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 So you wanna make a midi, eh...

Yo yo yo. Lemme tell you what's up... While I want my fan music section to, there must be SOME "order" so that we might prevent effortless midis, and my own confusion. There are only a few requirements.

1. PUT SOME EFFORT INTO IT! As you will notice, all the midis I have up took a bit to make. They might not be perfect, but I believe they're pretty good. If you're gonna make a midi, try hard. Try your best.

2. When you send a midi, give me the name of the game, what system the game is on, whether or not it's a special arrangement(For Special arrangements,note what you did to it...for example, if you gave the song a Rock N' Roll, feel, tell me that), and if you can, the actualy name of the song (You'll still have to give me a description if you want me to put it up). Organization is key. ALSO, make it clear in the subject that it's a mail for Fan Music. A lot of attachment e-mails are about the same size as Klez viruses, so I'm prompted to delete them otherwise.

3. Do not send a midi that is on another site! We want new stuff! So don't let me catch those midis somewhere else.

4. If you're gonna make a miscellaneous midi, specify what kinda it is(Like if it's a song meant for a sad theme or something like that), and most importantly...IT MUST BE YOURS! Plagiarism is illegal, y'know!?

See? That's not TOO hard. So, send em' already.