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Greetings all. It's time for another Mailbag.

The server just HAD to be working again didn't it...

Well, it does more work than you.

And you're point?

No point, Lazy McLazymesiter, Lord of the Lazy People.

*Shakes his head in a confused fashion*

Well, now that the obligatory confusing of Energon is out of the way, it's time to get on with the Mailbag. Once again, sorry for being late, but the whole server problems can be, well, problematic.


Yes. Quite. Anyway, that seems to be fixed so far, knock on wood. *Knocks on Energon's head*


Well, first up is GGCrono 4.

Hoi, chummers! This is GG Crono 4, giving you his usualy truckload of mailbaggy goodness! Or somethin'.

So, make up a class, huh? Okay, I'll tell you about a class I'm using in an RM2k project I'm workin' on. It's called the Pictomancer. Imagine FF6's Relm, exept with better abbilities. :)

Anywho, the pictomancer can do several nifty things. He doesn't use a weapon, but always has a ketchbook and a few pencils on him. He can draw pictures of objects or monsters and manifest them temporarily, kinda like a pseudo-summoner. To guve an example, he could sketch a dragon and unleash the firebreather upon the enemy, draw a sword and swing it, or even draw a lightning bolt and launch it. As another abbility, he can sketch certain monsters to learn abbilities. Think Blue Mage. Also, he can sketch members of your party for a varitiy of effects as well. If you think this sounds cool, then keep an eye out for that RM2k project. But don;t hold your breath. :)

Anywho, I'll be seein' ya'll around. Keep on mailbaggin'. Peace!

Energon, hold your breath.

*Holds his breath*

Sounds interesting. More of an amalgam of other classes, but amalgams are always good.

*Continues holding breath*

And I will keep an eye out for that. The whole concept sounds neat.

*Starts turning purple*

Well, since Energon can't talk, we'll let VE.

Man, a new Job class? That's gonna be tough, since a lot of the good ones have already been taken. But, if I must...

Now, I was thinking of something like an Ammunitions Expert, or something. You know, he's basically a Gunman, who also has training in explosives and the like. Doesn't seem to have that much range of stuff he could do, but I bet people could really think of somethig if they tried hard nough, and they believed in the power of LOVE and HOPE and DREAMS and MUSIC!

...Whoa, when did I switch over to Care Bears philosophy? Eh, who cares?

The lawyers. You'll be sued in... Oh... 5 minutes.

*Faces starts to turn blue*

Anyway, I have also noticed a rather large lack of undead people in games. Now, I'd like a FF or something where you can become a controllable undead warrior without having to resort to stuff like the Bone Mail or Relic Ring. These guys would keep functioning even after they died, unless someone casts a holy spell or uses a revive on them.

And yeah, that's basically all I can think of. Oh, and a little suggestion for a topic: How do you think RPGs generally handle romance and the like? Well, bai!

I dunno. The undead sounds a little too powerful. I mean, they can keep fighting after dead? Surely there must be some sort of limitation to them. As for LOVE and HOPE and DREAMS and MUSIC, hippies would be much better than Gunmen. I mean, they could throw frisbees and stuff.

*Passes out*

*Gently kicks Energon* Hmm... Garland, we need 50 CCs of mouth to mouth, stat!

*Starts giving Energon mouth to mouth*

Gar blllhlhbabag! *Spits* Stop that!

Great. You're up.

No thanks to you.

Actually, all thanks to me. I told Garland to give you mouth to mouth.


Now pay me back.

... Rainmaker.


*For one great site!*

Thanks. It took me a while to build all of it.

But you didn't...


*Second is the class*

First of all They need to deal with the elements and a class system at the same time *Like Hoshigami-and FFT combined* But elements should depend on the class you want, and taking certain jobs and/or aligning with different cults*good or evil* should affect the classes you are able to recieve. So if you league with rogues--you would be evil--and would get jobs like thief-bandit-etc.... If you ally with--oh i dont know demons--then you could get Necromancer or Dark Knight-Lich etc and same for Goodness-Angels-

And last but not least *if any has freelancer* it should have that whole interaction system and the alliance system and each Alignment has different weapons* So basically a mix between --Hoshigami-RUining blue earth-Final Fantasy Tactics-Freelancer

Thanks for taking the time to read this and may good fortune and long days follow you!

Well, that sounds like a *nice idea* The elements stuff *though sounds likes my magic* system idea from many Mailbags ago under *Cidolfas*

What's with the *s?

What's NOT with the *s? But anyway, I like class alignments, but this is more of a general new class system as opposed to a new class. Still good.

No admonishments? No criticisms? No witty retorts?

Nope. I think Steel Earl has it covered.

Steel Earl?

Or maybe Tin Baron.

Greetings it is I Iron Duke.

Or Iron Duke.

In the sprit of Krillion, the fat guy from Bruce Lee movies and Arthur (from the tick) and give u the newest RPG character job class the Comical SidekickTM!

The Comical sidekickTM has half the stat points of the main character (ie if main character has 10 strength the comical side kick would have 5) and gets to select half of his techniques to use, this is because everyone knows the sidekick is always half as good.

The Comical sidekickTM also has the ability to distract an enemy for a turn and thus prevent him from attacking, this is like when heroes are attacked by many evildoers and the sidekick distracts one by hilliarous antics like hiding behind a wall, running into construction site, throwing kitchen utensils etc etc. I reckon this would make games far more amusing by like throwing cream pies at Baal or a great malbro and distracting them for a turn, I mean that’s just funny, it could even be extended into the character doing little Monty python sketches, It is the Spainish inquistion!

But the Comical side kicks main ability is if it dies in a fight the main character gets his stat points tripled or goes “super”, yes just like off DBZ.

SO if u wanna purchase the Comical sidekick expansion character for any good game send me all ur money

Farewell From Iron duke

I like it! Comical Sidekicks are awesome!

I'm awesome!

No. You're not comical. You're not humourous. Captain Obvious is comical.


But going on, I like it. However, like all sidekicks, they need to be better than the main hero in at least one stat. Which one? Not sure. Maybe there could be a humour stat.

And its use would be?

I dunno. Then people could ask what some character's Humour Value is?


Moving along...

I've always like the idea of the Archdemon version of Pip from Chrono Cross in Dragoon armor. They'd be kinda like a different version of moogles as dragoon as per FF VI, only with horns instead of wings. I've even got a pic I drew of it several years ago. Let me know if you want it. Probably be best to send it to Fanart though I suppose. It's either that or the job class of rocket knight. Kinda like Sparkster on crack.


Reminds me of my Moogle Fantasy idea. There could be Dragoogles, Fightoogles, BlackMagoogles, WhiteMagoogles, Monkoogles, etc. It would rock.

No it wouldn't.

Sure it would. Everyone knows Moogles are the best class ever, so adding other classes to them can only augment their greatness. Especially Dancers. Dancoogles.

I really don't know what to make of your ideas.

Most people don't. I still think that would be a good idea. Doc Shinryuu agrees with me.

*A nearby wall explodes, sending shards of wood throughout the Mailbag.

Doc Shinryuu steps through the hole left.* Hey all. Doc Shinryuu here.

*classic "Fanfare!!!"*

Hmm... A new Job Class? This should be fun...

-Assassin - Designed for Final Fantasy Tactics

-High speed and Power ratings

-Low Defense rating

-Special Skills:

-Ninja Smoke: Assassin becomes temporarily invisible

-Backstab: Lethal blow from behind the enemy

-[Element] Justu: A blast of the specified element

-Illusion Dash: Use your Action to move. Doesn't cancel Move, uneffected by "Don't Move"

-Assassinate: Instant death, 50% hit rate

There we go. A job class for ya.

Anyway, I'm outta here. See ya. *Garland attempts to knock Doc down. Doc leaps over it and knocks Garland and Energon down in one fell swoop. Runs away.*

Grah! Darn you! I, Garland, shall knock you down!

Sure you will, Garland. Sure you will... Anyway, Doc, sounds interesting. Assassinate sounds a little too powerful though. Actually, the whole class sounds a little too powerful, but that's just me. Not as powerful as pink lugia's though.

A poke ball is thrown into the mailbag room. The poke ball opens and a flash is seen. When the flash clears pink_lugia and a pichu (not pikachu, pichu, the baby pikachu) are seen in the mailbag room.

This is a late reply from me. But with any luck you'll be later. Now because I think Energon's been getting mistreated too much (the love letter and army of slalin clones) I'm going to give Energon this little pichu as a pet.

pink_lugia recalls the pichu to its poke ball and gives it to Energon.

Ah joy.

Enjoy! Now on with my reply. Oh, and to answer 984's question from the last mailbag, it's a blind deduction of mp with no spell cast.

Now creating a new class. That's a toughy. There's so many classes that have already been taken by gamesa like final fantasies 3 and 5, dragon warriors, Strategy games, Ultima games. But I'll try.

How about a class were the chgaracter is a sword fighter with average hp, attack, and defense, but can also cast healing spells and has okay mp and will. What? It's been done many times? then how about a sword fighter who can use black magic? DW 6? Err, how about a person with a weird looking sheeps wool hat that can control monsters. FF5? Then, then, then, how about a class that dances around? Or sings? Or maybe just attacks and never takes commands? Done, done, and done, all on FF5. There really isn't a class that hasn't been done is there? Except...

The god class. For a character to become a "god" they must have mastered (FF5/DW6) all other classes, but only one charactrer has to do the challenge. That character can then become a member of the god class. The god class is a great fighter, capable of using any weapon, use any spell (summon, black, white, jikuu, any), and has the best stat gains of any class. A level 50 god would gain the ability to smite a foe, a 75% chance of killing it instantly, 10% of killing a boss instantly, or for the other 25%/90% do nothing. And after getting the class, if you start a new game, you can have your characters become a god from the start. The downsides? well, you have to have a character get all the other jobs mastered, and every time they become ca god they have to start with the stats of a a level one character. but Apart from that, they rock.

That's my two gil for this week, Good bye.

pink_lugia produces a poke ball and throws it on the ground and a great flash is seen. When the flash clears pink_lugia and the poke ball are gone and in their place is a note that reads

"Sincerely yours,

The Pink One"

All I have to say is that those other classes must be hellaciously hard to get if you're gonna have a god class. Otherwise, that would just be wrong.

And no challenge.

Right. No challenge. If you think RPGs are already too easy, adding an uber-class would make that just absurd.


Now, to end on a reasonable class, Zenogais.

Hey all of you mailbag persons! My job would be the Swashbuckler. The swashbuckler would wear light armor, fight with light weaponry, wear a flashy outfit, a high crit rate, raised parry abilities when wielding a sword, and would be able to counter attack. In an added bonus, or a penalty, whenever the swashbuckler hits his target, he laughs annoyingly! Maybe even a Kefka style laugh! By the way, 986, can I borrow Energon for a bit... if you want details e-mail me.

984. Not 986. 984. And no. No borrowing Energon.


Now, Swashbucklers make me think of Pirates, and RPGs do need more Pirate classes, but we sort of only have Skies of Arcadia to fulfill that need right now. But more Pirates would be good. They could even have a sort of steal special ability. Maybe bury the treasure to reclaim later for possibly better items.

Pirates are stupid though.

Pirates rock. Their need to be more good guy pirates. Now, the Mailbag's done. We need a new topic.


How about VE's? "How do you think RPGs generally handle romance and the like?" Usual address.

So are we done?

Yeah. We're done.