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Alright guys, I guess I've got some explaining to do. It's ALL 984 AND SG'S FAULT! Er, what I mean to say is, yeah, I know we're 9 days late now, and I apologize. And so does TD. DON'T YOU?!

Err... YES! YES SIR! Of COURSE I have groveling... err... APOLOGIZING to do! Yes...

Yeah, that's good. It's always nice having minions to do your bidding.

Wait, minion? I thought we were partners.

Partners? Of course not. Why would you ever think that?

Oh, right. Silly me. Minion, not partner. Gotcha.

Exactly. And you know what minions are supposed to do right?


That's a given, but they're also supposed to go grab the first reply.

Oh, right. *puts hand in really, really, really, really, really small bag and produces the first reply by none other than Ms. Attention Whore Valkyrie Esker!*

Well, first off, it depends on your definition of "sequel". You see, there are games like the FF series, which a lot of people consider sequels to each other. Personally, I think they're just a bunch of different games under the same name.

Man f00. How can you NOT think they are sequals of eachother? I mean, damn, they're CALLED the same, so they must BE the same, right? Right?

Oh of course, that's why the world/history/universe changes each time, right?

Yeah, obviously. Aren't you familiar with Olbaid's theory on the multiverse?

Nope, can't say that I am. And I've got this weird feeling you aren't familiar with it either.

We have a winner, ladies and gentlemen!

Yay, go me.

Now, for real sequels (a.k.a. games that have connections), I think it all depends on a.) how bad the first game was, and b.) how far from the original game's machinations the sequel goes. Now, look at Chrono Trigger. IT is almost universally agreed that it is one of the best games out there. It had a compelling story, characters you really cared for, and a good fighting system. Now, look at it's follower, Chrono Cross. The people tried to make a lot of ties to Chrono Trigger in it, but it just got confusing after awhile. The characters... I swear, almost half of all the playable characters in that game had the stupidest stories! I mean, you give this one guy a mushroom, he turns into this hideous mushroom-man thingy, and he just joins you? Gods, that is one of the stupidest things I have ever- I mean, he doesn't even try to- And then, there's the whole- YAHHHHH! *starts pummeling the closest living thing to vent anger*

Nah, the mushroom man was such a tragic hero. His back story is very deep and involved too.

Yeah, man. I mean, it's a mushroom! And a man! Think of the possibilities!

Exactly! But besides, though the story was confusing, it at least was very good. Hell, Xenogears has a very confusing story, and it's one of the best games out there in my opinion. And tons of characters? Yeah, it might not be the best idea because of character development, but at least they gave you some options.

And a Mushroom Man!

Oh, of course, how could I ever be so foolish?


*deep, calming breath* Sorry bout that. Anyway, now I think of the Lufia series. (wait, wouldn't Lufia 2 be a prequel, not a sequel? Oh, what the hell, I'll do it anyway!) The first Lufia game? The best RPG for the first half of my life. Then, I played the second. And since it took place before the first game, I guess they wanted to make sure there were a lot of ties to the first game. And they did one hell of a job! They kept a lot of story elements from the first, and put them almost perfectly into the second! And through it all, I never saw anything in the second game that didn't seem like it was the first time any of that actually took place. (Remember, Lufia 2 took place before the first Lufia, so they would have to make things seem unprecedented!)

Wait, wait, wait, WAIT just a second. You are WRONG! CLEARLY the Dual Sword... Saber... Blade... WHATEVER is a fake in Lufia 1! I mean, in Lufia 2, it's just one hugeass Scimitar, while in Lufia 1, it are two seperate swords! HA! *dances a little jig*

That's because it broke after Lufia 2. Or something. No uncovering plot holes now...

Yessir. *hangs head in shame*

That's right, ahahhaa. Erm. Lufia 2 did an excellent job following up it's predecessor. It's such a shame the way Lufia 3 turned out. I mean, I loved the Ancient Cave with a passion but making every dungeon like that? No thanks. They have no originality or real flavor to them that way.

Yeah, I quit playing Lufia 3 after about an hour or so. It just got annoying.

I kept trying to give it time to improve. It didn't sadly. I mean, the battle system and idea for IP Skills was absolutely beautiful. What a waste though being coupled with a game that played like it did.

*looks over reply* Man, I really didn't answer that question well, did I? Meh, just be glad I actually sent something in.

I think you did a fine job answering the question really.

Hey, beggars can't be choosers. Actually, we can, since we get HUGE amounts of emails every time, and we have to pick only the BEST to feature in the 'bag, after which we completely and utterly devestate whatever they said with inane comments!

Exactly, mwahahahah 'n all that rot.

*attempts to laugh manically, but ends up coughing halfway through his laughter, thus greatly embarassing himself*

Don't hurt yourself now.

Oh, of course, he says that AFTER I smash my head against the ceiling.

Yeah yeah, don't destroy this place. Lord, we have to repair it after every mailbag as it is.

Doesn't SG do that?

Well, he does most of the damaging so we force Mudo to do the repairing. He's still fixing the vending machines that SG broke.

THE VENDING MACHINES!? This shall not be forgotten lightly!

Yeah, I know. We'll take our revenge out on Wilfredo Martinez since he's up now.

Greetings, you...err, what are you guys supposed to be called? Mailbaggers?

You are to adress us as your masters, that's what you're to adress us. Failure to do so will result in... "the death of everyone you've ever really loved."

Or we'll just make pouty faces and look real cute until you do.

*smiles at Wil*

...That's not helping.

Damnit, that usually does the trick.

...Anyway. Sorry I missed mailbag #102, I REALLY wanted to comment but I had a though weekend. In fact, my life's been a frikkin' sitcom of late- I've had a seizure, I've been working overtime (and not gotten paid yet), I was bitten by a mouse and I had a lamp fall on my head!

Dah, don't hurt YOURself either. But sorry about all that man.

You know, sitcoms aren't that funny when YOU are the main character! (Now I know why Seinfield complained so much...)

Speaking of humour, I think I've found out what your problem is:

You've been watching CONAN O'BRIAN!!

That's gotta be the lamest, most unfunny, sometimes downright tasteless "comedy" show on TV EVER! In fact, the ONLY thing that keeps it from being THE worst show on the air is the Jerry Springer Show. But it's gotta be the SECOND suckiest.

Why the hell this insult to humor comes RIGHT AFTER the Jay Leno show -THE funniest show on TV- I'll never understand. Talk about a rollercoaster ride- laughing one minute, puking the next.

I also suspect that SG's presence in the Mailbag may have something to do with it too... You people sound wackier when he's around. I think he has a vendetta against Kagon...

No no no, you see, our rivalry goes back years ever since he broke my favorite toy. I'll get him in the end though, just you wait...

Didn't his breaking your toy result from your breaking his face?

That's completely besides the point.

But I'll let you people work out the problem yourselves. Time for MY comments on the Mailbag Topics. First, The Worst Moments in RPG History:

Honestly, I'm still undecided between the ending of Final Fantasy Tactics and The Ending of Breath of Fire Four:

(WARNING: SPOILERS BEGIN ) [I put quite a few spaces so you guys that don't want to see spoilers can skip down past it. -Kag]

In FFT, you spend a LOT of work trying to save the Princess (who's not the real princess, but that's complicated) ...and in the end, SHE DIES ANYWAY.



What the Hell was all that hard work for, then??


Yeah, all that hard work still returned peace to the land in such... ya know... the slightly more important thing. At least in my opinion it is.

Yeah, it did say spoilers did it not?

Well... yeah... but... but... POOPHEAD! *runs off crying*

Er, yes, moving right along.

In BoF 4, a Mad Scientist/Wizard creates a weapon that destroys and curses entire lands, powered by HUMAN SACRIFICES; turned the lost princess you've been looking for into an Immortal Monstrosity (who had to be put out of her misery- BY THE MAN WHO LOVED HER!!) and in the end...he gets away scott free? With plans to continue doing stuff like that? Hell, the Hex Cannon wasn't even destroyed, if I remember right. Also: the Main Hero's solution to all the problems was... to banish the Dragon Gods? As if things were THEIR fault?? Not only were they brought to that world AGAINST their will, they actually HELPED the heroes! In fact, I suspect it was that same sorcerer who started all the problems- I think the Emperor was just being manipulated by him.

Then there's the Alternate Ending where your character becomes evil and DESTROYS THE WORLD, including the other party members...


Yeah, I can't comment since I haven't played BoF4 and won't read what you said since I still hope to play it, sorry.

*runs back* I'm okay now. *sniff* Whee, random acts of destruction, fun.

Yeah, always cheer me up too.

I can't help but wonder at the whole point of this. Was this game trying to capture the complexity of the Real World? The fact that culprits aren't easy to find in wars, and that heroes don't always make the right choices? Well, that's valid... in fact, FFT was a drama, not an adventure, so you can say the same about it.

BUT- if games are going to end like this, there should be some warning about it. RPGs are EXPENSIVE and I don't like forking over 40$ only to find out that what I thought was an adventure was actually a tragedy.

Eh, not everything goes right in the real world. Games shouldn't have everything be all lovey dovery and happy, or they lose a lot of realism.

Hey, it's better than the horribly overdone "Fat Plumber saves Pwetty Pwetty Pwincess from the evil claws of Big Turtle (tm logo)".

Very true.

I mean, damn, sad endings in stuff rock. That way, you don't know what's going to happen unless you spoil it for yourself or other people spoil it for you (RIGHT WIL?) and you'll actually be surprised by what happens.

Yeah. It's way too predictable when everything ends up working out just as planned, you've got to have the occasional curve ball.

Now for "What makes a good sequel?"

First of all, let's define an RPG Sequel: in my book, it HAS to have an actual connection to the original, even if only slightly. You can't just slap the same title on an RPG and call it a sequel! Crono Cross WAS a sequel of Crono Trigger, on account of its story connections and cameos from some characters. However, that brings us to our second point: Being a SPIRITUAL sequel. As in: having the same feeling as you play it. In that sense, CC was NOT a CT sequel. CT was FUN, inventive, and it focused strongly on the characters and their connections- the fact that the Heroes' Techs could only be learned after they fought together proves that the whole point of the story was "friendship". In CC, this got lost, likely because there were TOO many characters. Plus, the story was surprinsingly dark, with an unsatisfactory ending.

No, not what I would call a TRUE sequel.

Actually, I think it was a true sequel since it involved the same world and such. I don't think because it had a dark story means it shouldn't be counted as a sequel.


Z'actly. He had all the character development I could ever want.

Well, "baggers", there you have it, not one but two MB topics masterfully explained (he said humbly.) Well, I'll see you next MB, and remember: Say Yes to Leno, and No to Conan!

Oh, and *throws a Bola at- SG!*

Wilfredo Martinez

Annoying Contributor

Sorry, SG's not here. I'll make sure he gets it when he returns. And go Conan!

Conan O' Briaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Well, Leno is indeed good, but Conan can be absolutely hilarious but meh, that's just my opinion.

And I haven't seen either one!

Silly Europeans...

*smacks Kagon around a bit with his superior education system*

Alright, alright, you win... But get the next reply.

Introducing... the great, the wonderful, the AMAZING, pink lugiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

A poke ball is thrown into the mailbag room. The poke ball opens and a flash is seen. When the flash clears pink_lugia and a vat full of bubbling sticky stuff is seen in the chat.

Now before I talk about what makes a good/bad sequel I have some unfinished business to do.

pink_lugia then grabs Energon and hog ties him. pink_lugia the toses Energon into the vat of bubbling sticky stuff.

Hmmm... must... resist urge... to lick... Energon...

That'd probably be a bad idea.

But he looks so jummy...

If your wondering what I'm doing, I'm simply making a life-sized candy Energon for Slalin and giving Energon a tour of how candy is made. A front row seat version.


Now on with the entry(same person reading the mailbag from last time:finally). I think that a good sequel must be able to continue a part of the story from the original. It needs to have a part in the story, a part from before the original or after. It's not really a sequel otherwise. It's just part of a series of games, like the Final Fantasy series.

Point two. The hero of the sequel is best to be a descendent of one of the previous heroes. But not all party members should be relatives of heroes. You need to add some freash blood.

Point Three. A sequel should not be of a whole different genre. If the original is a turn-based type, the sequel should also be turn-based, not adventure type. Though the style of the genre can change and still keep the sequel tied with the original. Example: The final fantasy games adding that speed guage to the battle zone.

Actually, I think ALL Party Members should be descendants of the same hero. Inbreeding, huzzah!

I don't want to live in that world then.

Of course you do, don't be silly.

Nah man, just nah.

Tsh, fine. I WAS going to crown you Princess of the realms. Oh well, your loss.

But I do think the hero doesn't need to be a descendant, I mean, other people can save the world too. It's not some special bloodline thing.

Well thats what I makes a good sequel. Until next mailbag bye. Oh, and thanks for putting my entry in the last mailbag.

pink_lugia the pulls a candy coated Energon out of the vat and tosses it to Slalin. pink_lugia then produces a poke ball and throws it on the ground and a great flash is seen. When the flash clears pink_lugia, the vat of bubbling sticky stuff, and the poke ball are gone and in their place is a not that reads

"Sincerely yours,

The Pink One"

*munches on Energon*

Man Slalin, you suck. Getting free candy and stuff.

Yeah well, he tends to eat people if he doesn't get candy.

So THAT'Ss why 984 and SG are here.

Er... of course... not... >_> <_<

Oh, ok. Ignore me then, just being paranoid.

No reason to be paranoid of course... Hah...ahhaa....

Well, Slalin, won't you be so nice as to get the next reply so I can steal your candy earn what little money I make from this?

...*bites TD's leg*


Well, it seems TD's preoccupied. The next letter is from Silver Knight.

*screams are heard*

crawls out of her hole< Do what? Ah, crap, I missed last week's mailbag! Well, let me answer that question very quickly before I get to this week's. >bribes everybody with cookies<

Goooo right ahead. Woo, cookies.

Oooh, cookies. *throws cookies around in an attempt to distract Slalin*

*bites down harder*

Argh! My cookie has no effect!

Yeah well, he thinks you're just delicious.

You're worse than Lun!


Worst moment in an RPG: Brigandine's story. Period. (It's a Strategy/RPG, and rather obscure as it should be. Those bastards.) I wasted $45 bucks on this piece bullshit, expecting something...well, at least playable. The game itself wasn't all that bad, but the stories were...>twitch< If they were going to be that half-assed about the storylines, they should've just left the damn story out; that way I could've concentrated on the game and not listen to stupid, STUPID drabble about these idiot characters' lives. ("Oh, hi; you're my friend of ten years, and I think I'm in love with you!" >eye twitches spasmodically< No, they didn't say that, but the might as well have...>seethes< Evil, EVIL writers...)

Ah, anywho...getting to this week's question. What makes a sequel good or bad (well, beyond the normal parameters for usual RPG's) is how well they treat the world/characters they've created. If they use the knowledge from the previous story and/or the characters correctly, the sequel will undoubtedly kick ass. If they piss on the heroes and totally shred the cool mystique about the original game that made it rule, then the game sucks. End of story. All the eye candy in the world can't hide an eye sore of a story. (As per what I said above, if you don't want to concern yourself with a story, then just leave the damn thing out and don't make me waste my time with trying to learn it. But then, I never could be considered normal...)

hands everybody more cookies< Oh, one more...>hands SG a sledgehammer< Use as you see fit. :D

Well, since SG isn't here, I'll claim that sledgehammer as rightfully mine!

Go right ahead.

Woo. *uses the Sledgehammer to beat Slalin off*

*grumbles and leaves*

Excellent. *tosses Sledgehammer over his back*

Alright then, I think you're right about using stuff from the previous story correctly. If that's done, the game already has a major leg up in my opinion.

I disagree with completely leaving out a story tough. For instance, I'd like to know exactly which world I'm saving and WHY :P

I don't think she's saying leave the story out.

I'd argue with you over that, but I think it would be much more productive if we'd just got the next reply.

Mmm... good idea then. Go, fetch the next reply.

*barks and fetches next reply*

Well then, Wizardmaster, you're up.

*A BOOM is heard in the backround. All of a sudden, The Wizardmaster flies through an open window, and straight into the trypol dubol fujj choklit caik.* (Best flashy entrance. ever.)

Caik. *Drools* Just as I planned it. Oh Hi!! The Wizardmaster has returned! REJOICE!!!



Thats better. Anyway... on to the usual stuff. Give me the FRICK award, yada yada, caik r0x0rs! blah blah, Ah, the good stuff. Apparently, Kagon thinks he isn't a nerdlinger. All who think he is Raise your hand and say Kagon is a nerdlinger!!! really loud, preferably in all CAPS with many !!!'s.

Sorry, no !'s. We ran out of those back when Cid was doing the mailbag.

*Raises hand* KAGON IS A NERDLINGER!!!

Oh, that hurts. Cut me deep right there. I'll find where you live punk! Just you wait! *shakes his fist angrily*

Sorry Kagon, you loose. *Magicly makes a bola appear*

*Turns the bola into a Gunblade and Performs a Root Canal (With Morthene, I'm not THAT evil) on Kagon).

Don't you mean morphine? And my teeth are FINE thank you.

Ok guys, I have to come clean. FF8 had some good moments. I still hate it but give it credit. With squall in the prison (flowers!?!), Forgeting everything, and Triple Triad, it was berable. What i really hate is FF7 & 9. Haven't played them, but they still stink.

Moving on to the mailbag... NOT!!!

*Intermission begins* *Elevator music plays* *The Wizardmaster slurps some beer. ROOT beer.*

So... is there a reply somewhere?


Me? Sellout?

Guh, no, not you. That fellow who is shamelessly drinking Duff Beer (tm sign), full of refreshing goodness and alcohol!

Oh. Of course. Yeah, we don't like it when people use this as their little corporate advertising spot. So TD, would you like some nice, freshing Coca Cola?

Don't mind if I do, Kagon, it should go nicely with my Breakfast of Champions!

Excellent! Remember kids, enjoy Coca Cola! *gives a thumbs up*

It's deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious!

*Intermission ends*

*The Wizardmaster, MM984, and SG give Kagon and Mudo wedgies*

TD, as my minion, you must accept the wedgie for me.

As your minion, I shall take the wedgies with HONOUR! As well as store them for later usage on SG!


SWEET. Ok, the reply. "What makes a sequel good or bad, beyond the things that make any game good or bad?" Not much of a sequel person, but here goes: for a sequel to be good, it shouldn't be bad, and vice versa. Also, it must have some of the origonal's characters. The same planet works too. And a reacurring boss (Ozzie not in Chrono Cross, therefore, it was a bad game) A less important thing would be similar plots. Going from 'Save the World from Sin' to 'Bounty Hunt spheres' is pretty stupid.

Ozzie actually was in Chrono Cross, you just didn't look hard enough. Oh, and same world only can work to a degree. I noticed a lot of continental drift between Lufia 1 and 2.

Actually, I think that sequals should be bad more, because bad is good, and because good is bad, therefore, bad must be bad, thus good X good = good(small 2 here) and therefore a mediocre game.

Er... of course TD.

It makes sense when you think about it.

I guess it does it some twisted way.

Now for The Wizardmasterz Wordz of Wizdom:

MM984 is cool! He is awesome! Go MM984, go MM984!!! He is our man, if he can't do it nether can Kagon, cause he's a nerdlinger!

wow. That was my longest reply. (Except maybe Intermission master one)

Goodbye everyone who worships the ground I walk on! And all you real people too.

(Suspecting a real exit? too bad!)

*Random flashy exit*

Meh, I'm not a nerdlinger. We already proved Mudo was earlier, remember.

Man, I really get these urges at times. To hit people. They're hard to surpress.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Too bad SG isn't here, he makes a nice punching bag.

Oh well, I guess we can take it out on the next reply.


Doc Shinryuu, have at thee!

*Suddenly, there is an explosion behind the Mailbag door, blasting it in. Doc Shinryuu walks in and looks down at the door. He reaches for the knob and turns it. Then he stands up and shakes his head.* Oops. Looks like the door was unlocked this time. Hey, all. Doc Shinryuu here. *Fanfare plays in reverse* Crap. The computer still needs repairs.

AHHH! Come ON man! The door's NEVER locked... lordo

We have a door?

Yeah, we've got a lot of stuff here. Heated indoor pool, arcade, snackbar, you name it.

But no vending machines... stupid SG ;_;

Damn you SG! I'll see you in hell!

Hmm, what makes a sequel a good sequel? I've got a few things:

1) Continuation.

In a sequel, the story should pick up where the previous left off. If it takes place in the future of the previous, there should be a short account of what happened between games. If it takes place in the past of the previous(Lufia 2, for example), there should be a mention of the story in the original. Otherwise, the story falls apart. The only exception is Final Fantasy, as plot and originality overrule this.

After 12 games and some spin-off games, I don't think the term "originality" should be used for the FF series :P

Yeah, they kinda use the same thing over and over with a few new ideas with each. I don't consider them sequels either but meh.

2) Originality.

Despite the fact that it continues a previous game, a sequel should have SOMETHING new, like the battle system may change, or the motion system, or even the characters! This, I think, is what has made all the Final Fantasy games so well recieved.

FF2j has been given a hard time by many people, and I personally despise FF8, so don't go and making assumptions that the entire series was well received.

FF2j was excellent- hey, it started the SaGa games. FF8, oh FF8... you could have been so much better.

Man, I love FF2j. Don't get me wrong here. It's just that a lot of non-believers don't :P

3) Inspirationality. (Is that even a word? oO; )

Be it the music, the graphics, the story, or certain scenes or quotes, something in the game must be touching, be inspiring, or make you think. Many Squaresoft games have this quality, and not just Final Fantasy!

Yeah, Xenogears, Legend of Mana, Vagrant Story- they all have it. Let's not forget not Square games either though such as Star Ocean 2 and Dragon Warrior 7.

Yeah, contrary to popular belief, there ARE other RPGs than the FF series :P And I'll even be so bold as to say that many of them outdo the FF series.

Oh yes indeed. I think the Dragon Warrior and SaGa series do along with the Xeno- series.

I want to play Xenosaga... ;_;

Aw, well it's coming out in Europe right?

I hope so. Or HEADS WILL ROLL.

Anyway, I guess that's it. See ya next time! But first... *Takes out a remote control, and presses the one button on it. A gigantic bomb crashes through the roof above Energon. However, just as it is about to hit him...*

*Intermission* *Intermission ends about a half hour later.* Great, the intermissions are catching. *Runs away*




*The bomb falls on Energon and explodes*

Man, now you've done it. You blew up Slalin's candy.


I hope you're happy!

Yeah, making the poor slime cry. That's not right!

There there Slalin... we'll get you some more Energon...

...Ok. *shambles off*

Parents, hide your daughters. Slalin is loose!

Slalin's not bad- he means well. He's just hungry... always.

Oh well. While Slalin is out hunting, I think we'd better get on with the next reply, so you guys don't have to bask in the glory tht is ME too much.

TD... there's no glory. Sorry. The next reply is from Archone.

Fine, DON'T recognize my awesomeness. See if I care.

What makes a sequal good or bad? Well, for starters, is it a true SEQUAL? Let's leave Final Fantasy aside, for now. It's always been in a class by itself.

Is the sequal true to it's prequal? Ultima IV was one of the top 10 RPGs of all time, and one of the best selling, to boot. Ultima V, and Ultima VI were also fairly well received, despite VI's being released with WAY too many bugs and features removed to make the release date, because they too stayed true to the general theme, of an Avatar of Virtue fighting the good fight without straying from the path of morality, with nothing to aid him but the powers of rightousness-and the strength to kill a demon with his bare hands. That always helps.

But alas, one day Origin systems decided to pull a "New Coke." "Let's change the series! Our dedicated fans won't mind!" To what? In Ultima VII we see the Avatar returned to a Britannia that no longer respects him, nor Virtue, a Britannia where good Lord British can't even smell the terrorists under his nose or the corruption within his government, and where the Avatar couldn't even tackle a band of lowly bandits without getting him and his badly chewed up.

But wait! Origin will make it better! How? By taking Ultima VIII even farther from the spirit of the series. Now, the Avatar is all alone, without even his companions, in a land literally ruled by evil, where to survive he must steal whenever he can and run whenever he must-especially since he can't even defeat a "kith"-the equivalent of a cow-without getting slaughtered. Origin promptly apologized to it's players for ever releasing this game... and delivered the coup d'grace with Ultima IX, after which Origin promptly declared bankruptcy, sold the rights to Ultima Online, and closed it's doors.

After which, Ultima Online got many useless updates, ignored the issues annd requests of their players, DESTROYED entire communities, released a useless 3d version, and generally destroyed itself.

Indeed. Oh, it was nice for a while, but I didn't exactly like the free p-killing by absurdly strong people on the new players.

I also loved how you either got WAY too little exp, or you got slaughtered by the monsters. I lost some awesome armor because of a Frenzied Ozzie... ;_;

I got slaughtered by players mainly. Fun fun fun.

Oh well, I never paid for my account anyway, so yeah :P

Neither did I, heh. I couldn't afford the pay to play when I was in middle school.

Neither could/can I, but I lost interest before my free month was over anyway.

And with my experiences, it was worth the cash.

But wait! Final Fantasy-remember? They actually do a completely new story, in a completely new world, with every game. How can this even qualify as a series, let alone a good one? Because the the important qualities of FF-the things that make people enjoy playing the games-are carried over from game to game.

In I, we were introduced to the world of Knights, Black Belts, and Black and White Mages. II and III were essentially isolated from western shores, but IV arrived with the SNES with everything we loved about the first game, only with a few new enhancements. Instead of being forced to choose what characters to play throughout the game, we have a main hero fighting alongside a perpetually shifting band, allowing the player to enjoy each class in turn-including a few new ones never before seen, such as the Dragoon("ooh, I loved Kain..."). Another nice trick introduced in II that was transferred on to IV was a coherant plot, which was also enjoyed, as FF started to become less a game and more an interactive novel. Not to mention the ubiquitous Chocobos, which we've all come to know and love. And let's not forget the new innovation, the battle system that combined real time action with old fashioned command driven combat.

In V, we saw the original four member team format-but the ability to change "jobs." Wow! A spell casting knight! A sword wielding Mage! A Monk who can wear armor! Plus the now required lengthy storyline, filled with plot twists and in-depth exploration of each character in turn. Other than that, they stuck with the classic format.

VI brought the incredible soundtrack with it, as well as an even more twisted and crazy storyline, where everybody in an enormous roster of heroes gets their turn to cry, pout, and gain newfound resolve. "Jobs" were altered- now everybody's a Mage! And everybody's got their own special techniques, that no one else can do-reaching back to IV. Everything else is still classic.

And VII(in my opinion, the series has started to decline since). VII introduced polygonal graphics, but really, nothing radically differant. We still have a system wherein everybody's a Mage, everyone's got their own unique skill("Limit Break"), everyone gets their turn to cry, be comforted by their new family, and regain the will to fight on. Plus, the Chocobos, the real time battle system, the soundtrack... only things slightly innovative are the minigames, and the fact that the main villain's "non-Godzilla" form has been shifted from a Darth Vader-esque sinisterness, to a darkly handsome fellow that has actually made more than one female fan think to herself, "he's SO dreamy... he can't really be that bad, can he?" Yes he can-read my fanfic "Oedipal Oratory" to see why...

The secret to maintaining a good series, is to find out what about it makes it popular, and not straying from that proven formula-don't change or removed beloved characters, don't eliminate things that players loved, and above ALL... don't try to steal someone else's audience by turning a good thing into a cheap ripoff of Diablo/FF/Zelda/Whatever. "This above all, to thine own self be true..."

Man, even more shameless plugging, what's this world coming to?

Who knows. I honestly can't consider the FF's to be sequels. Archone, as always, you did a damn fine job with your reply. I agree with your advice to making sequels good.

Ehm, yeah. What he said :P

Yeah, I'm just that clever that you just couldn't disagree.

I've learned to just nod and smile whenever you speak.

...Or that. I can live with it.

Well, since you didn't stroke mine, I'm not gonna stroke yours. Time for the next reply.

My ego needs no stroking. It's already huge. Go go, Fanatic.

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I'm sorry, no we can't. He's DEAD.

Yeah, we killed one of 984's voices. Does that mean we took out a part of him too?

I guess we'll find out next month, with the new mailbag, won't we?

We're not that late.. all the time.

Yeah, sometimes you're even later :P

...And to think I let you guest host. Tuh!

Anyway, Let's get on with the show. Sequels, right? Well, I'm all for innovation in sequels. Give us something new, a new feature, a new kind of weapon to use, something like that. Lufia/Lufia 2 was a good example. Okay, that's a prequel, but gimme a break. Lufia 2 had Capsule Monsters, and IP/Rages. As opposed to Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana), SD3 had 6 characters, and a very badarse class system. Now I'm not saying that the original games weren't great also, it's just that putting something new into the gameplay made their sequels that much better.

What does not make the sequel are better graphics. I'll not name any in the category of sequels that have nothing new but better graphics until I've played them, but I think that if the sequel had nothing new except another good storyline and more good graphics, I might buy it, but it wouldn't be any better than the original.

Well, I'm out for now, hugs to all, and to all a good afternoon.



Yeah, better graphics don't really matter to me either. Sure, they're nice but aren't necessary. Definitely new gameplay features always help.

Or you can be smart, and just cram ANOTHER 100 collectible things in there, spread out over 2 versions of the game, so you'll have to buy them BOTH, AND another gameboy, AND a link cable, then play them all forever until you finally have every collectable thing in the games, and then curse your very excistance. I'm not bitter. Really.

I couldn't tell.

P. S. If you haven't punched Energon yet, would you do it now, pretty please? If so, would you do it again? It's so funny when you do that! ^.~

Guh, fine. *starts poking left-over pieces of Energon candy with a stick*

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Man, poking Energon with a stick sure is fun.

Indeed it is. He can't even fight back which makes it better.

Ah, damnit. I think Energon's piece of paper is stuck to my stick... Kagon, pull it off.

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Hey guys, BahamutXero.

I'm normally not one to argue but I can't help myslef. In the last mailbag I forgot to put my handle on my e-mail from this address and called me Jon3pO. It is really jon3p0! So guess what, yep you guessed it:

I knew it.

As did I. Such a shame...

Oh well, let's just finish up this reply so we don't have to stare at him so much.

*Shivers* Indeed...

Now for my relpy:

I think a sequel is good not only for the obvious (better, graphics, etc.) but also for other reasons too. First often times it continues the story from the last game or fill past plot holes. This mainly why I'm wait with baited breath for FFX-2. Battle and other systems are often revamped for the better or worst (FF8 junction system comes to mind) too. That's all I can really think of think of. Oh well, see ya next mail bag, and keep up the good work!

Danke for the good work, we appreciate the replies. The junction system could have been nice but... well, they messed it up too."

It was so easy to create god-like characters in FF8. I mean, damn, there just isn't any challenge to the game after you've gotten some Ultima spells.

FFX was worse with that though, being able to break 9999 HP and all.

True enough.

Well, TD, go get the next reply.


It's not my strong point I guess.

Yeah, well, explain that to Rirse!

Hi everyone, this is "Sucky Knight" Rirse DeBlood here again after much laziness and Code Red Diet Mountain Dew. First thing first before I get started and that is Kagon is getting punished for no reason at all. *pulls out the dreaded TRANSFORMATION GUN© from the void and fires it at Kagon, turning him into a Pretty Princess…BOLA!* Ahh, that better.

Dah, the hell?

Ach, 't is a maiden in distress! Don't worry Kagon, STD has come to save the day!

...Woah woah woah, back fiend.

Psh, fine. *flies off*

Er, yeah anyways...

Anyway, on to the topic about RPG sequels. Ignoring the many Final Fantasy sequels, as they never follow each other in story (except for X2), I will mention other game series that follow along. For example, the Suikoden series continues the plot of the last game by a few years each time, but continues to have all the wonderful stuff that made the previous game fun, and even more. I say a good sequel needs a good story that is not a rehash of the same plot. Heck, even Soul Blazer/Illusion of Gaia/Terraignma keep the plot moving along each game, with the first one fixing the world, then changing the world to Earth, then fixing Earth up.

Kind of a like a movie, which if the movie is just the same old thing, but new settling, it sucks. But it takes the last movie plot and goes a different direction, then it very good. Of course the game is 50 dollars, compare to five dollar movie ticket prices, but this is RPGClassics, not Internet Movie Database.

Then there the crappy piece of junk that are made to get a cheap buck from people like stupid Lizard Pants with glasses. A sucky sequel example would be something that just cheapers the old plot and throw in some throwaway characters in it. I would say Final Fantasy 8, for the characters being pretty lame (all living in the same place for years and not knowing!), but since each Final Fantasy is not a sequel of the past, it doesn't count. So I will just say I can't think of anything. Because all the sequels that are bad in people minds I either like or I never played it.

Well seeya later everyone, and if I catch any of you eating that caik that was given to Shankin Garbage secretly by Hammer from Xenogeras, I will…do the Megaman 984 Rap! *shudders and dies*

Do the 984!

Swing your arms from side to side!

Come on, it's time to go!

Do the 984!

Take a step!

And then again!

Let's do the 984, all together now!

Just like thaaaaaaaaaaat!

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Well well well, looks like 984 finally decided to come back.

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OK! Scooting in just under the deadline for the mailbag, luckily I remembered. It's been a busy week, first all that homework, then I had to crush a rebel insurrection, then all those fires started breaking out, valentines day, all of that you know how it is. The obvious way to improve on a sequel is to remove the annoyances from the first game and expand upon what made the original great. The games will usually be larger, and bring back some of the better aspects or characters from the first. What I believe is the biggest danger in sequels is the risk of going over the top, and losing what made the original special; I'll use Fallout and GTA as examples. Both elminated two of the worst aspects from their first games (Bugs and impossible to find equipment respectively) but their sequels simply didn't have the atmosphere of the first games. They went too far and traded their dark atmospheres and humor for more cartoonish worlds and jokes. The most important point to remember is that-

*Hurls a bola at Kagon knocking him back into an open oven*

Bwahahaha I have you now! It was all a trick to get your guard down! 984 and SG you two carry on the mailbag, Kagon is going to be "indisposed" for the next 45 minutes or until he's golden brown.

I really loved how you could kick someone in the middle of the street, and people would just walk right past you. It reminds me of the real world.

I didn't really find GTA3 that cartoonish at all... It was a pretty dark world.

*Knocks on the oven door*

Quiet, basting boy.

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You couldn't already?

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Well, yes. But now his odor is actually pleasant.


Well, that's all for this mailbag guys. Our next topic was sent in by Valkyrie Esker. What RPG character best resembles you and why? Send in your responses to the usual place.

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