The Origins Saga by d_Galloway

The Origins Saga part 1: The Girl

A week passed since Galloway defeated Naar. He was still working on his alchemy, having nearly been blown apart twice and nearly melting off his face thrice. Almost everyone had gone home for the time being, save for F. Galloway, Weiila, Val, and Chris. Finally, things might be going good...


Mox stood patiently in the alley, watching the sun set. Tonight was the night. Tonight he would finish Galloway off once and for all.

He glanced at the watch he had recently mugged off an old lady. Strangely, the numbers were flying all over the place. Also, radio waves were being heard all around him. Like always, something wierd was something.

Just then, a large, green bubble appeared, with what looked like several different color copies of a thirteen-year-old girl floating inside. They combined into one form, and the bubble dissapeared, dropping her unceremoniously on the ground. Her clothes were ripped and dirty, her face was covered in dirt and sweat, and her red hair was in shambles. She was not in the best shape.

She got up and looked around frantically. Her face had a look of complete terror on it. Mox could tell that something was strange. Still, she was in front of the bunker. He'd have to kill her, too.

Just then, though, a heavy hand fell onto Mox's shoulder. He turned, and saw a towering, muscular man standing behind him. He was nearly eight feet tall, with about two hundred metric tons of muscle making up his entire body. However, the big clencher was his face; Mox could swear he'd seen that somewhere before.

"Mox, right?" asked the behemoth. "Guess we have to stop you from killing Galloway." Mox was shocked. How the hell did these guys know that? Then he saw the eyes in the well as the six other figures coming out from there...


The girl walked, dazed and confused, down the edge of the water. Then she tripped and fell over the side. Strangely, she landed in a small, futuristic boat. It launched itself straight at the large, white thing in the middle of the water.


Galloway continued checking his watch. Where the hell was she, anyway? She was supposed to be back with the pizzas by now...

Just then, a knock was heard. Everyone looked expectantly at the door, their bodies half-starved, their eyes lusting for food. Galloway raced to the door and tore it off its hinges.

It wasn't F. Galloway. It was a young girl. Galloway just looked at her, wondering how she'd even got here; only a trusted few knew where the Boat of the Future was.

"Who are you?" he asked. However, the girl was already staring at him. She was not acting normal, that was for sure. Then she did the most bizzare thing ever. Something that shocked everyone watching it with sheer surprise. Sure, it was a little funny, but it was still really, really wierd.

She hugged Galloway.


Mox crawled out of the alley, barely alive. He now knew who was behind this. He cursed at their master before nearly falling unconcious.

He then noticed that girl version of Galloway walking briskly by, carrying about twenty pizzas. She looked at the bunker, saw a boat, and flew over. Using all his strength, Mox followed her at a distance, then landed on one of the engines.


F. Galloway noticed that a girl had firmly attached herself to Galloway. After all, that's NOT a common occurance. "Okay," she said, "dinner's here." Galloway grapped a crowbar and finally pried the girl off.

"Okay," he said, "who are you, and what do you want?"

"My name," she said, "is Maria. And I just wanted to say hi."

"Okay," said Galloway. "Now go home. It's getting late." She didn't move; instead, she began to bawl. Galloway immediately sensed that she was probably lost, and he couldn't do anything about it for now, due to his food-induced state.

"Alright," he said. "Stay for now. We'll get you home in the morning."

Weiila: "Origins" saga? What kind of crappy name is that?
Galloway:...GALLO-BEAM! *Gallo-beams Weiila into the sky*

The Origins Saga part 2: Future Turmoil

Everyone began to shovel pizzas down their throats at record pace. Guiness even showed up and announced them to be the "Fastest pizza eaters in the world." Finally, all twenty pizzas were devoured, and everyone slipped out of the nightmarish state of mind they were in.

Maria laned back in her chair, to the point where she fell backwards. When she came to, though, she saw something she hadn't seen before; a wall calender. She read the date: August, 2003

She got up and looked at it more closely. "Is this correct?" she asked, as if something on there was bugging her. Galloway didn't believe what he was hearing, but shook his head yes. She then pulled a flat, futuristic that Weiila easily recognized.

"'d you get the Digipad?" she asked. Maria turned her head slightly, surprised that Weiila knew what it was. She placed it slowly on the counter.

"I...I found it one day," she began. "It was...inside an old trunk. I had it when everything ended, and suddenly...I was here..." Chris did not like what he heard. "What do you mean, 'everything ended'?" he asked.

Maria turned back to him. "The coming of GOD." Naturally, everyone was surprised that someone would have the nerve to spell their name in all caps, but they were more curious about who GOD was.

" a monster," began Maria. "He showed up one day, demanding to fight all of the world's strongest people. He crushed everyone, then decided to destroy the entire planet. I just lucked out because of this...thing..."

Galloway and the others looked at each other blankly. So a new enemy comes along, and kills them all. Despite all they went through, it might be truly hopeless. "Who fought him on your world?" asked Val.

Maria looked at her as blankly as they were. "World...? Well, I don't quite understand, but the names of a few were...Weiila, Chris of the Brood, Valkyrie Esker, Starstorm, Pokefreak, PC Glenton, Wilfredo Martinez, GC Crono, JFGemini...that's all I can remember off the top of my head."

Everyone's blank faces upgraded into the kind of shock you get from watching ER operations for seventy hours. She was from their world...

"What year does this happen?" asked Galloway. Maria sighed again. "2028." 25 years...

"What about me?" continued Galloway. "Do I get killed, too."

Maria looked away. "No. You dissapear before GOD even shows up. You could have beaten him, but you vanished. They died because you didn't show." She was starting to tear up.

"How do you know this?" asked Weiila. "Do you know Galloway in the future?" Maria walked up to Galloway and grabbed his arm.

"I should," she said. "He's my daddy."


Mox heard this, and was sickened. So Galloway has a kid...

Then he finally collapsed onto the front door. F. Galloway, who missed the whole thing while she was in the bathroom, opened it, took one look at Mox, then shouted, "What should I do with the villianous piece of garbage?"

Galloway: What will she do with Mox? What can we do about GOD? Did my kid screw up her own existance by telling me? Tune in next time, same Gallo-time, same Gallo-channel!

The Origins Saga part 3: Secret of the Orb

F. Galloway dragged Mox inside while everyone else was sitting around with stunned expressions on their faces. Finally, they remembered what to do in this situation: they fainted. Finally, a few minutes later, they got back up and looked at Mox, then went back to their stunned expressions.

"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" screamed Weiila. "THAT'S MOX, DAMNIT! HE HAS TO DIE NOW!" She then pulled out Chris's sword and charged. However, Galloway grabbed her and stopped her in mid-step. "Let's hear him out first," he said.

Mox slowly came to. He muttered something like, "Fucking idiots. If I had the power, I'd kill them all right now," then looked back at them.

"Don't worry about me killing you," he said. "Somebody else's already on their way." Galloway drew his sword. "Who?" he asked.

Mox laughed again. "The one that gave you the Ultra-Orb."

Galloway was shocked. However, he also noticed that F. Galloway was shocked. They both asked in unison, "Who?"

Mox leaned back again. "His name is Dr. Kaizer. He used to belong to my beloved Order of the Black Pentagram. Like that moron Blade, he had no magical talent, but unlike Blade, he was a purebred genius. He studied quite a bit of alchemy, and thus was the chief chemist.

"Then he tried to lead a rebellion against me. I slaughtered all the rebels single-handedly, then kicked him out of the Black Mage Village forever. Last I heard, he was pursuing something called, "The True One," or something like that. He made the orb, then sent it to every world he could find. Strangely, the only people who ever got it where your stupid alternate selves, Galloway."

Galloway just looked at him. "So he's killing all the other Galloways?" Mox shook his head.

"No. The one he wants is very special. As you know, the Ultra-Orb gained its power by absorbing the energy from entire planes of existance. However, on one plane was a special kind of energy, which belonged to the great demon Hardtopronouncetor. The Orb that absorbed that energy would then create multiple versions of the wielder, rather than just two. And Galloway, when you broke the orb, Neo was the only one there, and yet he barely had any of the orb's energy. There were, in fact, others." Mox then gasped and exhaled.

Galloway began to feel faint. "You mean...I have other mes out there?" Mox shook his head yes. "Seven, to be precise," he said. "They want you dead. Why, I don't know. I already had a run-in with them today. That's why I have a proposition."

Weiila's stomach turned. She could already tell that she wouldn't like what he had to say. Mox cleared his throat and stood up.

"Why don't we promise not to kill each other until after this is over," said Mox. Before Galloway could respond, he had already fled the scene.


After talking about what this meant, Galloway decided that it was time to turn in. They had to go looking for Dr. Kaizer tommorrow.

"Maria," he said, turning to the kid, "go take a long bath. You smell like something that just passed through the intestines of a sick old woman." She didn't like the metaphor, but went to do it anyway. Galloway then turned to Weiila and Val, and said, "She's sleeping with you tonight. Agree, or I'll bring Pooh here." They agreed without another word. At that point, everyone split.

"Oh," said Galloway, before everyone had fully left, "I have a very important meeting tommorrow morning. Wake me up for once." However, nobody was listening at that point, so Galloway just went to bed.


Mox couldn't believe what he said. They had just called a cease-fire. He had Galloway right where he wanted him, and couldn't do anything. He swore that he'd kill Kaizer for this, then left for his cardboard box in the alley.

Weiila: Galloway, how dare you threaten me with Pooh!

The Origins Saga part 4: Reinforcements

F. Galloway waited patiently outside the bathroom door. What the hell was taking that girl so long? Then she had an idea. A way to save their hides.

She went to the phone that very instant.


PC Glenton finished laser-cutting the panel on the skylight. He carefully removed it, climbed into the small hole, then placed the top of the rope onto the ceiling. He then slowly lowered himself over the Very Big Red Diamond. The one security guard had his back turned, so PC threw a sleeping dart at him, rendering him unconcious.

Next, he went back to the task at hand; getting the diamond. He pulled out the laser-cutter and went right back to cutting his way through the glass display case. Finally, he carefully removed the round piece he had cut off, set it on the floor, and grabbed the diamond. Then he made his way back up, and exited through the skylight.

He began to walk away, but his stupid cell phone went off. He answered it quickly, then ran to the spot F. Galloway mentioned.


Gemini tried the Firaga again. This time he actually improved; he hit Wil instead of nothing. Wil shook his head and walked towards him. "Kid," he said, "you would have been better staying as a ninja." Gemini frowned at that, but just then, his cell phone went off. He answered it, grabbed Wil, and ran off to the spot F. Galloway mentioned.


Pierson made his way into the museum, only to find that someone had already stolen the diamond. However, nobody had stolen the even more valuable diamond, so he took that instead.

He made his way back out, then recieved a cell phone call. He answered, then went to the spot F. Galloway mentioned.


GG Crono walked around, trying to find any kind of adventuring. However, times seemed to be slow here. How'd Galloway find so much, anyway?

Then he saw PC and Pierson running off to some spot. Naturally, he followed. Their faces read like, "I am going on an adventure. I am probably going to die in an extremely gruesome manner. I don't give a rat's ass." That was the kind of face he liked.


Star, Poke and Eihra stood around at Weiila's house in Sweden, waiting for some word from her. When the phone rang, they fought to the death over who was going to answer it. Star won, and answered.

He hanged up, grabbed Poke and Eihra, and ran off to the spot F. Galloway mentioned.


Sapphire Falcon was in the middle of reading when her cell phone went off. She answered, then ran for the spot F. Galloway mentioned.


Shalcar was doing nothing when he got the word. He left, as well.


F. Galloway knew it would be tommorrow before they got here, even with the chauffer she picked out. She returned to the bathroom just as Maria was leaving. However, Val rushed in and locked the door behind her.

F. Galloway screamed and kicked the wall, creating a huge dent. She quickly walked away before anyone could see what she did.


The Origins Saga part 5: Super Galloway

About 5:00 the next morning, F. Galloway kicked Galloway's snoring body out of bed, then assembled the rest of the troops. Galloway said that they'd have to go without him for the moment; he had some business to attend to. They then set off.


About five minutes later, they realized that they forgot to ask Galloway one very important question: what the plan is. So, they decided to walk into a dark alley and sit around until something happened.


The reinforcements arrived at the loading dock, and waited for their ride. Soon, Mr. T's van pulled up next to him. Mr. T got out, threw them inside, then took off at enough speed to break through the trans-dimensional barrier.


The rest of the group's patience paid off. A gigantic, muscular man came out of the dark. The few that could actually see his face noticed that he looked just like Galloway. This had to be one of the seven Galloways Mox talked about.

"Oh, look," he said, "more little shrimps to crush! Say, what happened to d?" Nobody answered, so the man sighed. "Very well. You can call me Super Galloway, or crusher Galloway, or whatever you want. I'm just here to grind you into little bits of dust!"

After the usual stupidity was done, they got ready to fight.


Galloway just sat around, watching the clock. Where the fucking hell were they?


Val charged at Super Galloway, but he grabbed Gungnir, snapped it in half, then grabbed Val and threw her straight through a wall. F. Galloway fired a blast, but he just knocked it away with one pinky finger, and knocked her down with the other one. Chris attacked, but was beaten easily. Weiila tried to whip him, but he broke the whip in half, then knocked Weiila around for a bit.

Maria backed up into a corner, terrified. Super Galloway walked towards her, ready to crush her skull in. In desperation, she swung her fist out. It connected straight with his face, knocking him all the way into the water. She looked at herself, and wondered how the hell this happened.


Super Galloway swam out of the water, climbed back up, then left. He'd have to tell the others about her. She might be a bit of trouble.


Galloway sat around, still waiting. Finally, he got the call he was waiting for: they were on their way.


Mr. T's van pulled up beside the battered heroes. Mr. T threw the passengers out, took the seven tons of milk F. Galloway had offered him, then left.

Gemini looked at the bleeding, beaten group. "Man," he said, "I'm glad I wasn't here."

Galloway: I can't comment on the plot, since this is too early.

The Origins Saga part 6: The Zengar-Denai

Galloway opened the door. T.K. and Kari waited outside, their arms crossed. They seemed to be losing patience, and fast. "So," said Galloway, "how are you?"

"Where's Tai?" asked Kari. T.K. rephrased it, only with Matt instead of Tai. Galloway shook his head. "I took them on a magical mystery adventure with me while that cure I was working on was fermenting. They'll be back soon..."

"And the cure?" asked T.K. Galloway shook his head again. "I left it on too long, and it exploded. Oh, if only Val hadn't keep me busy in the past for five extra seconds..." The two kids were NOT impressed.

All three went inside, and entered a former bedroom, now converted into an alchemy lab. After Galloway did the usual password/retina scan/hair sample/blood sample/hand-to-hand combat that was needed to open the door, they walked inside.

The lab itself was quite cramped. A table filled most of it, and on top of that table were various chemicals of suspicious origin, as well as a large book full of alchemy recipies. However, one thing that didn't belong here was inside: Mox.

He walked out of the shadows and approached the stunned three. "How'd you get in here?" asked Galloway, then he realized who he was dealing with. Mox was FAR from ordinary, even as far as stereotypical villains go. Mox looked straight at the three, then concentrated on Galloway.

"I have an idea," he said. "Back when I was the leader of the Order, I had a sword called 'Zengar-Denai'. Translated into english, it means 'the reddend blade'. The power inside it was incredible; if I had it, I could easily destroy all seven of those monsters. I want you to get it."

Galloway didn't believe this. "First off, you ask us to trust you; you, the very embodiment of evil. Second, you come into my lab without my permission. And third, you ask me to get a sword for you, a job you can easily do yourself."

Mox turned away. "It's back in my home village, where the Black Pentagram used to be. A large cavern was nearby; it was never affected by the destruction around it. I made sure of that." Galloway couldn't help but notice a bit of sadness in Mox's last words, before he vanished.


Galloway waited for the others to show up. They explained how Maria had single-handedly beaten up Super Galloway. Galloway looked at the girl, her head still hanging down, as if she was ashamed of what he did. "I'm impressed," he said. "You really are something." She didn't respond.

Next, Galloway unfurled the next stage. He had Weiila, Star, and Poke come with him to the Black Mage Village, while the rest waited for Tai and Matt to come back. They agreed, and the four teleported to the outskirts of the village.


They reached the cavern fairly quickly. It was dark, creepy, and really spooky. However, a kind of path was inside, as well; somebody must have used this frequently.

They began to descend, but Galloway tripped and fell down the steps at the entrance. He then rolled down a ramp, fell through a bog, and finally landed at the bottom of the stairs. He was unconcious by the time he hit the ground.


Weiila, Star and Poke made their way down carefully. When they reached the bottom, though, they saw that Galloway was gone. Realizing that there was only one passage from here, they followed it.

Galloway: *is unconcious*

The Origins Saga part 7: Lani Xian

Galloway woke up inside a small cave. He was lying on what looked like a wooden cot. The walls were decorated with tapestries, paintings, and torches. Several bookshelves lined the back, each one packed to the rim with what appeared to be spellbooks. A small campfire was nearby, but that wasn't the big thing.

Sitting in a wooden chair by the fire was a young woman, no older than Galloway. She wore a long black robe, had short silver hair, and had a large straw hat sitting on the ground nearby. She stopped reading the large, leather-bound book in her lap and rose her head, her blue eyes meeting Galloway's for the first time.

"I'm glad to see you're all better," she said. "Those steps are quite a bother, you see." Galloway, however, was still speechless. Not because of how beautiful she was, but because he sensed something...familiar about her.


Weiila, Star and Poke continued down the cavern. Strangely, nothing was around; a virtual oddity in these crazy adventures of theirs. However, their happiness was soon shattered when a voice shouted from behind, "Prepare to die!"

They turned, and saw a young man standing behind them. He, too, looked like Galloway, but had a lot less muscle, straight-back hair, and sinister read eyes. "I am Genio Galloway," he said. "I guess I have to finish you off."

The three laughed a bit, then charged. Genio was hit dead on, sending him flying into a wall. However, he got up and stared straight at the attacking Poke.

Poke changed directions and began to attack Weiila. Star jumped at him, but suddenly found himself hovering in mid-air while being strangled by an invisible force.

Weiila tried to stop Poke, but in a sudden burst of strength, he smashed her straight through a wall. She landed in the same room Galloway and the girl were in.


Galloway and the girl went through the hole in the wall and saw what was happening. Poke tried to attack Galloway, but he sensed that the real source of the problem was the one in the back. He charged, but Genio raised a hand. Galloway instantly feel to the ground screaming, holding his head like something was trying to bust out from the inside.

Suddenly, the girl stood next to Genio. Grabbing him in a tight grip, she screamed, "Be gone!" A massive blast of power blew Genio out of the cavern. Star feel back to the ground, barely alive. Poke stopped attacking everything. Galloway got back up, now back to normal. Everything was fine once again.


The girl took them to her cave, where she presented Galloway with a massive cloth. Galloway unwrapped it to find a sword. Its hilt was black, and the blade seemed to have once been normal, but most of it was now red, as if painted by something.

"This sword," she said, "was a terrible weapon. It was used to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people. In fact, it killed so many that a self-imposed curse was put on the weapon. The blood of the innocents it killed would stain it, until the sins of the user were washed clean. As you can see, that never happend." Weiila muttered a duh, but nobody paid attention.

"So," said Galloway, "who are you?"

The girl laughed. "Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I should have told you before. My name is Lani. Lani Orena Xian."

Everyone fainted at the last name. She sighed. "What's wrong with them?"

Weiila: What are you doing? That's my line!
Galloway: My turned to be scared.

The Origins Saga part 8: Typical Sibling Plot Fodder

When everyone came to, Lani was standing straight over them. Weiila immediately began to crawl away. "What's wrong with you?" asked Lani. "One minute, we're getting along fine, and the next, you're scared to death!"

"You...are you...Mox's...daughter?" asked Star. Lani looked at him dumbfoundedly. "Mox...oh, you must mean Morgan. I'm not his daughter; I'm his younger sister." Everyone let out another gasp. So Mox had a sister. Then again, she didn't seem to be even close to as evil as Mox was.


After everyone got back into their seats, Lani began her story. "Morgan was nearly twenty years older than me, although he didn't look it; in fact, he always seemed to be older than he was. We were never really that close; Morgan just disgusted me with the way he acted, and I disgusted him for the same reason.

"Finally, Morgan went mad and began to study the forbidden levels of Black Magic. I, being the fool I was, began to sneak books out of his study and learn the spells myself. Morgan found out, though, and nearly killed me for it, but stopped when I promised I would keep quiet about it.

"Then he formed his army. I asked him to stop, but he didn't listen. He just kept searching for more power. There was simply no end to it. He got more powerful, but just kept reaching onward. Finally, I ran away, taking his sword with me. I hid in this cave, and that's the end of it."

Galloway finally asked something. "That would make you...several thousand years old." Lani quickly slapped him for daring to speak a woman's age, then sighed. "If a Black Mage learns one of the highest levels of magic, they can stop aging altogether. As I told you, I studied the forbidden levels at a very young age. Therefore, I stay like this, as do my nephew and niece."

Galloway wrapped the sword back up and began to shove it into his belt. Then he felt his tail again. That stupid thing would have to go someday. "Let's go," he said. "We have a lot to do."

They began to leave, but Lani stopped them. "I know why you want the sword," she said. "Morgan wants it. Very well, you can take it to him, but please, let me go with you." Weiila heard this, and wasn't very happy about it. Having a cease-fire with Mox was enough, but now dealing with his sister? This was getting to be too much.

"Fine," said Galloway. "It might even improve our chances." Weiila nearly broke down right there."


The group at the bunker sat and waited...and waited...and waited...

Finally, the door came crashing down. Mr. T stood at the other end, a large sack in his hand. He tossed it inside, ripped the door of the fridge, took all the milk, and left.

T.K. and Kari ran to the sack and turned it over. Tai and Matt came tumbling out, half-dazed. "Man," said Matt, "that's the last time I let him take me anywhere!"


Mox waited at the spot where Galloway would teleport back. Finally, he did. Galloway handed him the Zengar-Denai.

"Thank you," said Mox, sheathing his sword into his belt. "As a token of appreciation, take my word that I'll kill you painlessly." Then he saw Lani in the back, her eyes wide with shock. "Brother?" she said.

Mox's face was a mixture of terror and bewilderment. He turned and left right then and there. Now the plot was beginning to thicken...

For funny stuff, read the last sentence.

The Origins Saga part 9: Super Galloway Attacks!

They began to head back for the bunker, but suddenly, the same giant from before jumped down, right in front of them. He looked at Galloway with a very sadistic grin.

"Ah," he said, "my puny little other self. I'm gonna enjoy crushing your skull into putty!" He then slammed his fist down, completely destroying the ground Galloway was just on. However, he was now behind Super.

Galloway fired a blast at Super's back, but it didn't even faze him. The giant turned and punched again, but Galloway was easily able to dodge all of them. He then grabbed Super's arm and shoulder-throwed him, but nearly sprained half of the muscles in his body doing so.

"Get the hell out of here," he said to the others. "I can deal with this." They weren't too compliant, but they made their way back to the bunker anyway. Galloway used his Deliverance Kai ability to heal, then turned back to Super, who was just now getting out of the crater he had made.

"Heh heh heh," said the giant. "You're not bad, for a shrimp. I guess I'll have to go rough on you." He then, to Galloway's amazement, powered up to Super Saiyan. Galloway quickly did the same thing, and the two went back at it.

Galloway dodged a punch, then slammed his elbow into Super's stomach. However, Super simply grabbed Galloway and slammed him head-first into the ground. He got back up, only to get batted away with one backhand. Thing were not looking good...


"What?" said Gemini. "He's fighting the thing that kicked your butts?" Weiila slowly nodded.

He got up off the chair and got his black mage hat on. "I guess I'll have to deal with him," he said. He then jumped onto the boat before anyone could object.


Galloway began to cough up blood. This was not looking good. Super stood over him, ready to finish it off. "What a dissapointment," he said. "I guess you become a part of one now." Galloway didn't have a fucking clue what he said, but it probably was something along the lines of "see you in hell."

Just then, Gemini jumped from behind, slamming Super along the back of the head with his staff. He gracefully landed back onto the ground, proving that he hadn't lost much of his ninja skills. Super pulled himself out of the ground and looked at Gemini.

"Well, well," said Super. "Another shrimp. And you're an even bigger one! I guess I have to get even more serious." He then began to power up even more. His muscles began to expand to gargantuan size, his aura began to glow wildly, and various other things happened. He became an Ultra Super Saiyan.

Galloway, even though he had had the living shit kicked out of him, smiled. Aparantly Super didn't know the greatest weakness of USSJ. Gemini just stared at him.

Super charged, but it was now much slower. His fist slammed into the ground, sending shockwaves all over and creating a twenty-foot hole in the ground. By this time, though, Gemini was behind him, and had already finished powering up the Blizaga spell. A torrent of ice hit Super, freezing him into an ice cube. He smashed out, and charged again.

Gemini jumped behind him again and quickly used a Fire Jitsu. Super's back was burnt to hell. He turned around, and Gemini landed gracefully on his head. He clapped his hands above him, trying to crush him. However, Gemini had already jumped off and put his hand on Super's heart.

He began to slowly gather electricity. Super tried to attack him, but Gemini used a Slow spell on him, moving him to about the speed of a snail in frozen molasses. Finally, he finished charging.

"ETNIE BLAST!" he shouted. An electric blast went out of Gemini's hand and straight through Super's heart, vaporizing it. The giant fell backwards, dead as a doornail. The moment he landed, though, the area flashed, and his body was gone. In its place was a familiar ball.

The Ultra Orb.

Galloway: *knocks Gemini out with Anastetic*

The Origins Saga part 10: Hope Lost, Hope Found

Galloway grabbed the Ultra Orb and examined it. It looked the same way it did when he first found it, but it lacked the glow it had previously. It was now barely shimmering.

"What's that?" asked Gemini, taking a closer look at the orb. Galloway quickly shoved it into his pocket, but noticed something in a corner nearby. Galloway went over, and saw a small iron chest, about the size of a small hat box. It was tightly locked, so Galloway picked it up as well. He could open it back at the bunker.


The two took the boat back. Everyone was impatiently waiting for them, and by this point, they were lusting for blood. However, they were sedated when Galloway told them that Super Galloway was finished. One part of the nightmare was over.

Then he saw Tai and Matt. They were NOT too pleased to see him. Neither were T.K. and Kari. Galloway then remembered that they didn't know about what had happened before, with Kaizer and the other Galloways. However, they didn't have to know; the antidote was almost ready.

Galloway went to the lab door and opened it, only to scream in pure, unhindered anger. Everyone rushed over to see that the lab had been completely destroyed. At first, everyone thought that this was just another explosion, until they noticed HOW the things were broken. This was most certainly man-made.

"Oh, shit," said Galloway, looking down at the torn shreds of the formula and his notes. "It's over. I can't find those things again. This was the only copy of the formula in existance. It could have worked." The four kids lowered their heads. This really did look like the end...

Then Galloway spied something else. He had dropped the chest in shock, and a bit of liquid was melting through the lock. He tore the weakened lock off and opened the chest. Inside was a small, yellow ball, with a small star imprinted inside of it.

Galloway held it up. He had another crazy idea. "This," he said, "is a Dragon Ball!"


Mox made his way back to the scene of the battle. He watched from a rooftop as police taped off the destroyed area. Mox shook his head. When was Galloway going to learn that he can't kill everything here? In fact, when was he himself going to learn that?

The answer, of course, was never.

He then saw the bunker. He had to get some answers on what happened, even if it meant risking humiliation at the hands of Galloway...and Lani.


"So," said the man, "that fool Super Galloway lost."

"Yes," said the bodyguard. "Also, Genio was less than successful. The other five, though, stand ready. Shall I give them the order to attack?"

"No," said the man. "Tonight, I will see Galloway. I will guide him on the right path. He will learn his true destiny. He must learn...or he'll suffer the same fate as Super."

Galloway: *beats Star in a long, gruelling battle* Okay, boys and girls at the boards, here's a good suggestion: if you don't want to see something in this fic, DON'T TELL ME NOT TO INCLUDE IT! I will do so anyway. So, learn that well before you comment again.

The Origins Saga part 11: Dr. Kaizer

Galloway stepped outside for a minute to asses the situation. He had a dragon ball. That meant that there was another way to save Tai and Matt. If they could somehow find all seven dragonballs, they could wish them back to normal. It was a perfect plan.

"Plotting to use the dragon ball?"

Galloway turned, and saw a very middle-aged man behind him. He wore a black suit and tie, black sunglasses, and a gun holster. Inside the holster itself was a .44 magnum. This guy was not from around here. "Who are you?" asked Galloway.

The man laughed. "My name is Walter Onimusa Kaizer. You can call me Dr. Kaizer!" Galloway gasped, then drew his sword.

"Don't bother," said Kaizer. "I won't be long. I just want to know something."

Galloway kept his sword out, but didn't attack yet. "Make this quick."

"Why," said Kaizer, "do you want to defend these foolish humans?"

Galloway looked at him strangely. "What do you mean?"

"Why defend them?" asked Kaizer. "They're weak, pathetic vermin. They destroy their world. They kill each other. Hatred runs through their veins. What's the point in helping them?"

Galloway was speechless at this stupid question. "Because it's the right thing do do."

Kaizer was now amused. "The right thing? No, the right thing doesn't exist. No matter how much you fight, they will suffer. Now, give me a better reason."

Galloway sighed. "Because people like you are sick, twisted, and demented."

"Why," said Kaizer, "that's a good description of yourself. So, you're just like me...only without any semblance of intelligence." NOW Galloway was getting pissed.

"I came to bring you back," continued Kaizer. "I want to show you the true path to perfection. You will be the perfect beingl you have to do is join me."

Galloway stepped back. "I don't care what you think about why I fight. I'm not joining you."

Kaizer pulled the magnum out and aimed it straight at Galloway. "I created you," he said. "I can destroy you!" Galloway, however, had already grabbed the magnum by then. Kaizer cursed, then pressd a button on his watch. He teleported away.


Galloway pocketed the magnum. Then it dawned on him. He didn't have a way of finding dragon balls, and even if he did, the other six Galloways might have them. Then the idea came.

He returned to the bunker and activated the Dimensional Portal-thingy. "I'll be back soon," he said. "I just need to see someone." He then stepped through.


He came out just in front of the Visalia Mall. He opened the secret entrance to MERC HQ and went inside.

Weiila: Kaizer is ONE stereotypical villain.
Galloway: There aren't a lot of non-stereotypical villains, are there?

The Origins Saga part 12: Galloway gets Slapped! Yay!

Galloway found the MERC HQ to be in a state of chaos. Apparantly the Ninja HQ next door had accidently knocked down the wall between the two, and since neither allowed rival corporations to be on their turf, a battle was taking place. Fortunately, Galloway reached it at the end of the battle, so things were calming down. The two decided on a truce, rebuilt the wall, and went about their daily business.

Galloway made his way to the Research Department. It was just as techno-savy as the rest of the HQ. He talked to a few scientists, and found what he wanted; the detection device. He entered "Dragonball", and the screen showed six worlds with one each. After writing their locations down, he began to leave, only to feel a heavy hand on his shoulder. "Dragon, we need to talk."

Galloway turned, and saw the commander. He had a serious look on his face, which was never a good thing.


Once they were inside the commander's office, the commander pushed a button on his desk. Bullet-proof metal sheets fell over the door, blocking Galloway's one way out.

"As you know," said the commander, "we do not like those that run in and out of our corporation without permission. You have not attended meetings as of late, making you very much a possible target. Now, we have the motivation."

Galloway knew what was going on, even before the commander began to raise his gun. "Sorry, son," he said, "but Kaizer paid me good money to see you dead." Galloway knew there was no way out; the walls and metal were completely indestructable. He just closed his eyes and prepared for the end.

Suddenly, the metal rose back up. Yellow Tiger kicked down the door, a jumble of wires in one hand and a SMG in the other. "Commander," she said, "I heard about your betrayal. You talk too loud. And as stated in the MERC codebook, anyone that betrays MERC must suffer the ultimate price." She rose the SMG and fired into the commander's forehead six times, killing him.

At first, everyone was shocked, but when Tiger presented a tape-recording she had of the whole thing, they took the commander's body into the incinerator, burned it to ash, then vaporized the ash with a big laser.


"I knew about the commander's betrayal for some time," said Tiger to Galloway. "Fortunately, you showed back up. That allowed me to get all the evidence I needed. Anyway, Brown Cougar and I heard about Daemon and Naar. And this time, we're not being cut out!"

"You can't," said Galloway. "This is not going to be like a mission. We're dealing with a maniac now!"

"Oh, and one more thing," said Tiger. She then slapped Galloway hard. "That was for standing me up last night!" Galloway then remembered that he had set up a date with her for then, but had forgotten it! "Now," she continued, "either let us join, or I'll release these digitally-edited pictures of you having sex with all your female friends."

Galloway growled. "All right, you can come."


They went to see Hans, the quartermaster and weapons dealer. Brown Cougar was there, as well, learning about how to customize weaponry. Hans took them into the back, where he showed them three suitcases.

"I thought you should have them," he said. "Cougar told me about what you're doing, so I decided to make some special weapons for you."

Cougar rushed over to the suitcase labeled his. Inside were the parts to a silver sniper rifle. Inside Tiger's was a silver SMG. Finally, Galloway opened his, and pulled out two silver ballers. They loaded up on ammo, took their suitcases, and left.


They returned to the bunker. Now Galloway had to sleep, then finish the plan.

Val: You were bitch-slapped! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
Galloway: *kills Val*

The Origins Saga part 13: Father-Daughter Situation

Galloway introduced Tiger and Cougar, then told everyone to get some sleep before the next big trip. The regular crew went to their rooms, the new members got spaces on the floor, and Kari and T.K. took their brothers home. When everyone else was gone, Galloway locked up the Dragonball and went to bed.


He woke up at about midnight. Maria was standing over him, a broken baseball bat in her hand. Galloway then noticed the blood trickling off the top of his head. "Daddy," said Maria, "I have to talk to you."

Galloway quickly used his Healing Discipline to heal his head wound, then turned angrily to Maria. "There are better ways to get my attention than to beat me to death. Besides, if you do that again, I'll rise from my grave and drag you into hell." Maria was scared for a second, then realized that Galloway was joking.

"It's about..." she began. Then she reached into the back of her pants and pulled out a tail, just like Galloway's. Galloway knew what this was going to be about.

"What's with the tail?" she asked. "It gets in the way, it hurts to sit down, I can't remove it without it growing back. It's a pain in the butt!"

"Well," said Galloway, "it's the sign of your species. You aren't human, you know; I mean, no human can have every ability I have, and from what I've heard, you have some inner power, too."

Maria looked down again. "I know. I don't want it, though."

NOW Galloway was curious. "What do you mean?"


"Okay, okay," said Galloway. "You don't want to talk about it, fine. However, you have to accept that you have this. And considering the opposition we're facing, you'll need to learn how to use it. From now on, I'm training you."

Maria just looked at him. " mean...I have to fight?"

Galloway nodded. "If we fail, and GOD is born anyway, you might be all the hope that's left. Just remember that."

Maria looked at Galloway a bit, then hugged him again in a bone-crushing grip. Galloway was barely able to gasp the words, "Let go."


Mox slept on the front step. He would join them tommorrow. They weren't leaving without him. The last thing he could allow was one of them to become stronger than he was.


Kaizer checked his map, then laughed. The six were in position. It would soon all be over.

Weiila: Gallo, you're the last person on earth who should have kids.
Galloway: Weiila, you're the last person on earth that's going to HAVE kids.
The Origins Saga part 14: Dark Visions

After Maria FINALLY let go of Galloway and left, he healed his crushed organs and went back to sleep. Now he had to train his own daughter from the future. Things were getting wierder by the minute.


When he woke up, he was no longer in the bunker. He was lying on the floor of a ruined building. Everything was in shambles; pieces of desks, chairs, computers, and various other things were scattered all over. Not only that, but several dead bodies were there, as well. A businessman's head had been blown clear off, leaving only a bloody stump in its place. A woman and a little girl were still clutching each other, a hole running parallel through both of them. Galloway recognized this as an energy beam hole. Several others were maimed beyond recognition.

Trying to figure out what was going on, he walked outside. He was in a large city of some sort, except that there was no life. The whole place stank of death. Craters filled the streets, along with destroyed cars, smashed planes, and various other kinds of debris. Like before, many bodies were lining the street. However, sound of a struggle could be heard from the distance.

Galloway followed the noise until he reached the outer rim of a massive crater. He went for cover as soon as he saw two people standing inside, obviously in the middle of a battle. Galloway was only able to clearly recognize one of them, but he could tell after a bit of hard looking who it was. It was an adult version of his brother. He was looking into the future! He slowly snuck closer until he could hear what was being said, which happened to be behind the top half of a skyscraper.

Then he looked down, and saw Val, crushed underneath. Gungnir, now shattered and useless, was beside her. Chris was also nearby, his body stabbed and energy beamed about a hundred times. A bit away, he could see Glenton and GG's bodies; they were almost completely torn apart. This was the dark future Maria was talking about. Galloway then reasoned who the other person was: GOD.

"Why?" asked Gemini. "Why are you doing this? What changed you?"

"Changed?" asked GOD, sarcasm heavy in his voice. "I didn't change at all. I merely accepted my true destiny. Now, prepare to die, like everyone else on this planet!"

Galloway peered through a smashed window. Gemini charged and casted Firaga, but GOD simply dodged. He then sliced Gemini through with some kind of scythe. Galloway's brother fell to the ground, on his last few breaths.

"Brother," he said. "I know you can hear me. Why does it end like this? I'm sorry...I couldn't protect...Maria." He then coughed up one last bit of blood before dying.


Galloway woke up screaming. He was back in his bed on the bunker. His mind was still reeling from what he had just seen. Was that the world Maria lived in? And what was Gemini meaning by "changed"? He knew he would have the answers someday. Until then, he decided to sleep on it.

Val: Blarg! I am dead!

The Origins Saga part 15: Not Again...

The next morning came rather uneventfully. That is, until Galloway began to scream bloody murder. Everyone ran of to the back of the bunker (including Mox), where the Dimensional Portal-thingy was kept.

Galloway pounded the control panel until the others were able to sedate and drag him away. After the drugs wore off, he went back to pounding on the panel.

"The damn thing's not working right!" he began to scream, all the while continuing to pound. "It can only connect to one location at a time now. We'll have to do this one at a time!"

"Or," said Star, "we can forget about this entirely." Galloway stopped pounding and blew Star through a wall with an energy blast, then set the controls.

"I've got the first place in sight," he said. "I don't know the name, however. A group will go through, while the rest will stay here and get drunk." Everyone agreed to that plan, even Mox, who was busy preparing his collection of deadly assassination knives.


After a bit of brawling, they finally decided on who was going to go. Val, Lani, Chris, PC, and GG wouold handle this one. Maria wanted to go, too, but Galloway had already tossed her into his "secret room".

Finally, Galloway activated the portal and sent the group through. He then went into the secret room, while everyone else got drunk and played ping-pong.


The group landed uncerimoniously on the deck of a large, wooden ship. Heavy rain poured down on them, while the ship was rocked from the relentless waves. Of course, the first thing that raced through everyone's mind was, "Where the hell are we?"

"HEY!" shouted an all-too-familiar voice from behind. "It's the Valkyrie!" Val turned, and saw a sight she had never wanted to see again.

Even as the three vikings approached her, she fainted from shock and horror. It was them again. She thought about throwing herself over the side, but realized that she didn't have enough strength to do that.

Galloway: *quickly kills Val...somehow*

The Origins Saga part 16: 8 Simple Rules for Training my Teenage Daughter

When Maria came to, she was inside a small room. The walls were undecorated metal, the ground was metal, the roof was metal; in other words, it was like the rest of the bunker. Also inside was small cot, a TV, a mini-fridge, and a few VHS tapes. Galloway was standing in the doorway on one side; another was right behind Maria.

"Where am I, daddy?" asked Maria. "I thought I was going to go with them..."

"Maria," said Galloway, "I said I was going to train you. Whether you like it or not, we begin now. I had this section of the bunker sealed off; the only person who knows how to enter is me. This is the training room that the Gods put in when they redesigned the bunker."

Maria looked at him, completely puzzled. "Gods? But...Uncle Gemini said that..."

Galloway smiled at her words. "Uncle Gemini, huh? Don't tell me he's a father, too." Maria didn't say anything, but looked at the VHS tapes. Galloway quickly grabbed them and shoved them into a sack. "I borrowed these from Weiila. It's her private...uh...relaxation tapes. I thought about borrowing Val's, but she doesn't like me getting within five feet of her."

Maria laughed. "That's mommy for ya." She then covered her mouth while Galloway gasped. If Val was her mother, that would mean...

"Anyway," said Galloway, "let's begin." He walked to the other side of the room and pushed some buttons on a hidden key panel. The door opened, revealing a perfectly square room. The walls, ceiling, and floor where completely black, with yellow lines running through every section of them. Galloway grabbed the hesitating Maria and tossed her inside, then walked in himself and closed the door.

"This is the Holodeck," said Galloway. "It can completely simulate any place you want. I modified it to also allow certain situations critical for what we're preparing for. That, and I didn't want the possibility that Star would somehow make his way in here and use it to simulate naked cat girls all day." Maria was just looking around in shock.

"Okay," said Galloway, "let's start." He went to a computer panel in the wall and pressed a few buttons. The entire room changed into a simulation of a dojo.

"A basic thing to start with," said Galloway. "Now, try to kill me." Maria just stood there. Sighing, Galloway muttered, "I guess I'll start." He jumped forward.

Maria drew back slightly, then swung her hand out in self-defense. Galloway was knocked back slightly, but flipped back up and flew upwards.

"Hey!" shouted Maria. "What're you doing?" Galloway just hovered there. "Can you fly?" he shouted.

Maria shook her head. "Well, then," said Galloway, "can you fire an energy beam?" Maria shook her head again. Galloway was taken slightly aback.

"Then," he continued, "is there anything you can do?" He then turned around and began to hover back. Then he felt a very sharp pain in his back, as he plummetted down to the ground.

When he got back on his hands and knees, he pulled out a long, sharp piece of wood that had once been part of the dojo wall. He then turned to Maria, who was by a torn piece of wall. Her hand had a small splinter in it.

Galloway smiled. She was Val's daughter, all right.

Galloway: She's my daughter, too.

The Origins Saga part 17: Norse by Norsewest

"We didn't think we'd see you again!" said the red-beared viking. "While you were gone, we had to outwit Tomator yet again!"

"Goody," said Val. However, the vikings were too dumb to notice the sarcasm in her voice. "Say, where are we?"

"You're on our ship!" said the beardless one. "We're returning home after a long sailing trip. Oh, and we discovered a new continent! Too bad Olaf thinks that other people will discover it and name it 'America'." Olaf just looked out, rejected.

"Let me guess," said PC. "These are the Lost Vikings." Val shook her head sadly; the terrifying experience she had last time with these guys was still fresh in her memory.

"Erik!" shouted Olaf. "Something's not right here. This storm doesn't seem natural."

"Baleog," said Erik, "hit him."

(One ol' fashioned viking bashing later)

"He's right," said GG. "I've been on many an adventure before, and never have I seen such a storm."

"And never have you talked so gay," said PC. The author then materialized, slapped him, then dissapeared. After recovering from the sheer stupidity of what had just happened, they felt something massive under the ship. This was followed by an unnatural calm.

"Uh, guys," said Erik, "where's the water?" At that point, they realized what had happened; they were now flying in the air! No sooner had they learned this when their ship crashed straight into a forest.


Weiila took a quick nap after seven minutes of non-stop alcohol. Mox quietly snuck up to her, his knife drawn. He was going to kill one of them right now. They had to all die.

Just then, he slipped on a towel someone had left on the floor. Weiila woke up from the sound of the commotion, while Mox landed gracefully on his feet and sheathed the knife in mid-air.

"Okay," said Weiila, "what were you doing?"

"Uh, nothing," said Mox. "I was just admiring...uh...the nice texture of this bed. Yeah, that's it."

"You had me until that last line," said Weiila. "Get out before I call Starstorm."

"Don't you remember?" said Mox. "I kicked his ass in half a nanosecond! How do you expect him to fare against me right now?"

"Just shut up and leave," grunted Weiila, before falling asleep again. Mox cursed quietly, then left.

Star: *tries to kill Mox*
Mox: *kills Star in such a quick manner that it doesn't deserve mentioning*

The Origins Saga part 18: Magi Galloway

After everyone pulled themselves out of the wrecked ship, they surveyed their new forest surroundings. "Where are we?" asked Olaf.

"This must be..." began Baleog, but he couldn't say the last bit for about three seconds, then continued, "...the Woods of the Magi."

"Magi?" asked Val. "As in, wise men, mages, pansies, wusses, elves, etc.?"

"Yes," said Erik, "but not just any mages. These mages are actually strong. I heard that one once let an entire army of vikings come up and hack at it, without suffering a scratch. He then vaporized all of them with a single spell, then sent plagues upon their villages."

"Bah!" said Val. "Mages are weak! Flies can kill them! All mages are pure, unadulterated wusses!"


Weiila, Wil, Mox and Gemini suddenly looked up. They had simultaniously sensed that someone had just insulted their classes.


"Uh, Val," said Lani, "I'm a mage, and I can easily grind you into dust. Now shut up and let's go!"

"Not so fast," said a haunty voice behind them. They turned, and saw a rather short man, wearing a long red robe and carrying a golden staff. His face looked exactly like Galloway's.

"You must be the next Galloway," said Chris. He quickly drew his sword, while everyone else pulled out their weapons of limited destruction.

"Yes," said the man. "My name is Magi Galloway, and if I hear one joke about how stupid the name is, I will vaporize this entire universe." Nobody dared joke at that point. They just attacked.

Magi dodged Val's lunge, then elbowed her through about six trees. He then blasted Chris away with a massive energy bolt, before tripping PC and GG, who were simultaniously charging at him. The Lost Vikings charged towards him, but were beaten back in a rather humiliating way. Soon, only Lani was left.

"You shall be the next to fall," said Magi. He then raised his staff and prepared to attack...

Lani quickly raised her hands and shouted, "Flames of Hell!" A massive blast of fire enveloped Magi for a few seconds, but he hopped out without so much as a burn. "This is so entertaining," he said, "that I will let you live for now. Besides, I see that my other part isn't with you." With that, he teleported away in a puff of smoke.


After a few hours, Galloway and Maria finally stopped training. "Okay," said Galloway, "take a break." Maria was practically dancing around, until Galloway finished his sentence.

"We start again in five minutes."

Val: I was beaten by a mage. *hangs herself in embarrasement*

The Origins Saga part 19: Another Vision

Galloway sat on the cot and leaned backwards. However, his leg slipped on the metal floor, causing him to fall and bang his head against the wall. After a bit of bleeding, he fell into unconciousness.


Once again, he found himself in the lobby; only this time, it was intact. In fact, it turned out to be a hospital lobby. Doctors and nurses scurried to and fro, oblivious to Galloway's presence, while people sat in the waiting room, their faces lined with sorrow.

Galloway then saw someone that stood out; a tall doctor with black hair. He was quite a bit younger, but Galloway recognized him easily. It was Dr. Kaizer. Filled with a sense of dread at what this vision meant, he followed the scientist through the hospital's corridors.

Finally, he descended down a flight of stairs into the basement. Galloway watched enter a set of double doors, which quickly closed and locked. When Galloway tried to open them, though, his hand passed right through, as if he was a ghost. Shrugging his shoulders, he passed right through.

What he saw shocked him. Thousands upon thousands of infants were inside small containers, apparantly drugged to sleep. Doctors were watching and writing down various records from readers on the outside of the machines.

"Well?" said Kaizer to one of the doctors. "Have we found the true one yet?"

"Not yet," replied the doctor, "but don't worry. We will have soon."

"Do you have any idea how much effort this took?" said Kaizer. "I had to take every different version of this brat, replace them with a fake for a couple days, then wait until the true one is found, and you tell me that you STILL haven't figured it out?"

"Please, sir," said the doctor, "we just need a little more time..."

"Your time ran out long ago," said Kaizer. He pulled out a silenced handgun and fired, blowing a hole through the doctor's face. Galloway, however, soon began to focus on the babies. Strangely, they all seemed to look alike...


"Daddy?" asked Maria. "Are you all right?"

Galloway woke up from the vision abruptly. This was getting wierder and wierder by the second. He turned to Maria, healed his head, then opened the holodeck door and dragged her inside.

Galloway: Blarg, I am bored. *dies of boredom*

The Origins Saga part 20: The Counsel of the Magi

After everyone had recovered from having their butts kicked, and GG had cut Val down from the rope, the small group gathered together to discuss what to do. However, Olaf had the bright idea of starting a fire, and they were suddenly captured by an entire army.


When they came to, they were sitting before six old men, with long white beards, wrinkled faces, and blue robes. The heroes were tied to simple wooden chairs, while the old men sat comfortably in nice wool-covered ones. Finally, one of them stood up.

"You have entered our forest," he said, "with the desire to destroy our village. We have no choice but to-"

"WHAT?" shouted Val. "We didn't come here to do shit! We just-"

"Silence, Valkyrie!" shouted another old man. "The power of Odin has no sway in this forest."

"Four nights ago," continued another old man, "a wizard, calling himself 'Magi Galloway', entered our village. He was seeking an iron chest, which he had dropped in the outskirts. As it turns out, a stranger found the chest. We took him inside our village, where we opened the chest. Inside was this..." He pulled out the six-star Dragonball!

"The man wanted his treasure back," said another man, "but the stranger refused. Finally, he threatened to destroy our village if it was not returned by tonight. The stranger refused our pleas, so we had no choice but to jail him."

"And now," said the fifth old man, "you seek to do your master's bidding, to destroy the Village of the Magi!"

"Wait!" said Lani. "We do not wish to destroy your village! We came to fight Magi Galloway ourselves!" The old men were flabbergasted.

"Child," said the first old man, "it is a hopeless battle. His power is well above anything we have seen before. He destroyed entire armies without so much as a thought, and you alone seek to stop him?"

"Why can't you do anything?" asked Chris. "Aren't you wizards?"

"No," said the sixth old man. "We are another meaning of 'magi'. We are mearly wise men, seekers of knowledge. We have no respect or need for the ways of battle; at least, not before this. Magi Galloway is demented; nothing good can come from destruction."

"Well," said Val, "why don't we see this stranger? Maybe he knows something."

The old men whispered amongst themselves for a few minutes, then turned back to Val. "Very well," said the third one. "But it must be quick. We have to protect our own people first; if the stranger does not agree to hand over the treasure, then we will have to give both it and him to Magi Galloway." They then cut the heroes' ropes and took them off.

Galloway: Who is this stranger? Well, actually, unlike most things here, I know who it is, and it won't make any fucking sense, believe me, but it'll be there. Now enjoy your popcorn, or I will hunt you down and beat you to death with a ceramic vase.

The Origins Saga part 21: Some Seriously F***ked-up Shit

Maria dodged one of Galloway's punches, then jumped backwards to the end of the room. Galloway powered up the Kaioken and charged. Maria tried to sidestep, but didn't move fast enough. Galloway's fist connected head-on with the side of her face, sending her flying to the side.

Maria quickly flipped back to her feet, then rubbed the side of her face. Galloway charged again, while Maria threw a hand out in self-defense. An energy beam suddenly rocketed out, knocking Galloway off-balance slightly.

"Nice work, Maria," said Galloway, "but you have to concentrate on your energy more. If you don't bring it out correctly, it won't help you at all."

"What energy?" asked Maria. "I...I don't get it."

Galloway was now puzzled. "You mean...I never told you how to control your ki? Man, was I one messed-up father or what! Do you even know what you just did?" Maria shook her head.

Galloway face-palmed himself. This was going to be one long training thing.


"So," said Val, as the old men were leading them to the jail cells, "who is this stranger?"

"He's strange," said the first old man. "In fact, he isn't even human. I think he's some kind of wombat..."

"No," said the third old man, "he's a wolf!" The fourth said that he was a platypus, the fifth said he was a crow, and the second said he was a three-toed sloth. The sixth said nothing.

"Okay," said PC, "the suspense is killing me. Who IS he?"

"Why," said the sixth old man, "we're almost there. Why not see him and judge for yourself?"

"If he isn't human," asked Lani, "how could you tell if he's a guy or not?"

"He told us," said the third old man. "He can talk, for some odd reason. And he is pretty intelligent, although not enough to make him a magi."

"Man," said GG, "now I am caught up in the suspense! I wonder who this mystery guy is?"

Finally, they reached the jail cells. After making their way past empty cell by empty cell, they reached the only occupied cell in the entire jail.

The mystery person was a fox. He wore red shoes, and had two tails instead of one. Instant recognition began to spread on their faces as they realized who it was.


Weiila: Man, this is getting more and more crapped up by the second!
Galloway: Uh, this is a Galloway fanfic. You can cuss to your hearts content.
Weiila: I will then! *long series of explicative comments deleted*

The Origins Saga part 22: The Super-Viking-Attack-Manuever Plus 5!

"How do you know his name?" asked the first old man.

"Uh, lucky guess?" replied Chris. "How long do we have?"

"About two seconds," said the sixth old man. Two seconds later, an explosion was heard outside the village. The old men threw opened the cell.

"Let's go," said the fifth old man. Tails followed them without a word, only barely glancing at the others inside the jail. His eyes looked worried.

"That's it!" said Erik once the old men had left. "That wombat did nothing wrong! We have to save him!"

"Easier said than done," said PC. "That guy kicked our asses last time! How would this be any different!"

"Simple!" said Baleog. "We'll use the Super-Viking-Attack-Manuever Plus 5!" Nobody had a bloody clue what that was, so the three vikings began to fill them in.


Tails was led outside the village, accompanied by the first two old men. In his hands was the Dragonball. Magi Galloway sat on an old tree stump, staff in hand. Already a few trees behind him were burning from the explosion.

"Like we have promised," said the first old man, "we have brought the child and the Dragonball." They three Tails in front of Magi Galloway, then quickly pulled out crossbows as to prevent his escape.

"You thought you could get away," said Magi, "but you were sorely mistaken. You stole my precious treasure. You ruined my good name with the Master. And now, you're going to pay." He slowly rose to his feet and raised his staff.

A bolt of fire blasted out of the head of the staff. It connected with a nearby hut, setting it on fire immediately. This was followed by a few more suffering the same fate. "But, why?" asked the second old man. "We did exactly as you asked!"

"Yes, you did," said Magi. "But I cannot simply let you live after seeing my face. Nobody shall witness my power and live." He then turned back to Tails, who was trying to crawl away. He aimed his staff head at the fox.

Suddenly, Olaf glided right over the fox. He landed, then blocked the fireball with his shield. Olaf then dashed by, grabbed Tails, and dashed far away. Baleog fired a Fire Arrow at Magi's back. The wizard crushed it in mid-flight, but was suddenly blasted by a massive blast from Chris's Kaizer form.

He turned to the dragon, but was stabbed from behind by GG. He tried to smack the adventurer down, but PC used the chance to sneak up from behind, pull out the Dragon's Tooth, and slash him along the back.

Val then threw Gungnir at the confused Magi. Lani used her magic to guide it straight at her target. Magi barely had time to look wide-eyed with terror as the spear went straight through his heart and exited his body. He fell to the ground and dissapeared in a flash of light.


Galloway was blocking a few punches from Maria when an odd feeling suddenly crept into his mind. Caught off-guard for a second, Maria was able to sucker-punch him, sending him slamming into the ground.

After the usual apologizing, Galloway checked the Ultra-orb. It was now glowing much brighter. They must have killed another Galloway...


The villagers, with some help from Val's group, were able to quickly put out the fires. Half of the village was now in ruins, but thankfully, there were few deaths.

"We were foolish," said the first old man. "We followed Magi Galloway's orders like goats. It will never happen again."

"Make sure it doesn't," said Val. "Now, about the wombat..."

"VAL!" shouted PC. "HE'S A FOX! MY GOD, CAN YOU NORSE PEOPLE TELL ANY ANIMALS APART?" Val quickly knocked him out, then continued. "Mind if we take a look at him?"

"Go ahead," said the third old man. "He could barely walk over here; he seems to be really weak. We fear that in our blindness, we may have mistreated him. Take him home."

"We will," said GG. He picked up the unconcious Tails and, after everyone had said their Good-byes to the Lost Vikings, called Galloway via codec.


Galloway was just exiting the Holodeck when he recieved the codec call.

(begin codec conversasion)
Galloway: Yeah?
GG: We did it. We killed Magi Galloway.
Galloway: I know. I could...sense it somehow. Maybe the other Galloways and I are linked somehow. Anyway, did you find the Dragonball?
GG: Yeah, and...we have something else.
Galloway: Oh, really? What?
GG: Well...have you ever heard of Tails?
Galloway: Tails? You mean, the two-tailed fox Tails? What was he doing there?
GG: Beats me. This isn't his world at all. And he's pretty beaten up; we have to take him back on board.
Galloway: All right. I'll send you all right back.
(end codec conversasion)

Galloway dashed into the Dimensional Portal-thingy room and opened the portal. The entire compadre walked through, with a nearly-dead Tails in tow.

Galloway: *kills them all with a Spirit Bomb* Don't pester me like that.

The Origins Saga part 23: The House of Xian

Kaizer slammed his desk so hard, it smashed straight in two. The remaining five evil Galloways stood back, watching their master carefully.

Kaizer slowly began to regain his composure. "Magi Galloway failed us," he said, "because he foolishly sought to destroy villages rather than take his targets out. And now it seems that Naar's little prisoner has escaped. We cannot allow this to continue."

He went to the exit of his HQ and put on his coat. "Still, we have five of the Dragonballs. Guard each one of them more carefully than Super and Magi did, or next time, it will be I that ends you life. Now, if you excuse me, I think I know where d may be going." He then walked out the door.


"Okay," said Galloway. "Do your stuff, Weiila!"

"Do you have any idea how sick that sounds?" asked Weiila, looking at the still-unconcious Tails.

"Look," growled Galloway, "just hurry it up. We need to know what's going on." Weiila sighed, then quickly used a healing spell.

Tails's eyes slowly began to flicker, then finally opened. He slowly began to sit up. "Where...where am I?" he asked. " I alive?"

"Yeah, for now," said Val. "Magi Galloway is history. Now, all we have to do is get you home."

Tails smiled slightly. "Thanks...I think." He then looked around frantically.

"Is something wrong?" asked Galloway.

"No..." began Tails. Then he took one look at Galloway, screamed, and hid under the bed. Galloway smiled a bit, then went to the Dimensional Portal-thingy. Then he walked back.

"Uh, I don't have your world on the computer," he said sheepishly. Everyone fainted at that moment; that is, except Mox.

"I don't usually do this...helpful stuff," he said, "but I could give you a map of the multiverse; that is, if you go with me to get it."

Galloway thought about it for a second, then said, "Fine. Where is this map, anyway?" Mox grabbed Galloway's arm and Tail's leg and teleported off, but not before saying two words that struck fear into Galloway's heart.

"My house."

Galloway: Dun dun dunnnnn...

The Origins Saga part 24: Lifestyles of the Rich and Evil

The three landed in front of a large, multi-storied, brick house. The windows were boarded up, the front door was beginning to rot, and the general ambience was one of dread and terror.

"Ah," said Mox, "the house of Xian. Sadly, you haven't burnt to the ground yet."

"You don't like this place, huh?" asked Galloway. Mox dropped Tails, then walked to the front door and kicked it open.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Tails, dusting himself off. Galloway smiled, then followed Mox. Tails sighed. "This just keeps getting worse and worse." He then followed them, as well.


The inside, unlike the outside, was strangely intact. Green carpet covered the entire floor, while white wallpaper covered the walls. A chandelier hanged over the entryway, made entirely of diamonds and crystals. Galloway and Tails just gasped at the level of fanciness. Mox just scoffed, then walked into an adjoining room.

They were now inside a large kitchen area. A large table, made from a very fine-polished oak, was in the middle, while small ovens lined half of the western side of the wall. But most surprisingly of all was the 1950's refrigerator. Mox laughed at their astonishment. "I had that put in right after I was freed," he said. "It's an amazing device." He then pulled a small candle on the wall, which revealed a secret staircase.

They ended up in a large library. Once all three were through the passage, it sealed itself, revealing that the doorway was an old bookshelf with painted-on books. The library itself ran for two floors, with each and every square inch covered in books, bookshelves, tables, lamps, and documents. Mox looked around the room with a kind of fondness. "The only good thing in this house," he said, "was the library. I spent years locked up in here, studying the forbidden arts, learning the true secrets of the universe, and masturbating in front of White Mage porn." This somewhat disgusted Galloway, but Tails didn't know what "masturbation" or "porn" was, so he wasn't bothered as much.

Mox now led them to a metal door in the side of the room. He unlocked it with a large metal key. "I found this in father's room one day," he said. "He never allowed us inside. He thought we might learn about the Black Pentagram's location. I guess he was right."

Inside was a kind of observatory. A telescope was by a window, long since unused. Maps and charts of stars and planets were all over. Mox picked up one of the maps, then grabbed the two and prepared to teleport away.

"Excuse me," said an all-too-familiar voice, "but where do you think you're going?" Everyone turned, and saw Kaizer standing in the entryway, a silenced pistol in his hand. He slowly walked towards them, his gun never leaving sight of their heads.

"Well, know," said Kaizer, "how fortunate for me. Not only is Galloway here, but Morgan as well. Oh, and who can forget the little fox? He seems to have had better luck escaping than his friends did."

"Silence, Kaizer!" shouted Mox. "You are nothing more than a common traitor!" Mox charged forward. Kaizer fired several rounds point-blank, but Mox grabbed him and threw him out the window, despite his heavy bleeding.

"He won't forget this day soon," said Galloway. "Mox may have just thrown him out a window, but I did something else..." He then unsheathed his sword; blood was on the tip. Not only that, but he showed them Kaizer's right eyeball, which he had cut out while the doctor was passing by.

Mox stumbled closer and grabbed Galloway's shoulder. Galloway grabbed Tails's hand, despite the fox's reluctance, and the two teleported away.


Kaizer teleported back to his base, where he healed his wound and got an eye patch. They would pay for this. They would all pay.

That was his favorite eye!

Weiila: Man, you really ARE violent!
Galloway: Well...kinda.

The Origins Saga part 25: The Most Bizzare thing EV0R!

Everyone quickly returned to the bunker, patched up Mox (albeit reluctantly), and took a long look at the charts Mox had grabbed from the observatory. However, due to the sheer number of them, it was going to take a while.

Finally, F. Galloway butted in. "Since this is gonna take a while," she said, "why not check on another Galloway? We can send a group for another Dragonball, while we figure this out!" Galloway nodded in agreement, while everyone else was indifferent.

He then turned to Tails. "Say, do you mind joining us for now? We could always use another hand." Tails thought about it for a minute, then said, "Okay!"

Galloway led everyone to the Dimensional Portal-thingy and entered a few more commands. After entering the quadrants of another Dragonball, and choosing that Gemini, Wil, Tails, and Star should cover this one, the small group entered the portal. Meanwhile, F. Galloway went to the phone. Time to get a few more reinforcements...


The group landed in the middle of a large city. It was most definately late-night, with the moon out, the sky black, and everyone's windows locked and bolted. It looked very much like a modern metropolis, with tall skyscrapers, numerous alleyways, and tons of bums.

Not knowing where to go, the group wandered aimlessly, before stumbling across an unsavory group of suit-wearing thugs loading crates into the back of a van. At first, they somewhat ignored them...until they saw the sign that read, "Psionics Testing. If anyone is moving crates into the back of a van, they are stealing stuff, morons!" Suddenly, they felt several machine guns touch the back of their necks.

"Okay, now," said a gruff voice. "Move into the alley, nice and slowly." They did as they were told, albeit reluctantly. They were then pushed face-up towards the wall, and the guns were cocked. "Okay," said the same voice, "let's deal with 'em like the boss told us to."

Just then, a thunderous voice shouted out one word, which caused the men to shudder in fear. One word that changed the entire course of the encounter. A word that struck fear into the hearts of no-gooders everywhere. A powerful word that, when taken out of context, sounds very funny.


If you can guess where they are, you (like me) have no life.

The Origins Saga part 26: *insert the Tick theme song*

Standing on a short rooftop above them was a gigantic man in a blue suit. Two short blue attenai were stuck above his head, which, except for the mouth and chisled chin, was covered with a blue mask. His entire body was nothing but pure muscle, and his hands were on his waist as he struck a silly superhero pose. Flying above him was a guy in a white bunny suit with moth wings, which he was using to fly.

The blue guy jumped down from the rooftop, creating a small crater in the pavement. The goons holding the heroes hostage turned their weapons on the man and fired, but the bullets bounced off harmlessly.

The blue guy grabbed two of them and bonked their heads into each other, knocking them out. He then threw their unconcious bodies into a couple other goons, knocking them out. The white guy, meanwhile, flew down, but got his ass kicked until the blue guy threw those guys off of him. One, however, got into the van and drove off, leaving a lot of people very confused.

"Not a bad night's work, Arthur," said the blue guy. "Once again, good has triumphed over...not-so-good!" He then turned to the four other guys, who were now leaning on the wall.

"Hmm," he said, "pretty wierd bunch right here. They must be new to The City." He then examined Star, then Wil, then Gemini, then finally Tails.

"Hey, look!" said the blue guy. "The kid's costume has two tails!" He then began to pull Tail's tails, before the fox finally kicked him in the face. He promptly dropped him on his head.

"Let me guess," said Arthur. "That's not a costume; that's a real fox."

"That's right!" said Tails. "Now, apologize for the tail-pulling."

"Wow!" said the blue guy. "A talking fox! We could sell him for some cool superhero equipment!" Wil quickly wacked the blue guy along the back of the head, while Arthur followed suit.

"Drop it, will ya?" said Arthur. "We don't need any equipment; crimes happen every five seconds here!" The blue guy frowned, but finally dropped the subject.

"Okay," said Gemini, "who are you?"

The blue guy stood tall and proud, his hands back at his waist. "I am the protector of justice! The righter of wrongs! The good guy in a room full of...bad guys! I am strength! I am charisma! I am the sworn protector of The City! I am...THE TICK!"


"Sorry, boss," said the thug. "Most of the gang got taken out. But I got the goods!"

"Excellent," said a mysterious voice. "But you know, your was it taken out? A full-force special forces team, I presume?"

"Well, actually," said the thug, "it was one guy."

The mysterious guy threw his wine glass against the floor. "What? You fools were the best money could buy! How could you fail me like that?"

"Sorry, boss," said the thug. " was The Tick!"

The mysterious guy stood up and reached into his coat. "Who did it is immaterial to what has happened. Not only that, but you let the fox go! Do you have any idea how much work Naar had to do to get that kid? Anyway, it is of no importance. We have the psionics equipment. We can increase my psychic abilities a hundred-fold now."

"Well," said the thug, "we kinda missed this one box..."

Now the guy was MAD. "You idiot! The police must be swarming the place by now!"

"Please!" said the thug. "Forgive me!"

"I'll put this as bluntly as possible," said the guy, pulling out a handgun from his coat. "Never...never..." He then turned and shot the thug in the head six times, killing him, before finishing his sentence.

"Never piss me off when I'm pissed!"

The Tick=Greatness

The Origins Saga part 27: Evil Plans of the Villainously Evil

"Shouldn't the police be here?" asked Gemini. "I mean, a lab of some sort was broken into, so..."

"Don't be silly!" said the Tick. "The police need not investigate something like this! They have...THE TICK!"

"And," added Arthur, "about eight hundred other superheroes. Like the one standing right above us." Everyone looked up, and saw a woman. She wore black high-hells, a star-spangles maid's hat-thingy, and a maid outfit that was modelled after the American Flag. She jumped down from the small rooftop, narrowly dodging the crater the Tick had left.

"Ah, American Maid," said the Tick. "Glad to see you could join us."

"Didn't have much of a choice," she said. "I've been following these guys for some time now. They've been raiding science labs around the City, and yet haven't stolen a thing."

"Until tonight, I guess," said Star. "They were loading stuff into a van when we got here."

"And who are you?" asked American Maid. She then saw the dirty look Wil was giving her, took off a high-heel, and threw it, sending it straight through his arm. "Don't look at me like that again," she said, removing the shoe, "or I'll aim for your skull next time."

"Okay," said Star, answering her first question. "I'm Starstorm, and this is Wilfredo Martinez, JFGemini, and Tails." Everyone said their hellos to the silent American Maid, who put her shoe back on and walked into the lab.

"They might have left some clues behind," she said. "Let's take a look." Everyone quickly piled up inside.


The mysterious guy was sitting in his chair, sipping some wine, when another mysterious guy showed up.

"So," said MG1, "what do you want?"

"Can't you read my mind?" said MG2. "I thought you were psychic."

"I cannot read the minds of my kind, fellow Galloway," said MG1. "Now, why have you come? Has your mission been accomplished?"

"Yes, finally," said MG2. "This one blue guy gave me a little trouble, but I pacified him pretty quickly. Now, tell me, what is taking you so long?"

"Let's just say," said MG1, "that a 'blue guy' of my own is causing me grief. But do not worry, for soon I will have the technology necessary to reach our dear brother."

"Father is very angry with him," said MG2. "He removed his eye. But first, why not use your machine to spread panic and disaster across this world? After all, once you have that machine, you will be unstoppable."

MG1 thought about it for a bit. "As risky as that sounds," he said, "I might as well have some fun first. Besides, our dear brother can have his fun as well."

"Farewell, brother," said MG2. "We will be waiting for you." He then dissapeared.

"Yes," said MG1. "They will be waiting...for me and my brother."

What is their evil plan? Will we ever know? Will we ever care? Stay tuned to find out!

The Origins Saga part 28: The Evil Vehicle

The lab had been completely ransacked. Papers, books and binders were tossed all over the place, tons of glassware was destroyed, computers were shot to hell, a mini-fridge was torn open, and various lab rats had been sliced and gutted.

"Man, they really went wild here," said Wil. "What was tested here, anyway?"

"Telekinesis," said American Maid. When everyone just stared at her blankly, she said, "Psychic stuff." NOW everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

"So, evil has once again reared its ugly head on the realm of science," said the Tick. Arthur facepalmed himself, then checked the one still-usable computer.

"Hey!" he said, stumbling over a file. Everyone quickly ran up to him, except Tails, who had to be lifted over in order to see anything. "This might be what they're after; it's the only thing any of these labs have built!"

A picture showed a series of flowcharts and math stuff, followed by a simple tophat with wires sticking out of it. "This is supposed to give the wearer short-range psychic ability," said Arthur. "But in theory, if used by someone who has psychic power already, it can greatly amplify their ability, even up to the point where it could be used as a weapon."

Star suddenly heard something from behind. He turned, and saw several ninja commandos taking a cardboard box. Naturally, everyone turned after that and went off in pursuit. When they got outside, the ninjas were jumping onto a rope ladder, which was connected to something big in the sky...

"Cool!" said the Tick. "They've got a blimp!"

The ladder began to rise. The Tick, suddenly having a moment of inspiration, grabbed Tails, stretched him out like a wet towel, and blasted him off towards the blimp.


REMEMBER, KIDS: This is a cartoon. Do not try this at home.


Tails slammed straight through the bottom of the compartment. After pulling himself up, he found himself to be in some kind of luggage compartment. Hearing voices nearby, he ducked behind a large crate and listened.

All he could make out was something like, " new hat...", followed by an explosion, which was followed by the sound of water splashing against a wall. Someone then dragged a now-headless corpse and tossed it out the nearby door.


"What the heck did you do that for?" asked American Maid. "That kid's gonna be in so much trouble..."

"Don't worry about it," said the Tick. "I'm sure he's fine. Anyway, let's get to that blimp ourselves!"

Intelligence Meter:
The Tick: -200000
Galloway: 160
Tails: 680

The Origins Saga part 29: The End of the New Hat...

After somehow making it to the blimp, the group entered the main door. However, there was no sign of Tails, so they decided to defeat the evil villains first. Naturally, the ninja commandos jumped right in front; only this time, there were about eighty of them.

"Okay," said American Maid, "Wil, you stop undressing me with your eyes and wait for us to get a hole through. You have to get to the control bridge and take control of the blimp." Wil heard the noise she was making briefly, but was more interested in hitting on her.

Finally, everyone charged forward. The Tick punched and shouldered his way through the ranks, while Arthur serves as nothing more than a decoy. Gemini fired Etnie Blast after Etnie Blast at the ninjas, while Star tooth and clawed his way through them. Finally, Wil found an opening and dashed through an open door, while American Maid kept any more ninjas from entering.

Finally, all the ninjas were dead. Then they spied a closed door, which they quickly kicked open. Inside was another Galloway, wearing a top hat with a small attena sticking out of it. Star recognized him immediately.

"Genio Galloway!" he shouted. Genio laughed, then closed his eyes. Suddenly, everyone began to cringe in pain as a paralyzing screech filled their ears. Genio's laugh was louder than even that, though.

"I have you know!" he shouted. "My psychic powers are more powerful and focused than ever. I can destroy all of you in one swift-" He then noticed something; the Tick wasn't affected. In fact, he was running straight towards him.

"Stop!" shouted Genio, as the other's screams got even worse. "One more step, and I'll kill all of them!" The Tick stopped dead in his tracks and comtenplated the whole thing. If he stayed here, Genio escaped. If he attacked Genio, the others died...


Tails, meanwhile, was crawling through the air duct, having found an entrance in the cargo hold. Eventually, he found another grate, this time right over Genio, who had the hat on. Thinking quickly, he slowly opened the grate and dropped down. As he was going downward, he grabbed the hat right off of Genio's head.

The psychic was completely surprised, but not as much as the heroes, who were now released from his vice-like grip. Genio looked angrily at the fox, who had gotten back up and was already in a fighting pose. "You will pay for this," he said. "Just wait until you see what my brother has done to your precious world..."

He stopped as the Tick punched him through a wall. Wil then used a Firaga spell to blow him to pieces. The two-star Dragonball fell out of his pocket just as he was passing over Tails. Suddenly, the whole blimp began to explode. Everyone escaped, although we shall never know how.


"One question," said Wil. "Why wasn't the Tick affected?"

"I guess he didn't have enough of a brain," said Arthur, being sure that the Tick didn't hear the insult. Tick, however, was already busy with the heroic monlogue:

"And so, extraterrestial evil has been wiped out. But someday, they might return. They might come back to continue their evil schemes of universal conquest. But when they do, they shall be warned that Earth's sworn protector shall be there to greet them. For I am...THE TICK!"

Everyone said their goodbyes, Wil got bitch-slapped by American Maid, and Gemini codected Galloway.

(begin codec conversasion)
Gemini: Hey, brother! What's going on?
Galloway: Oh, we're just playing a little game of Scrabble. Val just taught me that "Spoony" is a real word.
Gemini: Oh...that's wierd. I thought you hated Scrabble.
Galloway: I forgot to pack any other games, okay? Now, did you finish the mission?
Gemini: Yeah. Let's go.
Galloway: Okay, I'll fire up the machine.
(end codec conversasion)

A big portal opened up, and everyone passed through.


"So," said Kaizer, "Genio has failed us."

"What shall we do, master?" asked one of the remaining Galloways. "We have yet to face our final brother, and already we dwindle in number!"

"Do not lose faith," said another Galloway. "Size is not important; tactical skill can lead one man to a victory over thousands."

"He speaks the truth, my children," said Kaizer. "Besides, since when did you start calling yourselves 'brothers'?"

"Because it's fun!" shouted a squeeky-voiced Galloway. Kaizer facepalmed himself.

"It's gonna be a LOOOONG night."

Wil: I have escaped from the Tick! And not wounded in the least, to boot!
Galloway: Except for the shoe marks, blood stains, and various other injuries, you mean.

The Origins Saga part 30: A Discovery

Everyone put away the Scrabble game while Weiila healed Wil's arm; amazingly, he never bled when he was with the Tick, probably due to cartoon physics. Finally, everyone took out the maps again.

"Okay," said Galloway, "I've examined this map, and found out something interesting. Your world...has a Dragonball." Nobody gasped, since most had already learned that half an hour ago, and the rest figured that out from Genio's last words.

"That means," said Galloway, "that we're going to send you home, but send a group in at the same time. If there's a Dragonball there, was can assume a Galloway's there, too. And, as much as I admire your friend's fighting abilities, they're screwed with a capital 'S' against someone like that."

"So, I get to go home now?" asked Tails, adjusting the hat he had taken from Genio, minus the attena, which had been broken off.

"No," said Galloway. "It's too late, and the last thing I'd want to deal with is another Galloway right now..."

"Well," said Weiila, "why not send a group in right now. Then they can rest there, while we rest here?" Galloway rubbed his chin a bit, then sighed. "Fine. Who's going this time?"

"WE ARE!" shouted two voices from the back. Two people emerged from the shadows. Galloway recognized them immediately.

"Hane Dai and Azrael, aka Sephiroth Hayes?"

"I called them," said F. Galloway. "And I'm going, too. I can't stand being cooped up in this place any longer!" Galloway began to nod his head, when Maria walked up to him.

"Daddy," she said, "I want to go, too." Galloway was going to go into the usual fatherly speech on how it was too dangerous and all that, but decided that him training her was dangerous enough, so he began to nod his head. Then someone else butted in; someone nobody suspected.

"I'll go, too," said Mox, slinking himself out of the shadows. "From what I have seen and heard, the fox's world fascinates me. I shall go with them, and see if it is worth destroying." Galloway was about to say no when he realized that if Mox was away, then he wasn't on the bunker, which equals happiness and joy.

"Okay, that settles it," said Galloway. "Maria, Hane Dai, Azrael, F. Galloway, and Mox will accompany Tails to his world, get the Dragonball, then leave. Pack your gear and be back in the Dimensional Portal-thingy."

A few minutes later, everyone arrived at the portal, and where shoved inside.


They landed in the middle of a forest. There wasn't a single sound around them, adding to the general unease. Finding a suitable clearing, they quickly set their stuff down and started a fire.

"Man, I can't wait to see Sonic again!" said Tails. "It's been forever since we saw each other."

"Really?" asked Maria. "What happened?"

Tails sighed. "It's a long story..."

Next time: Tails and Naar...the connection.

Part 2