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10/26/03 - 11/2/03

RPG Classics Poll
Do you prefer RPGs in which you customize/build your weapons, as opposed to buying/finding?


Current Results

RPG Classics Poll
How often do you visit the RPGC chat?

On 24/7
Once in a while

Current Results

10/19/03 - 10/26/03

RPG Classics Poll
Which Wild Arms game did you prefer?

Wild ARMs
Wild Arms II
Wild Arms III

Current Results

RPG Classics Poll
Do you like the Tactical Art System of Legend Of Legaia and Legaia: Duel Saga?

Very much
A bit
Not so great

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10/5/03 - 10/19/03

RPG Classics Poll
Would you visit a forum that discussed the RPGC Mailbag?

Current Results

RPG Classics Poll
What kind of item carrying and storage do you most like in RPGs?

Limited carry and storage (FF II)
Limited carry, unlimited storage (FF IV)
Unlimited carry (FF VIII)
Slot carry (Pokemon)
Limited carry only (Tales of Phantasia)
Other (Please specify)

Current Results

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