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Step 5: Finishing Your Shrine

Q. I've finished my shrine! Go on and tell the world!

A. Wait a second. Before you tell me you've finished it, go over and think: do you have ALL the information for this game? That's the point of a shrine, after all. 8-) If there's any information you're missing, go back and get it! Also please try to make sure that all your spelling and grammar errors are corrected, hmmm? If they're not we'll just have to tell you about it and make you correct them anyway.

Q. I really think I'm done.

A. OK, so send me an e-mail telling me so. I'll take a quick look at your shrine and point out any obvious errors and omissions. Once you've corrected them, tell me again. Your shrine will go up for perusal amongst the staff (preferably someone who's actually played the game 8p) and they'll offer more helpful criticism. That's the last thing you need before finishing it. E-mail Merlin with the address of your finished shrine and he'll finish the process of admitting you into the elite society that is RPGC.

Q. Awesome! What do I get when I join?

A. Basically here are the priveleges you'll get when you join:

  • An e-mail. You will be assigned a password you can change through You can configure it to forward to an existing address through the same interface, or you can fetch it through pop3 or imap, or read it using:
  • Access to all the regular RPGC servers. Your shrine will be moved to the main server, by the way.
  • Access to the RPGClassics staff board.
  • Automatic VOP status on the RPGC chat room.
With those rights comes responsibilities, though. You must act maturely and in a matter befitting that of RPGC staff. If the staff decides that you are being offensive, abusive, or generally being a jerk, you may lose your rights or even be banned from the chat room or messageboard. In fact, if you're already banned from one of them, joining the staff won't get you unbanned!

Q. Will I still get to keep this FTP account at

A. Nope. As soon as you become staff, your other FTP account is deleted. You'll get a staff folder to store stuff in (on the main server) if you want to.

Q. What if I want to do another shrine after I become staff?

A. Make a request on the Agora.

Q. Dude, u r0x0rs.

A. Thanks... I think... O_o

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