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Name Defence Equipped Special Dropped Buy Sell
Bandana 1 H None Bodkin archer, Jailcat, Mummy boy, Skullrider, Blood mummy, Killer croaker 45 23
Leather hat 3 H, Y, J, A None Bunicoen, Beetleboy, High roller, Dark sabrecat 65 33
Hairband 5 J None Dingaling, Bag o' laughs, Chimaera, Garuda, Heligator, Darkodile 150 75
Pointy hat 7 Y None Squid Kid 70 35
Turban 8 H, Y None Mummy boy, Mummy, Terror tabby 410 205
Feathered cap 9 H, Y, J, A None Night fox N/A 200
Bunny ears 14 J Changes Jessicas appearance with bunny suit and fishnet stockings None N/A 450
Stone hardhat 15 Y None Mad mole, Cockateer, Bomboulder, Living statue 435 435
Iron helmet 16 H, A None Battle beetle, Jab, Iron rhino, Claws, Octavian sentry 550 550
Fur hood 18 H, Y None Silenus 1400 700
Hermes' hat 20 H, Y, J, A Casts Zoom on the field None N/A 1400
Coral hairpin 20 J None Wailin' weed, King kelp, Siren 950 475
Slime crown 20 Y None King slime, Metal king slime N/A 6000
Bronze helmet 20 H, A None none N/A 825
Mercury's bandana 23 H Agility + 15 when equipped Seasaur N/A 2000
Silver tiara 24 J None None 1450 725
Iron mask 25 H, Y None Shadow 3500 1750
Magical hat 25 J None Dark slime, Mucho macho, Grim rider 2700 2000
Pirate's hat 30 H None Heavy hood N/A 1400
Platinum headgear 30 H, A None None N/A 2050
Happy hat 31 J, A Gradually restores MP as you walk None N/A 10000
Iron headgear 32 H, Y None Dark devildog 5500 2750
Sholar's cap 33 J, A Wisdom + 10 while equipped None N/A 5750
Hades' helm 33 H, Y Cursed, wearer can't attack first round of combat Hell gladiator, Servant of darkness N/A 4250
Thinking cap 38 J, A Wisdom + 15 while equipped Head of state 13000 6500
Mythril helm 38 H, A None None 13300 8800
Raging bull helm 42 H, Y None None N/A 16500
Golden tiara 43 J Increases resistance to Whack, Snooze, Fizzle, and Fuddle-type attack None N/A 26000
Great helm 45 H, Y None None 16000 8000
Phantom mask 48 A Increases evasivness None N/A 29000
Skull helm 49 Y Cursed, Reduces wearers attack power to 0 None N/A 4500
Dragovian Helm 50 H N/A None N/A N/A
Sun crown 52 H, J Increases Resistance to Snooze and Fuddle-type attacks None N/A 37000
Metal king helm 55 H, Y, J, A Increases resistance to Whack, Snooze, Fuddle, and Fizzle-type attacks None N/A 10000

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