The Mox Saga Chunk 4
by d_Galloway

The Mox Saga part 25: The Battle Plan
Special Guest Stars: The usual ones

Galloway spent the entire day fixing the roof. By the time he was done, half of the little group was asleep; the other half was plotting how to kill him to stop that hammering. Rick left five minutes later, determined not to screw up this time in his search for the Splatterhouse.

Galloway climbed down and went back inside. He hadn't walked more than five steps when there was a knock. He opened it to discover David, Mazrim, Starstorm, and Pokefreak. He handled it the usual way: he sent them flying into the distance using some fancy attacks. He closed the door, only to hear another knock. This time, it was Black Mage, Vivi, and Blue Robe.

The reunited group told of what had happened to each other during their times apart. Galloway started with his story of Hanzo, Pyramid Head, Mr. T, Mox, Calypso, and Sweet Tooth. Black Mage than told the tantalizing tale of Vivi's caffeine rush, Steiner's rampage, and Locke's fountain of youth water. The last turn was Blue Robe's.

"Well, after we split up in Russia, I went back to talk to a friend of mine. Now that all four of the pentagrams are activated, the Black Pentagram can be used to find the 99th level magic. And since he's a black mage, he'll obviously know where to look: the former site of the Black Mage city."

Black Mage sighed. "Therein lies the problem. Following the rebellion, the remaining black mages seperated the village and some surrounding land from the rest of this dimension. After all, if you had the power to bend all reality to your will, possibly resulting in the destruction of all life on the face of the earth, do you think you'd want to spend your time with a bunch of dweebs like you and Weiila?"

Galloway and Weiila: HEY!

Black Mage quickly apologized. "Anyway, we still have to get there."

Blue Robe: "We checked with your other allies. Gates has to launch an attempt to eliminate Linux, so he's out. Frick and Frack have agreed to meet us at the spot. Rick is busy trying to save his girlfriend. Bear has agreed to go with us. And we got some new guy to come along."

Magus's curiosity got the better of him. "Just who is this new guy?"

A red-haired, red-armored, muscular young man walked into the room, carrying a sword. "Did anyone call for a sword-master?"

Black Mage's hidden face turned into a mix of absolute fear and anger. "There's no fucking way I'm letting a fucking idiot like that come with us!" Vivi, on the other hand, was more lenient. "We need him for my Fighterdouken to work. Welcome aboard!"

Blue Robe continued. "Oh yeah, and there's these other guys that are coming over to find out what we're doing. We might as well run right now." He pointed to the quardnets on a map, then teleported everyone to that spot.

David and the others entered the house. They looked at the map, saw a mark on it, then went to the spot using another teleport spell.


The team arrived at an empty spot in the middle of an empty field. Frick, Frack, and Bear were already there. David and the others were at a safe distance. Blue Robe walked into the middle of the group.


A light covered everyone; even David and his group. The light got progressively lighter until the entire world could see it. Then it dissapeared, along with the heroes.


Weiila: YAY! It's almost over!
Galloway: Yay! I won't have to put up with you soon.

The Mox Saga part 26: The Next Stage
(note: the guest star section is gone; Star, Maz, and Poke will be in most of the following episodes.)

Galloway's eyes slowly opened. The field had dissapeared, being replaced by a deep, misty forest. He slowly stood up, dusted his clothes off, and realized something horrible: only Weiila, Black Mage, and Vivi were with him. Everyone else was missing.

He woke up his companions and began to search for clues. The only thing they found were tracks and drag marks leading deeper into the forest. As those are the biggest clues in existence, they followed them.

After about thirty minutes, they realized that they had lost not only their trail, but every sense of direction as well. They then walked in circles for about three hours before Vivi finally saw a road sign:

<-: where there are owls
->: where there are no owls

After admitting to the similarity between this place and FF9, they followed the path of no owls.

A few monsters seemed to be patrolling around the forest. Weiila's scardy-cat-ness, however, combined with Galloway's sword, Black Mage's evil powers, and Vivi's natural cuteness, were easily able to wear them down. After a while, they just avoided the group altogether. However, they were soon hit with another threat: the signs stopped showing up, and there wasn't an owl in sight.

They were pondering what to do next, when Black Mage heard a rustle in the bushes behind him. Suddenly, an entire army of Order members rushed at the small group, trapping them completely in a desperate, hopeless battle. Suddenly, another group, although hard to see through the massive hoards, appeared to battle the horde. Swords ripped, spells blasted, pencils stabbed. Complete pandamonium swept across the battlefield. Blood, flesh, and clothing were torn from unfortunate victims. It would be a match to remember...


Dancing Candy Bars: Let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby, and get ourselves some snacks! *various people come in and eat the Dancing Candy Bars*

The heroes wipped their weapons clean with the robes of the dead order members. They then turned to their helpers: black mages, only with their faces exposed. They wore the typical blue robes and straw hats, and carried large, wooden staffs with them. Their faces were full of fear and uncertainty at the strangers.

Galloway slowly walked forward, only to get pushed back by one of the staffs. A black mage held the pointy end towards Galloway's neck and began shouting some random gibberish. He slowly drove the thing closer to Galloway's windpipe.

"You idiot! Let the man go!"

A young, female black mage walked forward. She grabbed the attacking black mage and shoved him back, then helped Galloway to his feet. "I apologize for Barton's behavior. Ever since the Order appearred a few weeks ago, he's become a nervous wreck. But anyway, we should be going." Everyone followed her deeper into the forest.


Meanwhile, at a distance, David and his group followed...


Galloway took the opportunity to question his new companion about his comrades. She said they were at the village, after being discovered by her brother, the leader of the black mages. She went into detail about how they had actually lived for thousands of years here, in order to make sure the rebellion didn't happen again. Galloway then asked for her name.

"Well," she said, blushing, "Meliah Saniuo Xian."

Galloway nearly fainted on the spot...


Blue Robe: You know, it's nice to know you people can think for yourself.
Galloway: Shh. TV.
TV: *laugh track*
Weiila: Man fall down. Funny.

The Mox Saga part 27: Children of Evil

As the long hike continued, Galloway further questioned his new companion.

(Gallo-note: Since this whole next section is conversasion and little else, it will be presented in script format)

Galloway: Xian? That's an interesting name.
Meliah: Yes, it sure is.
Galloway: Are you, by any chance, related to Morgan Orsland Xian?
Meliah: Why, yes. He was my father.
Galloway: I see.
Meliah: But why would an outsider be so interested in such a man? His fame is not that well-known outside of our people.
Galloway: We've had a in the past.
Meliah: But that's impossible! You would have to be thousands of years old!
Galloway: Well, I hate to break it to you, but your dad's back.
Meliah: I can't believe it. And please don't talk about my father in such a tone; he is indeed a great man.
Galloway: *is visibly shocked* Are we talking about the same Mox?
Meliah: Mox? Who is Mox?
Galloway: That's what we call your father back where I come from, but that's not important. What is important is why you see your father as such a person.
Meliah: He gave the downtrodden a chance to learn the secrets the higher class kept from them. They had hope for once, hope that was destroyed by the rulers and their damn alliance. And we can't forget those two damn rebels.
Galloway: Rebels?
Meliah: Yeah. A boy and a girl, both teenagers. Brother claims to have seen him around your friends, but he fled before we could capture him. *looks at Galloway* By the way, you do look a lot like him.
Galloway: Excuse me?
Meliah: But that's impossible. He was clear out of the forest by that point; there's no way he could get back inside here so quickly. Sorry if I offended you.
Galloway: No problem.
Meliah: So, how did you get here?
Galloway: Well, we were following Mox, and we got sucked into this light, and next thing I knew, we were here.
Meliah: You mean father's here?!
Galloway: *shushes her* Please, not so loud.
Meliah: Oh, sorry. But, why would he come back here?
Galloway: He seeks to find the 99th level Black Magic spell. The power resides in the Black Pentagram. We have to stop him from reaching it.
Meliah: The Black Pentagram? He died in front of it, protecting it. Why would he seek the power?
Galloway: He died protecting it?!
Meliah: Yes. The rulers were seeking the power themselves. He fought against them until he was killed.
Galloway: *thinking* So they see Mox as a hero...
Meliah: What was that?
Galloway: Oh, nothing. So, where do you live anyway?
Meliah: It's a small village at the center of the forest. We have stayed there for centuries, remaining in isolation from the monsters. We would gladly accept you there. Just don't mention father.
Galloway: But, how can Mox be your father? Didn't he die thousands of years ago?
Meliah: Well, that's a long story. We'll tell you later.
Galloway: Wait. I heard something.

(Gallo-note: Script stopped. Actual episode continuing)

A small group emerged from the bushes. They wore the exact same clothing as the Black Mages that had saved Galloway, except a tall, silver-haired young man who wore a red robe. He walked slowly towards the group and stoped in front of Meliah.

"So, dear sister. I see you have met some new friends."

Meliah disregarded his comments. "Falchin, you can just burn with the bastards that killed father. I have done nothing wrong."

Falchin walked towards Galloway, a small sneer on his face. "You look just like the bastard. So the rumors are true; he did have a son." Everyone's weapons turned on Galloway.

Melian: Brother, this is nonsense!
Falchin: Silence! This man must be the kin of the rebel. Take him away!

The mages followed his orders. No one, however, regarded Weiila, Black Mage, and Vivi. Falchin mixed in with the crowd and dissapeared. Melian stayed behind.

"I'm sorry for my brother," she said, "He tries so hard to be like our father."

"Yes," said someone from a nearby brush. "He does try to be like an evil bastard." Meliah turned towards the source of the voice, but as she walked towards it, she was struck from behind by Blue Robe, who was wielding a broken tree branch. He then picked her body up and motioned towards the others.

"I'm sorry I had to do this, but I can't let her know where we are going. We have to prepare to rescue your friend." He then turned towards a small hidden path in the trees. While most of them followed him, Black Mage stayed for a few seconds.

"That was a girl's voice."

Weiila: What's going to happen next?
Galloway: *hands Weiila a script*
Weiila: YIPPEE! *does a little dance*
Galloway: I'm changing the script if you don't stop dancing.
Weiila: *stops dancing*

The Mox Saga part 28: What we've all been waiting for (somewhat)

The troop of Black Mages led Galloway to an empty meadow in the middle of the forest. Suddenly, Galloway felt something blunt slam into the back of his head. As he lost conciousness, he heard Falchin laughing at him.

When he awoke, he was inside some sort of prison cell. He glanced around, but was unable to find a door anywhere. He then saw Neo trying to rip Eihra's heart out, screaming "You nutcase! YOU MUST DIE!" before spinning his head around in circles.

"God", thought Galloway, "she's driven him crazy." He then stepped in to stop the fight, as well as gather information.

(Gallo-note: Yep, script-only time again)

Galloway: Okay, what the hell happened?
Neo: She has driven me to the breaking point! She must die!
Galloway: She's Weiila's sister. If you so much as touch another hair on her head, I'll do something REALLY not nice!
Neo: *touches Eihra's hair*
Galloway: THAT'S IT! *straps a pair of headphones and a walkman to Neo's head*
Neo: What the hell are you doing?
Galloway: *pushes a button*
Walkman: I love you, you love me...
Galloway: *turns to Eihra* Now, what the hell is going on here?
Eihra: Well, you see...
Galloway: Can you please hurry it up? I'm trying to plot our escape from here!
Eihra: They locked us up here! They said Mox told them to!
Galloway: Falchin...that bastard...Do you have ahandkerchief, by any chance?
Eihra: What?
Galloway: DO YOU OR DO YOU NOT?!
Eihra: Ye-yes...I-I do...*hand Galloway a handkerchief*
Galloway: *takes the walkman off of Neo*
Galloway: Give me that bottle of ketchup you always carry around.
Neo: *gives Galloway a bottle of ketchup*
Galloway: Now, is there any guards here?
Eihra: Just one. He only comes here to gloat.
Galloway: *lies on the ground and pours the ketchup on himself* Now call to him. Act like I've killed myself.
Guard: *runs up* What? *opens a hidden cell door* How did this happen?
Galloway: *jumps up* Like this! *knocks the guard unconcious*
Everyone except the guard: *exits the cell*
Galloway: *wipes ketchup off with the handkerchief* More reasons why people should play MGS. Now, let's get the others and get out of here!

(end script)

Blue Robe led his group deeper and deeper into the forest. After what seemed like forever, they reached a meadow: the same one Galloway had been mere minutes ago. Blue Robe then raised his hand, and everyone fell asleep.

Weiila struggled to stay asleep. She kept hearing two people, Blue Robe and someone else, talking while she slept.

Blue Robe: Is everything ready?
???: Yes.
Blue Robe: Mox should have known this power was not inreversable.
???: What did you expect? He IS an idiot.
Blue Robe: That daughter of his, she seems to be the good one out of the lot, don't you think?
???: She's just as stuck-up as her brother, but yes, she isn't as evil.
Blue Robe: What about the other girl?
???: Her? She'll be alright. Like I said, Mox's power is not inreversable.
Blue Robe: I hope you're right. I'd hate to have to break that kind of news to her.
???: She'll be back to normal soon.
Blue Robe: Very well. We might as well get something to eat. You wouldn't believe the crap they have in that world?
???: What kind of crap?
Blue Robe: They have some kind of food called a "pizza". Whoever thought up that dish is nuts.
???: But isn't your counterpart addicted to that stuff?
Blue Robe: I don't have a single clue why.

Weiila eventually returned to her senses. She rubbed her head, letting out the loudest moan ever heard. She then looked at herself; and let out a shriek of joy.

She was an adult again.

Weiila: Yes! I'm an adult again!
Galloway: *calls for a pizza*
Neo: *is lockep-up Hannibal Lector-style*
Eihra: *is mocking Neo*

The Mox Saga part 29: First Blood

Weiila stood up after the shock of being back to normal had worn off. Black Mage, Vivi, and Meliah were still unconcious on the floor nearby, around what appeared to be a fire ring. Blue Robe was nowhere to be found. However, a tall form seemed to be standing in the shadows of the fall wall. Nervously, she approached it.

She wasn't more than five feet from it when it screamed, then knocked her down with a single kick. She tried to get back up, but the figure grabbed her neck and raised her above its head. It looked like everything was over. Then, the figure let go suddenly. Nervously, she approached closer.

It was Gemini.

"For God's sake," exclaimed Gemini, "don't ever sneak up on a Ninja! You're liable to get yourself killed next time!" He then explained how he got here: he was working with the Mafia, Sensei, and Hunter when Blue Robe knocked him out and took him here. "Speaking of which, where is 'here'?"

Following Weiila's explanation, Gemini simply sat and went into a deep trance. Realizing that it wasn't any good to continue talking to him, she went back to wake up the others.


Galloway, Eihra, and Neo were able to locate the others deep into the prison. Of course, a few guards fell in the process, but that couldn't have been avoided, considering the violent approach they were taking. The entire group had been imprisoned after being discovered by Falchin; something definately wasn't right. Anyway, their attention should be on escaping.

Along they way, they also met several Black Mages being held captive. They said they were being held captive for trying to stand up to Falchin. They said Falchin lost it after his father was killed, and eventually plotted to find the Pentagram himself and complete what his father started. Galloway offered to help, but they told him to get the hell out before Falchin came back; the resemblance between Galloway and Blue Robe was too much for Falchin to let him live for long.

They eventually reached the exit; a long staircase leading to a trap door. They opened the door, only to discover that they were actually in the meadow where Galloway was captured. This was wierd; why would they build a prison underground? They didn't have a lot of time to think about it, however, before Falchin walked out of the mist.

(five seconds later...)

Galloway was the only one still standing; everyone else was severly injured by Falchin's first attack. Falchin let out a small smile, then readied his staff. "So it appears that your power is just like your ancestors. No matter; you'll die just here!" He then fired off a Hadouken at Galloway and his friends. The entire field was engulfed in an enormous white light.

When everyone's eyes adjusted, they saw Galloway bouncing the blast back at Falchin. The Black Mage was able to register a look of surprise on his face just before the blast hit, sending him flying through about seven trees before slamming into a boulder. Strangely enough, though, was the fact that Falchin was able to get back up after this; in fact, he was barely even wounded!

He wiped a trickle of blood from his forehead. "Impressive, just as I would expect from one of his bloodline. But you seem to be forgetting something; I am capable of far worse than that!" He then sprang at Galloway, but Galloway charged at the same time. The force when the two met was breathtaking; the entire field was engulfed in light again. When it cleared, the two broke away from each other and caught there breath. Once again, Falchin smiled. "I have never met an opponent before that could stand up to my strength like that before. But I have another little trick...KAIOKEN TIMES 12!"

Falchin's entire body was surrounded by a blackish aura. The entire area trembled with his newfound power; this would indeed be a battle that he could easily win. But this time, Galloway smiled. "You really think you're so smart, don't you? KAIOKEN TIMES 12!" Galloway's body was now surrounded by a reddish aura. Falchin let out a gasp, then growled, "You are indeed a nusience. It's time I rubbed you out of this game for good!" The two charged at each other again.


Gemini snapped out of his trance, much to the surprise of Weiila, who was being unsuccessful in waking the others. He stood up and wiped his forehead. When Weiila asked him what's wrong, he simply replied "There's too much power being spent somewhere nearby. I fear a battle is going on between Galloway and someone else."

"Indeed," replied Blue Robe, who chose this moment to step out of the shadows, "and that is why I returned you to normal. Unless we can get to him in time, there's no way he will win."

Galloway: No Black Mages were harmed in the making of this episode. We DID pretty much slaughter Dragonball Z, though.
Eihra: Including Piccolo?
Galloway: Except for Piccolo.
Eihra: *sighs in relief, then leaves*

(Weiilanote: For those who don't visit the board I feel a need to explain the last few lines. My dear sister is VERY, VERY fond of Piccolo. :))

The Mox Saga part 30: Bet ya didn't see this coming

Galloway lunged at Falchin, but the son of Mox was able to leap over him and attack from behind. Galloway, however, was faster thanks to the Kaioken, and quickly blocked the flurry of attacks. He then jumped back and threw an energy blast, but Falchin deflected it easily. The entire battle was still a stalemate.

Eihra struggled to her feet, her face covered with dirt and bruises. She stared at the two fighters, then reached her hand to her forehead. After channeling as much power as she could handle, she pointed her arm out, screamed "Mankaksopoppo", then fired a single large energy ray at Falchin's backside. As his concentration was still focused on Galloway, he wasn't able to sense the blast until it was too late.

The ray connected with full force, slamming Falchin forward. Galloway took advantage of the situation and quickly slammed Falchin into the air, then jumped up and knocked him back to Earth. Eihra fainted from the fatigue of such an attack. Galloway glanced a look at her, then whispered "A Piccolo fan, eh?"

His thoughts, however, were interrupted when Falchin slammed his knee into Galloway's chest hard. Slumped over, Galloway was unable to do anything about Falchin's massive combo that followed. Eventually, however, Galloway regained his senses and was able to jump away.

Falchin, realizing that fighting on the ground would be worthless at this point, took to the air. Galloway quickly followed in suit. Strangely enough, even with the damage they had both recieved, their power wasn't diminished even a bit; in fact, they were at equal power.

Falchin once again let out a cruel smile, then screamed "Dark Strength!" His entire body began to glow with an even blacker glow. Galloway could sense Falchin's power increasing by leaps and bounds. Still in shock, Galloway was unable to dodge Falchin's next attack: a hard slam that sent him flying back to the ground. Falchin then slammed his foot into Galloway's chest. It now seemed like it was over.


Weiila and the others emerged into the field where the battle was taking place. After safely moving the wounded away, they turned their attention back to Galloway. Blue Robe was right; Galloway was losing badly.

Falchin turned towards the new group; his viewpoint was unable to see Blue Robe, however. He let out his cruel smile, then sent another Hadouken in their direction. Everyone, like last time, was knocked back, even Blue Robe. Weiila, however, was still able to fight, although she was seriously injured. Falchin was indeed glad; today he would eliminate two threats to his plan.

Galloway, however, had taken the opportunity to slip away from Falchin's foot and jump back into the air. When Falchin turned back to his first victim, he saw Galloway in the air, holding a can of some sort. As he squeezed the can open, revealing a strange green plant, a wierd music began to play out of nowhere. Galloway quickly ate the plant, and Falchin was able to sense an immense rise in power; in the billions, to be exact.

Falchin fired off a Final Flash at Galloway, but the blast simply bounced of Galloway. He then tried a Hadouken, but it bounced off as well. Eventually, Galloway had enough of this and charged down at Falchin, sending him flying through a half-dozen trees. Next, he threw a harpoon at Falchin, screaming "Get over here!" as he pulled him close. And finally, he threw Falchin WAY into the distance.

Weiila struggled to her feet and staggered to Galloway, asking "How the heck did you do that?"

Galloway simply smiled, then held up the can he had used: a can of spinach. "Just like the Popeye cartoons." Weiila simply fainted from the shock of such a stupid trick.

Galloway picked up her body and went to the others, only to discover that they weren't there anymore. Instead, a set of footprints led to the path Weiila had emerged from. Letting out a heavy sigh, Galloway began his long treck.


High above the action, on a rocky cliff face, a lone figure had watched the fight, as well as Galloway walking away. The figure let out a small laugh.

"It looks like the dark knight has finally learned some skill."

Galloway: The fight was finished 'cause I ate me spinach. I'm Galloway the fighting man! TOOT TOOT!

The Mox Saga part 31: Preparations

Galloway didn't return until very late at night (try carrying Weiila's unconcious body around after getting your butt kicked in a Dragonball Z-ish manner by a madman's son, and you'll see why), and by then he had developed about 70 blisters on his feet and had nearly exploded his lungs. Weiila was still out cold; shock from something THAT corny would take anyone out for hours.

Galloway's trail led to a hidden cave deep with a grove of trees. The vegetation had grown to become a natural concealer, with vines, bushes and various plants too wierd to describe covering the walls. The passageway inside was well-lite, and a stairway was neately carved, leading down into a deep cavern. Naturally, Galloway went down the stairs.

The next room contained a simple fire ring, and that was it. The bodies of the wounded were lieing on the ground, with what seemed to be a young girl watching every one of them, applying fresh bandages as she went. She noticed Galloway, then quickly ran into the shadows and dissapeared. As he stood in bewildermint, dropping Weiila in the process, Blue Robe struggled to his feet.

"I saw how you handled Falchin," he said. "Excellent work. However, it is not enough to stop him or Mox. They can still find the Black Pentagram, and if they do, then nothing can stand in their way."

Galloway shook his head. "We won't let that happen. We'll stop them somehow. By the way, who was that kid just now?"

Hastily, Blue Robe changed the subject. "The only way to learn exactly what they're planning is to infiltrate their home in the village and find some records of any activity in the area. The Pentagram was completely buried, and they couldn't risk simply blasting the area for fear that the Pentagram would be damaged. However, he IS the leader of the village, and with you walking around, he'll probably be doubling his guard."

Meliah and Gemini strugged to their feet, almost as if on que. Blue Robe turned his attention to them. "These are the two that will be carrying out the mission."

They just returned the usual "What the hell is going on here" stare.


Meliah and Gemini stood outside of the Black Mage village; a bustling bunch of houses, shops, and trees. In the far back, an unusually large house stood; it was actually more like a mansion than an actual house. Meliah made Gemini duck down with her behind the bushes.

"Listen," said Meliah, "as a trusted member of the village, I'll be easily able to enter the house. There's a trap door behind the house; it leads to a tunnel that connects to my brother's private library. If there's any records of activity, they'll be there. Just make sure you don't get caught."

With that, she entered the village. Gemini quickly made his way through the forest and found the trap door, just where Meliah said it was. After making sure nobody was looking, he slipped inside.


Everyone except for Blue Robe, Galloway and Weiila was still asleep. Meanwhile, Blue Robe had come up with this great idea of training Weiila in how to fight. Of course, he forgot that Galloway's Spinach hadn't worn off completely, so he was surprised when Galloway broke Weiila's glasses AND nose in one punch.

As she sat in the corner, crying in pain, they had a lengthy chat about NOT aiming at Weiila's face.


Meliah found her brother had come home earlier than expected. In truth, he had landed neatly outside of the village after Galloway beat him. Since nobody in the village had seen what had happened, however, he claimed that he had won the battle, and had just overpowered his landing.

The two sat and talked in detail about what had happened to each other. Of course, everything Meliah said was as much a lie as what Falchin said, but that would be expected with two people like them.


Gemini made his way through the tunnel, eventually reaching Falchin's private library. After making his way through a grating, he found that the room was small and well-lit, with bookshelves stuffed to the breaking point. A large table was in the middle of the room, with a huge book opened to a certain page. After making sure to remember the page number, he leafed through it.

It was all the evidence he needed. This whole book was a guide to the Black Pentagram and how to activate the ultimate magic. It also went through how Mox planned to use it. The last few pages were in another person's handwritting; presumably Falchin's. He was about to read what the spell did, when he heard footsteps approaching his location. He quickly turned the book back to where it was, then went back down the tunnel.

Meliah waited until night, then slipped out a window. She joined Gemini outside, then continued back to the cave.

Weiila: You broke my nose! *cries*
Galloway: *shrugs, then leaves*

The Mox Saga part 32: The Battle Begins

After Gemini and Meliah returned, and everyone had recovered, Blue Robe layed out the plans for stopping Falchin and Mox. Falchin would naturally lead some sort of excavation team to the location of the Black Pentagram, as it was still buried following the battle thousands of years ago. This means that he will not be alone, and considering what happened in the last battle, that would not be a good situation. Furthermore, Galloway and Weiila were the only two who could stand up to him for more than five seconds, and Weiila had fallen in one punch from Galloway. Still, some risks had to be taken.

The small group gathered where the location was, then turned to leave. But just as they were leaving, David, Mazrim, Starstorm, and Pokefreak leapt out of nowhere. David was holding a 8-year-old girl, a gun pointed toward her head.

"Okay, Galloway," said David, "we have chased you across five countries, through another universe, and even through a misty forest full of hooting owls. Now tell us, or this girl that looks suspiciously like Ms. Weiila will get it."

Galloway knew that the jig was up now. He wrote down a thorough explanation of everything that had happened up to this point, but as he was about to give it to David, Blue Robe wrote down something else hastily, then gave it to David. He read the note:


David let go in panic.

Blue Robe then explained the whole thing: she was the other one who fought against Mox. Although Blue Robe's attempts at survival landed him at about 17, his friend's attempts landed her at about 8. In other words, she screwed up.

"Well, since you all know our terrible secret, you'll have to come with us to fight Falchin. Either that, or we'll have to kill you." Of course, they complied.


The entire hike took several hours to finish, and when they finally did, everyone was close to collapse. They hid behind a small rock formation, taking small peeks at what was happening ahead.

Blue Robe was right; there was a team out there, digging through a shitload of rock and earth. What better place for the birthplace of all Black Magic. Fortunately, they hadn't been discovered yet. Falchin himself was marching along the top of the site, watching everyone else.

After a few minutes of waiting, the group decided that enough was enough. Galloway walked out in plain view, along with everyone else. Falchin turned in their direction and lowered his eyes. "So," he whispered, "the fools are still alive. I hope father was right when he said his minions were the strongest there are."

Galloway took a few steps forward, then stopped at the all-too-familiar appearance of an old enemy: Mox had landed right next to Falchin. The two exchanged glances, then returned to watching the heroes. Suddenly, The Red Scare, Chainsaw, Dragon, Terry, and an army of Order members emerged from the distance. The whole damn thing was a trap!

Cursing his bad luck, Galloway drew his sword. He also handed Weiila a can of spinach "Just in case." The two sides stared each other down for what seemed like forever, then charged.

From above, Mox and Falchin smiled. Victory seemed to be theirs.

Weiila: WAAAHHH!! It's almost over!
Galloway: *tapes Weiila's mouth shut* Sorry, but I can't take screaming.
Weiila: Mmmph!

The Mox Saga part 33: Second Blood

Galloway was able to get through the first wave of Order members fairly quickly, with the others right behind him (except for David, Frick, and Frack, who decided to play sniper from a higher vantage point). However, another, even larger wave emerged from behind the first wave, and the fighting resumed.

After another hour of battle, the second wave was eliminated, but even more waited behind them. Was this damn thing going to take forever to win?


Falchin and Mox watched the battle from their own vantage point, out of range of the battle.

"Your men are indeed worthy warriors," remarked Falchin, "but what are we to do if they do get through?"

"Son," replied Mox, "you worry far too much. My generals can easily destroy them, should the need arise. Besides, Hanzo's men are inside already. They'll make certain nobody enters."

"By the way," asked Falchin, "who is the 'Hanzo'?"

"Son," replied Mox, "you'll know in good time."


The last of the Order members fell, after about twenty waves and three hours of fighting. Galloway fell to his knees, gasping for air. He was only able to watch as Dragon lifted him by the throat, a look of sheer joy on his face.

"I expected more of a struggle from you. Mox has apparantly underestimated you." He then glanced his eyes around the battlefield in a hurry, and his face changed to a look of surprise. "By the way, where the hell is that lousy brother of yours?"

His eyes looked up just as Gemini's foot connected with his head. Galloway took advantage of the situation and pulled away, drawing his sword in the process. Gemini and Dragon stared down each other.

"Dragon, you are a fool to serve Mox," said Gemini. "You're time has come!" They then rushed towards each other and began to fight.

Red Scare, Chainsaw and Terry rushed at the remaining heroes. Falchin flew downwards to join the battle, while Mox went to supervise the Pentagram; he had to be there to activate the spell.


The Red Scare charged Galloway, but he threw it off-balance and sent it to Bear, who then knocked it down in one kick. Terry tried his luck, but he sadly used the Sniper Rifle at close range (one of the dumbest things anyone can do), and was easily sent aside. Chainsaw tried to muscle his way out, but Dragon, having suffered a spin kick from Gemini, accidently slamed into him and pushed him aside. Unfortunately, they still had quite a bit of fight left in them, and got back up and returned to battle.

Falchin went into mid-air, giving him the perfect chance to blast the heroes like last time. Galloway, Neo and Weiila, however, were too smart to let this happen again, and went into the air as well. A quick charging kick was all it took to screw up Falchin's aim. The two sides once again stared each other down.

Falchin once again let out a cruel smile, then powered up his Kaioken. Galloway then powered up his own Kaioken, as did Neo. Weiila, sadly, did not know Kaioken, and was still sick at the thought of having to eat spinach, so she was stuck without any methods of increasing her power.

On the ground, everyone else was in the middle of the fight of their lives. Bear and Red Scare were locked in combat, Eihra had joined up with Gemini to beat Dragon, Chainsaw had joined up with Dragon, and Terry, having realized there was no point in fighting on the ground, took to a ledge for better sniping; Frick, Frack and David, however, were still sniping from their location, so they engaged in an old-fashioned sniper battle.


Mox heard the battle from where he was. He knew this would be a large battle indeed.

Galloway: What's so funny?
Weiila: Nothing. I just felt like laughing.
Galloway:...*tapes Weiila's mouth shut*

The Mox Saga part 34: Final Blood

The battle continued onward, with neither side gaining much ground for about five minutes. Then Falchin once again used Dark Strength and pummeled the living hell out of Galloway and Neo (since they were the only real threats at the time). Meanwhile, Eihra was knocked out by Dragon (DBZ is no match for a ninja that watches DBZ), Chainsaw was having trouble getting his chainsaw started up, Red Scare and Bear were locked in mortal combat, and the sniper fight continued.

Suddenly, a barrage of cats leaped out of nowhere and pummelled the shit out of Red Scare and Chainsaw. Starstorm, Mazrim, Blue Robe, and his so-far-unnamed-friend charged out of nowhere, and the battle raged onward. The Red Scare was badly damaged, but since the Pixy Stixs attack did more mental damage than physical damage, Chainsaw wasn't messed up as much (his mind was as low as it could get). And to make matters worse, when he was shoved to the ground, he was able to pull the chainsaw cord the last time, thus starting the deadly weapon.

Laughing with mad glee, Chainsaw charged at Dragon and Gemini. However, just as he swung his chainsaw, they jumped into the air. And, by the laws of ninja mechanics, they would be able to stay up there for five hours before falling back to Earth. Furious, Chainsaw went after Maz, but Mazrim's apathy shield made it impossible to even cut him. Of course, being the Grade A moron that he is, he just kept on cutting.

Dragon and Gemini went right past Galloway, Neo, Falchin, and Weiila on their way upward. Dragon could just as easily stay up there, due to the fact that he watches DBZ, but since Gemini didn't he would have to fall back to Earth much sooner. Dragon, realizing his advantage, charged up massive amounts of energy into both of his hands. There was no way Gemini would be able to survive a head-on attack like this.

Unfortunately for Dragon, since Gemini doesn't watch DBZ, he doesn't have to wait seven years for an attack to charge up. He just kneed him in the chest, then, using Dragon's shoulders as supports, climbed on top and delivered a hard kick to the head, causing Dragon to head back to the ground. Gemini then slammed another kick into Dragon's back, holding on to him as he did so. When they finally reached Galloway's level, Gemini gave him one final, hard blow, sending Dragon flying to the ground.

When Dragon hit the ground, Gemini quickened his speed downward. His final blow connected with Dragon's head. The sound of a sharp crack meant the end of the enemy ninja.

Chainsaw, horrified at the sight of his fallen comrad, decided to stop attacking Mazrim and went after Gemini, who was still recovering from the fall. Eihra, however, fired a small energy blast at Chainsaw's feet, sending him flying forward. Sadly for him, he landed on the blade of his chainsaw. And that was the end of the grand torturer, Chainsaw.

Terry, oblivious to the deaths of two of his allies, continued his fight with Frick, Frack, and David. Frick and Frack both ran out of ammo after a while, but David was still going. However, he was down to a single bullet, while Terry was still going strong. In desperation, David loaded his last shot into his rifle and took a steady aim at his target. Terry scoped in on David's head, and let out a mean smile. David quickly fired.

The shot went straight into Terry's forehead. His face changed to a look of pain. Then he slumped forward, dropping his gun as he fell from the ledge. There were only two of Mox's minions left in the battle: The Red Scare and Falchin.

The Red Scare continued to battle Bear; the Pixy Stixs, however, had done their toll on the robot. Bear winded back his fist for one final punch, and when it connected, the robot's upper half was sent flying into the distance. The disconected parts moved for a few seconds, then stopped completely.

Falchin, however, was not going to give up easily. He was easily beating Galloway and Neo. Weiila, finally realizing that she had no other alternative, closed her eyes and ate the spinach. She felt the power instantly course through her body. Falchin saw the can a bit too late; Weiila's foot connected mere moments later, knocking him into the same area Mox had run to. She quickly helped her wounded companions back to the ground, then started to treat everyone's wounds.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured, so they prepared to go after Mox once and for all.


Mox looked at his son with disgust. "I cannot believe you are of my blood. You have failed me."

Falchin stuggled to his feet. "Father, I beg of you for another chance-"

Mox turned around sharply. "Your sister is up ahead. If she escapes, I will personally destroy you. You are no longer my son!" He then continued back to the Pentagram.

Falchin let out a heavy sigh, and, barely able to hold back the tears, went to guard his sister.

Weiila: Man, this is getting wierd...
Galloway: Hey, you won, didn't you?
Weiila: That's what's wierd.

The Mox Saga part 35: Prophecy of Something Bad

The whole group followed Mox down into the ground itself. After what seemed like an eternity, they finally saw some action: an entire army of armed soldiers. The two sides clashed with unprecedented fury.



(And now, back to the show)


After finished off Mox's last line of defense in a battle of epic proportions, the group made their way deeper into the passage. Eventually, they finally reached a closed stone door. Motioning everyone to stand back, Vivi FINALLY used Fighterdoken, braking the door down (Fighter's head was pretty banged up, too).

Inside was Meliah, tied to some kind of pillar. At first, she seemed to just be a victim of a simple kidnapping. Then Galloway saw something shining over her; something with the kind of shine only a blade would have...



(And once again, back to the show)


After saving Meliah, Galloway casted his eyes once again around the room. Everything seemed too easy. Why would they leave her unguarded?

Then he saw Falchin in the corner, a grin on his face. "You have ruined me for the last time. I will dispose of you once and for all!" He fired a quick blast at the floor, and Galloway, Weiila, and Meliah were sent plummeting downwards.

Mox entered the room moments later, easily rendering the others unconcious. He made his way towards Falchin. "What the hell do you think you're doing? That way is a shortcut to the Pentagram!"



(And yet again, back to the show)


When the three came to, they were in a dimly-lit passageway that stretched far into the darkness. Realizing that there was no other path, they went onward.

They had gone on for only a few minutes when Galloway noticed a bunch of writting on one of the walls. "Meliah," he asked, "what does this mean?"

Meliah let out a heavy sigh. "It's something we don't talk about often. This whole passageway was once guarded by Zorkon the Insane Old Geezer. He would go on and on about how the Pentagram was going to be in trouble, and about some guy in black armor, and some damn prophecy about what was going to happen."

Weiila: Prophecy?

"Yes," said Meliah. "He said that, when the Pentagram was in extreme trouble, two people would appear to destroy whoever was causing it. He simply called them the Light Knight and the Dark Knight. He said that there would be one male, one female, and a bunch of other people that would probably get their butts kicked. Before he could give us any more specifics, he died while eating a cow."

"What was he eating; hamburgers?" asked Galloway, puzzled.

Meliah: No, I mean a whole damn cow. The thing shoved it's leg into the man's brain.

"Well," said Weiila, a bit sickened, "let's continue, shall we?"

The three went onward into the darkness.

Galloway: *puts the everlasting rag under Weiila's nose*
Weiila: *falls asleep*

The Mox Saga part 36: The Ultimate Spell

The small group's long hike finally ended when they reached a large, stone doorway. Lacking anywhere else to go, they shoved it opened.

Inside was a cavernous room, complete with sharp ledges, stalagtites (or is it stalagmites), and a small, black pentagram at the bottom of a deep pit in the center.

It didn't take long for them to realize that this was the Black Pentagram. They had beaten Mox to it!

"It's about time you got here."

Or maybe they didn't.

Mox floated down from the ceiling, his black helmet, like always, covering his face, although a feeling of overwhelming joy seemed to be radiating from him.

"You arrived just in time to see the ultimate power! Behold, the 99th level of Black Magic!" The entire cavern began to shake uncontrollably, and the Pentagram began to light up slowly.

Galloway boldly stepped forward. "But what about Hanzo? Where the hell is he?"

Once again, Mox let out a small laugh. "Amazing how those fools served a man who doesn't exist. There was a Hanzo once, but he stood in my way. I needed his army, so I killed him and acted like an advisor to their master. It was so perfect! But that does not matter now. The time has come!"

Falchin slumped from another entrance, badly bloodied and seriously wounded. "Father, I cannot allow you to proceed with this! I now know the truth about you. You want the forbidden power for yourself! You tried to cheat me!" His gaze turned towards Galloway and the others. "Don't worry. I got your friends out of here. They're on their way back to the village."

Mox's laughter changed to anger. "Traitor! You shall be the first to feel my wrath!"

The pentagram suddenly exploded into an array of blinding light. When the light finally subsided, Mox, still floating in midair, was surround by a force of sheer power that stretched from the pentagram and formed a circle around him. He turned once again to Falchin. "You had your chance to serve me. Now die!"

He raised his hand, and the circle seemed to retract slightly. A massive wave of enery pulsated around his hand for a bit, then fired, hitting Falchin dead-on. Once again, a blinding light filled the room.

When it dissapeared again, Falchin was lying on the ground, barely alive. Mox was shocked that he was still alive. "Damn," he said, "I must not have charged enough power." He turned towards the heroes. "But I will not make the same mistake with you!"

Quickly, everyone pulled back as another blast tore the ledge they were standing on to shreds. They quickly regrouped to discuss a new course of action. At first, it seemed hopeless. Then Meliah started acting funny.

"Meliah," asked Galloway, "what's wrong?" She suddenly began to talk in Falchin's voice. "Listen to me. The pentagram is the source of the power, and it must stay completely intact in order for this to continue. If you can somehow disturb it, the spell will be stopped forever."

Weiila just let out a sigh of despair. "But how are we supposed to disturb it?" Meliah pointed towards the everlasting rag, which was sticking out of Galloway's pocket. "Throw that down there. Hope it makes some mark." At that point, she passed out.

Galloway slowly walked towards Mox, the rag in his hand. When Mox saw what he was using as a weapon, he nearly rolled over in mid-air laughing. "What are you going to do, clean me to death? You cannot withstand this power!" He quickly pulled out his hand, charging incredible energy into it.

Galloway quickly tossed the rag at the pentagram. It hit the ground just as Mox was about to fire.

It smuged one edge of the pentagram.

Suddenly, Mox let out a blood-curling scream of terror. The energy around him began to sputter and burn out of control. The entire cavern began to come appart. A stalagtite (or stalagmite) fell just by Galloway, causing him to fall off-balance. Had Weiila not been able to grab him and pull him up at the last second, everything would have been lost. Galloway picked up Meliah and ran for the other side of the passageway.

Back in the cavern, Mox's scream contined until the entire power around him exploded completely, signaling his demise. The flames from the explosion rushed down the passageway, quickly gaining on the heroes, who were reaching a lighted opening at the end. They jumped through it, rolling down a small hill afterwards, just as the explosion ripped the entire passageway apart, burying the Black Pentagram yet again.


A team of Black Mages, led by the heroes's companions, found the three about an hour later, still unconcious. As everyone else went to get some medical items, Magus moved Galloway's arm so that it was touching Weiila's breast, and Weiila's arm so it was touching Galloway's crotch. He then went off, giggling like a school girl.

And we all know what would happen when Weiila and Galloway regained conciousness...

Weiila: *is still unconcious*
Galloway: *is still unconcious*
Rick: *is fighting zombies two genres from here*

The Mox saga part 37: Finale

After Galloway and Weiila had regained conciousness, and noticed where there hands were, they immediately suspected Magus. They meticulously hunted him down and kicked the living shit out of him. Weiila promised that his days in crossovers would never end now.

After everyone had joined up again, they talked about how Mox was dead now, so the whole damn adventure was finally over. Galloway did feel a little sad about losing the everlasting rag, but decided that it was all for the better.

Blue Robe walked towards the group, telling them that it was time to go home. But Galloway wasn't done with him yet...

"Okay, Robe, just what the hell happened back there?"

Blue Robe started the long speech that tries to clear everything up. "When you tossed that rag of yours into the pentagram, ruining its perfection, the power that Mox was controlling went out of control. This was amplified even more when Mox tried to put more power into it himself. So you can say that Mox helped to spell his own destruction.

"Anyway, the prophecy about everything did come true, although not in the way you expected. Mox's armor had kept his spirit alive so he could gain the power he had lost. This meant that, even if you destroyed his armor, his spirit could just regenerate itself and form a new armor. The cycle would never end if you went exactly according to the prophecy. You two, the light knight and the dark knight, actually served as a diversion to Mox's power; he had misinterpreted the whole prophecy. In truth, you simply destroyed his power."

Everyone just stared blankly at him. Sighing, he said, "Okay, you just accomplished the prophecy." At that point, everyone finally regained their train of thought. "Well, it is time for you to go home."

Weiila stepped forward once again. "Wait, why do you look so much like us?"

Blue Robe smiled. "I'll leave that to you to figure out." The entire area was filled with a bright light yet again.

When it dissapeared, everyone was gone.


And so their adventure had ended. Mox and his evil army was destroyed. The Black Pentagram's ultimate power was forever sealed. Galloway had gone without pizza for too long. Everyone was happy (except for Galloway, due to the whole pizza thing).

Rick successfully saved Jennifer from house and the Evil One. He then settled down, and had a son named David. The mask, however, has dissapeared.

Gates's attempts at stopping Linux had failed, so he went back to making billions on Windows users.

Bear returned to Russia to take care of his daughter, who was recovering fine. Frick and Frack also came with him to visit Frick's daughter.

Hunter, Sensei and the Mob were overjoyed at Gemini's news of Mox's defeat. As their services were no longer needed, the Mob dismissed the Ninjas and returned to killing people and selling drugs. The three Ninjas went back to the hideout.

Tiger had sex with her boyfriend.

Fighter, Black Mage and Vivi returned to the Break Room. Fighter ate every last trace of Cocoa Pebbles, Vivi watched the DBZ marathon, and Black Mage went to look at porn.

Sweet Tooth was busted out of the asylum three months later by Calypso, who had scheduled the next Twisted Metal tournament to be held in Midtown. Despite his old urges, Sweet Tooth agreed. After all, he could always kill him later...

Balding men rejoyced at the news that they were the best lovers in the world.

Larcen went off to fight the Eternal Champion, only to lose to the cheap-ass son-of-a-bitch. If anyone can beat that damn guy, please tell me how.

David went back to clean his guns.

Meliah took over the Black Mage village in her brother's absence. She made certain that she would not make the same mistakes her father and brother did.

Weiila, Eihra, and Magus returned home, where Magus was tortured for his little stunt. Eihra laughed maniaclly all the way.

Starstrom went off to pet the kitties.

Mazrim Taim went back to work as Chief Librarian.

Blue Robe and his friend went back into hiding. They wondered if Galloway and Weiila would ever know their secret.

Galloway and Neo went home, where they laid around until Summer Vacation ended.


The Final Fantasy Breakroom SUPER-HAPPY-BIG-EPISODE!!!