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Stolen Lives 4 (PC Glenton)
Oedipus Complex (Weiila)
The RPGC Task Force 5 (d_Galloway)
Abby The Future RPGC (d_Galloway) Mazrim's Six Easy Steps to Writing Good Fanfiction
How to fight Writer's Block, By Archone
Sorcerer Speaks

Are you an aspiring author who has a fondness for RPG Plots? Then this is the place for you. This archive features only the best in RPG fan fiction. If you have a fanfic that you'd like posted, feel free to send an e-mail, along with a link to where we can evaluate the fanfic at (or the fanfic enclosed as an attachment), to TrkJac. Or, post your fanfic on the message board so TrkJac take a look at it, if you desperately need comments quickly or would like some community feedback. Check the Requirements page for more information on the requirements for a fanfic. Well, what else would it be there for?

Fan Fiction Updates:

The ol' Switch-er-roo:

Hiya folks, d Galloway has decided to pass the mantle of the fan fiction archive maintainer to myself (TrkJac). All I see is good work coming into the archive, so keep up the good work all you writer people! If you have an questions, feel free to shoot me an email. Enjoy!

New additions:

Stolen Lives
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PC GlentonIn case you don't know, here at RPGC we have our own little characters, people that have contributed so much that they have become like legends. Today, we shall discuss the origin of PC Glenton, the legendary theif and master killer. By far one of the best fics I have seen in years, this thriller will pull you in to a futuristic world of absolute despair, and never let you go. And remember, guys, never piss off women with guns. Really, don't. I mean it.
Oedipus ComplexWeiilaWeiila returns with a fanfic of Halloweenic preportions! ...Okay, I have no idea what that meant. A Castlevania fic, this shows that sometimes your old home doesn't just feel alive...
Christmas Saga 4
1 2
d GallowayWell, this was SUPPOSED to be last year's Christmas fic, but for reasons that will be made VERY clear as you read, it isn't quite finished yet. Galloway tries to set up the ultimate Christmas party, but three ninjas have decided to get in the way. Oh, and Xero hunts down his parent's killers, and some other storylines get started.
(Note: Check the forums for more updates.)
The RPGC Task Force
1 2 3 4 5
d GallowayBehold! One of the finest superhero teams ever assembled! Read up on the first eight issues today, with the most glorious artwork ever created! (Note: Artwork does not exist.)(Additional Note: More can be found at the forums.)

Welcome back, everyone!

You thought this was dead, didn't ya? Well, we're back, folks! And...with not a lot of content at the moment.

To be honest, the last year has been an absolute hell. What was supposed to be a surefire career path turned out to be the road to nowhere; in other words, I gave up on student teaching. I just couldn't handle all the pressures involved. This, coupled with the broken laptop woes and various other small calamaties, forced this whole mess to slip past one deadline after another.

At the same time, however, I see this as a positive. I want to breathe life back into this place. Not just the archive, but RPGC itself. With a server move botching our front page, and shrines that need a desperate looking over, we are in more need than ever for new blood. That's why I urge you, no, IMPLORE you, to head over to the forums if you can. Not only will you find a few fanfics that won't appear here until the next update, but you can make a difference!

See, this site is founded on users. We don't get paid big bucks by the gaming industry; we have to get people to send us stuff. Making a shrine is not difficult, nor does it consume a great amount of time. Writing a fanfic does not take much time, either. Draw some fanart, write a game review, do whatever. If you can take a few minutes out of your busy lives to slap down some HTML or post on our humble Agora, you, too, can become a contributing member of RPGC's society.

Because this site would not exist if it wasn't for you. Thank you, and see you in March.

Shameless Plug: Make sure to check out the media forum for an Absolution...

And the miscellaneous bottom part!

As a favor to the writer of one of my favorite fanfics on the site (writer is The Mana Priestess), I am going to plug her site, which needs traffic, here. Head over to the Sparkling City of Ruin, it has a bunch of things about the game Legend of Mana, as well as her story. Some cool artwork too. Well, what are you waiting for? Really, while I am sort of tired so I can't describe it that well, it is quite a cool site. What are you waiting for? Clicka clicka?

Have you ever pored over your computer screen, trying and trying to write a good fanfic, but finding that you can't seem to come up with any ideas? Or perhaps you're good at coming up with ideas, but when it comes time to write about them, you never find yourself able to? If so, you're not alone. Many writers, of both fanfiction and more conventional work, have that feeling all the time. Therefore, to combat that feeling and to help you to produce fanfics that you can be proud of, I give you:

Mazrim's Six Easy Steps to Writing Good Fanfiction
How to fight Writer's Block, By Archone, and
Sorcerer Speaks

If you're having trouble writing good fanfiction, don't hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions about our Writer's Resources(above), or if you just want to talk about your story a bit. I'm friendly with little else to do (most of the time), so don't worry. ^_^

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