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What Staffer Is This?

Written by The 984 and Weiila

Parody of What Child Is This?

What Staffer is this, who dressed in black,
On RPGC's Staff is keeping?
Whom Staffers greet with anthems sweet,
While stories of whom are deepn'ing?
This, this is Maquiladora,
Whom does not wear a pompadore-ah;
This, this is Maquiladora,
Maintains the FFL Shrines.

Why raise him up in the legends
Among those greats proceeding?
Good staffer, ask: "Who is this guy,
In silent shadow hiding?"
No truth can pierce him through,
A mystery for me and you
Who, who may he well be?
The strange Maquiladora.

He's brought us wonder, mystery.
Come seek him on the forum
Or kingdom called the Chatroom's realms
Yet shadows still enshroud him
Raise, raise the song on high,
No answer for the seeker here
No, no, he's meant to be:
The strange Maquiladora


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