The Mox saga; chunk 3
by d_Galloway

Technical Difficulties

Mox laughed over the fallen warriors. They weren't dead yet, but they would be soon.
After all, few survived Chainsaw's torture sessions...


Galloway: *picks himself up* Alright now, people. That's a wrap!
Everyone else: *picks themselves up*
David: Are you sure it was a good idea to film 3 episodes in one day, even with the amount of plot you've planned for them?
Galloway: David, shut up. Besides, we have to finish this.
Gemini: *walks up* When am I going to be introduced?
Galloway: The next episode, okay?
Gemini:...*shrugs and walks off*
Mazrim: *goes to read a book*
Starstorm: *pets the kitties*
Bear: *plays Street Fighter 2*
Rick: *isn't introduced yet*
Weiila: *falls asleep*

Galloway: *walks with David to the control booth* These are going on tonight!
David: *opens door to the control booth-and gasps*
*The film of all three episodes is on fire-as well as the scripts for the episodes*
Galloway: *rushes inside and puts out the fire* Great. All of tonights' work has been ruined.
David: I'd hate to be in your shoes when everyone finds out about this.

Galloway: People, we have some bad news. Apparantly our episodes caught fire, as well as the scripts. We have to plan something else for tonight.
Mob of other characters: *begin to riot*
David: *shoots his gun in the air* Shut up! Either we do this, or we don't get paid, and will end up making appearances on the new Love Boat!
Mob of other characters: *stop rioting*
Galloway: Okay. Just do things on the set for now. Okay?
Mob: *nod in agreement*

First act: Galloway and Neo Galloway
Galloway: *tosses sword in the air* Ready? *catches sword*
Neo: *unsheathes sword* Yes. Let's go.
Both: *begin to sword fight*
*About five minutes later*
Galloway: Do you give up?
Neo: Never!
Magus: *walks on stage* Well, this is all amusing, but I think we should be moving onwards. Galloway and Neo: *walk off stage*

Second Act: Magus and Weiila
Weiila: *looks at camera* Hi, mum!
Magus: *glares at Weiila*
Weiila: *looks at Magus* Uh, what do we do now, Mr. Magus?
Magus: You DIE! *swings schyte*
Galloway: *rushes on stage, grabs the schyte, tosses it out of Magus's hands, and pushes Magus off stage*

Third Act: Bear
Bear: For your entertainment, I'll be juggling. *picks up an old lady, a tank, and Larcen, and begins to juggle. He lasts for five minutes*

Fourth Act: Solidus Snake
Galloway: Hold it! Hold it!
Solidus: Now what, Jack?
Galloway: First off, you're not even in this series (at least, I don't think so). Second off, I'm not Jack!
Solidus: Okay then, Snake.
Galloway: I'm not Snake, either!
Solidus: Uh, Ocelot? Vamp? Otacon? Liquid?
Galloway: No, no, no, and no.
Solidus: So this isn't the Big Shell.
Galloway: *shakes his head*
Solidus: Fine. I'll be going. Call me if you decide to add me.

Fifth Act: Thin Air
Air:...*is poluted*

Sixth Act: Mox
Mox: *begins to tap dance*

Galloway: Well, that's that. Now to flee the scene. *runs away*

The Mox Saga part 17: The Ninja
By d_Galloway
Special Guest Stars: None

*Galloway walks onto the stage*
Galloway: Well, due to the freak accident last time, we'll have to skip parts 13-16 for the time being. We'll get back to them as soon as a certain someone, who shall remain nameless, gets to work on them! *runs like hell*

JFGemini finally got off the bus. He had had enough of his parents for one trip, and while they were staying at his grandparents for another week, he decided to take the Greyhound back home. And after some idiots in a truck were hit when they thought it was nothing more than "a little puppy dog", he had swore never to ride the Greyhound again.

Besides, he had work to do. He picked up his bags and left for home.


The Ninja Clan's hideout was never very well hidden. All you had to do was walk by the mall, kick a pillar, kill all witnesses, then go inside. Nothing was very ninja-like anymore.

Gemini was among the lucky ones. He never had to kill any witnesses. He simply kicked the pillar and went inside.


"Sensei, you wanted to see me?" asked Hunter, rather nerviously.

"Yes," replied Sensei, "this matter is of much importance. But why don't we wait for your partner, hmm?"

Gemini charged through the halls, reaching Sensei's room just as he was finished talking.

Sensei looked up at the giant. "Next time, show up! Now, let's get to the matter at hand."

"I was performing my morning meditation, like always, when I felt something very peculiar about the balance of the universe. I could feel the dark side beginning to diverge itself on the light side with increasing ferocity. It seems that some kind of evil is being awakened at this very moment. That's why I called you here."

Gemini stood up. "Let me guess: we have to go and kill whatever is causing this evil?"

Sensei rose a hand. "But there is someone else who wishes to find the evil. He is waiting outside."

He barely finished his sentence before two men entered the room. One was a short, fat man with a thick, dark beard, wearing rings on one hand and a pair of brass knuckles on the other. The other one was a tall, thin man wearing a white business suit.

Sensei motioned towards them. "Their names are Don Cristo and Fargo. They are businessmen who have been affected by the evil we were speaking of."

Don Cristo walked forward and began to talk in English mixed with a thick Italian accent. Fargo said, "Don Cristo says that he is ready to leave. Our car is outside. We have a lead we're following."

Everyone simply left...


Dragon had listened into every word of the conversasion. He sighed and began to speak again with the tall man. "So, you simply want me to wipe them off the face of the Earth? Nothing else?"

The tall man simply nodded.

Dragon smiled. "Easy money."

The tall man suddenly became very agitated. "That's what the last fool who tried this said, and he's been missing for days! Don't screw up like he did!"

Dragon sighed. "All right. Just tell me- what's your name?"

The man laughed. "Call me...Mox."

Next time...HOLD IT!
Galloway: What?
Narrator: I simply refuse to say what happens next, okay?
Weiila: *falls asleep*
Galloway: Don't make me come up there!
Narrator: HAH!!!
Sensei: *enters room* Dragon Fang Strike!
Narrator:...Eep. *runs away*

The Mox Saga part 18: Rick
By d_Galloway
Special Guest Stars: None

Rick woke again from his nightmares. He could still hear Jennifer's screams as she was dragged away by He could still feel the mask pressing down on his face. He could still feel his injuries from his battle with the Evil One.

But it was only three months ago, so forgetting all that wasn't that big a deal.


He stared at his breakfast. He couldn't get his mind off Jennifer. He was a failure. He couldn't save her. He couldn't stop thinking about the word "he". He was about to flunk his exams.

God, life sucks.

"Hello, Rick."

Rick turned, but found nobody. He swore he had heard a voice. An eerily familiar voice.

"Hello, Rick."

There it was again! He kept looking, but couldn't find anything.

"Behind you, you moron!"

Rick turned- and stared straight at the floating mask. It looked a lot like a skull, only with large eyes and a crooked grin on its mouth.

"Rick, you can save Jennifer. You must return to the house."

Rick glared at the mask. "Um...where's the house again?"

"Gah! You idiot! Have you forgotten everything?!"

Their "pleasant" conversasion was interrupted by the sound of something outside.

"Hmmm, it sounds like a jetpack-wearing man in black armor, landing on the front lawn, ready to break into the house and try to capture you."

The front door was smashed down, revealing the figure of Mox. He simply walked over to Rick and knocked him out, then dragged his body away.

"That stupid kid. Guess I'll have to save him...again."


Rick woke to find himself in a large cage. The cage itself was suspended over a pit of fire; somebody didn't want him out. And on another note, he had two cellmates: a short guy with a stupid haircut and a little girl with glasses. They were out cold.

Rick just stared at the top of the cage. "Now what am I going to do?"

Next time:
Narrator: That's it! I'm going to Vegas! *goes to Vegas*
Galloway:...That's the last time I hire narrators from Gamblers Annonymous.
Weiila: *wakes up* Uh...*falls asleep*

The Mox Saga part 19: Chainsaw
by d_Galloway
Special Guest Stars: None

Galloway woke up to find himself in a cage. His head felt like he had gone through a fifteen-round boxing match with a mac truck. He quickly felt at his eyes and mouth.

Yep, eyes and tongue were still there. No black wire around the orifices. This wasn't a re- enactment of Twisted Metal: Black.

*is awarded a paycheck by Incog inc.*

He continued to scan around the cage. To his side was the sleeping Weiila. She really was beginning to grow on him, which Galloway hated, since she was still annoying. But it was the stranger across from him that attracted the most attention. He was thin, short, and had a rather wild hairstyle. To his side was a skull-like mask.

Suddenly, the sound of heavy footsteps alerted everyone in the cage (including Weiila). It was another man, this one dressed in a leather pair of pants and vest, and carrying a large toolbox. He was humming "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go". He put down the toolbox and turned towards the prisoners in the cage.

"Greetings, my helpless little toys! Mox gave me permission to do all sorts of painful things to you in hopes that you would die a most painful and agonizing death. Now you just wait like a bunch of good boys and girls while I get my stuff ready."

Galloway, however, didn't have any patience this time. "Where the hell are our friends? And who the hell are you?"

The new face sighed. "They're in the next room, waiting their turns. And I am known simply as Chainsaw." He then returned to his work.


Rick sat in thought, trying to think of a way to escape. Nothing, however, came to mind.

"Rick...use me..."

He looked down. The mask was lying beside him. He turned to his cellmates. "Listen. What you're about to see isn't going to be very pretty." He then reached to the mask and put it on.

The entire room was filled with a blinding light. Chainsaw staggered backwards and fell into a pile of junk. Weiila screamed at the top of her lungs. Galloway simply put on his shades. A horrifying scream then filled the room, and then the light died down.

Rick wasn't there anymore. Instead, there was a tall, muscular man, wearing a pair of over-alls and the mask. The man stood up.


"Cut the Hulk impression, idiot. Just bust out of there."

Rick was quick to respond. He walked to the bars of the cage and punched them with a simple jab. They broke into tiny pieces.

Suddenly, zombies poured in from everywhere. Apparantly Mox had some back-up in case of something like this. The zombies stalked towards Rick, muttering "Brains, brains..."

Rick picked up an iron bar and steadied it. He swung it in a wide circle, sending the decaying undead into all directions. He then picked up a meat cleaver and began to slice off some heads. He then grabbed a javalin and tossed it, then threw some monkey wrenches. Next came the wooden plank, which he used to bash in some zombie brains. And finally, he picked up a Remington shotgun and began to blast the corpses into kingdom come. Needless to say, it was all very messy.

The heroes rushed into the next room.


Galloway: Well, the machine ate the recording, so we have to skip until around the end of the episode.


"Man," said Galloway, "that was quite an escape!"

"Right you are, comrade," said Bear, as he placed his heavy hand down on Galloway's shoulder.

Galloway, Weiila, Gates, Black Mage, Vivi, Frick, Frack, Larcen, Neo, Blue Robe, Bear, and Rick walked down the alley, anxious to get as far away from Chainsaw's lair as possible.

Weiila suddenly pointed at a large, white truck. "Ice cream!"

The truck was rather beat-up. Several windows were cracked, the sides were rusted, and a large clown head was on the top of the truck. This seemed strangely familiar.

Weiila rushed toward the truck, talked to some one behind the window, then rushed back with an Ice Cream Bar.

"He was a nice man, even though he seemed a little mad."

The heroes walked away.


The truck driver looked as they walked away. The pain from the fire on his head was unbearable, but maybe that girl's blood would satisfy him...

"I can't wait to rip her heart out."

(Note: Guess who the driver is, and win a prize!)

The Mox Saga part 20: MERC
By d_Galloway
Special Guest Stars: Mazrim, Starstorm, Pokefreak

The group decided to split up for the time being; that way Mox would have a harder time finding them once he learned of their escape. Through drawing of straws, Galloway was chosen to take Weiila home. They left before he could kill every single one of them. Then he teleported back to Weiila's house.

He had just arrived when he heard his watch beep. "Damn it!" He turned to Weiila. "You're coming with me."


After leaving Weiila at his house, Galloway walked over to the pillar, convenietly located right next to the Ninja Hideout entrance. He kicked the pillar, killed all the witnesses, then entered.

After descending a long stairway, he reached a tram station, with the tram convenietly available. The ride was more boring than the intro in Half-Life, with the usual warnings and regulations. After about ten minutes, the damn thing finally stopped at another station.

Galloway walked into the front office. "Good day, Red Dragon," said the secretary. "We have two messages for you. The commander wishes to see you in the conference room in about 20 minutes, and a group of people are waiting in your office."

Galloway slapped his forhead. "Oh God."


He entered his office to find what he expected to find: David, Mazrim, Starstorm, and Pokefreak, each stocked with weapons pointed at Galloway.

Galloway: Sorry to do this. You'll be back outside before you know it.

Galloway pushed a button on the wall by the light switch. A trap door opened, accompanied by a flushing sound, resulting in a trap door opening under each person in the room (except for Galloway). As was expected, everyone fell down.

Galloway sat a little, then went to the conference room.


The room was filled with every member of MERC, each assorted by color: Black, White, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red. Galloway took his place among the Reds and prepared for the meeting. Finally, the commander entered the room, accompanied with a laptop.

"MERC members, we have another mission on our hands. It has come to our attention that a militant organization has siezed a United States Carrier off the course of Japan. The organization goes by the name "The Red Dragons", and are led by two men: a standard madman named 'Hanzo', and a mysterious figure named 'Mox'."

Galloway's mouth simply dropped.

"The terrorists have made no demands. They claim to have killed everyone on the ship, and have taken someone from Sweden hostage. Her name is reported to be 'Eihra'."

Galloway rubbed his chin. "That name sounds familiar."

"Our team will consists of five members: Red Dragon, Blue Falcon, Black Lobster, White Hydra, and Yellow Tiger. You are to report for launch immediately. Dismissed."


Neo sat in Galloway's room, with Weiila sitting right next to him. "Damn it, he's on another damn mission." He then grabbed Weiila and rushed into MERC HQ, somehow entered the deployment craft, and stowed away on the mission.

Galloway: Wow, 20 parts allready!
Weiila: Yay! *falls asleep*
Neo: Bah!
Rick: Double bah!

The Mox Saga part 21: Mox's Lack of Imagination
By d_Galloway
Special Guest Stars: None

*Gallo-note: Due to the laws of RPGs, four of the five-man-plus-one-woman team have been wiped out. The only two left are Galloway and Yellow Tiger (the female one)*

Galloway and Tiger looked at the dead bodies of their dead comrades. They did what they had to do; dump the bodies overboard and pray to God nobody saw the bloody mess. They returned to their landing craft to report the loss (they had only moved five steps, damnit!).

All attempts at reaching HQ failed; in the fight, the equipment had been broken, apparantly. Then they heard it; the loud "bump" in the back, followed by the expected "shut up, you little whore, or they'll hear you!"

They opened a box lid to find Neo and Weiila sitting inside, with Weiila on the verge of screaming. This was solved easily with the legendary rag. Neo was forced to pick her up and take her with them.

Breaking into the ship was among the easiest jobs Galloway had ever been assigned. After their initial spill with the guards, every single member of the terrorists had concentrated on that side of the carrier. The problem was, Galloway and his little team had already snuck to the other side, avoiding every single one of them.

The next obstacle was in front of the room where Eihra was said to be kept. Tiger noticed two shadows being cast onto the wall, and had judged that a tall man and a short man were sitting in front of the door. The whole gang (including Weiila, who had woken up by that point) jumped out to fight them off.

Guess who it was? Frick and Frack.

After a little talking, Frick explained that they themselves were sent to rescue Eihra. They saw her as the key to solving the Mox case. Finally, the two groups decided to join forces.

Their little reunion was stopped when a tall man in a white suit entered, accompanied by a short, fat man, a small old man, a rather average-sized guy in a ninja outfit, and someone Galloway had recognized immediately; JFGemini. The two strangers were members of the Mob, and were waging war on Mox for some reason. They joined up with Galloway as well.

The whole concept behind a "sneaking" mission was as dead as the macarena.


The door to the room opened slowly. After the usual glancing around, the gang found a ladder leading into yet another room. After scrambling up, they found a chair with a large amount of chains on it. It was Eihra, although the back of the chair was turned to them.

"Well, well, well. Guess who decided to drop by."

Mox stepped out of the shadows. His dark aura concentrated on Galloway and Weiila, leaving no trace of warmth. He simply walked over to the chair and turned it around.

It was yet another small girl. He had done it to Eihra.

"Mox," said Galloway, "that has got to be the worst job you've ever done! Do you have any sort of imagination at all? What are you gonna do, turn us all into kids?"

Mox shook his head. "I would, but it takes too much power. But now, Hanzo's men have something to do with you."

The entire room flooded with armed soldiers at Mox's words. The group was trapped. Mox laughed, then walked away.


Deep inside the town of Silent Hill...

Samael: Pyramid Head, you have done well. You have successfully burned down the Silent Hill Youth Center. Now I have yet another request. You are to destroy the lost soul, Mox, and his minions.
Pyramid Head: *is teleported away*


You-know-who: That's it! I'm gonna find that sucka that burned down the youth center, and toss his ass helluva far!

With that, Mr. T jumped into his van and drove off.


Narrator: I'm BACK!
Galloway: Go to Reno.
Narrator: Don't mind if I do! *goes away*

The Mox Saga part 22: The BIG Reason not to Piss Pyramid Head off
By d_Galloway
Special Guest Stars: None

Hanzo's men stalked closer to the heroes. The entire troop formed a circle, blocking all exits. Any normal attacks would only kill some of them, and Galloway's only area tech, Discharge, would kill everyone (including Eihra) in such a small space. This was the infamous situation of no return.

"Well, Dragon," said Tiger, "looks like this is the end." Galloway simply shook his head.

Suddenly, a very familiar form, accompanied by a vaguely familiar form, crept into the room. The familiar one rose a hand and muttered some bizzare words, then pointed at the back of the closest soldiers. A black flash of light followed, and when everything returned to normal, half of the guards were lying face-down, dead.


The other half ran over to the child and tried to shoot her, but (guess what) it was just a stuffed doll. The other figure picked up a discarded gun and blasted the hell out of the enemy.

This was the real Eihra...


Hanzo looked over the ocean. So quiet, so peaceful. It sickened him. It also seemed to have the same effect on Mox, who happened to be standing next to him.

"Hanzo," said Mox, "I feel a dark presence nearby. Apparantly our friends aren't the only ones interested in our activity."

Hanzo sighed, then walked back to the bridge.


After the group had recovered, Eihra and Magus explained what happened. Magus had followed Galloway and Weiila in hopes off killing them off. He was able to reach the ship first, and found Eihra fairly early. Mox really had turned her into a kid, but she wasn't affected more than a few minutes for some reason. They then put a dummy in her place, then hid.

Galloway: Narrator...TO HELL! *sends Narrator to Hell*

The group made their way into the comm room, where the dead original crew's bodies were being held. The radio was still on, and Galloway was able to overhear something.

Soldier: General Hanzo, General Mox, the engine problem has been repaired. Permission to return to positions.
Hanzo:Permission granted.
Soldier: Men! Return to your- what the hell?
Mox: What's going on?
Soldier: Sir, a strange design has been drawn onto the wall in the engine room.
Mox: What kind of design?
Soldier: It looks like a circle with a triangle drawn in the middle of it. In the middle of the triangle is a bunch of blocks.
Hanzo: Hmm, odd.
Mox: Yes.
Soldier: WHAT?!
Mox: Now what's going on down there?!
Hanzo: What the hell?!
Soldier: Somethings stepping through it! can't be.
Soldier: It's bloodied, tall, thin, and has a giant helmet!
Mox: Samael...
Hanzo: Who?
Mox: The Ancient God of Evil.
Soldier: Men, OPEN FIRE!
*gunfire is heard*
Mox: Stop, you fools!
Soldier: The bullets. They aren't affecting him!
Hanzo: What matter of creature is this?
*splattering sounds are heard*
Mox: They angered the beast, and suffered the price.
Hanzo: All men, stay vigilant!
Soldier 2: General!
Hanzo: What?
Soldier 2: Something is headed towards us!
Hanzo: What is it?
Soldier 2: It looks like a 1982 custom GMC van, painted red.
Mox: Hmm, never heard of that.
Soldier 2: It's being driven by a tall, dark-skinned, mohawked-man.
Hanzo: No idea who it is. Just stay alert.
*end radio transmission*

Galloway shook his head. "Mr. T and Pyramid Head just entered the fray."

Narrator: I'm back from Hell!
Galloway: Great.
Eihra: *shrugs shoulders*
Weiila: *falls asleep*

The Mox Saga part 23: Another Bail-out
By d_Galloway
Special Guest Stars: None

Galloway: Not this shit again...Anyway, another situation, once again caused by monkeys and the NRA, has forced us to show this episode in script format. On the bright side, it DOES speed things up a bit...

*back to the show*
*Galloway and co. have returned to the spot by where they had landed*
Galloway: Damn it! We haven't found Hanzo, Mox is hanging around here somewhere, we have a Pyramid Head running around, and Mr. T's pissed off about something! *kicks the floor, then hops around in pain*
Tiger: *sighs* Let's just shut up and get out of here.
*the entire ship stops moving*
Eihra: Wait a second. Where did Pyramid Head appear?
Galloway: *winces* The Engine Room.
Magus: And what do Pyramid Head's do?
Weiila: *falls asleep*
Galloway: *stops hopping* Well, they hunt down guilty souls, then basically kill them in a horrible, gory fashion.
Hunter: Hmm, sounds like my job description.
Don Cristo: *inentelligable english with an Italian accent*
Fargo: Don Cristo asks what you mean exactly by "a horrible, gory fashion".
Galloway: You know, chopping people in half, sticking them onto spikes, crucifiction stabbing, pushing off buildings, eating, shoving down garbage disposals, impaling, and all that stuff.
Eihra: *is visibly sick*
Weiila: *is too asleep to care at the moment*
Frick: *reaches for his cigarretes and a lighter*
Galloway: *turns to Frick*
Frick: *puts cigarrete in mouth*
Galloway: *slow motion* Nooooooooooooooooooooo!
Frick: *lights cigarrete*
*alarms go off*
Voice: There they are! Get them!
*hords of soldiers surround the heroes*
Frack: God, what a day.
*Rick climbs onto the deck*
Galloway: Rick? What the hell are you doing here?
Mask: Damnit! You went the wrong way!
Rick: No time for that now! *puts on the mask*
Soldiers: *fire at Rick*
Rick: *punches their bullets back at them, killing them*
Alarm: *continues to ring*
Voice: Intruders are still-AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!
*a splattering sound is heard*
Alarm: *stops ringing*
*Pyramid Head lumbers onto the deck*
Weiila: *wakes up, screams, and falls asleep again*
Eihra: *is turning green*
Neo: You and your damn love for Silent Hill 2!
Galloway: *recieves a paycheck from Konami*
Frick: *shoots gun*
Frack: *shoots gun*
Don Cristo: *pulls out machine gun and fires*
Fargo: *pulls out an assortment of guns and fires*
Rick: *picks up various things and throws them at Pyramid Head*
Galloway: GALLO-BEAM! *fires a Gallo-beam at Pyramid Head*
Neo: NEO-BLAST! *fires a Neo-blast at Pyramid Head*
Sensei: Hadouken!
Hunter and Gemini: *ditto*
Pyramid Head: *is unscratched**lumbers forward, spear drawn*
*Mr. T runs into the battlefield*
Galloway: About time he showed up!
Mr. T: *grabs Pyramid Head and throws him Helluva Far*
Pyramid Head: *falls into the water and dissapears*
Mr. T: Gotta go, suckas! *hops into his van and drives off*
Galloway: That's one less problem to worry about...
*the entire ship rocks uncontrollably*
Mox's voice: All remaining crew members abandon ship!
Galloway: Damnit!
*everyone gets on the landing craft and escapes as the carrier blows to pieces*
Tiger: Well, that's the end of Hanzo.
Galloway: I wouldn't be so sure about that. Anyway, let's head back.

*meanwhile, at Weiila's home*
Sweet Tooth: Heh heh heh. Soon a little girl will take her last breath.


Galloway: *falls asleep*
Weiila: *wakes up and falls asleep*

The Mox Saga part 24: Attack of the Sweet Tooth

Galloway: *sighs* The problem from last time still isn't fixed, so this episode has to be done in script format AGAIN!
Eihra: Sounds like an excuse to me.
Galloway: *sighs, then walks away*

*Many hours after the de-briefing* Tiger: Well, it's been an experience working with you.
Galloway: So, where are you going?
Tiger: Ah, nowheres in peticular. I just need some time to think. *leaves*
Frick: Well, we'd better head back, too. They have mandatory tests tommorrow.
Galloway: You mean drug tests?
Frack: Yes...drug tests. Yeah, that's it. *runs like Hell*
Frick: *ditto*
Galloway: *looks at JFGemini, Hunter, and Sensei* And you three?
Sensei: Well, we and our employers have a little business to attend to.
Hunter: Yes. A little business. *runs like hell*
The rest of his group: *ditto*
Eihra: Well, if you don't mind, we really need to go home.
Magus: *sneaks behind Galloway*
Galloway: *holds a hand behind him* I can vaporize your head in an instant, Mr. High-and-Mighty Wizard.
Magus: *gulps* I'll be good. *backs off*
Galloway: *casts the Teleport spell*

*Galloway, Eihra, and Neo land by a small park*
Galloway:...Damn it! I got the quardnets off!
Eihra: But, where is everyone else?
Neo: *starts staring at nothing* They probably landed back at the house.
Voice: Galloway! Man, it's been forever!
Galloway: *turns to the voice's origin* Calypso!
Calypso: *motions Galloway towards him* So, how's the mercenary business?
Galloway: *walks forward* So-so. How's the tournament business.
Calypso: It's kinda tough, what with the FBI and CIA chasing me around. That's why I'm here.
Galloway: Hiding out?
Calypso: If I was hiding out, do you think I'd be sitting out here? I'm planning for my next tournament: Twisted Metal Sweden.
Galloway: *gasps* Did you really think this all the way through?
Eihra: What is a "Twisted Metal" anyway?
Galloway: Calypso, explain it to her.
Calypso: *shows her two photographs, one with Sweden as it currently is, and another with the whole country burning, cars wrecked, and people screaming around in flames*
Eihra: *is visibly sick*
Calypso: Also, I was looking for Sweet Tooth; you know, the clown that always fights in my tournaments?
Galloway: *has a flashback to episode 19* My God, that was Sweet Tooth's truck! And I think he said something about, "tearing her heart out"!
Calypso: *stands up* Who's "her"?
Neo: Who else? Weiila! *turns to Galloway* Can you teleport us correctly this time?
Galloway: *teleports everyone to Weiila's house*

*while all this was going on*
*Magus, Weiila, and Rick are tied to chairs. Sweet Tooth is walking past them*
Rick: What the hell do you want, clown?
Sweet Tooth: To kill you all in the slowest, most painful manner possible.
Magus: Just who do you think you are?
Sweet Tooth: I am Sweet Tooth, master of killi-
Weiila: *begins to giggle*
Sweet Tooth: What is so funny, young lady?
Weiila: Are you a tooth fairy?
Sweet Tooth: *is shocked* What the hell possessed a motherfucking bitch like you to think that?
Weiila: *is unshaken by Sweet Tooth's cursing* Your name is Sweet Tooth!
Sweet Tooth: Well, if you want to give something to the real tooth fairy, you'll have it soon! *cracks knuckles*
Weiila: Mummy says cracking your knuckles gives you artheritus.
Sweet Tooth: Your mother's a fucking asswipe!
Rick: Grrr! *powers up his fists*
Weiila: *stops laughing* What did you say about mummy?
Magus: Stop this!
Weiila: *starts crying*
Sweet Tooth: It doesn't matter whether or not you're crying! I'll kill you anyway!
Magus: As much as I enjoy hearing Weiila in agony, and I do, her mother has done absolutely nothing wrong!
Sweet Tooth: *holds a knife to Magus's throat* I guess you go first.
Rick: GAAAAAAHHHH!!! *punches chair (don't ask me how), breaking it to pieces*
Sweet Tooth: *throws the knife at Rick*
Rick: *punches the knife, causing it to cut Weiila's and Magus's ropes* Rick SMASH!
Magus: *grabs Sweet Tooth* Prepare to face the ultimate torture!*
Weiila: *is crying louder than before*
Sweet Tooth: NOOOOOO!
Magus: *holds Sweet Tooth's head to Weiila's face, with his ear facing her mouth*
Sweet Tooth: *cries at a banshee's level*
*Galloway and co. arrive, along with the police*
Sweet Tooth: *wrestles free and runs outside*
Police: Freeze!
Police: *arrest Sweet Tooth*
Sweet Tooth: *breaks free and runs to his Ice Cream Truck*
Calypso: *tosses Sweet Tooth a package*
Sweet Tooth: *opens the package, revealing a strange clock and a note*
Note: SCREW YOU! Love, Calypso.
Sweet Tooth: Oh, shi-
*the entire Ice Cream Truck explodes, sending Sweet Tooth*
Sweet Tooth: *lands neatly into the Blackfield Asylum*
Calypso: *runs away before the police can chase him*
Police: *leave*

(one lengthy explanation later)
Galloway: So, let me get this straight. Weiila's whining and crybaby attitude just saved all your butts?
Magus: That's about it.
Weiila: I'm not a crybaby! *cries*
Galloway: *holds the everlasting rag to Weiila's nose*
Weiila: *sniffs the rag and falls asleep*
Eihra: Now that's just rude and unthoughtful!
Galloway: *holds the rag to Eihra's nose*
Eihra: *falls asleep*
Rick: *takes off the Terror Mask, reverting to his normal self* Man, what a day.
Mask: Yeah, you still haven't saved Jennifer!
Rick: Just...shut...up.
Neo: I'll see you back at the house, d.
Galloway: What?
Neo: I'm sure Kitten misses me right about now.
Galloway: Fine. Go.
Neo: *flies off, creating a hole in the roof in the process*
Galloway: I'd hate to be the guy who has to fix that roof.
Eihra: *wakes up* I heard that.
Galloway: Great. It doesn't last as long on her.
Eihra: Get up there right now!
Galloway: *fixes the roof, grumbling all the way*


Galloway: I have something to do right now. *slips out*
Weiila: *is asleep*
Rick: *punches a punching bag, sending it flying for miles*

The Final Fantasy Breakroom 10 (yes, that's correct)