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Final Fantasy

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Sort by Chronological Order - December 2002

12/22/02 - 1/5/03

RPG Classics Poll
What RPG series has the best-looking spells?

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RPG Classics Poll
Do you agree with Final Fantasy XI becoming online?

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12/08/02 - 12/22/02

RPG Classics Poll
Is the Final Fantasy series going downhill with every new episode?

Other (Please specify)

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RPG Classics Poll
What do you think should most main characters be shaped after?

Valiant sword-liking person
Pacifist no-conflict person
Internal struggle person
Magical powers person
Societal reject
Dark past person
Happy innocent person
Hidden powers person
Bad goverment overthrower
Other (Please specify)

Current Results

12/01/02 - 12/08/02

RPG Classics Poll
How many hours should a good RPG last?

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RPG Classics Poll
When will Final Fantasy stop?

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