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RPG Classics Mailbag

Hello, all my subjects! Welcome to the one and only OzzieLand! Where everything is about ME! No insane meddling Cidolfases! And all the help have been fired, allowing everyone to focus only on me! Mwahahah! Observe! The mailbag is mine! That desk with all the crazily violent buttons are mine! That padded chair with springs on it? Also mine! And - hey, what's this note here?


I rehired all the help, and they aren't too happy about you pretending to fire them. Cutbacks mean no springy chair; I've substituted a small brown block of wood. Feel free to use all the buttons on the desk, at your own risk, of course. I also gave all the mailbag repliers full rein with you, so you have to do everything they say. Oh, and Lunaris was looking for you.

Have fun, >-)



The Lunaris watchin' guard' thingies Team is here and one bad move or word and your lizard bacon!

You know, no other mailbag personage will have to put up with this, I just know it... Well, might as well open all this fan mail. Apparently it's got a theme, too, something about old-school RPGs. I love old-school RPGs, since I was in one, HAH!

Me too! And I whupped your ass!

Technicality. Anyway, here's our answer number one, by d galloway.

This entry will override the previous entry from last monday, as I didn't want to talk about the destruction of the World Trade Center. Well, anyway, for this topic, I will tell the truth: old-school RPG's will remain, but on a much smaller scale. In my opinion, an old-school RPG is any RPG that sticks directly to the tried-and-true systems of level-building, Mp-swallowing, GP-gaining, and random encounters. And yes, there will be more old-shool RPGs on the next-generation systems, but there won't be many, since people love new ideas and want excitement. And Ozzie, I have a surprise for you.

Ozzie: Wow! A surprise for me!

d Galloway: Yes. Come closer.

Ozzie: Gotcha! *walks right next to d Galloway*

d Galloway: In the words of the Terminator, "Hasta la Vista, Baby!"

Ozzie: Hey!

d Galloway: Gallo-Beam!!! *a large, white beam fires from d Galloway's hands, hitting Ozzie straight on and blasting him through the roof.*

d Galloway: I always wanted to do that. So long! *jumps out the window and escapes in the shadows*

YAAAAAAHHHHH! *lands heavily on the ex-chair* I hope that's not going to be the norm for the rest of the letters... I bounce well, but there's only so much bashing I can take, you know?

Don't worry, we can just use a Revive and you'll be good as new.

Groan... Um, back to the task at hand. Our next response comes from Ekryn, a newbie, who I'm sure only wrote in because I was hosting. Cidolfas scares people off.

That's my job!

Well, you do a crappy job then!

Huh. I don't critique your job of being a total moron.

I happen to be very good at my... HEY!

Seeya. *runs away*


Old school rpgs are definitely dead. I mean all were gunna see from now on are 3d rpgs when all the best ones are 2d (tales of phantasia, chrono trigger, final fantasy six). I think the companies (*coSQAUREugh*) are trying to sell rpgs to the more casual crowd that normally wouldn't buy stuff like that (ff8 anyone?). I think the only rpgs in ae future are the big blowout superhyped ones. Its too bad. hmm, i cant believe i actually repsonded to a mailbag. *congratulates himself on his first mailbag response*

Actually, I think almost all my absolute favorite RPGs are 3D. 2D ones were nice, but they don't hit you as well as the others. Then again, I don't think all 2D RPGs are old-school and all 3D ones aren't, either. I think FF9 is an old-school RPG, and I think Star Ocean 2 is a "new-school" RPG, simply based on their systems, not their graphics. Ahem. Now we have one by Maber... Makobett... Heisenberg... DAMMIT! *cut-paste* Mabatsekker! Yes! Sheez, I have no clue how Cid does it...

First of all: *Puts Ozzie to a trash can filled with pokémon merchandise*

I resent this! I do!

I pronouce my name correctly:

Maba(like Baba)-z(short)-ekker (like in th german word lecker)

Secondly: I would like to take Ozzie out of this trashcan!

...How did he fit in it anyway?

And also I'd like to contribute to this very special mailbag, but Ozzie wouldn't allow it, but since I'm threatening to send his two goons (Flea&Slash) to him to assist him in doing his mailbag, why not?

I don't like you already. They suck. You suck, too. *blows a raspberry*

Say something like that again and I'll make sure that you gonna be in everyone's breakfeast as bacon towmorrow.


As I got into the RPG scene only a few (6) years ago, I haven't really set a line to old-school games, excepting the NES games. All the 16 to 128 bit games have been the same all the time with a few exceptions, as always. For instance, Chrono Cross, Vagrant Story, Xenogears, Ogre battle........ well I really am in jiff now so I'll come back next week to pester you more, if theres a fitting subject. And I do have a suggestion for a subject: Make a webcomic for a mailbag entry!

- Mabatsekker is out... and in - At the same time!

PS: A SPECIAL mention to all who guess what game it's from!

NOOOO... I don't want all those crappy webcomics that Spoony keeps ranting about being sent in... besides, Cid only has a 28.8K modem, and I'd HATE to see him have to wait hours to download his mail just because some loony wants to send in a mailbag entry! On second thought... Nah, not worth it. Anyway, so we have someone here who says there's no such thing as old-school! Hah! Beat that! Maybe Rayman201 can try?

This is a trick question, right? Old school games are ones that you level up by gaining experience points, use magic spells and consume magic points (or in the case of Earthbound, psi powers and psychic points), and stuff like that that's found in a lot of games. Super Nintendo and Nintendo had some old school RPGs, I think. And as for that question on whether or not there will be old school games on next-gen systems, I say "definitely yes". You know why? My game is going to have old school elements found on next-gen systems. I don't have a name for it now, I had a name but it contains the SH word so I can't market my game. My game goes by the leveling up system and psychic point consuming system (yeah, I said PSYCHIC POINTS) that old school games have. My game's going to be set in present day like Earthbound because, let's face it, that's a good idea and until I played Earthbound for the first game, I thought all RPGs had to be set in medievel times. My game doesn't need any fancy new magic or level gaining or stats systems that will take a person at least 1 week to figure out exactly seeing as it's going to have bitchin' graphics and a kickass plot with plot twists. As for other games other than my own, I think there will be other old school type games for next-gen systems, not as many as one's with confusing magic and level gaining systems but I guess I COULD try to learn to deal with those.

Um... right. Call us back when you learn complicated programming, get a job with a huge game making company, wiggle your way up to some exalted position where people will actually listen to your game ideas, proceed with two years of production, and sell more than ten copies. Sorry to bust your bubble, buddy. It ain't gonna happen. I wanted actual answers, not pipe dreams!

You know, you're really alienating our readers.

Naw, just one of 'em. Hey, if I don't say it, who will?

You could at least be a bit nicer about it.

You know, you're right. But I don't wanna be! It's my mailbag! Hahahah!

I could force you by showing what a few minicannons and assault cannons can do to your marshmallow self if your not being nicer to 'em!

GRUMBLEgrumble. Um, let's see what Future Trunks has to say... er, what he DOESN'T have to say...

I'm back! After months without a computer, I've got a new one and I'm back to respond to the Mailbag! *hears audience boo* Shut yo mouths!

I've decided that I'm going to respond to every mailbag since I've been computerless, so if your not interested in old topics scroll on down.

First: My own RPG class: The Elemental. He only has average stats, but can change elements at will, gaining all magic abilities for that element, but losing all abilities he previously had. He also gains the strength/weaknesses of that element.

Next: RPG Sports team. I'm not big on sports, but there is one sport I love, and that's the All-American Sport! No, silly, not baseball! BATTLEBOTS! It would be driver Lucca with bot Robo vs. driver You(from LoM) with your custom made Golem for bot. Lucca would win of course, cause Robo kicks a*s!

Um, yeah. If I had no life.

Now: The RPG Character hosting the Mailbag: I have no clue...

And: Battle and Story. Story. Definately. Story 60%, Battle 40%

Another one!: Toy. FF7 See'n'Say! Land on Cloud, you hear "All right, everyone, let's mosey!", land on Cid, get a "Geronimo!" et cetera. It got recalled because parents didn't like the Barret space, which screamed "You damn Shinra!"

Look:Censorship. I support it. If there was no Censorship, parents wouldn't let their kids get Video Games, eventually making them no longer sold, and that would suck!

Err...: Bring an item. I'd bring the Pheonix Downs. They'd be the ultimate torture devices, killing murderers, then bringing them back and brutally killing them again. Just as long as it didn't fall in the wrong hands...*looks at Lunaris*

Well: Complexity. I like Complexity. Complexity is a good thing. Just ask Martha Stewart!

Yo: Academy Awards:
Best Hero: Zidane. He's Heroic and funny.
Best Heroine: Lucca. Lucca kicks a@s.

Please, you're embarrassing me... heh...

Best Weapon Idea: Mage Masher. If only it were strong...

Also: Terrorism. It's horrible. If anyone thinks any different, go take a long walk through Nibelheim while Sepheroth's in town.

And Finally: This weeks topic. Old-school has to be basic and medieval-based. FF Anthologies, FF Chronicles, and FF9 are examples are on recent systems. In next-gen systems, some games we think of as recent will probably be re-released and called old-school. I hope you enjoyed that rather long e-mail. Welcome me back at

Phew. OK, everyone flame this guy! For this week's topic, anyway, not a lot of thought seemed to go into that... "basic" and "midieval"? Just two words? C'mon! I'm sure LiteYear has something more intelligent to say, although probably in a more violent way.

*Just something simple today... Let's try a lightning bordered semi-circular darkness arch, which I can step out of.*

Dammit Cidolfas! I was making this damn good entry about the WTC boming, and you...*sees Ozzie in "the desk"* would not be him... *Narrator voice* Today, the part of Cidolfas will be played by an ugly green pig-lizard.

Sure. Rub it in. I can take it. Now TALK!

Ah well, I've decided to give you my thoughts on the WTC bombings, despite the fact that it is going to kill everyone's happy mood.

First, a log of my activities on Black Tuesday (all times in PST):
5:45- Terroist attacks start- First plane hits the WTC.
7:00- I get up, hearing about a terroist attack. I think it's a bombing at an airport or something.
7:03- I see the TV. Man, it was horrible just to see the tower with that big, gaping hole.
7:15- I finish breakfast and go online to talk.
7:28- I watch the second tower collapse into rubble.
7:55- I get in my car and drive to school. Yes, I can drive, though my car is really crappy (1985 Orange Honda Civic)
8:20- The school is abuzz with everyone talking about the WTC crisis.
8:30- I got to my English 12 class.
9:40- My class ends, and I go to the cafetiera, where it's standing room only to see the one tiny TV. There I learned about the other two planes that went into the Pentagon and the field outside Pittsburg.
11:15- I take my Info Tech 12 course.
12:30- I go back to the cafeteria, which is just as crowded as before, to watch more of the updates.
2:00- I go to my Math 12 class.
3:15- I drive home.
3:30- I get home, and watch more and more tragic images, while taking to online friends. I even ventured into the RPGClassics chatroom for a talk.

...And that would be a log of my activities on that fateful day. Before I get into my essay, I'd like to now express my condolences to every family and friend that was affected by the days events...

*Moment of silence*

Ok. Thank you. Now, I'm going to admit beforehand that this essay is not entirely American supportive. However, I do not condone anything that the terroists did on Tuesday the 11th.

First of all, there are people around that say America deserved it. That is completely bullshit. No country deserves anything of this magnitude. 5000+ people have died simply because they went to work. They were planning some conspircy against anyone, nor were they involved in it. I know America's foregin policy isn't the best in the world; they butt in affairs that, if settled in a certain way, will benefit them. One of the most prominent examples is the Middle East. That war is going on against dfferent races, and America has not right to try to make a peace accord between them.

Now, there have been reports that either Osama Bin Ladden or the Afgani government has plotted this attack. I personally don't believe it. They would know that if they did this, they'd have the Americans and allies over them like flies over rotting meat. What I'm saying is that they are too obvious to be suspects. I know that they would have the movite, and the resources to carry out an attack like this, but I still don't think they plotted it.

Now, to completely contradict myself, say that we did find the Afgani/Bin Ladden responsible. What are the options? We could
1) Attack the entire country
2) Try to capture Bin Ladden/Afgani government officials
3) Do nothing.
If we attack Afganistan, then the entire westren opinion of the US being above this action will be totally shattered. The US and the west will be viewed as terriostist to the Middle East: They terrorise the oppressed and kill the innocent.
If we only try to capture Bin Laden/Afgani government officials, then we may create an enemy worse than the one we tried to destroy. Sure, the capturement of those people will weaken those people for a while, but eventually a new leader will emerge. Then, they will try to take the terrorism to the next level? But what is the next level? Is it a bomb dropped on Seattle? Is it a biological missle aimed at California? Is it a portable nuke in a suitcase at the airport in Washignton?
However, if we do nothing, then what's to stop them from doing anything like this again? All these security measures are not going to top a well-determined group of terrorists. And then they still might take it to the next level.
So, in conclusion to this sub-section, there is no right choice. Anyone of those choices are unacceptable. Neverthelss, those choices have to be made.

Now, about the terrorists themselves. I don't care what you say: To the mastemind behind the group, there were smart, well-organized, brave, and a little lucky.
I mean, organizing and excuting a successful plan to take 4 plane and crash them into various targets is a brilliant plan. It succeeds in the main goal of terrorizing the people of America, but also succeeds in making America look like a fool. I mean, having four groups pass through airport security at the same time? It would be unheard of in Europe. If nothing else, American and Canadian airport security had to learn a lot from this.
Also, those people are probably very brave in the eyes of the people who support these awful actions. They have given their lives to destroy the dvil of their religion, American way of life. American way of life is a complete defilement of what they view as the ideal way of life, and on Tuesday, they brought that anger to American Soil.
I also believe that the terrorists were very lucky. I personally don't expect that they expected those towers to collapse. I think that their goal was just to damage them. But again, whoever organized this is a genius to figure out how much fuel was needed to collapse the towers. I think the organizers of this attack are probably still celebrating from their success of their attacks.

So, in conclusion, this attack cannot go unretaliated, but the US must be careful on how they go about this, as they are treading a very, very fine line. God bless America, they will get through tese trying times.

Ok, now to cheer up a bit after that depressing entry. First of all, I think I'll declare myself in charge.

I think not! I rule the show here! It's my hour! Bwahah!

Well, you can't stand up to me, Lucca can't stand up to me, Evil Cid can't stand up to me, and Lunaris won't stand up to me, because the combined might of our powers would quite literally "run the decor".

You can't do that! Because... because... you just can't, that's why! I'm the host, dammit!

Well, think of the arrangement as on FARTS, where you still run the show, but just remember that you have this powerful being waiting to fry you into cinders if you mess up.

Er, I knew that already, I think...

Oh well, I think I'll just check out a few things on this desk. *Looks at al the buttons* Oh, I can't resist. Ozzie, prepare to die.

I always wondered how people prepare to die. I mean, you can't just make a mental check and say "yep, I'm ready to die now". It just doesn't work.

*Starts playing the buttons like a keyboard. Evil Cid is smothered by a 1000-T weight, has sulfuric acid dumped over him, is hugged by dozens of cute generic 6-year olds, is eaten and chewed out by Bahamut, and is dropped down a trapdoor with lava at the bottom.*

Ack... got... a nasty... grudge... eh? *faints*

Well, that may have been overkill, but why the hell are you still alive?

Evil Alterego Rule Number 301. No one ever dies.

Damn, I forgot as the host, you get those certain perks... *sigh* Guess I'll have to wait until next week, when Cid shows his head in here again.

*Looks through previous mailbags* Hmmm... any unfinished business here? Umm.. oh there. RPGDragon, don't worry about the competition about the flashy enterence thing. All I care about is that they drive Cid deeper into the "Pits of Deprevation of all Rationality(TM)" well, maybe that's why he needed that vacation. I'll think I'll suprise him after I'm done here. Now, Ozzie, do you have the location of Cid's vacation spot?

I'm sworn to secrecy! Sworn! By my sacred word!

Well, if you tell me, I promise that I won't kill you *mutters* next week.

Noooo! I'm scared!

Ok, ok, here's $500 as well.

14 Rainbow Avenue, Nassau, Bahamas, apartment 613. W00t, cashola!

Thank you my good pig lizard thing. I know it'll be worth it. Now, I'll even start my entry as an added bonus.

Ok. Fisrt, the most important thing about old school RPG's is that they MUST be 2D. 2D is a staple of the culture. If and RPG is not 2D, it isn't old school. Second, an old school RPG should have a fairly simple battle system. You must have spells, MP, HP, and maybe a few special abilities. While that constiutes about 99% of all 2d games, the late 16-bit era streched the limit. Take FF6 with all it's espers. That really didn't fit well. I guess what I'm saying is that you should be able to customize your character. Third, none of these FMV's and CD load times. I think that FMV's are just graphical movies desinged to wow instead of involve the gamer, in other words, they don't fit. Fourth, if an RPG's plot is not disceranable and involving within and hour of playing, then the game is a bore to play. Of most of the PSX RPG's I've played, I didn't want to play after one hour. Fifthly, the RPG must play fast. Again, PSX RPG's are so slow to play, iot's almost unbearable. It litteraly takes over a minute per battle. It sucks. Finally, timeframe. Since most gamers see the end of classic gaming at 16-bit, all old school RPG's must be 16-bit or less.

So, I think this has already be answered. but any RPG produced on the PSX or later consoles are not old school RPG's. Also, there will not be another such thing as an old school RPG again, which I'm sad about.

Game Boy Advance is still 16-bit! There is still hope!

Oh well, there's my happy/sombre mailbag. Time to go bug Cid now. *Steps back through the still open gate, then a blood-curling scream from Cid is heard. I then stick my head back through the gate*

Man, that look was priceless. I'm glad I got it for such a cheap price. Seeya! *Puts head back through and closes gate.*

Wish I had a camera for that one, hoo boy... And now comes LiteYear's rival, RpgDragon.

*A small black hole appears in the mailbag. It glows with a golden glow. Suddenly it starts to shoot out fireballs into the mailbag. The fireballs all fly towards the same spot. There they start to resemble a certain person. Suddenly the black hole stops shooting freballs and dissapears in a bright flash of light. When everybody can look again I am standing where the fireballs once were...*

Greatings Lunaris, Lucca, Evil Cid, Ozzie and Oh god I forgot. Ozzie is hosting this mailbag...I think this is pay-back time.

Sigh... how original...

A what the hell. I can handle Ozzie so I'll just give you my entry as normal as ever(considering you could call my entrys normal...).

O.k here goes. First what constitutes an old-school rpg? Whel that's a toughie. I think you can call a game old-school if at heart the game has some of the original rpg-system. The age of the game has nothing to do with it. FF9 for instance is actually old-school I believe. HP,MP,EXP etc are used wich are the basics of old-school gameplay. Also the magic system is a tad old-school, equiping weapons, armor etc sounds a lot like FF6 it's Esper system. But FF8 is absolutely not old-school. I explained myself about that some entrys ago so just look it up.

Also I sincerely hope that old-school rpg's will continue to be made in the next century.But I think they will become extinct since gaming companies nowadays like to make up entirely new systems for every rpg they produce. But you can always play a nice game of AD&D if they happen to become extinct right? (note: If you do not know what AD&D is I will hunt you down and kill you)

And in the end I would like to make a shameless plug on a small companie wich might excist in the near future: R.P.P (Role-playing programmers). This will be the companie of me and some of my friends if we can pull it off. We are all crazy suckahs when it comes to old-school role playing games. So if we manage to create R.P.P old-school rpg's will never become extinct.

Now I best be going before you lynch me for my plug so bye! Oh and Lunaris lay of the mentats will ya?

*RpgDrqagon takes out his sword and begins to charge it with some strange magic. The blade starts to glow black. He then runs over to Ozzie and cuts a hole underneath him (Cidolfas gone, somebody has to drop him down a plot-hole right?). After he watched Ozzie fall down he cuts a hole in front of him. In the hole the interior of RpgDragon's room is seen. RpgDragon then steps through it and immediately the hole closes behind him.*

*floats back up through the hole* I could see his room in there. What a mess. Let's see, who's this Epicgamer guy?

*A dark portal appears drawing forth the minions of the underworld, followed by a dark shadowy figure. Epicgamer walks in, sees the shadow and throws a brick at it, knocking him out cold.*

Damn don't you hate that? Ah well... As long as he's out cold I better answer the mailbag.

So Ozzie, Cid's gone eh? I can't believe he'd let such a worthless mystic pig run the mailbag, hey Lun blast him for us, Kay?

Yeah sure.*shoot Ozzie with a few Blaster Bombs*

About the topic, an old-school RPG is one that actually relys on gameplay and story instead of flashy graphics. Personally, I think of old school as being a mostly 2d game, like FF1-6, ToP, and other such games. I also think that old school games have an exp. system and a magic system where it's bought from shops or learned through battle or as skills from npc's (strange, i think of ff6 espers as old school, but the item system in ff9 isn't). There have been some on recent systems, such as lunar silver star story complete and ff tatics.

Sadly I think that there aren't going to be many old school games on any of the new gen systems, mostly based on the review of the jap import of ff10. They don' even use the exp. system and instead use a board game where orbs are placed to gain stats and skills. The gaming companies are moving more and more twards newer ideas for their games.

Well I better go, that guy I hit is starting to wake up, see ya!

Who was that masked man, anyway? Oh, here's one from BSSB. Always wondered... nah, forget it.

*poof* I am the pretty sailor suited solider of Biinasu! Seera Biinasu! Crescent Beam! *blast Ozzie with a sexy golden laser beam! yah!* Now,I will give you a hug!..or not!

AUGH! *runs away, then realizes that he's still hosting the mailbag and runs back*

Old school RPGs,hmm,well when I think "old school" what first comes to mind are Pre-FFVII RPGs,not pre-PSX/Saturn/whatever..cause,really,before FFVII RPGs weren't that main stream in the U.S. or Europe.Now what makes up an old-school RPG? Hmm,well,that's a toughie, cause to me,I see old school RPGs that are just plain fun,like Phantasy Star IV (Rune *-*!) or Chrono Trigger.I know,that's such a non happy answer. X-X;;

Now old school RPGs or newer systems? I sure hope so^^ It's all groovy!

By the way,will you marry be Lunaris? You just so Psycho-liscious!


Yuck. Well, I've got one last thingy, and it's from... surprise, surprise, Cidolfas.

Well, seeing as I'm not here to intersperse my comments, I thought I'd stick them all in a neat little paragraph at the end.

I think old-school RPGs are more in the spirit of things rather than niggling details. I think FF9 is an old-school RPG because it's so reminiscent of older games, both in style and gameplay. I think Tales of Destiny is old-school as well; not just because of the graphics but the system as well. And it preserves the innocence of older games, too. Frankly, I think Star Ocean 1, though it was on a 16-bit system, was not an old-school game, since it made so many innovations on the tried-and-true.

I do think that old-school games, with similar systems to older games and a similar feel, will still continue to be made (though of course not with anywhere near as much frequency as push-the-envelope games). The Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior series will, I think, not succumb to "newness" anytime soon. Then again, it could be another three years or more till we see DQ8, knowing Enix's record. O_o

Well, that's about it. Hope Ozzie's behaving himself.

It's not me! It's those damn insane mailbag reply people who are misbehaving!

Well, it's your fault.

No, it's Cid's fault! Everything is Cid's fault, remember?

But he's not here and you are. *voice of Nelson from The Simpsons* Ha ha.

That does it! *slams on the Big Red Button* *huge plot hole ten times normal size opens up and swallows Ozzie, Evil Cidolfas, and the desk all at once*

Heh, I was wondering when he'd do that. Yello, everyone! That was nice, but back to some normal stuff... Lunaris is hosting it next week! Heh, normal, yeah. 8p The address to send to is and here's the topic. It's a duo, because we didn't know if anyone would actually write in for just one of 'em. 8p Pick one and send it in, as follows: a) What's the biggest plot hole you've ever encountered in an RPG? b) Are non-linear games better, worse, or just different than linear ones? Send 'em in and have fun. Ozzie, you're back to your old job.

Sigh... seeya.




BWHAHAH! Prepare, I'm hosting the mailbag next week, ain't I? That mean heavy explosions!