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Avlee is an a rather sparse area populated by elves, wyverns... and some say titans. Legend has it that the Faerie King holds court somewhere in Avlee. Perhaps you can find where he does so. And even if you do, how do you get in?

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Vital Statistics
Open Times: 6am to 6pm
Respawn Time: 2 Years
Spotted Monsters: Elven Warriors, Water Elementals and Wyverns

SundayDeyja, 5 Days
Tularean Forest, 3 Days
TuesdayTularean Forest, 3 DaysErathia, 4 Days
WednesdayDeyja, 5 DaysTularean Forest, 3 Days
ThursdayTularean Forest, 3 DaysErathia, 5 Days
Tularean Forest, 3 Days
SaturdayTularean Forest, 3 DaysErathia, 4 Days
SouthTularean Forest, 7 Days
EastTularean Forest, 5 Days
WestThe Shoals, 1 Day
(requires all characters
to wear Wetsuits)

Main Map
Hall Under the Hill Temple of Baa Titan's Stronghold Tularean Forest, 5 Days Tularean Forest, 7 Days The Shoals, 1 Day Mini Map
1 ShrineQuest Action: Pray at the Shrine (Visit the three stonehenge monoliths in Tatalia, the Evenmorn Islands, and Avlee, then return to Anthony Green in the Tularean Forest.)
2 ShrineQuest Action: Place the Knight Statuette in the shrine (Retrieve the three statuettes and place them on the shrines in the Bracada Desert, Tatalia, and Avlee, then return to Thom Lumbra in the Tularean Forest.)
3 Temple of BaaQuest Action: Find and kill the High Priest of Baa (Go to the Temple of Baa in Avlee and kill the High Priest of Baa, then return to Bartholomew Hume in Harmondale.)
3 TestGrants 7 Skill Points if named Attribute is greater than 100. Works once per character.
4 Titan's StrongholdQuest Action: Find the Perfect Bow (Retrieve the Perfect Bow from the Titan' Stronghold in Avlee and return it to Lawrence Mark in Harmondale.
Quest Action: Retrieve the Perfect Bow from the Titan' Stronghold in Avlee and return it to Steagal Snick in Avlee.)
5 Wind RunnerShip
6 Hall Under the HillQuest Action: Find the enterance to the Faerie Mound (Solve the secret to the entrance of the Faerie Mound in Avlee and speak to the Faerie King.)
Quest Action: Deliver the Sealed Letter to recieve the Faerie Pipes for Johann Kerrid (Take the sealed letter to the Faerie King in the Hall under the Hill in Avlee.)
7 Tempus' HouseTeaches Grandmaster Body Magic.
7 WellRestores 25 Hit Points.
8 Apple ResidenceTeaches Grandmaster Alchemy.
9 Kaine'sTeaches Grandmaster Meditation.
10 Obelisk#13: __dn_r_n
10 ChestQuest Item: Golem left arm (Collect the six golem pieces and construct a complete golem, then return to Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery.)

Mini Map #1
1 Featherwind ResidenceTeaches Master Mind Magic.
Offers Mind Guild Membership.
2 Ravenhair ResidenceTeaches Expert Water Magic.
Offers Body Guild Membership.
3 Snick HouseQuest: Sabotage the lift in the Red Dwarf Mines in the Bracada Desert then return to Steagal Snick in Avlee.
Quest: Retrieve the Perfect Bow from the Titan' Stronghold in Avlee and return it to Steagal Snick in Avlee.
4 Jillian's HouseTeaches Grandmaster Staff.
5 WellGrants +20 Water Resistance, Temporary.
6 Paramount Guild of MindBuy Grandmaster Mind Spells.
7 Paramount Guild of BodyBuy Grandmaster Body Spells.
8 Water Resistance PedastalGrants Water Resistance.
9 Greenstorm ResidenceTeaches Master Air Magic.
10 Infenon's HouseTeaches Master Chain.
Buys Glass Bottles, Sells Enrothian Wine.
11 Avlee GymnasiumTraining Hall
12 The Knocked BowBlacksmith
13 Avlee OutpostArmorsmith
14 WellGrants +2 Endurance, Permanent. Works once per character.
15 Deerhunter ResidenceTeaches Expert Axe and Expert Leather.
16 Temple of TranquilityTemple
17 Swiftfoot's HouseTeaches Master Identify Monster.
18 Holden ResidenceTeaches Expert Spear and Expert Perception.
19 Plush CoachesStables
19 Well???
20 Brightspear ResidenceTeaches Master Armsmaster.
21 The Potted PixieTavern
22 Halls of GoldBank

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