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6/8/03 - 6/15/03

RPG Classics Poll
Which Golden Sun game did you prefer?

Golden Sun I
Golden Sun II

Current Results

6/8/03 - 6/15/03

RPG Classics Poll
What do you think of the future of the Golden Sun series?

Looks excellent
Looks okay
Maybe if they make better sequels
Looks glum
Crash and burn!
Other (Please specify)

Current Results

9/1/02 - 9/8/02

RPG Classics Poll
How was Golden Sun?

Best game ever!
It's on my top 5 favorite
It's pretty good
It's okay
Kinda sucky
I don't like it
I hate it
I burned the game and spread its ashes all over the world
Other (Please specify)

Current Results

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