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Staff Board Bells

Written by Weiila

Parody of Jingle Bells

Staffboard swells, Merlin yells:
"Get the database!"
Maz goes nuts coz' SG dwells
in the crazy staffboard case

Sin is Kagon's dad
when he said so Kag went mad
and sent some pr0n on Wei's beseech
so Orak had to preach!

Jingle bells, Ciddo yells
"Send me that damn mail!"
Z and SK play dress up
and Macc laughs "You messed up!"

Wert enlights us all
X just reached our hall
To the shelters quickly zoom
he's gonna go KABOOM!

Jingle bells, staffboard swells!
Cless took Maqqy's place
DG treasures all his songs
We all laugh at Hmongs.

9-8-4 got pits
like that was not our wits
Maq is nowhere to be seen
when it's not Halloween!

Lunny smells, TD yells:
"Keep away from me!
Halfbreed meat is not so neat,
we've said so, don't you cheat!"

Oh how pretty darn!
Are just Hiryuu and Jiharn!
All dressed up in Christmas gear;
the villains of the year!

Staffboard bells, jingle bells
we handle this site
now it's x-mas though; beware
of our holiday sprites!


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