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DISCLAIMER YOU MUST READ (as of May 17 2005 - I'm slooow, yeah): The Fanart Section is currently experiencing problems (since January 2005, in case you haven't noticed...). Some links are down, some submissions have disappeared, but fear not; everything should be fixed soon. Where "soon" can range from a week to 3 months or more. :P In the mean time, don't stop to send me your submissions, please. Thanks for your patience. –Walhalla

Updates Archive

July 6, 2004 - I'm already in lack of titles here
June 12, 2004 - And it took a DAMNED long time
May 27, 2004 - Let's par-tay!

July 6, 2004 - I'm already in lack of titles here

This update brings great submissions as can be seen below. You're all so cool. :D Well, I did say I'd bring back the themes last time... but all I'd really like you to do, for now, (as if I could afford to make requests like that here :P) is art for those RPGs that have nothing yet. You know like me it gives you almost endless possibilities. However, I probably should shut up, stop whining, and submit art myself. :P Thanks again!

New submissions as of 07/06/04
Title Section Artist Description
Erk Fire Emblem Caitcid A special-looking picture of Erk, casting Excalibur. "One of my very first Fire Emblem drawings. My fav character!" says the artist.
Erim Lufia Dragon Tear This is a revamped version of DT's old Erim picture. But too late now, hah! Because she asked me to put the old one down! She drew it with charcoal, which gives a somewhat darker, yet cool, look.
Sheik Legend of Zelda Jillian Well, I had to ask Jillian who this lady, Sheik, was... *is ashamed* But I'm sure I'm the only loser here who didn't know. :P Always nice to see her art.

June 12, 2004 - And it took a DAMNED long time

Really. I never spent so many hours in a row in front of a computer, so I'll be brief. :P Thanks people for your nice submissions. :D See the details below. All sections have been re-organized, with the artists' e-mail addresses (the ones I had anyway, which means that if you see I don't have yours, you can contact me to let me know what it is) and a short description. If you think what I did could be better, if I had bad ideas or if there are spelling mistakes/broken links, you're allowed to send me your comments. Oh, and I might bring back the "Send me pics based on this theme!" thing soon like Faetan used to do - after all, I'm the one who gave her the idea :P - but let's hope I'll have inspiration. :P In the mean time, I'm waiting for your submissions. :D Get it? Good.

New submissions as of 06/12/04
Title Section Artist Description
Claude Star Ocean Cless Alvein Cool drawing of Claude from Star Ocean: The Second Story. Cless explains: "It's labelled Star Ocean Ex because Star Ocean Ex is an anime of Star Ocean: The Second Story, and that's why I included that in the image". (Yeah, I was lazy. :P)
Marth Fire Emblem Cless Alvein Drawn in the same style as the two previous pictures, this one is the best, in my opinion.
Wizard & Swordsman Ragnarok Online Cless Alvein Woo, first Ragnarok Online pic! It shows generic wizard and swordsman characters, obviously. Good job.
Hero of Time Legend of Zelda Jillian A very nice portrait of Link in brown and white. Taken with a digicam, not a scanner, though. :P
Archangel Pip Chrono Trigger/Cross Ket Shi Archangel Pip from Chrono Cross.
Black Rabite Seiken Densetsu Ket Shi Cute but kinda scary... It's the infamous Black Rabite, the optional super boss from Seiken Densetsu 3.
Bright Suikoden Ket Shi Ok, Ket Shi always comments her CUTECUTE art much better than I could ever do, so I'll let her talk here. :P Bright the baby dragon as he appears in Suikoden II.
Ice-Gemron Dark Cloud Ket Shi Ice Gemron from Dark Cloud 2.
Koroku Suikoden Ket Shi Koroku, a lost dog with a mysterious bag tied around his neck, from Suikoden III.
Mesmerize Final Fantasy Ket Shi A Mesmerize monster from Final Fantasy 8.
Mog Knight Final Fantasy Ket Shi A Mog Knight from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.
Poto Seiken Densetsu Ket Shi A simple line art from the Poto from the Seiken Densetsu series. The Poto hops around like a bunny and is exceptionally cute. I wanted to draw it in a rounded style, and did so successfully...on lined paper. D'oh!
Zaghnol Final Fantasy Ket Shi It's an ugly-as-sin Zaghnol from Final Fantasy 9 for variety. Don't ask me why I drew it; it was a request!

May 27, 2004 - Let's par-tay!

As you may have seen from the Main Page, this section will now be maintained and updated regularly (for reelz, hah!) by me, Walhalla - for those who never pay attention to anything. So, tell your mom, your dog, this guy you don't know on the street; we want your submissions to keep it alive. I mean, ALIVE! Normally, I'd do a bunch of jokes here, but I'm feeling boring today, so you'll have to satisfy yourself with a few standard sentences and announcements. I have to repeat that if you've sent art since the last update, please, re-send it to me. Also, the section has been slightly revamped: the ToC and the few broken links have been fixed as well as the Submission Guide. Some other re-HTML-ization is coming soon JUST because I like things to be pretty. :P It absolutely doesn't take out the fact that Faetan did a great job at organizing everything, though. I'm just an annoying perfectionist. :P Thanks and send those pics to me now. :D

(Yeah yeah, I know it's an update from February below. :P)

New submissions for week 02/21/04
Title Section Artist Description
Rikku Final Fantasy X-2 Warren VERY beautifully-rendered pic of the femme thief in blue pencil and 2B pencil. Probably my favorite of the bunch, hee!
Trillian's Fighter Sprite RPG Classics Trillian Trillian's skill at CG coloring NEVER ceases to astound me. On top of that, her artwork is lovely too. Nicely done, yo!
Young Link Legend of Zelda Sarah It'!!!! I think it's a pencil sketch, but regardless, it's a very nice rendition of the sweet little hero boy!
Green Requiem, Red Nocturne, Yellow Opera Kingdom Hearts Ket Shi I hate to skimp out, but I'm so tired, and there are so many awesome renderings from Ket, we'll just skip the comments for now and add the artist's own. ^^ Nonetheless, they're all worth viewing. SO DO IT.
Shadow Kingdom Hearts Ket Shi The Heartless from the game Kingdom Hearts. This one's called a Shadow.
Ruby & Nall Lunar Ket Shi Ruby and Nall the little dragons from the Lunar series.
Griever & Baby Rayquaza Miscellaneous Ket Shi A picture of Griever (from Final Fantasy 8) and a baby Rayquaza (from Pokémon). Say "awww"!
Friendly Mu Final Fantasy 9 Ket Shi The Friendly Mu from Final Fantasy 9.
Bahamut Final Fantasy 4 Ket Shi Bahamut, the king of dragons. This one's style is from Final Fantasy 4.
Czar Dragon Final Fantasy 6 Ket Shi The Czar Dragon, a dummied boss from Final Fantasy 6.
Chibi Behemoth Final Fantasy Ket Shi A chibi Behemoth from the general Final Fantasy series.
In the River Pokemon Ket Shi A scene of a Dratini, Marill, Azurill, and Mudkip swimming in a river. From Pokémon.
Link Legend of Zelda Cameron O. A fantastic sketch of Link by a very talented 8-year old. Nice work, Cameron!
Angry Cloud Final Fantasy 7 Piers V. Piers obviously knows how to use shading. Gorgeous black and white contrast here, with elaborate texturing. Good work, ducks.

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