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A land of desert and mountains, trolls and pirates make this place rather unsavory at times. Rumor has it that a terrible dragon has made a home in the northern mountains... Oh and by the way, Lord Markham makes his home here, as it is his domain.

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Vital Statistics
Open Times: 6am to 6pm
Respawn Time: 2 Years
Spotted Monsters: Trolls and Archers

Evenmorn Islands, 5 Days
Bracada Desert, 4 Days
TuesdayErathia, 2 DaysErathia, 2 Days
Bracada Desert, 4 Days
ThursdayErathia, 2 DaysErathia, 2 Days
Avlee, 5 Days
SaturdayErathia, 2 DaysErathia, 2 Days
EastErathia, 5 Days

Main Map
Erathia, 5 Days Mini Map #1 Mercenary Guild Lord Markham's Manor Tidewater Caverns
1Obelisk#12: e_laru_a.
2Alloyed WeaponsBlacksmith
2Alloyed Armor and ShieldsArmorsmith
3Tidewater CavernsQuest Action: Recover the Map to Evenmorn Island. (Find the lost pirate map in the Tidewater Caverns in Tatalia and return to Daedalus Falk in the Deyja Moors.)
4ChestQuest Item: Golem right arm (Collect the six golem pieces and construct a complete golem, then return to Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery.)
5ShrineQuest Action: Place the Eagle Statuette in the shrine (Retrieve the three statuettes and place them on the shrines in the Bracada Desert, Tatalia, and Avlee, then return to Thom Lumbra in the Tularean Forest.)
6Steele ResidenceTeaches Expert Armsmaster.
7Conscience HomeRumors (Gotta love the name of this guy!)
8Everil NightwalkerTeaches Grandmaster Stealing.
9Tricia's HouseTeaches Expert Chain.
10Moore ResidenceTeaches Master Repair Item.
11Taren's HouseTeaches Expert Disarm Trap.
12Lord Markham's ManorQuest Action: Deliver Sealed Letter to Lord Markham (Take Sealed Letter to Lord Markham in Lord Markam's Manor in Tatalia for Collector Norbert Thrush.)
Quest Action: Steal Lord Markam's Vase (Go to Lord Markham's estate in Tatalia, steal the vase there, and return it to William Lasker in the Erathian Sewers.)
13ShrineQuest Action: Pray at the Shrine (Visit the three stonehenge monoliths in Tatalia, the Evenmorn Islands, and Avlee, then return to Anthony Green in the Tularean Forest.)
14Wromthrax's CaveQuest Action: Kill Wromthrax the Heartless (Kill Wromthrax the Heartless in his cave in Tatalia, then talk to Sir Charles Quixote.)
15Isram's HouseTeaches Master Shield.
15Training EssentialsTraining Hall
15The Missing LinkArmorsmith
16WellGrants +20 Armor Class, Temporary.
17The Mercenary GuildQuest Action: Speak with Niles Stantley (Go to the Mercenary Guild in Tatalia and talk to Niles Stantley within two weeks.)
Quest: Steal the Tapestry from your associate's Castle and return it to Niles Stantley in the Mercenary Guild in Tatalia.
Quest Action: Retrieve the Heart of the Wood (Find the Heart of the Forest in the Mercenary Guild in Tatalia and return it to the Oldest Tree in the Tularean Forest.)
18Vander's Blades and BowsWeaponsmith
18Stonecleaver ResidenceTeaches Grandmaster Axe.
19Weldric's HomeTeaches Expert Plate.

Mini Map #1
Wine Cellar
2PedastalGrants Stone Skin.
2Bremen ResidenceTeaches Grandmaster Mind Magic.
3Riverstone HouseTeaches Expert Spirit Magic.
4The DepositoryBank
5Stormeye's HouseTeaches Expert Air Magic.
6Greydawn ResidenceTeaches Expert Spear.
7The Loyal MercenaryTavern
7Master Guild of MindBuy Master Mind Magic Spells.
8Dry SaddlesStables
9The Order of TataliaTemple
9PedastalGrants Heroism.
10Rothham's HouseTeaches Master Mace.
11Arin ResidenceTeaches Expert Sword.
12Sampson ResidenceOffers Mind Guild Membership.
13Redding ResidenceTeaches Expert Fire Magic.
14Fist's HouseTeaches Grandmaster Dagger.
15The Wine CellarQuest Action: Kill the vampires in The Wine Cellar (Investigate the Wine Cellar in Tatalia and return to Crag Hack in Castle Lambent in Celeste.)
16Calindra's HomeSells Glass Bottles, Buys Enrothian Wine.
17Brother Bombah'sTeaches Master Body Magic.
19WellGrants +20 Air Resistance, Temporary.
20Visconti ResidenceQuest: Retrieve the three paintings and return them to Ferdinand Visconti in Tatalia.

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