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Dragon God


Name: Dragon God
Active Status: Active.
Contributions: Creator and maintainer of the Final Fantasy Tactics Shrine ; creator and maintainer of the Floating Island subsite ; Head of Soundtrack Reviews ; co-hosts the mailbag.
ICQ Number: 81108247
Join Date: 05/17/00
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics: Auto Operator (AOP)
Message Board Status: Regular Visitor

Skankin_Garbage: I can imagine when DG gets married. :P Dragon_God: Heh
Skankin_Garbage: (DG`S_WIFE): You spent half our paycheck on Soundtracks!!!
Skankin_Garbage: (DG): But they're so rare!!!!
Skankin_Garbage: I hope your wife understands, that's all I gotta say :P
Kero_Hazel: lmao
Nulani|Away: (DG's WIFE): You should at least buy good music and not that rpg crap.. (DG): That's it.. divorce!
Orian: heh
Nulani|Away: You gotta make certain she likes rpg music first DG. Dragon_God: LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skankin_Garbage: That's probly gonna be DG's only criterion, actually :P
SG & Nulani imagining how life will be when I get married :P

Staff Bio

Real Name: Luc Nadeau
Gender: Male
Occupation: Electronic Game Design Student, w00t !
Religion: Sorry, I beleive that there is a God, but I simply don't go to Church as the priest bores me to death with his sermons. -_-
Political Party: They're all pathetic two-faced idiots, so I don't care !! ><
Place of Origin: Edmundson, New Brunswick, Canada
Place of Residence: Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
Age: 24
Web Talents: Some basic html(Still learning)
Hobbies: Reading, RPG's (D'uh ! ), Movies, Collecting and listening to Game Music CDs, RPGMaker2000(basic), etc....
Current Goals: I'm actually thinking of assisting the Computer Game Designer's Conference 2003 in San Diego instead of E3 2003in Los Angeles(Woo, New games, big deal !!, I'd rather see how games are made than just playing them...)
Future Goals: Become a game programmer, possibly work at Squaresoft or Konami (Fat chance  ^_^ )
Other Projects: For EGD related, undecided at the time being, for anything else, I simply come up with something and get to work on it.
Favorite Movies: Comedies, Action, Sci-Fi, etc..
Favorite TV series: The Simpsons (D'oh!)
Favorite Food: Shrimp (In garlic butter sauce, yumm  :P )
Favorite Website:  The Castlevania DungeonRpgClassics 
Favorite Game: Final Fantasy Tactics, Bahamut Lagoon, Live A Live, etc...
Favorite Music: Anything canadian, like An Acoustic Sin or L'Album du Peuple by François Pérusse   Anything by Squaresoft Musicians. They simply rule = )
Favorite RPG Job: Summoner
Favorite Type of Weapon: The magic guns (Blaze Gun, Glacier Gun and Blast Gun, they kick ass !! =D)
Started Working for RPG Classics: May 17 2000
Reason for working on a website: I began back in April 1998, my first site, the  Floating Island (now a subsite of RPGC) , it was fun creating the site.
Reason for working on RPG Classics: I began a FFT site, and I thought, why not join RPGC, it's a great group to be with.

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