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Name: Drak
Active Status: Inactive
Contributions: RPGC Radio co-maintainer ; site artist ; co-maintains the RPGCSprites HQ subsite.
ICQ Number: 86855056
Join Date: 04/17/01
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics: Voice Operator (VOP)
Message Board Status: Occasional Visitor

Staff Bio

Real Name? Nicholas D. Wolfwood
I am also known as... Valentinez Alkalanella zihawk sushihaboherres... Dum di cobella blue stratvarre talent trent pierre andre chartenhemos...dollevelenchi baldos george doytzel keiser the third! Don't hesitate to call!
But my Friends usually call me... Drak
Er... was there any point to that? Not really...the *I am known as phrase* is taken from Trigun! Just thought that maybe some of you would like a good laugh!
other Nicknames? Here goes nothing...Dark Annihilator, Blood Hawk, Dark Almacy, Vash (currently used nick on icq) and many more...
Place of Bitrh? Anjou, Montreal
Ancestral Origin? A bit of Italian, a bit of Scottish...
Currently residing where? East side of Anjou...not far from zero(like a couple of blocks)
Age? 18
Occupation? Student
Alignment? Chaotic Good
Favorite RPG Job? Kensai, Sword Saint, The Slice and Dicer...u name it! Samurai! Anything with Katana's! :)
Favorite Weapon? Katana
Favorite Element? Fire
Favorite type of magic manipulation? Mind control, Undead control, Control of Power Aura and so forth...
Favorite type of animal? Anything with sharp teeth...Especially Dragons!
Favorite Summon? Doomtrain(FF8)
Websites that I know and love Chrono Shock
The Gaming Intelligence Agency
Square Gamer
Adventurers!(online comic)
RPG World(online comic)
Bob and George(online comic)
8-bit Theatre(online comic)
And of course our own web radio here at RPGC
Favorite Games? I got a couple...Valkyrie Profile, FF9, Lunar2 Eternal Blue Complete, Legend of Dragoon, Almost all the Classic FF's...and my all time fave: XENOGEARS
Favorite consoles? Snes, N64, PSX and PS2
Hobbies? Playing computer games...Any kind will do!
Making Flash animations
Making tags
Chating on icq, irc and so forth...
I have a wide collection of anime soundtracks and gaming soundtracks...U can view what I have by checking the following notepad
Playing Ad&d with friends on weekends
Watching Digimon and Anime series rented at the local sci fi anime shop!
And you dislike...? Arrogance
Not being funny and corny!
People who have nothing to talk about but try to talk to you anyway
People who try to force their influence on me
Any kind of music sung by groups like Eminem or Kid rock...
Being insulted for no apparent reason...PAUL, what else? PAUL!! or maybe PAUL!!!
Computer? I have a 650mhz with 128 sdram. 50X cd-rom, cd-writer, sound blaster live, TNT2 RIVA2 video card, 17 inch monitor, PCworks cambridge speaker set(two speakers with subwoofer), 15gig hardrive, Dexxa optical mouse and dsl connection(bell sympatico).
HTML? Currently learning...I'm getting there!
What else? Frontpage express, easier and faster!
Why? As I said earlier, still learning HTML(I know quite a bit...but still)
Started working for RPGC... April 20th 2001
What did u do to become a staff member? I'm one of the creator's of the RPGC webradio! Rahvin is my colleague!
Reason for doing so? I'm an avid fan of gaming music and anime music! Me and my friend rahvin thought it would be a good idea to do a radio like! So here we are!
When did u get involved with RPGC? How did u know about RPGC? About a year ago...My friend Zero joined, thought it would be fun to join started to come up with an idea to join...of course I had to cancel that because of the conflict with Jim! After it was over, I started work on a radio!
Did you know many people before entering? Actually...Before I was even a member, I knew the whole staff! Macc, Luna, Rast, Zero, Sinistral, Dragon Ninja, Dragon God, Merlin, Lunaris and many more...Which I would also take the time to thank for supporting me for the radio and helping through hard times!
The reason why I don't give my ICQ number... Its not that I don't want to talk to you all...its just that I like to know who i'm accepting on my list thats all...Gain my trust and u will be on list!
Drak??? I chose that name because it suppose to mean Devil in many foreing languages like Romanian!
One last thing before I part... My Favorite Song writers and composers are the following: Nubuo Uematsu and Yoko Kanno, that is all...

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