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1/23/05 - 3/12/05

RPG Classics Poll
What is your favourite type of party in an RPG?

Tons of characters (Suikoden)
Lots of characters (Chrono Cross)
Limited characters (Tales of Phantasia, Final Fantasy X)
Set characters (Secret of Mana 2, Final Fantasy X-2)
One character (Terranigma, Dragon Warrior)

RPG Classics Poll
What do you think of the mist generator theme in Legend of Legaia?

Best sound in the game
It's decent
It's not too good
It's awful
Other (Please specify)

1/16/05 - 1/23/05

RPG Classics Poll
Do you listen to video game music while not playing a video game?

All the time

RPG Classics Poll
Which side quest from Final Fantasy X did you like the most?

Chocobo Racing
Lighting Dodger
Monster Arena
Butterfly Catcher
Cactuar Sidequest
Fighting Belgemine
Getting Anima
Getting Yojimbo
Getting the Magus Sisters
Other (Please specify)

1/2/05 - 1/16/05

RPG Classics Poll
Which Final Fantasy female lead character did you find the most annoying?

RPG Classics Poll
Who is more "evil", Sephiroth or Kefka?

Both equal
Other (Please specify)

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