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Click Year Month Relevant Keywords
2005 August
2005 July N/A
2005 June Age, SNES
2005 May N/A
2005 April N/A
2005 March Summoner, Final Fantasy X-2
2005 February N/A
2005 January Final Fantasy, Sephiroth, Kefka, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, RPG Music
2004 December N/A
2004 November Final Fantasy, Bad Boy, Scripted Death, Cecil, Dark Knight, Paladin
2004 October Window Colours, Final Fantasy, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, GameCube, Strategy Guides, Neo Exdeath, Kefka, Music, Battles, Morrowind
2004 September Tales of Symphonia, Kratos, Zelion, Tales of Phantasia, Playing Time, Character Classes
2004 August N/A
2004 July N/A
2004 June Baldur's Gate, Alignment
2004 May Final Fantasy VII, Favourite Materia, Final Fantasy, System, Chocobo Mini-games, High-level Spells, Chocobos, Moombas, Final Fantasy VI, Special Abilities
2004 April RPG Perspective, Long RPG Battles, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Ruby Weapon, Emerald Weapon, Omega Weapon, Ultima Weapon, Final Fantasy, End Boss
2004 March Memory Card Failure, Scary RPG Scenes, Rumoured Item/Magic/Monster, Custom Robo, Fire Emblem, Hentai, Remastered RPGs
2004 February Male, Female, Protagonist, Final Fantasy, Trilogy, Party Creation, Side-Scrolling Video Game Characters, RPG Apparel, RPG Merchandise
2004 January Sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, Multiple Endings, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts II, Paper Mario, Final Fantasy XI, MMORPG, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, Dark Cloud
2003 December Final Fantasy, Nobuo Uematsu, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Dragon Warrior VIII, Custom Sprites, Career, Popups, Movies
2003 November Moogles vs. Prinnies, Voice Acting, Weakest Enemy, RPG Difficulty, Golden Age, Shrines, Donations, Humour, Religion, Faith, Money, Drop, Salary
2003 October RPGC Mailbag, Item Storage, Wild Arms, Tactical Art System, Legend of Legaia, Legaia: Duel Saga, Weapon Systems, RPGClassics Chat
2003 September Battle System, ATB, Turn-based, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Mastering RPGs, Final Fantasy X International
2003 August Zelda, Cell Shading, Super Mario RPG, Heroes of Might and Magic, Online RPG Fandom, Sno, .hack//INFECTION, MMORPGs
2003 July Kingdom Hearts, Character Mixing, Lufia
2003 June Ragnarok Online, Golden Sun, Boats, Transportation, Starfox Adventures, Platformer, Battle System
2003 May Online Play, Game Storage, Xenogears, Xenosaga, FMV, Earthbound
2003 April Independant RPGs, Commercial RPGs, The Legend of Zelda, Wind Waker, Nintendo 64, Re-releases, Gameboy Advance, Playstation
2003 March Xenogears/saga, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy, Game Boy Advanced, Lufia, 3-D, Playstation 2, 16-bit, Breath of Fire IV, Breath of Fire V, Dragon Quarter
2003 February Tales of Phantasia/Eternia/Destiny, Final Fantasy, Card Games, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Breath of Fire, RPG Characters
2003 January Square, Enix, Merging, Square Enix, Valkyrie Profile, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy X-2, Starfox Adventures, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior
2002 December RPG Length, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XI, Online, Magic
2002 November RPG Stories, Choice, Accessories, Main Character, Weapon, RPG Storylines, Bosses
2002 October RPG Settings, Medieval, Nintendo vs. Sony, Kingdom Hearts, Tactic Games, Ragnarok Online, Harvest Moon 64, World Maps, Palette Swaps, Monsters
2002 September Lunar, Earthbound, Status Effects, Magic, RPG Music, RPG Storylines, MMORPGs, Link, Zelda, Golden Sun, Halo to PC
2002 August RPGClassics Merchandise, RPG Storylines, RPG Companies, RPG Characteristics
2002 July Internet Connection, Beyond the Beyond, Past vs Futuristic, Squaresoft
2002 June Online RPGs, Realism vs. Fantasy, PC RPGs, Final Fantasy X, RPG Webcomic, Stereotypical RPG Characteristics, Star Ocean Ex, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Limit Break, Squaresoft, Final Fantasy
2002 May Elemental Armor/Weapons, RPG-Based Movies, Religion, RPG Setting
2002 April Store Merchandise, United Kingdoms, Link, Zelda, Weapon, Leveling system, Final Fantasy XI, Old School RPGs, RPGClassics T-shirts, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Breath of Fire, Chrono Trigger/Cross
2002 March Best-Selling Series, RPG Consoles, Magic, Class, Continued Series, RPGClassics, SNES Square RPG, Tales of Phantasia/Eternia/Destiny
2002 February Squaresoft RPGs, RPGClassics Games, Male:Female Ratio in RPGs, Best Final Fantasy Opening Character, Javascript, Browser
2002 January Final Fantasy, Must-have in RPGs, Classic RPGs, RPGClassics Merchandise, Paypal, T-shirts

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