. "How's she doing?" Gates responded. "She's stopped crying, but I think she's still in shock."

Galloway then turned to Black Mage, still frozen in shock. "And what's wrong with you?" Black Mage turned toward Galloway and said, "It's him. The eviliest of Black Mages. Morgan Orsland Xian."

Galloway let out a gasp. "Mox..."

IN THE NEXT EPISODE: (if Weiila doesn't stop the series)
*Black Mage explains the mysterious past of Mox, Black Magic, and Mox's ultimate goal *The heroes (Galloway, Magus, Black Mage, Vivi, Weiila) and the heroic-villain (Gates) prepare to find and defeat Mox.
*Mox continues his own quest. Will our heroes stop him? Or is there no hope?

Tune in next time on Dragonball-
Galloway: Shut up.


The Mox Saga part 2: The Black Pentagram
by d_Galloway
Special Guest Stars: Weiila, Mazrim Taim

Galloway sat on Weiila's bed, looking at the small child sitting by him. Her head was bowed; she was definately asleep. He just sat there, drinking some coffee Gates had been nice enough to bring over. The heroes waited until Galloway couldn't control his rage anymore. "Okay, Black Mage. Who is this guy?!" Weiila suddenly woke up at the sound of the voice.

Black Mage sighed. "It's a long story. It goes back to the beginning of Black Magic. Are you sure you want to hear?" Everyone nodded yes, even Weiila, except it was probably because she was still half-asleep. Black Mage nodded and began:

"When Black Magic was created, the Black Mages lived together in a single community located somewhere in Asia. They spent most of their lives hidden away from others, hidden in their city. There were 99 levels of Black Magic then, not just the 12 we know of today. Only the highest were allowed to learn the most powerful arts, though.

"Morgan was the son of one of the more prominant Black Mages. This postition gave him access to all Black Magic from level 90 down. But with this power, Morgan lost his mind. He began to crave more and more of the power. When he finally mastered all of the spells he could, he went to studying the top arts in secret.

"He kept his studying from everyone for years. After he mastered the level 98 magic, though, he was shocked to learn that there were no records of the level 99 Black Magic spell. He searched everywhere, but he found nothing. When it seemed like he would never find the spell, he learned of the ruling family's secret: the Black Pentagram.

"The Black Pentagram is the ultimate source of Black Magic. It is thought that the dark powers we mages have originated in that place. The ruling family hid it from the other Black Mages, thinking that the power inside was too dangerous to be trusted in the hands of someone without adequate training. They were right.

"Morgan organized a rebellion withing the community. He promised that his followers would have access to the high arts under his rule. He never planned to do this, of course, but the masses followed him. Just when it seemed like the secret would be undone, an alliance was formed between the ruling Black Mages and the five other classes of the world: the fighters, the thieves, the white mages, the red mages, and the black belts. The two forces met on the battlefield just in front of the Pentagram itself. The fight was brutal, but Morgan simply used it as a diversion. Dressed in a suit of black armor, he marched toward the pentagram.

"Suddenly, two youths emerged, both of them without a class. One was a young girl, holding a dagger; the other was a young man, holding a katana. The two fought Morgan so violently that all the other fighting ceased as both sides watched in awe. The two youths won. Morgan was defeated. The rebellion was crushed, and the Black Pentagram was buried under the ruins of the city."

Galloway slamed his fist against the wall, breaking a large hole in it. "If he's defeated, then why's he still here?!" Black Mage continued:

"Even though Morgan was defeated in the flesh, his dark magic kept his spirit alive. This was further aided by his belief in immortality. He was unable, however, to enter the chamber that the pentagram rested in. So he went after the two weapons that had defeated him. When he learned that they were gone, he went after two items that had the same kind of power: Weiila's pencil and Galloway's sword."

Galloway looked at his sword for a few seconds, then sheathed it. "Now a sword I can understand, but a pencil?" Weiila looked disgusted at his comment. "Listen, Galloway," said Black Mage, "the weapons they wielded had two different types of magic. The dagger shares the power of Weiila's pencil: the power to control. The two swords share the same power: the power to damage. That's why they can defeat Mox." He turned to Weiila. "Did he try to go through your notes this morning?" Weiila shook her head "no", then said, "But why? I hate writing!"

Galloway froze in shock, then fainted, landing neately on his sword blade. "Well," said Gates, "he's dead." Black Mage let out a small laugh. "No, he'll be back in five, four, three, two, one..." Galloway suddenly picked himself back up, pulled the sword out of his body, and sheathed it again. "Anyway, we need to find the pentagram. And I think I know how." He pulled out a cell phone and dialed his home number. "Hello? David? This is Galloway. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Listen, shut up for a second. I need you to help me with something. Go to the RPGC library. I need a book called "The History of Black Magic." Uh-huh. Thanks!" He shut off the phone. "Well, miss Weiila," said Gates, "do you mind if we spend the night here?"

But Weiila was already asleep.

David stopped by the library that very night. It was a good thing that it was always open. He went to the reference desk and rang the bell, awakaning a sleeping Mazrim Taim.

"Mister Taim," said David, "I need a book called 'The History of Black Magic'. Do you have it?" Mazrim slowly said, "Yes. It's in the back of the library," then fell asleep again. David slowly slipped to the back.

Mox speeded across the sky, looking down at the various places. He then spyied what he was looking for: the RPGC library...

*Mazrim and David meet the evil Mox for the first time!
*Galloway and friends have a hard night at Weiila's house!
*The hunt for the Black Pentagram begins!

This episode was brought to you by:
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Uncle Sam's Ringworm Farm

The Mox Saga part 3: Night at the Weiila's
Special Guest Stars: Weiila (now a main character), Mazrim Taim

David searched the shelves, desperately trying to find the book Galloway asked him to find. Why the hell would he want a book on Black Magic? He said he wouldn't study until school started again, and even then, he never showed that much interest in Black Magic to begin with. Still, orders were orders. Especially since he was being paid to do this.

Finally, he found the "History of Black Magic". He scanned the pages, finding numerous illustrations, graphs, and charts that told of the history of the Black Mages. But what interested him the most, however, was the picture of a large pentagram. The runes outside of it seemed different than the ones he saw during his adventure, and yet...

As he was still in thought, he heard what sounded like someone saying "Fire 3". Then he saw the entire wall in front of him explode into flames. Behind the fire was a man in black armor. This had to be the guy Black Mage was talking about.

This had to be Mox.

David tore down the hall, but Mox was quicker. The figure quickly leapt in front of the PI and grabbed him by the throat. As he lifted him off the ground, Mox said, "Fool! No one will stand in my way!" He began to charge energy into his free hand, only to stop when he heard Maz walk up behind him. Mox turned around and casted his Fire 3 again, only to have it dissipate on contact with Maz's "Apathy Shield". David pulled out his shotgun, aimed at Mox's arm, and fired off several simultanious shots. Mox grabbed his arm in pain, released David, and immediately flew off. David grabbed the book and ran back to Galloway's house with Mazrim.

Galloway was having one of the worst nights of his life. Bill Gates fell asleep almost instantly, muttering about monopolizations and his enemy, "Linux". Black Mage and Vivi were also asleep, due to some Gallowbrush Potions Galloway had brought. Weiila kept falling asleep and waking up, but didn't really bother anyone much. It seemed like Galloway was the only one who couldn't sleep- he was always a bad sleeper.

After dozing off for about five seconds, Galloway was woken up by a soft nudge in the back. He turned around to face Weiila. She looked retchably adorable as a child, which was alright if you don't get sick at the sign of cuteness. Galloway was one of the "get sick" ones. Weiila nudged him a few more times, then stepped over his body exited the room. As was natural, Galloway followed.

After searching for her for about five minutes, Galloway simply retreated to the kitchen. He sat for another five minutes, meditating on what was going on. Here he was, now forced to save the world from some undead black mage that was hell-bent on descovering the ultimate spell of destruction. Weiila was now a mere seven years old, thanks to that guy. Bill Gates was the companion he'd least suspected to help. And Black Mage and Vivi were simply coming for fun.

God, how did he get into things like this?

Weiila slowly snuck up behind him and screamed. Galloway simply turned around. "Kid, if you were hoping to scare me like that, you need to deepen your voice. Or possibly project more." Weiila simply floded her and pouted. "Don't worry, Weiila, I'm certain we'll get you back to normal somehow. Now if you'll excuse me..."

Galloway slowly walked back to the room. Weiila suddenly began to tug at his leg, which was odd, considering that Weiila was now about 3'3" and Galloway was 5'4" (only a 2'1" difference). "All right," said Galloway, "What do you want?"

Weiila shook her head. "Nothing, really. I just don't want to be alone right now." Galloway shook his head at this. "You aren't. We've got Black Mage, Vivi, and even Bill Gates sitting in that room of yours right now. Don't tell me you're alone, okay?" He looked down at her. "So what is it really? You're probably angry, sad, frustrated, and in pain considering the beating you took from Mox before I got her. Is that your problem? Or is it because you're scared?" Weiila looked up at him for a second, then ran back to the room.

Galloway took out a yellow notebook from his back pocket and wrote: "Note to self: don't have kids." He then began to chant the teleport spell...

Galloway ended up in his own living room. He saw David and Mazrim sitting at the table, the book in front of them. David looked up and said, "Is this what you wanted, Galloway?" Galloway shook his head "yes", then picked it up and teleported back to Weiila's house.

Weiila was unable to sleep. She woke up an checked the clock. 3:30. Why were the lights on in the kitchen? She slowly got off her bed and sneaked into the kitchen.

Galloway was sitting inside, his mind fixed on the book in his hands. He brought a tea cup up to his lips occasionally, but his gaze never lifted from the book. Weiila slowly sneaked past the kitchen. Galloway sighed heavily and said, "Weiila, if you want to sneak by, don't put your weight on your feet." Weiila pouted for a few seconds, then went back to the room.

Galloway watched her leave. "Maybe I was being too harsh last time," he thought. "Nah!"

The next morning marked the beginning of the journey. David called Galloway early to tell him that his parants were staying a week right after the camping trip at his grandparents. That left him a week-and-a-half to defeat Mox, destroy the Black Pentegram, and get home. Weiila had changed into some smaller clothes (Galloway had neglected to mention that Weiila's clothes didn't shrink with her in order to keep from being called a pervert). Gates showed his X-weapon, an X-box controller that also doubled as a remote detonator and a gun. Black Mage was able to learn how to cast Hadouken TWICE a day outside of the Break Room. And Vivi had learned another level 9 spell: Fighterdouken. Gates rented a van for the trip: he saw no reason why they had to suffer while trying to find the Black Pentagram. And Galloway was loaded with enough coffee and pizza to keep an army awake all day.

The heroes left that morning.

In the next episode:
*The heroes encounter the first of Mox's minions: The Red Scare
*David, Mazrim, and Starstorm begin to hunt for Galloway
*Magus stows away on the van
*Weiila and Galloway continue to get on each other's nerves!

Tune in next week! Same bat time, same bat channel!

Weiila: I can't believe you had him say that!
Galloway: *is too busy watching Batman fight scenes*
Weiila: *sighs*

The Mox Saga part 4: The Red Scare
by d_Galloway
Special Guest Stars: Mazrim Taim, Starstorm

A day after starting, Galloway got impatient and teleported the entire van to where he read about in the book. He was just tired of sitting.

Camp was set pretty much without incident. There were no tents, no cabins, no trailers. Just some food, some sleeping bags, a change of clothes, and fire starters. Weiila simply sat and watched everyone else work: with youth comes sloth.

The meal was eaten without complaint. They drifted off to sleep without complaint. But just when Galloway was about to fall asleep, he felt a hand on his body. At first he thought it was Weiila's. But when he realized how cold and harsh the hand movements were, he immediately realized what it was.


He felt the hand go down on his mouth. "Listen. I'll deal with you later. First I'm going for the kid." Magus walked to Weiila's sleeping bag and raised the scytch. Weiila suddenly rolled, dodging the schyte by inches. She then began to mutter something in her sleep.

Magus sneered and raised the schyte again. This time, it was Galloway who stopped him. He grabbed the wizard's arm and used a standard pressure-point pinch to take him down. He then tied him to a tree and went back to sleep.

He had just gotten back to sleep when Weiila shook him. He got up and looked into the little girl's eyes. They were full of anger and despise. "Why don't you like me, you big jerk?!"

Galloway shook his head. "Well, the 'big jerk' line didn't help. But let's not forget about last night." Weiila's gaze didn't move. Galloway continued: "You woke me up at midnight, then ran off! Where were you?"

Weilla's response was cold and hard. "Who cares? You shouldn't have talked to me like that last night!"

Galloway's gaze became extremely cold. "Maybe I shouldn't have saved you from Magus a few minutes ago." Weiila suddenly looked away.

"Magus was after me?"

"Well, yeah. After all, you're only seven years old and you hate to write. You have no real power over him."

Suddenly, a loud rustling was heard from the bushes in the back. Everyone woke up and turned toward the source (even Magus, who was still tied to the tree. A large, red robot clambered out of the bushes. It looked like something out of a 50's sci-fi movie, and carried a hammer and a sickle. The robot spoke: "I am the Red Scare, servant of Mox. I have been sent to eliminate you."

Galloway began to chuckle slightly. "The Red Scare? That lousy robot from that shitty live-action version of "The Tick"? How are we supposed to be scared by you?" The Red Scare simply knocked a nearby tree over by taping it with his hammer. Galloway suddenly went white. Weiila grabbed onto his leg.

Suddenly, Gates jumped up and ran toward the robot. "Filthy Communist machine! Face the power of the greedy Capitalist!" He knocked the machine over in a single jump kick. The robot got back up, and the two began to fight DBZ-style around the campsite.

Galloway turned toward Weiila, who had begun to relax her grip. "Popcorn?" Weiila took the popcorn and began to devour it.

After about an hour of fighting, Gates and The Red Scare broke apart from each other. Gates drew a new weapon of his: two X-box controllers attached to each other by a chain with a wooden bar in the middle. "Face the wrath of my X-box nunchucks!" The two began to fight again.

Galloway and Weiila were now surrounded by popcorn bags. Magus was still muffling, still tied to the tree. And Black Mage and Vivi were just watching.

After about an hour of fighting, The Red Scare fell. Capitalism was triumphant!

Gates, Black Mage, and Vivi fell asleep almost instantly. Galloway crawled into his sleeping bag pretty easily. Weiila simply sat by him, shaking. Galloway looked up at her. "Do you want some help getting to sleep?" Weiila simply shook her head yes. Galloway reached into his pocket and pulled out a soaked rag. He placed it under Weiila's nose, and watched as she fell asleep. Galloway moved her sleeping bag close to his, tucked her in, and fell asleep.

David and Mazrim reached Starstorm's house. After skillfully dodging several hyperactive tigers, they were able to reach the front door. They sat down and began to talk about Galloway.

"There's something strange going on here," said David, "and we're going to find out what." Mazrim shook his head yes. "In fact, we want to ask for your help in the matter. Will you help us?" Starstorm pondered the question, then responded with a "yes".

In part 5:
*Weiila and Galloway try to make up
*Black Mage figures out a secret spell
*A robed figure offers to aid our heroes!

Weiila: *walks on stage* God, how long is this damn thing gonna take?
Galloway: *walks on stage* What did you just say, young lady?
Weiila: Uh, uh, uh...
Galloway: Just as I thought. *grabs Weiila by the ear and makes her sit in the corner*

The Mox Saga part 5: Blue Robe
by d_Galloway
Special Guest Stars: Same as last time

The next morning came as most did: too damn early. Galloway was, as always, the first to get up. He stretched, picked up his sword, and walked over the sleeping Weiila.

He heard a "crack" sound the moment his foot touched the ground. He looked down...and saw Weiila looking at her broken pair of glasses. Galloway simply ran like hell.

After Weiila had stopped crying for five minutes (Galloway left that rag of his nearby, and Weiila had accidently sniffed it), Galloway showed back up, woke up his companions (who had just feel asleep instead of mutilating the young girl), packed up the gear, and pulled Magus down from the tree.

Galloway turned to the wizard and sharply said, "If you so much as touch a hair on Weiila's head, I will personally castrate you. Do you hear me?!" Magus shook his head "yes" and ran like hell in the opposite direction.

The search for the pentagram began after that-well, it was a little slow, due to the fact that Weiila didn't have her glasses and Galloway had been hit in the eye by a tree branch. Finally, after about an hour of searching, they found a VERY deep hole. After the usual tieing of the rope to a rock, they thrusted the rope around Weiila and Vivi (since they were the only ones small enough to get inside the hole), and the two kids descended.

Weiila and Vivi reached the bottom of the hole fairly quickly, which wasn't good, since the rope broke about halfway down, and they survived only because they fell into a pool of water, and Video Game physics dictate that water breaks all falls. They climbed out, and were surprised to find a perfectly lit corridor (well, Vivi was; Weiila still had a vision problem).

The corridor led to a large, circular room, in the center of which was a red pentagram, and in the center of that was a large stone tablet, and reading the stone tablet was none other than Mox himself. Weiila and Vivi hid behind some rocks and watched the black figure. It simply stared at the tablet, straightened up, turned toward the rocks the two were hiding behind, blew them to rubble with a single blast, and shouted, "Next time, try to find a better hiding place!"

Vivi immediately began to fire Kamehameha's and Hadoukens, all of which only succeded in enraging the black figure. It simply picked up the young black mage and tossed him into the wall. It then walked over to Weiila, who was helplessly trying to see what was going on, and reached the gloved hand toward the little throat.

Suddenly, everything stopped. Vivi regained his senses and saw a figure, cloaked in a blue robe, standing behind Mox. The new figure lifted its hand, and Mox immediately went backing away in pain. A large red mark appeared on the back of his armor. He turned, took one look at his new attacker, turned back to Weiila, and shouted, "You got lucky. We'll meet again!" He then simply teleported out of the corridor. The blue figure looked at the two and said, "Just call me Blue Robe. It won't matter much anyway, since I'll be teleporting you two out of here in a matter of moments. Oh yeah, and take the tablet with you. And on another note..." This went on for five minutes, and ended with Vivi, Weiila, and the tablet being teleported out of the room.

The two took the tablet to the waiting van. Black Mage immediately looked at the tablet and screamed, "Sweet EVIL! This is the level 13 Black Magic spell! I now have it!"

Weiila and Galloway weren't paying much attention, though. Right after the tablet was dropped off, Weiila walked over to Galloway, who was standing by the van's side, and shouted, "You big jerk! You broke my glasses! I hate you!". She then tried to kick him, but due to the vision problem (yet again), she missed him and kicked the van's side. After unceremoniously jumping on one foot and screaming for about five minutes, she was put inside and buckled up.

Galloway looked at the tablet himself. "Hmm, there seems to be something here, but I can't read it too well. Let's just take it to my place." Black Mage looked at him for a minute and said, "You're just homesick, aren't you?" Galloway shook his head "yes".

David, Mazrim and Starstorm continued their hunt for Galloway. They walked on for hours, with Starstorm's army of cats following. Starstorm then turned toward David and Mazrim and asked, "So, why are we looking for Galloway, exactly?"

David sighed and said, "Ever since two days ago, he's been acting extremely wierd. And when he took that book on Black Magic, a field that he shows absolutely no interest in, you become suspicious."

Mazrim continued. "There is that, and then there is the strange figure in black armor that attacked us that same night. I would have died if it was not for my Apathy Shield."

Starstorm shook his head. "If you ask me, something big's going on. Why don't we go to Galloway's house first for some clues?"

And so, the two groups travelled to the same place...

Next time:
*Galloway and friends have a long talk at his house
*Weiila continues to torture Galloway
*Magus tries to kill...again
*David and co. reach the house...

Galloway: On the behalf of all of those in this fic (as well as those that haven't appeared yet), I would like to apologize for the massive amounts of vision jokes. It was caused by a lack of sleep. Good-bye. *runs like hell*

The Mox Saga part 6: Home Visit
by d_Galloway
Special Guest Stars: Mazrim Taim, Starstorm

The van was teleported neatly onto Galloway's driveway. Everyone clammered out and entered the house, which was exactly the same as Galloway had left it. Not a single one of the characters were out, which was probably a good thing, considering Weiila's current situation.

The group quickly brought the tablet inside and placed it on the table. Black Mage pulled out a book entitled "Ancient Runes for Dummies", handed it to Galloway, and said, "It was your idea to come here. Now read this!" Galloway took the book, grumbled slightly, and went to reading.

After about an hour, Galloway looked up. "It says that there are actually five pentagrams. Weiila and Vivi found the Red Pentagram, which symbolizes Red Magic. There are also the White Pentagram, the Blue Pentagram, the Time Pentagram, and the Black Pentagram. Apparantly all the pentagrams are somehow connected."

Gates interrupted Galloway's long speech. "Then why was Mox even bothering to look for the Red Pentagram? Doesn't he want the Black Pentagram?"

Galloway gave Gates a look of disgust, then continued. "The pentagrams are all connected to the Black Pentagram somehow. Converselly, the Black Pentagram is connected to the others in the same manner. In order to gain the power from any one of the pentagrams, someone must visit the other four and activate their power. Apparantly Mox already activated the Red Pentagram. So we have to beat him to the other three."

Weiila yawned and fell asleep during the speech. Kids and their damn short attention spans. Vivi simply stared transfixed on Galloway. Black Mage lost his patience and said, "So where the hell are the other pentagrams?"

Galloway sighed. "The Blue Pentagram is somewhere in Alaska. We'll go there in the morning. Now, we should be going to sleep." His eyes narrowed on Weiila. "Well, I guess some of us skipped to that part early." Weiila woke up, walked over to Galloway, kicked him in the leg, and went back to sleep.

Galloway was asleep almost instantly. At least he was back at his house, for once. Weilla just layed there. Everyone else stayed in another room.

At about midnight, Magus entered Galloway's room.

He crept over to the sleeping Weiila and raised his scythe. Yes, this would be his tiumph at last. He will finally destroy the bitch that had tortured him all these years. He could feel the victory in his blood.

Fortunately, he didn't get it that night. Just as he was about to bring the scythe down, a pair of hands grabbed his mouth and weapon arm. Magus was pulled into the shadows and kicked clear into Canada.

David, Mazrim and Starstorm continued along the road. They had just exited Fresno, and were almost there.

Gates woke Galloway and Weiila up the next morning. He told them about hearing a kicking noise last night. Galloway suddenly disappeared.

Galloway went down into his secret lair (which was located under his room). He walked past all of his sleeping characters, up to a large chair in a side of the room. He looked at the person currently sitting in it: a tall man with long, silver hair, black clothes, and an evil eye.

Galloway looked at him for a minute, then asked, "What happened last night?" After a lengthy explanation, Galloway said, "Just don't scare me like that again," and left. The man looked as he went, then whispered, "I wonder what's his problem."

The team prepared to leave that morning. After everything was packed up, they entered the van and teleported away. Just minutes afterwards, however, David and the others arrived. They entered the house, and found the tablet Galloway had accidentaly kept behind.

Mazrim studied it for a bit, then said, "We need to go to Alaska."

Next time:
*The gang finds the Blue Pentagram
*Mox tries to buy some Swiss Chocolate
*David and co. draw closer to Galloway...

Weiila: Is there anything I can do while I'm still a kid?
Galloway: Well...*hands her a piece of paper*
Weiila: *gasps* You mean...
Galloway: Yes.
Weiila: *hugs Galloway and runs off*

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