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RPG Classics Mailbag

O-kay! Here we are after a completely shameless re-hash of last week's question in which we asked folks to make up their own job class 'cause we were too lazy to do so ourselves. And just so's no one thinks I *never* do this kind of stuff by my own, here's a link to the character page for an RPG I created myself about three years ago. Er, well, I created all the info for it, no actual programming involved. There are about 25 or so of them in there with unique classes. And there are full lists of techs, weapons, armor, etc. in that folder too. Admittedly I probably wouldn't think up stuff like this any more (mainly because I know how hard it would be to actually implement) but I was quite the creative maniac in my day... sigh...

I'm glad *that's* over... we don't want Cid getting too creative, now...

Oh, wait... I'm going to have a thought! Oh, yes indeed! Here it comes... it's coming... nope, it's gone. *drops Ozzie down a plot hole* Anyway, everyone remember that some of these replies were for last week's mailbag so there are some "my favorite class" answers in there too.

I have a great idea for 2 jobs! Check'em out:

1) Lich - Yeah, the lich, the product of a warlock that was strong enough to cast a spell on himself so when he dies he will be raised back as an undead being who has the potential to become even stronger than the warlock could ever be when he was alive.

Only an evil spell caster at the level of 99 can become a lich when he dies. When he does become a leach he will lose 49 levels and will have to raise them when they need double the experience he needed when he was alive, but no worries, because although he lost 49 levels he is now only slightly weaker then he was at level 99! After a couple of levels he will regain his full strength and at level 99 he will be strong enough to change into the next job i had in mind.

Same as when he was a warlock only with higher int, con, and wis (not to mention higher mp). He get's immunity against poison and disease, resistance to water and a weakness to fire. He also gains necromancy skills or strengthes the warlocks necromancy skills if he already had them.

2) Semi Lich - Well, you know what that is. When a lich gets to level 99 he will automaticly become a semi lich, losing 50 levels again. And again he will be only slightly weaker than when he was a level 99 lich and the exp he needs will again double.

This time he will get immunity to water and no weakness to fire, he will get a raise in all the stats, plus the ones he already raised as a lich. His necromancy skills will also become very strong.

From your evil god trapped in a mortal's body (j/k, don't think I'm insane or soemthing),
Zarathul (not my real name, please don't think I'm insane)

HAH! This guy thinks that from that signature people will think he's insane? Gimme a break! Have you *seen* the kind of, quote, signing-off, quote, people do here? O_o

Hey Cid...don't kill all the hope of the kido...

Awww, pweeease? Whoops, did I just say that? Damn you, Celes!!! Anyway: we basically have a "kill everybody uweeheehee" class from non-insane Zarathul, how original, heheheh. Next up is "Brett Ultimus, or MasterLeoheart.... whatever you want." I want cookies! Give cookies!

Forget about it, these are mine! *chomps down*

I keep forgetting that I don't actually have a contract for her... sigh... we'll have to work on that.

Want some Mentats-cookies inseade? They yummy.

No... brain is GOOD, Mentats BAD. Just keep repeating that to yourself.

I try to make up my own games, one of them with the classes is Sorcery Fighter. I'll try to explain some classes.

Hiro: Bergin- Bergins have the ability to cast magic and sword techniques. They also have an attack, learned later in the game, OverRidence. It can either be a regular attack that loses Hp, or Mp, or both, Critical Hit Hp, Mp, opr both, User loses Hp, Mp, or Both, all enemies, all allies, everyone, heals Hp/Mp or both... for enemy of ally... pretty much, 50/50 for good or bad.

For those that didn't get that at all (like me first time round), he means *any* of those things can happen randomly. Which is kinda nuts, if you think about it. So don't.

Kye: Riddear Knight- Riddear Knights have the ability to live longer then any other... over 300 years! They can equip sword arms, which are pretty much long blades that you wear over your arms. Riddear Slash is something chosen that lowers stats for the enemy, either Attack, Defence, Agility, Magic, and so on.

Taka: Yea, the Ninja. What can she do? Elemental blade, which allows her to summon a certain element from her katana.

Toka: Another Ninja that throws items... we've seen that before, so nothing new.

Razini: Ah, Razini the magician! A quiet fellow who is... a Magician! He can do randomize, which casts a random spell, and some new ones that nobody can learn, if lucky. Magicians have great magic, obviously, however, they can only equip magic wands... which really isn't much.

Now for some interesting parts...

Sarabe: Sarabe is an Enragel. He is pretty much, a walking flame. Cannot cast regular magic spells, but transform into huge creatures by using MP. Also, he has an attack called Immidate Collapses, which is where he creates a huge explosing, damaging enemies and allies, and killing himself.

Shelsa: Shelsa is daughter of the main villian of the game. Shelsa is an Eiken, and has the ability to transform into previously fighted monsters, with the weakness/strength and tech/magic. Also, Aquire, which allows her to try to transform into a monster of choice. If successful, she can transform into that monster any time she wants to... if her MP permits it, that is.

Long? Yea, probobly. Well, hope you liked them.

Sounds like a pretty interesting RPG, actually. Why doesn't Square come up with these neat-o classes on their own? Why do *we* have to do all the work? Grrr... Anyhoo. Cody, take it away.

Well, either I've played too much Earthbound or I'm just weird, but I think a job class that would be interesting to play would be something more mundane and everyday like a mailman or flight attendant. Something about a more realistic role just sounds interesting to me (of course, you could make the role more interesting and give him funky special moves related to his profession.)

Ah yes, Earthbound. I would have really loved that game if it hadn't had such a clunky menu system, annoying battles, bad music, and 8-bit graphics. Er, everything besides the script, actually. AUGH! *is lynched by crazed Earthbound fans painted blue*

Er, while Cid is occupied, KirbyManiac will give us some enlightening words of wisdom.

Hah, right! In HERE?

I stand chastened.

It's me, KirbyManiac, from the Mailbag about making your own magic system. Well, I figure that this topic might cause some more innovative concepts from myself (so I'll warn you right now, anything I come up with is MINE!)

Haven't we gone over this? Everything in this mailbag is mine as soon as I get it in the e-mail! Copyright city! Multimillion endorsement contracts, here I come!

Or you could come back to the real world.

Nah. This is more fun.

Um, anyway...

Coolest classes? Well, Mimic is pretty spectacular, as is Blue Mage. The Sage from FF3 (no, not FF6, I mean the FF3 that is Japanese) sounds neat, using any and all kinds of magic.

Now for some of my own classes:

Pirate: Can Steal, uses Guns, Knives, Daggers, Swords, and can "summon" his/her ship to attack if you're fighting near water. People of this class can learn skills that make them adept at swordfighting or using guns. Probably uses some Water magic.

Engineer: Not good with magic, but can build and use technologically superior weapons (i.e. laser gun). Uses a Scrap technique that can "unbuild" mechanical enemies and take their parts. This class can teach how to Scrap or use the advanced weapons.

Mechanic: An advanced Engineer that build robots (Robotrek anyone?) for battle. The robots can be equipped like normal characters (armor, weapons, etc.). The thing about Robots is that when they're beaten, the parts used for building them may or may not be salvageable. You can use an Unbuild function on a Robot to try and save it from being destroyed (and your equipment with it), but it makes your Mechanic vulnerable while s/he is working.

That's all I can think of for now, so see ya next time!

Or not. The Pirate class sounds a lot like Fargo from Crono Cross (or, as MegamanX2K would put it, Krono Kross). I've always thought Engineers like the Cids or Edgar, or Lucca for that matter, were *way* underused and should be able to actually do stuff with scrap that they get. Only Earthbound, I hate to say it, did that sort of thing semi-right. Next up, Cloud Strife.

The job that I've made was a variation of Relm's job:

Name: Waffle Ryebread
Job: Comic collector
Appearence: A "Mighty Max" clone with green pants and a shirt with a big "W" on it.
Weapon: Pencil- A variation of Relm's weapon.
Ink drop- Blinds/Poisons the enemy.
Sharpen- Raises STR%.
Waffled- Steals items from opponents.
Wafflewaft- Wind elemental attack.
Waffle baffle- Think of Sabin's "Pummel".
Waffle Iron- Fire elemental attack.
Toaster Robo- Rides his trusty T.Robo for the rest of the battle.

This character follows the FF7/FF9 magic system(Materia/Crystal thing).

...Okay, I didn't get *any* of that at all. Was that supposed to be serious or a joke? And, er, how could you put the FF7 and FF9 systems together, since they aren't alike in the least? Or are you just an ignoramus, huh? HAH! I broke the code! I found the solution! I rock! *is pelted by rocks* Ow! Not that kind, you doofus!

Sorry. Couldn't resist.


This is Neo-Dan Telepo-ing in!

DANMAN! YEAAAAH! *start shooting at nothing in particular*

My favorite Job Class you ask? Well, I'm not one to be a "magical" type of person, so I guess my favorite class is the Dragoon. I love the dragonesque armor, and the ability "Jump".

As for my own Job Class. Well, I guess I would make a Dragoon Sage. The Dragoon Sage would be a physical powerhouse with the Jump command and the whole bit, but would also be adept in all forms of magic. Cure4? He can cast it. Meteo? He can cast it. Flare? He can cast it. How about summoning? Yup, he can do that too.

His stats:
HP: 9999/9999
MP: 999/999
Strength: 255
Magic: 255
Defense: 255

You know what? This guy sounds a lot like me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That's because he is me, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

I leave you to do your horribly stupid mailbag now, Cidolfas, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Neo-Dan...oh Hell you know the rest!!!!

PS: This was written in two minutes. It shows...;)

Know what? I think all these "I am the ultimate evil, worship me, HAHAHAHAHAHA" people are asking for a real punch in the mouth. Enough is enough already, sheez! Everyone wants to play as the bad guy. In a related story that has nothing to do with the fact that Rast is my boss, Rast has done a very tiny RPGMaker 2000 game in which you play the bad guy, and it's way better done than it would be if any of these wackos would try it. You can get it here if you have the RPGM2K Run-Time Package already. Otherwise you can get that here. And that's *way* too much promotion already, I should be paid for this. >-) Up next is MegamanX2K (insert large groan from the crowd)

First off, to the people who made the faulty RAM that almost made this priceless entry, chock-full with goodness, impossible, I give you my latest creation:

... How about I say this now? If I get that again, I won't post it. Ooh, I'm so evil!


No, really, I can't post *everyone's* pics, and it's not right that you'd get your posted. So I'll do it this one time because I'm not *totally* evil, but that's it, kay? Um, I can link to stuff like I did for Klarth's pic last week, but not on the actual page cause it takes too long to load and stuff. And makes the page too big. And any other lame-ass excuses I can think of. 8p

Ha! Serves ya' right.

Now none of this spectacular entry would be possible without Mentats! The Drug that gives you the IQ of Mazriam Taim, and the memory of Milk of Amnesia! |-P

Ooooh! Can I do it?! Please please!

Nope, sorry, this is my field. You get to blow people up, and I get to do this:

OK, Maz! Anyone else misspells your name, I got 'em covered!

Anyway, as a follow up to the Magic System topic, I give you my own Class System. Be patient: There are three classes per magic division.

Ground: Geomancer, Defender, Miner
Air: Aeromancer, Pilot, Archer
Water: Aquamancer, Sailot, Thief
Fire: Forger, Carpenter, Arsonist
Electric: Cavalry, Monster Trainer, Breeder
Light: Scout, Artist, Settler
Dark: Ninja, Spy, Siegecraft Artisan
Psi: Mystic, Dragoon, Scholar
Sound: Bard, Merchant, Entertainer
Bio: Doctor, Alchemist, Lumberjack
Strength: Trainer, Martial Artist, Farmer
Heal: Priest, Crusader, Diplomat

Now, aside from choosing what class a unit is in, you can also choose what magic skill he develops, as a separate thing. However, if you choose the same as the class (e.g. fire for an arsonist) he learns it faster.

Now, about FF5's Classes:

Classes I liked:

Dragoon: I like Spears, and Jump was a kickass move...!DragonSword? Also helped.
Mystic Knight: Screw their defensive moves, it's all about !MgcSword. Apply Flare to your weapons? Oh yeah...
Ninja: !Throw. Get BoltTechs from sea creatures. Kickass. You figure out the rest.
Samurai: !Zeninage was great for getting you out of tough spots.
Geomancer: They're weird, but doing random attacks based on the land had a certain flare for me. They (i.e. Spar) sucked in Bof2, though...:(
Chemist: DarkMatter+DarkMatter=DarkFlare. Easy enough.
Time Mages: They're underrated. Meteo was such a unique attack, such a pain they made it a lamerz move in FF6 (FF6...sheesh...)
Blue Mages: Stealing some powerful attacks from enemies. Missile. Afterburn. Level 5 Adios. 'nuff said.
Mime: Possibly the best team combos include mimes. Especially Callers and Samurai coupled with !mime. Espemancer: 'nuf said. Always loved 'em, Always will. Bahamut? Mmm...

Also, A Public Service Announcement: Monks are often downplayed because they use bare hands to fight. However, their High Critical rate, their !Kick attack, and their !Mantra make them killer. Don't look them over!

Classes I didn't like:

Knight: I like Swords-hello? Just some dumb fighter that did some defensive move when it was too late anyway. Like Mystic knight, but he had !MgcSword so it's ok for him.
Bards: Hello? They suck. Their songs were useless, because the effects were negligable or they died before any real effect set in. Think Gilbert. That spoony bard.
Red Mages: Ugh. Toss them out. They're useless practically after the 1st 6th of the game, because they stop after Lv. 3 spells.

I think you like FF5 way too much, on account of 'cause I only asked for your *favorite* class, see, and you went and told me what you thought of *every* class. I'd give you another messup, but you probably have your own collection which is overflowing your living room already, so I'll give you some time to clean up. We now have a Public Service Announcement from LiteYear. If he can manage it without a flashy exit... nah, that's way too much to ask for... *SIGH*

*Oh, you know what happens already.*

Hello again Cid. I am sorry for the semi-graphic visit I treated your readers last time, so to make up for it, I will get straight to the point. I attrubite my graphictiviy of last weeks visit to a combination of the effects of playing Diablo 2, Tiberian Sun, reading a very graphic book, and reading Celes's mailbag.

Ok, so your asking me what my favorite job class is? Well, that's easy. I really like mages. Any type of elemental mages will do. Mages are cool, sorcerrors are cool, witches suck, archmages are cool, warlocks are cool, enchanters are kind of cool, liches would be really cool, except I don't like the undead thing that they have going on. Kind of creepy, having to die to get ultimate magic powers.

Anyway, if I had to make a class, it would definetly be an elementalist. An elementalist is the supreme mage, one that can literally bend the elements to his will. He can do all stuff other magic users can, but also manipulate nature to his will. He could change air into poison, water into ice, air into earth, and anything else he wants. He can even enchant himself to deliver massive physical blows. For example, he could change his hand into spiked steel, and impale the victim.

If fact, these elementalists would be modeled after me, except they don't have these key ponts. For one thing, they'll never come close to my power levels. For another, the won't be egotistical and evil. And the third and most important thing is...

They won't have these flashy entrances and exits, like me. *Disappears, leaving in a flash of blue light, and leaving behing a cloud of laughing gas.*

No way, I'm not gonna fall for this one again! *presses orange button* *huge fan comes out of the ceiling and instantly breaks down* LUCCA!

Oh, did I forget to fix that? Whoopsie!

Why, I oughtta... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Heehee, you can't even... HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

*put on a Oxygene mask, take out a Super Vaccum Gun and use it! Suddenly, all the gas in the room have vanished!*(Don't you just love instant plot devices?)

Good boy. *gives Lunaris a Mentats* Next we have a similarly demented individual apparently named Eden, who can't find his Enter key at all.

Hello... I don't know who I am talking too.... I fear that ... one day.... Ozzie will be running the mailbag.. or even....Master Belch (A relitive of the pink blob, but smells too) ... Ohhh Right Forgot to say who I was well I be Eden! No, No I don't do flashy things.. to much work.. I get other people to do it for me :D <Makes Toan do a back flip into a very black hole> Anywho, the coolist Job class that anyone would ever want to be is.....<drum role pleaze> A GAINT SHEEP!!!!! Yes thats right in this job class you can : Us your magic wool to heal HP & MP for your allies!!!, put your enemys to sleep with your magic of wool, slow and or stop you enemys in the wool, and the best thing EVER!!!! Make wool golems that can never be killed only disimbodied, cause if they get blow up or hacked to pits they regrow. Now that main weapon used by this class in a canon hidden in the wool. The more wool you have (gets bigger with levels) the bigger canons you can hide in it. But if you let your wool get to big it can slow or stop your allies so you have to get it cut. The good thing though is that wool sells for 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99 dollars Amarican (I live in canada and well if you ever see the news heehee). And now I leave you with a riddle, Who laughs like this UWEEHEEHEE?
Find out the next time I write in! Your forever cause I am not leaving you alone untill you die and maybe after Eden. <Orders Toan to make a flashy Exit> <Toan Does a fireworks display just like what you see at the end of Chrono Trigger but only ever fireword makes a picture of Eden>

Ooh, that's nice... Unbelievably egotistical, but nice. A refreshing change comes from RPGClassics' Mr. Saturn. Now here's an entrance I love:

G'hoi hoi, Grand Master Cid!

And a less humble greeting to the rest.

My own job class? Armless merchant! We need more Mr. Saturns! Hahahah! World domination, hahaha!


Oh, sorry about that.

*Tries to blame it on an alter ego... but fails!*

Anyway, I lack originality entirely. I could try to come up with a job class, but it'd probably just be a stick figure that goes around beating things up.

Okay, let me try really hard...

*tries really hard*

How bout this... Otaku! It's about time, isn't it? I mean, there was an otaku in a fighting game (in Capcom's Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter), so why not in an RPG? Actually, this is probably just my lack of originality; I'm pretty darn close to the MSHvSF case right now...

Well, if anyone over there wants (like ozzie, he seems cuddly), they can elaborate on the idea. I've gotta run off; I'm afraid I'll mention dirty, smutty porn again, and I don't need after me...


*scoots off in bumper car... what the hell else would a Mr. Saturn drive?*

Heehee, bumper cars! *Tries to order Lunaris and Ozzie to chase after him in yellow and green bumper cars... but fails!* Well, there's an otaku in Metal Gear Solid, although he doesn't do much. 8p There's a start. And in Star Ocean and its sequel there's a bunch of Fanzines you can pick up which also don't do anything. Er... that didn't prove anything at all.

Cuddly? Did he call me cuddly?

I think so, yeah.

I'm evil! I'm not cuddly! I can hurt things! I can laugh convincingly!

HAHAHAHAHAHA... ooh, how cute! *cuddles Ozzie*

UWAAAA! *faints*

I'm having way too much fun. *Goes off and works on a prototype Tickle Me Ozzie*

O_o. That basically says it all. Next up (we got lots of answers this week!) is "Bishoujou Senshi Seera Biinasu(or so moi wishes)". Great, a Sailor Moon fan. Sat, here's an otaku! Yay!

Hola Ciddt-sama and evil Ciddy-sama.

Nah... too easy.

First off I was wondering if Ozzie has any relation to Jabba the Hut?

Er, no, not really. Maybe a distant cousin. Certainly different skin colors, and that doesn't happen genetically...

Now! onto my wonderfully wonder,superific superbly super class..."The Chilicheese Fry Prince(tm)"

Now his special technique would be to smother the enimes with chilicheese yumminess.

As he gains AP he would learn the dreaded "Super Nacho Information" which was used by Big Joe in Xenogears.The "S.N.I" allows for him to confuse the enemy with funky info.For example,it would tell them that,oh say,Ozzie was cute (X-X) and other falsenessicity.

He could equip weapons such as the "Death Hot Dog" and the "Ultra Potato Chip Throwing Star of fear and whatnot".His armor would be stuff like "7-11 Gear" "Dorito Armor" and the ultra pretty "Thunder Cornchip Helm!".

Also,he would have nil defence and magic,but his attack would be extremely high.

And thus,that would be my class.

I am traumatized now. How's about a slightly more normal one?

Hey Cidolfas,

This is Epicgamer, sending in my first mail bag ever! Yay!

You're having us create our own character class right, man you're cruel, think of how many people's heads have exploded from using their brain.

It was my idea! Mine!

Oh, put a sock in it.

Oh well... My custom class would be a mixture of a dragoon and some sort of magic user called the "Dragoon Mage" (surprise isn't it). Just think of how cool it would be to jump into the air and send down hundreds of fireballs with no chance of injury to your self, and then after your enemy is reeling from the intense magical pain you finally fall, impale him with your spear, which then is struck by a bolt of lightning. Ouch, that would be painful.

Hey i actually have another idea, think of it cid your own class could be the mailmaster (or something like that), you could have control over plot holes, mindless, and the dreaded green smiley face, also if there was a huge problem you could just summon Lunaris, and have him use one of his weapons of mass destruction, Enjoy!

Ay, i better stop, my head is starting to hurt, that's what i get for thinking during the summer.

Yeah, thinking is REALLY bad for you! Can make your brain fry or sumthin'... Take some mentats inseade...

We've been over that already... MailMaster! Great idea! Actually, I think Macc has something like that in RPGC Densetsu. 8-) But with Ultros instead of Lunaris, of course. Not as much damage, but more tentacles. Second-last is... Klarth F. Lester, with an F, not a D. Heh...

Hello Cid, Ozzy, and the gun carrying yellow jacketed one. Its Klarth again with another one of my ambigous Mailbag letters. My new RPG class would be called a "Hacker" and would be used in futureistic RPGs like FF7, FF8, and FF6 (by a longshot though, FF6 was kinda the progressive era of the FF universe). But anyway, the hacker would have the attack power of a theif, and would use knifes or pistols. A hacker would always carry around a laptop, and use it to atack in battle by hacking into government or millitary orginization files, and telling weapons to fire at the monsters. A low level hack spell would tell a millitary hellocopter to fly to the battleground and fire a few rounds at your foes. Later you can hack to tell IBCMs, Space Shuttles armed with kamakaze astronauts, Satlites that shoot those doomsday lasers (like in "Akira"), and the ultimate hack spell: the spacestation Mir II (after the first on crashes you can summon Mir III, Mir IV and so on, those Russian's don't quit ya know). A Hackers special attack (that doesn't use MP) is called reformat and only works on electronic enemys. It would be kinda like a cleric's "Turn Undead", only "Reformat" would eather do damage to all the electronic enemys or charm them into helping you. A hacker can also be used durring parts of the game where a keycard is needed. In dungons, a hacker would be able to go on any computer in the dungon and use his "data theif" command to create a key card, to open doors. This command would only really be usefull in RPGs where you don't have a set party all the time (so it woulnd't be as cool in the Final Fantasy games or in games like lunar, it would be more helpfull in games like Breath of Fire One and Baludur's Gate). Anyway thats my class, i was kinda serious this time, i guess i'm burned out on the funny stuff today. See you guys later

We all have days off, yep. Chisato had a neat attack in Star Ocean 2 where she radioed for missiles to fall... which has nothing whatsoever to do with this, I know. Er. Jarlaxle is our last entry, yay!

<Cid has an itch on his head...he doesn't know what it is. He lifts his hat off, revealing his bald scalp, and Jarlaxle hops out, then grows to full size.>

Haha!! Quite an entrance, I must say!

Lay off the Mentats. *jams hat down on his head*

My own job class, eh? I would create the Warlock. The Warlock is available to anyone with previous levels in black, white, and time magic. A Warlock would automatically be charged only 1/4 of the magic points required to cast any spell, to a minimum of 1. So that KoTR, if it existed in this game, would cost about 62 MP instead of 250. The Warlock would have access to all spells of every kind, and could learn them at a rate twice as fast as any other magician, AND cast all spells 1.5 times more effectively. I.E. a 100 damage Fire2 when cast by a Warlock would do 150 damage. Why WOULDN'T anyone want to be a Warlock, you ask?

Well, as with all character classes, there is a downside. A Warlock, upon completion of casting a spell, or after being damaged, gets very, VERY angry. It is the natural pride of the Warlock that is wounded, because Warlocks consider themselves to be so much higher than everyone else, almost invincible, that when they are damaged, they get mad, and when they cast a spell, they become overly prideful. Along with this madness comes a mixture of berserk/confusion. Approximately a 5% chance is added each time one of those 2 things happens, adding more %age for the strength of the spell or amount of damage taken. And a random determinant by the game will determine whether the Warlock goes temporarily insane, unleashing his strongest magic at twice the power at a random target, enemy or ally, or multiple targets.

In short, the Warlock is by FAR the most powerful magic user an RPG has ever seen, learning more spells, learning spells faster, using 1/4 of the MP, doing more damage with the same spells, BUT with the possibility to double his effectiveness and wipe out your entire party with a snap of his fingers.

<Jarlaxle laughs evilly and disappears.>

Whew, at least that was less flashy than usual. What a bunch of flash-obsessed junkies we get here... what's this? LiteYear has something *else* to say?

*A lightning bolt strikes down at the center of the mailbag, causing a cloud of smoke to appear. When is dissapated, I'm standing there.*

Hi Cidolfas! See, at least someone spells your name right. Anyway, I wasn't going to respond, due to the fact that I answers both topics last week, but I had to. Do you really want to know why?

Er... can't keep a good psychopathic maniac down?

No. It's because it's Canada Day! For this one shining day, we can make fun of all those little people south of us. We get this great party up here, while all you get is some crappy little fireworks show. We has a prime minister who speaks two languages, yet we still can't understand him, while you guys have President Bush (all the good jokes have already been done.) Your beer is moldy, smelly, and ugly, while I have three words about our beer: I am Canadian!

A toque is a hat! A Chesterfield is a couch! And it is pronounced ZED. Not ZEE, ZED!

Cid, you have to post this just for that. But anyway, on to the main reason, to make sure this gets posted.

I don't see how all you people can see summoners as great job classes. Sure they are okay, but they can't cut in the long run. Why would you want to summon anyway? All you get are creatures that just attack and disappear. You don't control them at all. Sure they do a good amount of damage, but any mage could top that at the same level. I'm not saying that summoners are the worst class ever, but just they are way overrated. If you want my opinion on the worst job class, then I'd say any pure physical attacker. I'd explain, but this is reserved for another day.

Anyway, I must bid you all good-bye, but not without this: *Creates fireworks around him, sparkling around him. An amazing fireworks show evolves, and dazzles all the mailbag viewers. I then depart, but not without leaving a giant Canadian Flag on the ground. Hang that somewhere nice.*

*hangs flag behind his desk, making it look like the Prime Minister's office* Did anyone else know I'm Canadian! Hah! Loonies rule! Which is especially relevant in this mailbag! Happy Canada Day everyone!

Yeah! Happy Canada Day!...Din't you knew I was Canadian too?...No, Quebecer!


I've been getting lots of topics (keep sending them in!) and I'll go with one from Declaude and Deedly (don't ask). Here, with the spelling errors taken out, is the idea: "The Final Fantasy Sports League is now accepting your nominations for the Final Fantasy No Holds Barred No Rules Football League for RPG Characters. Name your dream team, player positions, and what each player brings to the team." This isn't limited to FF, it can be any RPG, and while we're at it, let's extend it to hockey, baseball, cricket, curling, or any other sport! So let's hear from you at HUT!

Seeya! *is tackled by Lunaris*




*Keep beating up Ozzie while he still on the ground with a overly large Foam Hammer*