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Forum Rules

The rules for the message board are enforced by moderators, who moderate specific boards, and by administrators, who moderate all the message boards. Unless said otherwise, when breaking a rule, you will be warned. If you continuously break a rule, it is to the mods/admins discretion to temporarily ban you. If even after a temporary ban (or bans) the offenses continue, a ban of indeterminate length may be assigned; to be lifted if and when the mods/admins find it appropriate. This all sounds evil, but we're not, we're just trying to keep the place fun for all. Just remember, civility is the name of the game on our boards, and as long as you are being civil, everything will be hunky dory.

Here are the rules for the message board

01. - No advertising about your site or message board. If you want to advertise something, contact an administrator and request permission, otherwise your thread will be closed for spamming.

02. - No posting excessively large pics, size or kb-wise. Try to keep it under 350X350 and a reasonably amount of kb, otherwise it would be an annoying hassle, especially for those with slow modems. The exception is for the "pic posting" thread, found in the Media Forum.

03. - No excessive and constant swearing.

04. - No excessive flaming, of anyone. We appreciate disagreements, but do so maturely.

05. - No excessive and "flammable" insulting of the staff or its affiliates. We welcome criticism, but again, be civil about it.

06. - No porn and no gorey pics. These warrant an immediate ban. Ditto for posting links to porn or gorey or otherwise terribly offensive websites.

07. - No sexual solicitations. One warning only.

08. - No insulting or discriminatory behavior towards religion, nationality, sexual orientation, etc. You'll have only one warning.

09. - No hack or rom requests.

10. - This is an odd rule since it leaves much to interpretation, but if too much completely senseless posting is done just for the heck of posting (or to get a higher user title rank), then you will be warned or your post count will be penalized. We embrace silliness, but only if it remains silly and not juvenile.

11. - There are no stupid questions. What is simple for some is hard for others. Be considerate. This is rule applies for the homework forum and gaming help forums especially.

12. - Please don't spam. We define spam as, "Any overuse of a topic, or posting the same thread(s) repetitively while consistently talking about very similar subjects with little variety nor discussion-depth in both your thread and the thread's replies." An example would be things like, "What is your favorite FF game?" where there is little discussion to be had and the thread itself is not very deep. Trust us, we've all seen those threads 38 times already :P

13. - Don't create threads or posts with the sole aim of insulting a subject or to generally cause trouble. That's called 'trolling' and we don't condone it.

14. - Please keep your signature at a reasonable length, if it looks big at a 1024 resolution, then it's too big. If we feel your signature is too large, an admin or mod will surely private message you asking you to shorten it.

15. - Only one account per user. Duplicate accounts will first be deleted and you'll be warned, but if you do it more often you may be banned.

16. - Forum moderators and administrators are solely responsible for rule enforcement on our forums. If you are a visitor, please refrain from yelling at another user for violating a rule. If you are that concerned, please notify a mod or admin. Save your vigilantes for Death Wish sequels :P

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