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Name: Ice
Active Status: Inactive
Contributions: Co-maintainer of the Pokemon Shrine.
ICQ Number: 96241353
Join Date: ??/??/??
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics: None
Message Board Status: None

Staff Bio

Real Name: Hiep Tran
Nick Names: Ice and Rei Ayanami
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Weight: 124 lbs, 54 kg
Height: 5'5ft, 165 cm
Place Of Residence: Australia
Hobbies: Playing Basketball, Table Tennis, Cricket, Tennis, Internet, Hanging Around The House, Singing, Movies, Girls (always)
Dislikes: People Being A Pain, Britney Spears (What A Show Off)
Favourite TV Series: Tin Tin
Favourite Comic: Tin Tin
Favourite Actor: Michael J. Fox
Favourite Movies: Back To The Future 1,2 And 3, Star Wars, The Martix
Favourite Food: My Favourite Food Is My Mum's Cooking.
Favourite Game: EA Sports - NBA Live 2000
Favourite Group: Backstreet Boys
Favourite Female Singer: Mandy Moore
Favourite Male Singer: Seal
Favourite Music: Pop, Rock, R&B, Hard Rock, Metal
Favourite Songs: Backstreet Boys: As Long As You Love Me, I Want It That Way, Larger Than Life, Everybody, Shape Of My Heart, Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely, The One, Don't Want To Lose You Now, The Perfect Fan, Quit Playin' Game (With My Heart)

Mandy Moore: Candy, So Real, Quit Breaking My Heart, I Wanna Be With You

Limp Bizkit: Take A Look Around (Theme From M:I-2)

*Nsync: Bye Bye Bye, It's Gotta Be Me, Just Got Paid

The Eagles: Hotel California

Favourite Australian Band: Savage Garden
Future Goals: A Full Time Professional Webmaster
Websites: Mandy Moore - So Real
Web Talents: Flash 4, HTML, Java Script, Graphic
Favourie Site: Backstreet Boys - The Official Site
Personally: Like To Joke Around But Not Too Much
Favourite School Subject: Maths, Computer, Drama, Sport
Started Working for RPG Classics: November 2000

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