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RPG Classics Mailbag

*drum roll* It's the RPGClassics Mailbag, with our very special guest star, ME! Yaaaaaaaay! *music starts*

It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights, it's time to get things started on the mailbag tonight!

Why do we have to come here?

I think we'll never know.

It's like some kind of torture to have to watch this show! AAAAHHH! *fall down plot holes*

All right, that's enough Muppet copyright infringement. Ahem. Our topic for this evening, overrated and underrated RPGs. Let's start with a newbie, Jacob Surrat!!!!!!!!!

The most under-rated game would probably be Terranigma, most people think it bad, but I like it. The graphics compare to Chrono Trigger, and the storyline is the best of any game I have played. The most over-rated would be Final Fantasy 6, or Chrono Trigger. The gameplay and graphics are ok on both, but the stories are unoriginal. Chrono Trigger has some fun parts, from what I've played that is, but doesn't compare to Terranigma. Final Fantasy 6, just isn't good at all, except for graphics and gameplay.

*hordes of angry FF6 and CT fans swarm the newbie* Ahem. Actually, most people who dislike FF6 and CT dislike them because of their gameplay; their stories and music are the most endearing factors. So... er... yeah. Weirdo. Terranigma was good, IMO, but not as fun as its prequel, Illusion of Gaia. ^^; Of course you don't have to listen to me, I'm just stating my horribly biased views on RPGs. Let's see what d galloway has to say.

Ooooooh, debate. *insert Homer Simpson drooling sound* Anyway, I have three underrated and three overrated, so I might drag out slightly, but no matter! I have absolutely no power that could harm you.

Your smarter than you looks.*crack knuckles*


3. Final Fantasy 5: Believe me, I know a lot of people who hated this game. But it is still the best of the Final Fantasy series, and the only one that I thouroghly enjoyed playing.

2. Secret of Evermore: I know Macc pratically slaughtered everyone who picked this game, but it had its high points. The magic system was different, the story was better (I actually like "boy and dog get trapped in alternate universe" better than "12-year-old goes out and stops evil empire"), and the dog was more useful than anyone in Secret of Mana. I don't think anyone would pick this again.

1. Hybrid Heaven: Several people didn't like this game. I don't know why. The graphics were great, the story was the second best I've ever seen, and the battle system was spectacular and innovative.


3. Lufia 1: I think this sucked, especially when compared to Lufia 2. The only reason I played this was to finish it, thus obtaining bragging rights.

2. Final Fantasy 1: Okay, I didn't like this. I know everyone's gonna hate me for not liking this, but the story was nonexistant, the classes were pathetic, and the magic system was horrible. Avoid like the plague.

1. Secret of Mana: Anyone who likes this needs mental therapy. The story was crap (see Secret of Evermore), the weapons were lousy, the characters were horrid, the magic system appeared to have been spawned from Satan, and the final boss was too damn easy! BURN SECRET OF MANA! IT IS EVIL, EVIL I SAY!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, here's some replacement exclamation points:


Ooh, exclamation marks, we can always use more of those. Anyhoo, don't worry; I personally don't like replaying FF1 much now. ^^; It was a lot of fun when it came out, but it seems more annoying than fun at this stage in the game. Maybe the WonderSwan remake is better. I also never really liked the Seiken Densetsu series as much as other games. I'll take my two cents back now, thank you very much.


That's enough from the peanut gallery. Hey, how'd you get back from the plot hole?

Interesting you should ask that. I have this particularly ingenious invention...

Er... I don't think I want to find out too much about that... here's a welcome diversion from Jiharn.

*falls in through a hole in the ceiling* Ouchies... Well, lesse, most underrated/overrated RPG...I think I'll do both!

For underrated: Secret of the Stars is pretty underrated. A lot of people, if they've even heard of it, seem to dislike it. It's gotten a bad rap; I personally enjoyed the game a whole lot when I played, and I think that people are perhaps just being narrow-sighted in their view of this game.

For Overrated: I'd have to say FF7. I know that it was certainly ground-breaking in some ways, but to me it just doesn't compare to the older RPGs. Someone new to RPGs might half-worship FF7 because of the graphics or something like that. I enjoyed it, but it simply doesn't compare to FF6 in plot and it simply wasn't up to that level.

Well, that's my two bits.

Now we have a hole in the ceiling?! This place is falling to pieces! If this goes on I'm gonna have to move into a new mailbag! Sheesh. Anyway... I'm with you about FF7, though lots of people (notably Sephiroth Katana, RPGC's future RPG reviewer) disagree with me. It's a rather large debate, actually. Can't comment on SotS, since all the horrible talk about it discouraged me from playing it. ^^; Maybe I'll give it a whirl if I have a few days extra time. 8-) Here's one from Crystalys:

Ooh the underdogs, they somehow always come out on top and win the bag of beans. Anyhoot, an Underrated RPG that I know of is Ogre Battle, this is one of my most favorite games in the world! Most people I ask about this game say 'I've never played it' 'I've never heard of it.' or 'Tristain thinks he's a goody little two shoes killing me at the end does he!?' Anyways, the reason the game is so good is because you can beat it over and over because there are multiple endings all that you must start at the beginning to get. And it was just a good game. I'm not going into any specifics.

Well they're would have to be a lot of overrated games. Some, are overrated then when they come out they are realized that they suck. Then others people get brainwashed and think that it's good or something... The most overrated game, I think, would have to be FF7. All I heard from this game was how great it was. Indeed it was an OK game, but it did not hold up to these boasts that were being shot into my face... I dunno it's just my opinion please do not attack me for it.

Chalk two up for FF7. And don't worry, we don't attack people for their views in this mailbag! We're a democracy!

Autocracy, you mean.

Well, yes... is there a difference?

Not noticeably.

All righty then... moving on, we have a reply from Igatona. Don't you wish YOU had a reply from Igatona? Hah! It's all mine! But I'm nice, so I'll share it with you. Don't get it dirty.

Well, hello Cid, this is Igatona speaking, again, and I believe the question is what's overrated/underrated? Right-o. Well, I'll be happy to say that I have an answer to both questions, which I'm sure you wanted.

As for the most overrated RPG, I'd say Final Fantasy 9. Why? All that was said about the game was false. "Return to the roots", my ass, in my time, we didn't HAVE any limit-breaks, in my time, all party members were useful in some way. In my time, you could CHOOSE what kind of party you would want. "The crystals come back!" All I saw was a sissy crystal world, no 4 crystals that we've come to love.

As for the most underrated RPG, I think that it'll have to be ANOTHER reference to a game you don't know, the Persona series. Not only were these great games with a good plot, the fighting system was very cool (I mean, what's cooler than being able to contact a kid in a toilet in a fight, or kill him if you want the exp.) and for Persona 2 : Eternal Punishment, the names of the spells were cool and original. (Example : Mudo for an instant kill spell, Frei for a nuclear element spell) Of course, some of them weren't very much original (Example : Nuclear Missile or Armageddon). Plus, the Rumor system in Persona 2 : Eternal Punishment. My only gripe with this series is the fact that Atlus didn't release Persona 2 : Innocent Sin over here, which would have made Eternal Punishment have more sense and we'd know the characters more.

See ya!

I'll have to take exception with you there. FF9 was rife with references to older FFs. Remember that in FFs before number 6, you couldn't choose your party either (duhhh). I also found every single party member useful in some fashion as long as you distributed abilities correctly. Besides for all that, I found FF9 refreshingly humorous and a lot of fun all on its own. There are dissenters, but mostly people who were disappointed because they expected something different. Take it as its own game and it's quite enjoyable (in fact, as some people know, I now count it as my favorite FF). Ahem. Here's one from Mr. Bound, yet another newbie!!!!!!!!!! They just keep coming in! Whoo!

*insert entrance here*

*inserts entrance*

Hey Cid.

Underrated and overrated...not a bad topic. Is this one of yours?

Well... it was, but then I found out that Macc did it way back in mailbag number 2, but everyone's forgotten that by now, RIGHT?

I haven't.

Ack! Uh... right, I meant... everyone ELSE. (Phew.)


Well, I dint forogt.

Yeah, thought so.

Well, I'm kind of breaking what you'd call an RPG here...Fire Emblem. It's an RPG in my eyes, although the combat system is turn based strategy. It's got hit points, and weapons, magic, a huge variety of characters, holy blood, kings, queens, classes, and some truly awesome plots. Nevertheless, all of the Fire Emblems have seriously been overlooked. Maybe we'll get some US releases now that Mars and Roy, two characters, are in Super Smash Melee.

And they all rock the house. Especially 4. Someone should make a shrine for FE4.

I'm not going to say anything's really overrated, because I've liked everything I've played. That's a rarity...

But I'd like to know if you can confirm something...there was a post on a message board the other day that said Squaresoft was negotiating to make games for Nintendo again. Since Square IS the RPG company, could you possibly tell me anything about this? It's alright if you don't have anything on it.

Thanks, and Peace

Mr. Bound

First I've heard of it. I wouldn't lend it any credence until we hear something more concrete. Of course, I've been wrong before... I ridiculed someone on the Star Ocean GameFAQs board about DeJap's beta patch before going and looking and realizing he was right... made a total ass out of myself. Then again, since it's already been done it can't hurt any more! W00t! Ahem. Here's PS2Princess, our resident kawaii-crazy-girl... er, one of them, anyway.

::appriates inside the mailbag,noticing it's singed walls from when Lunaris burned the carpeted walls from last time O.o:: 'Lo Ciddy, Oz-man, Lunaris ::TRY to control your temper this time!:: and evilllll cidddyyy . Well,im gklad to say you got my point::saying that i was insane ^_^:: but i DONT appriacet calling me girly! after ALL the gorey games ive played,id be the LEAST GIRLYIST GIRL!! ((that doesnt make sense ,...does it? cuz then,i wouldnt be considered a girl,would i ? O.o))....whew,ok,getting to the point, the most OVERRATED rpg((if you can call it a real rpg)) was defenantly Koudelka. DEFENANLTY THE MOST OVVERATED GAME. my friends all liked it,now im starting to suspect them of "strange things" -. -. the most underrated rpg is Wild ARMS 2. everyone of my "friends" hated it,plus it got bad reviews by some "professinals",not many people i know play it,B! ELIVE ME! it's worth the time and money! o,and for the record ::uses her wnad to zap Ozz-mun,who then is wearing a lil pink tutu and forced to dance FOREVER while watching re-runs of JUDGE JUDY!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!! ^_^::dissaperates into a misty cloud then flies into some singed walls,before exiting while mumbling "^%#*^%#(&%$#( walls......."::

O_o. Plot holes not original enough for you, eh?

Ugh. I'm not even gonna think about where she got that idea from. Good thing I can't fit into a tutu.

Oh, I'm sure if we get a whole lot of material...

Don't you have something better to do with your life?

No, not... oh, the mailbag. Right. Here's KoS Gilgamesh, a regular at the FF Compendium board, but a new face here at the mailbag, so HI!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't need a corny entrance, do I? ....well...? cmon..answer...oh wait.. its "e-mail", I gota wait for a reply.. ok.. let's just do this.
*run's in on a chocobo, jumps off, and lands in a chair, and then the chair starts levitating, and floats away, and then i jump off it and then a frying pan hits me cause this is getting to long..*
AAAAAAYYYYY uncle C.!!!!

That was... nonsensical.

Everything in this mailbag is, Cid, forgot that?

No, of course not... How could I, when everyone always reminds me by every single action they do? Sheesh...

Most under-rated RPG? Well... I COULD say FF5, but alot of people know/like it already... Mario RPG? nah, thats well known/liked also... OOO!! I KNOW! Earthbound! sure.. I barely played that game, but no one mentions it anymore, and it was neato! especially the hip-and-happening music too it. I hope Nintendo get's thier buttons fixed, so they can release it for the gamecube.
Most over-rated RPG? o... I duno.. how about... FF7/8!!!!!!!!! yup, 2!!!! Cause FF7, although its good, wasn't the BEST, now was it? sure.. anyone could say anything isn't the best, but FF7 had some downfalls.. I think. Materia , now that was a lame thingy-ma-bob.. onto FF8, it had so much to live upto, and although it did a good job in the game department, it let down so many people. Even though the graphics are good, thats the reason it's overrated, is cause everyone thinks,"OH GEE, LOOK AT THE SHINY 1337 GRAPHIX!!!!". Well, I doubt everyone thinks that, but the majority probably does.
That's my lil jiber-jable for the day, and I thought I should of sent it to the mailbag, cause there is a small chance of someone reading it.

This case is closed,. *puts coat over shoulder and walks off*
-KoS-Gilgamesh, but just call me gilga..

Er... well, everyone's entitled to an opinion, though usually they back it up in some way. 8-) Let's see if Drago's Nightmare can do that. Although if I'm awake, I don't know how I'm talking to a nightmare... or even how a nightmare can make a coherent mailbag reply... but then again, this is the mailbag. Things ain't SUPPOSED to make sense.

Hey Cid,
Considering my last post was off and completely invalid in your comments I decided to try my best to answer this question the best I can and not rush through it. Well, let's go.
The most underrated game I know it's Harvest Moon... the entire series I mean. I thought it was fun, even though it was slow paced. But I like games of many variety and people who tried it says its fun but people who didnt try it says it sux. I get pissed becuz they dont like the farming aspect and blows it off just becuz they never tried it.
Well, the most highly overrated gae I know is.... well this is pretty tough since all the rpgs I played were really good and were rated fairly. BUT I do have one comment about a game that is considered godlike. Secret of Mana.. the FIRST!
I likeed the second one alot but the first one didnt appeal to me as people said it did to them. I dont know maybe it is juss me but I stopped playing after the Gaia's Cavern or wateva in the beginning of the game. Well, gottaz go. So cya laterz to the character sprites that always talk and make the mailbag SO DAMN interesting..... in a way...

Yes, a psychotic way! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Shaddup. Personally I disliked Harvest Moon for the same reason I disliked Myst - too BORING. O_o Well, to each his own. Here's a cute tiny answer from "Jon". Jon is a newbie, so here is your punctuation for the day: !!!!!!!!!! and a ! since we have so much surplus today!

Most underated: Arcana SNES or Panzer Dragoon Saga SATURN

Most overated: Zelda 64, FFIX, Chrono Trigger (Hey, I liked it too, but c'mon, people treat Magus like he was Christ or something...IMO, Chrono Cross is not only a worth sequal but better in many reguards)


I dunno... for people to pick CT as an overrated game... CT was generally quite a good game; there are far more that can be picked... ah well. *shrug* That's why we have people write in, to argue with me! If everyone agreed with me we'd have no mailbag!

Yes, we would. It'd just be kinda boring since it'd be one long sycophantic rant.

Ahh... bliss. Oops, there it goes... here's one by MegamanX2K...

Warning: Rant Detected! Evacuate Area Immediately!

*power of gum is used to keep everyone but Lun right where they are*


OK, Underrated, basically there were a lot of games that deserved more credit, I don't discuss them, not enough time and nothing that sticks in my mind. But OVERRATED? Clear the decks!

Now, I all assume you know one game I'm gonna say:


Gameplay? Pfeh. Don't get me started on gameplay. Whatever jackass decided No Dashing during battle didn't deserve his pay. As if the gameplay wasn't tweaked as it was; the movements were just not done right, and battling was just plain annoying. Then there's a class system, but it's not actually a class system. It's more of a permanent thing, and you get a set number of spells. WTF? Not to mention they made the magic system user unfriendly as opposed to SD2, which was neat and orderly. And Equipping things was tedious, as well.
As for Plot, well...the plot was preety OK, there was a decent amount of char development there if you looked hard enough...but most of the time, I felt uninformed about wtf was going on, or I couldn't remember what I was doing or why. That got kinda aggravating. Also, the knight Duran was relaly stereotypical, and somewhat the same for the thief Hawk.
Artistically...SD3 ha some good music. Read: SOME. Meridian Child and Hope Isolation pray were two damn good tracks. And some of the other tracks I could stand for a few minutes. But besides that, the music was annoying and repetative. I dunno what about it drove me crazy. And graphics...the graphics were somewhat advanced in some parts, but they were godawfully pixely. Even after you use SuperEagleSaiX2 or whatever engines ZSNES uses...
And let's not forget glitchiness, shall we? First, the Text bug. Text Boxes remaining after the conversation's done...erased by other stuff, but still looked ugly. And often, when you go into the Menus, the game reset. And before you say it's a ROM Only thing, don't; I've seen the cart in action, both happened. Also, the classes for some of the female characters were coloured wrong (they needed a patch to fix this).

Overall, the game had a bit of nice artistic value. But that stuff's just a cherry on top. It bombed in the gameplay department, and that's where it matters. For some reason, I've begun to compare video games to students from the perspective of the teacher, don't ask me why...SD3 would be like that student who was popular with all the other students, wore cool clothes, listened to all the popular music (in class, with headphones, neither of which you're supposed to know who you are) but did completely poorly in school, and aggravates the teacher consistantly.

But wait! There's more! Let's not forget FF4, shall we?

The gameplay was preety poor. Unlike all the other FFs up to this point, FF4 didn't have any real "system" (e.g. FF2's stat increases, or FF3/5's class systems)to it; rathar, you were just given characters, they learned magic on levels, whoopdedo, how original can you get. Add to that they screwed up on the ATB (the waiting thing was aggravating) and the need for a good deal of levelups, even in the easier versions...and this game wasn't really playable. Plotwise...I don't see why everyone thinks it was such a fabulous, fantastic, unique plot. It wasn' was somewhat stereotypical, especially concerning the big bad nameless boss at the end. It was spiced up well enough, but th plot was overrated. Artistically...Music was nice, but preety 8-bit-ish. They could have made better use of the SFC's capabilities. Also, some of the music got a bit repetitive/boring after a while. Graphics...nothing special, quite basic.

FF4 was not a real impressive RPG in my opinion; it didn't have gameplay, plot, or shiny things (music/graphics). I'm not quite sure why everyone likes it...was "You Spoony Bard!" really worth it?

Gosh, finnaly semone that agree with me...

There are one or two other RPGs I could comment on, but I'll refrain from torturing you any further. Aren't you lucky. |-P

As it happens, I agree with you on the FF4 front. I do think that most of why people like it is because of nostalgia or its contribution to RPG evolution as a whole. But my first FF was FF6, and I only played FF4 later - and I found it pretty damn boring. *gets lynched by rabid FF4 fans* Here's Doc Shinryuu. Take it away. *hides*

*Doc Shinryuu rushes through the door and slams it shut behind him. A large SOMETHING crashes into the closed door.* *Whew* That was close! Wow, underrated and overrated RPGs, eh? I'll have to think about underrated for a mi-HARVEST MOON 1!!! My god, how stupid - no - STOOPID of a question is that!? GREATEST SIM EVER CONCIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!!

No sir! Master of Orion 2 and X-COM are the best Sim created! Fool...

Geez... Anyw00t, on to overrated. To be brief, CHRONO CROSS! The magic system is too complicated and there's no level system *gag*! Before I go, I just want to say that you should fix the Quotes Archive. And now, I have to go and finish this week's battle with school and homework. *Dons the Genji Equipment Set, takes out a Chirijiraden, and starts to leave, but stops before leaving and turns around.* By the way, I am *THIS CLOSE* to getting a shrine, so please, wish me luck! *Fully and completely leaves*

Good luck! As for the quotes archive, inquiries are being addressed. As for there being no level system in CC, that was the best part in my opinion. O_o Here's another huge one by LiteYear. I won't tell him if you skip to the end of it. *gt;-)

*Decides to just appear today*

Hi Cid and the rest. Well, thanks for my first true messup sign. Had to just resort down to nitpicking grammar and spelling and all that nasty stuff... especially when I'm plauged by tons of typo monkeys, didn't we? Because we all know that you couldn't give me a messup sign on legitimate grounds...

Oh, now you want me to defend the one I got 2 weeks ago? Well, as you said, Macc would kick everyone's asses if he was put into the poll. So basically, the poll was for you is the second best mailbag host ever...(BTW, did you recieve a single vote from a non-alterego?). So, the difference between mine and everyone elses is that I basically shoved the fact that "Macc is better than you" down everyones throats.

A non-alterego? None of my alteregos voted... unless someone spiked my orange juice and I did things I didn't remember... and I don't remember not remembering things...

Well, who said I was nice? Well, I like how you "borrowed" this topic, even though I don't really care. Anyway, I decided to make a list for the topic, so you'd better sit and make yourselves comfortable...

You know... I dunno why I put up with this. Insulting the mailbag host isn't usually a good idea. Then again... I guess insults are better than ignorance. Maybe. Lemme think about this one. You go ahead.

Alright, here we go:

Underrated RPGs

Pokémon R/B, G/S- Well, this may have not been underrated when it came out, but it certainly is now. What I mean by this is all the crappy Pokémon toys, shows, and promotion have basically shunned anyone who ever anted to play this. People assume that this sucks like the rest of the Pokémon series, and thus won't even try it. While I'm not saying it's the best RPG in the world, it's certainly worth your time to try this.

Secret of Mana- IMHO, this is probably the most underrated RPG of all time. This game has the best damn RPG battle system, and it's one of the ultra rare RPG's that is multi-player. Add to the fact that it has one of the best soundsracks in any RPG, and you have a gem waiting to be discovered.

As pointed out before, while this may or may not be a *good* RPG, it's certainly not underrated - many people do indeed say it's a good RPG.

Ogre Battle 64- Well, this is very underated mainly becuase it came out on the N64. If this came out in the PS/PS2, it would be one of the best sellers of all time. If you have an N64, and don't have this game, you should be shooting yourselves in the foot for not grabbing it... anyway, now for the analysis: This game's story was absolutely gripping, the game has tons of value (50+ hours of gameplay time, and lots of hidden characters and other goodies), and the battle system was well done.

Lufia 2- Again, not as many people have this game as they should. This is another gem, and it was marred by that fact that it tried t compete with the PSX. It has some great puzzles, a good story, and the usage of IP make you really think about the equipment you were using. This it a top level RPG that shouldn't be missed.

Overrated RPGs

Chrono Cross- Well, I didn't like this game at all. It was definately overhyped from being "The sequel to CT", when it barely had more than a few passing references. I also never like the "buy magic" idea, I didn't like basically the battle system in general, and I didn't like the EXP restriction. Is it that hard to make tougher bosses? While I'll admit that it had great music, it's not enough to redeem this title.

...You call that overrated? You call CC overrated and not even talking about CT!? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?

Super Mario RPG- Ok, quite franky, this game sucked. It was way too easy, the music sounded like absolute crap (except for the Culex theme, but that was recycled from FF2/4j), the shared MP was a crash and burn idea, most of the speels looked like two seconds of though went into them, etc. I could go on, but I figure you get the point.

Paper Mario- Well, let's pick on the sequel as well. While I believe this was a better game than SMRPG, that's not saying much. Before I get to the bad points, there is one thing absolutely shinnig from this game, and that was the first strike system. That should be implimented into any RPG. Now, this game again built on the built on hype of SMRPG and the fact that it was its "sequel". This game basically died after the first 3 chapters, as the rest were all containing one stage. Again, I hated the EXP system, the fact that you never did more damage, and thus tier 1 enemies couldn't be skipped easily, the stages were really just a bunch of "fetch quests" tied together, it was nigh impossible to get coins, etc.

Diablo 2- Man, this game is way too overrated as an RPG. Franlk, so little thought seemed to go into this game for the amount of development time. Randomtivity never sits well with me, and that was basically the whole game. Weapons should be found by exploration, not "kill monster type X until you get the weapon you want". Also, the unique/set weapns, the supposed "supreme weapons", are little more than a gold infusion. Now, that's not even counting the detached plot, the fact that there only is like 2 viable characters to choose, and loss of other abilities, and you have a horrible game.

FF series after FF7- Sorry, these games are now selling by two things alone: Graphis and hype. Suare is not the RPG god it was. It is now little more than just a "good RPG company". FF8 was absolutely horrible, FF9 was marginaly better, and FF10+, I believe, will not break this disturbing trend, because Square has absolutely no reason to. They're making buckets of money, and don't care what they produce. The sad part is that these games will still sell, which just proves the awful trend of the VG market in general.

Well, there we go. Since you're "borrowing" this topic from Macc, this has to be included: BURN SECRET OF EVERMORE! DESTROY IT NOW, IT IS EVIL! EVIL I SAY! Well, I'm off again, so until next week, bye. *Warps out in a beam of light*

First off: Square is not making buckets of money. They lost BIG-TIME cash from FF: TSW. And I definitely wouldn't say that FF8-10 are bad. They may not be what you're used to, but frankly, I think that's a good thing. I'm definitely looking forward to a non-ATB system in FFX, the voice overs, the new EXP system, everything. And as I said, I thought FF9 was extremely enjoyable. While I'm here, I thought SMRPG, while not particularly challenging, was also quite a lot of fun in its own way. But again, it's not about me, is it? Next up is... ooh, Vault Dweller! Yay!


How original.

*Gun shoots are heard everywhere, often followed by giant explosions. The camera zooms in the wasteland horizon to show two armies ducking it out. Boths sizes are on the border to analiation...

But then! Suddenly, a strange music ressembling to...some relaxing music? How paraodxal huh? The camera zooms in even more to show the Holy Vault Dweller on a lounge chair, big sunglasses on his face. He watches the twos armies ducking it out befor turning to the camera*

"Oh! Hello everyones! Vault talkin' here....Huh? What I'm doing right now? I'm takin' a break, that what! And nothing better to pass time that to watch Enclaves and Brotherhood of Steel soldiers ducking it out, I ask you?

...Answering the mailbag, you say? Oh sure...Might do good...The fight is almost over anyway...*yawns and sips a Nuka-cola*So what the topic? 'The most underated and overated RPGs'? Not bad...Not bad at all.

Alright, let get started. Firsty ; Underated stuffs, The SaGa Series.

Well, it not EXCATLY underated, seeing it a Hit or Miss game(You like it or you hate 'em. Inbettewn are rare.), but for the reason that I just saide bettewn brackets is why I consider it like that. Pisses me off, really. And poor little cry babbies that just cant get past the game because it non-linear! Dont make me laugh...

...Er, ahem! I also find that some peoples overlock PC games...*eye Cid*...or cant just play 'em. Oh well.

Right on to Overated: FF7: I mean, look at all thoses idiots that keep sayin "ff7 r0x0ers 4 ver!" or whatever and say that anything else sucked because they NEVER played anything else in thiere pathetic, wormlike lives.

FF4: Okay, I admit, the nostalgia factor is REAL big in this thing...But, damnit, it not THAT great. Sure, it was the best back at his time, but RS1 beat it square and fair, trust me. Then again...hard to compare since the two have different game plays styles...Oh well. I admit FF4 IS good, but some peoples overdo it if you ask me.

Ultima Online: I hate it with the deep of my heart, so it was only normal that I put that here. Take that, Lord British!

...Well, uh, I think that almost the only things I can think from the top of my head.

So..uh, seeya!*take anoter sip of his Nuka-Cola and goes watching the remaning of the battle*

*Suddenly...The words 'This was from the Holy Vault Dweller, official commenditor of Nuka-Cola; Nuka-Cola, the drink of the new Wasteland Generation!' pops up in the screen, a old years 70's music playing in the background*

You really gotta stop being bought out by big companies... the mailbag is supposed to be ad-free!

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Yes, but that's to help put money in the pockets of the great people who are shelling out their own money and time to keep this site running, and so it is generally a good thing. Whereas ads from nonexistent cola people... well, it just seems to go agains the spirit of things, that's all I'm saying. Our last answer (phew!) comes from PsychicPsycho6, whom I seem to recall answered one other mailbag... lemme check... ah, number 56! Quite a respite! Anyway, he's not a newbie any more, so no exclamation marks for you! Next!

Most Overrated:
Xenogears. The battle system is great, but you spend only about 1/10 of the game in battle. The rest is an insane barrage of cutscenes and text. My attention-deficit disorder can't take that, but that's just me.

Whoo! Up with the crazy action people!

Most Underrated:
Final Fantasy 5. Not underrated really, just kind of forgotten, probably because it never got a US release until Final Fantasy Anthology. The charatcer developement is minimal, the plot is thin and rather cliche, and it has some of the least memorable music in the entire FF series (save Reina and Gilgamesh's themes). So why have I logged more hours into this game than I have on any other? The job system, which added hours of replay value-- along with the introduction of Final Fantasy staples such as Blue Magic, several new summons, and Mime/Mimic.

Awww... that's real dedication! Our very last reply from today comes from someone I haven't seen in quite a while... everybody say welcome back to I Abibde! And see, I still remember how to spell it!

I can visualize two differing schools of thought in the universe of CBVRPGs, the School of Final Fantasy, and the School of Star Ocean. The first school is large, rich, and well-established, while the second school is new, poor, and small. Both schools raise valid points, and, as luck would have it, both of them have anime series based on their respective series, Final Fantasy Unlimited and Star Ocean EX. I would like to open my argument by saying that I am a member of the School of Star Ocean, and, so far as it concerns this topic, I would like to say that Star Ocean: The Second Story (Sony Playstation) is one of the least appreciated CBVRPGs ever released.

I was originally tempted to argue the case for Traysia (Sega Genesis), but I seem to be the only patron of this web site who has ever played thegame, so I would be arguing with the air. The other runner-up for me is Thousand Arms (Sony Playstation), but that particular game is fun in a decidedly quirky way.

SO2, to use the acronym, succeeds on a number of levels. It has decent, if simple, in-game graphics, a gorgeous soundtrack (courtesy of Sakuraba Motoi), relatively inoffensive dubbing, solid full-motion video, a game play system (emotional levels, item creation, skills and specialties, and so on) that I have yet to see duplicated or equalled, stellar replay value (86 differend ending sequences), an epic story, and some of the most likable characters (Ashton Anchors!) I have seen in a video game. Sadly, only a few people I know have played the game, but just about all of them have loved it.

Final Fantasy IX (Sony Playstation), or Return of the Midget People, on the other hand, seems to receive a little too much appreciation. The budgeting behind it allowed for excellent in-game graphics, a typically grandiose Uematsu Nobuo soundtrack, and lovely full-motion video, but the game play system is nothing extraordinary, there is limited replay value that mostly allows only for side quests, the story was recycled from other Final Fantasy games, and the characters, save for a certain Vivi Ornitier, were not memorable, and had only the most basic, clichéed motivations. The game itself was, by my standards, good, but it was not great, and it really should have been what its creators had originally intended it to be: Final Fantasy Gaiden, not a part of the numbered series.

What about SaGa! Huh?! I ask ya!

For the record, too, based on what I have seen, and I apologize for offending the entire RPG Classics staff, Star Ocean EX is drawn much more beautifully than Final Fantasy Unlimited, and, unlike its competitor, it actually uses characters from its original series.

Well, Star Ocean as a series is supposed to be all in the same timeline, whereas FF games *never* have anything to do with each other, so it's not surprising that they don't have characters from the games. As for SO2, I have this to say: W00t! You already know my view on FF9. 8-) Two little ones left over now. First up is, who is a newbie, but I don't think he wrote enough to deserve any exclamation marks. He has the following to say:

Underrated: Valkyrie profile and Skies of Arcadia

Overrated: Final Fantasy IX It sucks!

No comment. Finally, we have one by Josh Elle. Give him your full attention!

....I'd have to say the most over-rated RPG would be FF7. I fell asleep facing off with Sephiroth form 1 and woke up fifteen minutes later with two out of my team still alive (including only the main team). Tifa was dead yuffie had 6 hp left and cloud...had 1,000 hp missing. if you fall asleep at the final boss's first form there is something wrong. But to wake up later and find you are still able to win and not at the GAME OVER scene is pretty bad. The most underrated rpg ever would have to Chrono Trigger. YEAH YOU HEARD ME DAMMIT CHRONO TRIGGER!!!! IT DESERVES SOOOO MUCH MORE ATTENTION AND PUBLICITY FWAAAHHHH!!!!!!

Okay...That guy absoultly made no senses.

O_o... MORE attention? *sweatdrop* Get out a bit! 8-) Anyway: That's all for today. Tune in next week, same mail-time, same mail-channel!

That made so little sense I don't even know where to begin.

Then don't. Sense is not something this mailbag is very good at. Next week's topic is along the following lines: What's the one feature you'd like to see in every RPG? It could already exist in an RPG or you could make one up. Put those thinking caps on and send any and all ideas and miscellaneous rants, minus attachments, to and remember: Good exclamation marks are hard to come by! They don't grow on trees, you know!

Er... right. Seeya!




Master of Orion 2 just r0x0rs your b0x0rs! I dont care if I already saide it, I'LL SAY IT AGAIN! I'll conquer the galaxy! I swear it! YOU WILL ALL FALL TO MY STRENGHT! BWHAHAHAH!*faint*