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Well, welcome all to the first official Mailbag of the team of DG, 984, and Kagon. Kagon is gone though. Apparently he has a REAL life. Pfeh.

Ok, not exactly 984 :P He's just at his prom, ain't he lucky he has a girl ??

... Shaddup.

Heh... anyways, the topic was "What is your favorite Summon in RPG-dom" ?

Hehe... RPG-dom was my word.

Care to get the first reply, 984 ?

Oh. Sure. Time to spin the Wheel o' Replies.... *Spins the Wheel o' Replies, and it lands on Igatona*

Hi everyone! This is Igatona! *waves at everyone including the guy that isn't there, who is he? Someone that isn't...there*

Heh. The guy that isn't here is Kagon.

Eh ? Oh ! Yeah ! LOL

Well, Iga said he's waving at the guy that isn't here, and that's Kagon.


True, true

For this question, I had to pull out my big Wheel-O-Summons, which is standing at my side, here. On this wheel is listed every summon from every game I've played. Oh happy day. For the time-being, I don't consider the Personas as summons, otherwise we'd have one hell of a wheel. But aaaanyways...

*spins the wheel*


*waits even longer*

*wheel stops, gets off it's hinges and dances to pop music*

*shoots the wheel with the graceful manner of the platypus*

Well, before the wheel did that atrocious thing, it landed on Volt, from ToD 2. Now, here's why I love the guy. Not because he's OVERLY POWERFUL, not because he's ONE OF THE BEST ELEMENTS IN THE GAME. But more because he's round and looks like a bowling ball. Plus, he's purple, and all renting bowling balls end up in a purple color.

*Volt gets out of the wheel, rolls in a random direction and squashes a cronie*


Y'see what I mean? Well, this mailbag response has gone straight to heck...bye everyone!

*uses a smoke ball, but he's still standing there when the smoke is cleared* Uh...yeah

*exits out the door*

So, did you ever play ToD2, DG? I haven't, so I don't know who that Volt guy is.

Ok, so Iga chose Volt from Tales of Destiny 2, I can't comment on it, sice I never played ToD2 T_T

I'll take that as a no.

It must be a Thunder Elemtal Summon..... his name gives that out..... unless I'm mistaking

Thunder Element? Bah. He's probably an Earth Element.

Ok, now it's my turn..... I'll choose one of my sidekicks hmmm..... Pogo !

*runs in* You called ?

Yes, get a letter at random, please...

Ok..... *picks a letter and hands it to DG*

Geez... DG has enough sidekicks to poulate a small Eastern European country...

W00t ! This reply is from Xelopheris ! All right Xelo, what's your summon of 1337ness ?

j0 Guys

Well lets see, favorite summon.
Bahamut, nah, too overused.
Ifrit, too damn weak.
Shiva, for some reason, summon pr0n don't interest me.

Heh, there is Summon pr0n ? *Imagines a new mag : SummonBoy !* 8D

Ramuh, nope, just plain ugly.
Leviathan, now there's a summon.

Leviathan is the best, he, as you say, r0x0rs j00r b0x0rs. He's powerful enough to be able to do some good damage. He's not TOO overused, and he looks really cool. If only they put him in FFX (Come on, they make half the game water related and take out the water summon, :P on them)

Hmmm... He makes a very valid point. Considering how much of FFX takes place in water, I'm surprised there is no water-specific summon.

Ah yes, Leviathan should have been in FFX, he was cooler than say, Bismark (FF6)

Alright. Next Reply... Energon, get it!

Huh? Wha? No.

Do it.

Make me.

DG, make him.

Hmm...... Energon taste good ? *licks its lips*

You wouldn't dare... *Glares at Evil DG*

Sorry Evil DG, but you've already had your huma.... errr I mean chicken for today....

But I'm still hungry !!

*gives a bag of crackers* Here, enjoy !!!

Better than nothing, I guess... *Dives head first into cracker bag*

Question. If I get it, does that mean we'll be done sooner, and I won't have to endure these psychos any longer?


Fine. I'll get it. *Grabs a reply out of the bag* Appears to be some guy named Orakio, whoever that is...

Energon, that's our most active Shriner here at RPGC.

Pfeh. Whatever.

Favorite summon huh? I sorta like Knights of the Round from FF7, but if you ask me (and you are), my all time favorite summon in the whole wide world of RPG's is... *drumroll* Apollo from Shining Force II. Appears from the sky and shoots fire from his hands at a rapid movement that does quite a bit of damage. I always used him. Dao was alright, and so was Neptune, but they never came close to Apollo. Another good one from SF2 is Atlas. All he does is punch the enemy from the sky numberous times. Caught me by surprise at first, but I later laughed over it. Atlas is suppost to be the strongest, but I found Apollo to be stronger, especially against Zeon.

Yeah. Apollo was pretty good. Cool sprite too.

Never played Shining Force, so I cannot judge.

Cool series. You should.

Anyways...... Pogo, get the next letter

Ok.... ummmmm, which letter ?

Any letter will do


And we have a reply from Ralph The Robopon, let's hear em, shall we ?

No. I don't wanna.

Energon, the sooner we hear them, the sooner you get to leave.

Fine. Let's hear the litte punk then.

*Stares at Energon*

*Stares back and growls* Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya?

So we gotta say our favorite Summon ever? I predict many Final Fantasy summons. Anyways, my favorite summons from an RPG is Golem, from FF5 and FF6. Why? Hey, he looks cool, and it either gives you extra health, absorbs attacks, or increases defense. I cant remember which. But they're all useful anyway.

Oh my ! Yes !! Golem ! How many times has he saved from Exdeath's wrath !! :)

Didn't he just nullify attacks?

In FF6 he was useful vs Doom, and yes, phisycal attacks only

Yeah. He was still good though. I liked him better in FFV though.

Buuuurp ! Mmmm, those crackers were a nice entrée, now comes the main dish *looks at Energon*

*Grabs a sheet of paper and slashes Evil DG* Don't even think about, reptile boy.

Fine !! *Casts Flare, Holy and Meteo on Energon*


See... that's what happens when you anger my twisted alter-ego. Anyways..... umm Captain Obvious, if you please....

Captain Obvious no can do. He's off fighting the Supreme Leader for Life of the Secret Organization Known as Covert Actions, But You Can Call Him Bob.

Hey Bob ! :P

*Drives through the Mailbag door* Ha ha! TSLfLotSOKaCA,BYCCHB is defeated! Ha ha!

Who now ??? O_o

Bob, obviously.

I see....

Enough chit chat, Captain Obvious. Get the letter!

Rightio! Hmmm... This one is from some guy wanting to be called Doc Shinryuu.

Friend of your's, DG?

Not really no...

*The door is bashed open by a large filing cabinet, which is tossed in, tossing up a cloud of dust. As the dust clears, you begin to vaguely see the form of Doc Shinryuu dusting himself off.* Hi SaGa people! Doc Shinryuu's back after a long absence! *An exceptionally loud fanfare ensues* I decided to take some time off to work on the Wild Arms 2 shrine. In case you're wondering, the filing cabinet is all the HTML I've done so far(and that's only half of it!). Any w00t, here goes!

Uh, we ain't the SaGa team, Doc. That was last Mailbag.

Yep, and only SG was still standing

Yeah. Apparently Kagon and Lun have "lives" or something. Bleh.

Guess the Caik Master is strong

This is a pretty ironic topic, since SG razzed it in the last Mailbag. Anyway, contrary to predictions, my favorite summon is NOT Bahamut(though he is pretty good.)! It is, in fact, a tie between:
1. Brothers(FF8): Hilarious(though long) summon animation
2. Knights of The Round(FF7): (This'll probably be repeated a few times.) O_o wow... that's big...
3. Yojimbo(FF10): Subject of many name jokes(Yo! Jimbo!), not to mention some CATASTROPHICALLY powerful special attacks
Well, I guess that's it for my not-necessarily-so-triumphant return. well, I guess I'll leave, but cause some pain first. *Takes out an unusually large laser cannon, and shoulders it* Hyper Aura Cannon, target lock! Charge... FIRE! *A huge blue beam fires from the cannon, hitting everyone, but seeming to intentionally avoid Lunaris*

Oww... That hurt... I guess the only reason it didn't hit Lunaris is BECAUSE HE ISN'T HERE!

Right. Cure 3 !

Anyway, Yojimbo can be good. Can't speak for the other two as I've never played FF7 or much of FF8.

I've seen Brothers and Yojimbo in action, very strong


Wake him up.

*Pokes Pogo*

*Knocks Pogo down*

Huh ? Wha ???

Next letter, you know what to do...


And this reply is from Pokefreak85, from which we know from the MBs

Well... I have n't answered the mailbag in a while... But I've been busy with posting on the MB... So people could still suffer from my insanity... Anyway... Favourite summon...

How about "The Giant Floating Lemon Wedge Of Doom"?? What?? It's not a RPG summon?? Are you saying that it's not even a real summon... :( But it's so cool... OK, ok... Grumble grumble... Well.. Lets get to the real summons then...

Ok..... uhhh a Giant Floating Lemon Wedge Of Doom ????

I'm scared *yelp*

Must be a summon from some secret RPG by Macc.

Yes, we all know how Macc likes the fruit known as lemons.

Hmmm... Well... First of all, the obvious answer... Bahamut... He's cool, he's powerful, he's not just a Dragon... He's the Dragon... He's the King of Dragons...

But Bahamut must share his first place... Because the summons in Golden Sun are just AWESOME!! They r0xx0rs your b0xx0rs!

So my fav summons are Bahamut and all summons in Golden Sun that uses two or more Djinns (the more Djinns you use, the more powerful (and cool) the summon will be... Unfortunately... You must find the Djinns (and often fight them too, and they run a lot...) before you can use them...)

Hey... That's our first reply that has Bahamut as an answer...

Yep... But then..... Golden Sun Ohhhhhh *is tempted to get out his GBA and play GS*

And the GS summons do r0x0rz. Especially the Level 4 ones.

Yes, very impressive

Well... That's my two summoned cents... See ya later...

You can summon cents ? Cool ! *tries to summon of million dollars*

They're Canadian cents, DG.

*nothing happens* D'oh !

Anyway, before DG DOES get out his GBA and starts to play GS, I'm gonna get the next Reply. Hmmm... It's ANOTHER Shinryuu... Maybe DG is sending in replies, and we don't know it. :P

Uhhhhh no...... ok buddy, there is only 1 Shinryuu, me !!!

And Doc. And this guy. That makes 3 Shinryuus.

Aww... let's give the guy a chance first...

easy one: Odin from FFV, cuz without would be a h--l, like noone ever been experienced, to level up at those iron giants.....
(altho bahamut is favourite..of course, u gotta fit in in the gang) oh wait..the knights of the round is cool too....except for the 5hour movie time u see everytime u use it :/
..starts to get annoying after 4 times of use

Hey... Bahamut, KotR, and Odin. I think we know what series he likes best.

Odin is a nice summon, but he misses at times which is annoying


At least the one in FF Tactics is a physical attack and NEVER misses. Ok.... let's move on to the final reply.... It's from *drumroll* MegamanX2K !!!! Heya, X

Oh. X. Who woulda thunk it.

He obviously was going to reply.

Obviously :P

That's my word... ;_;

Sorry, couldn't resist :P

*Laughs at Captain Obvious*

*Smacks Energon and Captain Obvious upside the head* Shaddup you two.

Wow, umm, my topic actually worked? Excellent...

Anyway, if my predictions come true, and everyone says some form of Bahamut (Bahamut Plushie? NekoBahamut?) then all I can do is laugh but if not...

Yeah. Not very many Bahamuts actually, X. In fact, once your reply is done, I'm gonna be presenting some super 1337 stats.

Anyway, my answer is Judgement, lv. 4 Earth summon from Golden Sun. Nothing like summoning a giant flying knight with a Lion's head shield that fires a nuclear blast that wipes out everything on the battlefield. Sure, summons can kill monsters, but seeing a forest get wiped out in the process is mighty satisfying and makes it all seem worth it.


Yes, Judgement r0x0rz 8D

Okay. Let's see... *Cracks his knuckles and puts on his reading shades* I counted all the summons mentioned as favorites in the replies received on time, including those not printed.
From Golden Sun, we had 3 summons mentioned counting the broad level 2 and higher as one summon.
From BoF2, 1 summon.
From Legend of Dragoon, 1 summon.
FFV, 2 not including Bahamut.
From FF7, 3 not including Bahamut.
From FF8, 1 not including Bahamut.
From FFX, 2 not including Bahamut.
Bahamut was mentioned 2 times.
Leviathan was mentioned 1 times.
From Tales of Destiny 2, 1 summon.
From Shining Force 2, 1 summon.
And finally, Nonexistant Summons, 1 summon.

Very nice, 984


984 obviously has too much free time on his hands.

Well.... this ends our latest mailbag, 984, I beleive it's time to introduce our next topic to our readers

Okay people. As we all know, religion gets brought up in a lot of RPGs such as Xenogears, Grandia II, Final Fantasy Tactics, and other RPGs. Now, we were wondering what you, the Mailbag reader, thought about how religion gets portrayed in RPGs. So, that's your question. What are your thoughts on how religion gets handled in RPGs? Oh yeah, try and keep it away from religion bashing, people. Send in replies to The Mailbag Team.

Well, that's it folks. Captain Obvious, Energon, we can leave now.

About damn time...

Hey DG, we're going for some ice cream. Want some?

Yeah !!! *Turns off lights, and everyone leaves the Mailbag Room*

*Comes running into the Mailbag Room 15 minutes later* Sorry I'm late guys! I had to go to my prom! *Looks around and sees no one* Guys... Guys? Hello?