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Reality Based Fanfiction (Serious Fanfics)


Behind the Screen 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (Mazrim) A very good, if incomplete, fanfic, the basic plot being that of "Shining Force." I have never played that game, but the characters that Archone sets forth come across as believable, complex characters; something that is rare and good to see in fanfiction. In addition, Archone is also very knowledgable of the technical aspects of combat, which makes "Behind the Screen" an enjoyable, as well as very realistic fanfic.
(finished 18/3 -03)
Choices (Weiila)This is a spinoff from "Behind the Screen", following not the heroes but two of the villains in their struggle through the game. Lady Mishaela is fooled by Darksol to sacrifice both her and the man she loves, Kaine, to the dark side - unaware that it's a sin she did not need to commit. Through her eyes we then get to follow the war in short, with losses and the evil that infects her. And what happens to her even after death.
A compelling and well-written tale, with a few unusual themes driven to their edge. Now choose to read it, but children might consider not to. It's an evil witch telling the story after all.
Crystal Conundrums I: The Windcall (Mazrim)The Windcall - The first installment of Archone's new series centering around the goings on in the game Crystalis. Written with his usual attention to detail and description, this story is quite cool. And Archone does a good, believable, interesting job fleshing out the storyline of Crystalis, which as I recall isn't all that fleshed out in the actual game, which is also cool. Just like playing Crystalis, but better!
Crystal Conundrums II: Flamekiss (Mazrim)The second installment of Archone's new series centering around the goings on in the game Crystalis. The epic tale continues on, losing none of its potency or otherwise coolness from the first. It makes me glad that I don't play so many RPGs, so I can enjoy their stories in the form of actual written works of art, which tend to be better than they are in the forms of games. If you know what I mean. :P
Crystal Conundrums III: Iceheart (Weiila)Ah, this is just getting better and better.
Gebrel continues his journey through the world, searching for answers and swords. In this part he meets one more wise man, one wise woman, a few very... determined females and Mesiah, a woman who's been sleeping in a cryochamber just as the hero.
Crystal Conundrums IV: Thunderstrike (Weiila) :) In my view Crystal Conundrums is one of the best series we have in the archive. The fourth part of Gebrel's journey, and he finally gets a little part of his past cleaned up. It ends with a cliffhanger though, but don't let that stop you from reading this work of action, adventure, drama, romance and humor.
Crystal Conundrums V: Crystalis (Weiila) And finally the last chapter of this excellent series.
In indescribable rage at the recent events Gebrel charges at the Draygonian empire to free the imprisoned Wise men, Azteca and Mesiah.
Send Archone an e-mail if you're interested in seeing an epilogue as well :)
Asina's Thoughts (Weiila)The first meeting between Gebrel and the third Wise "Man", seen through the eyes of Asina. A heartwarming little fic about the queen who makes everybody love her... and some sides of her not really seen in the fic, such as the one easily managing to tease Tornel until his ears burn. I'll say...
Scent of an Esper (Weiila)Christmastime in the world of Final Fantasy VI, after the end of the game. The children of Mobliz have been moved to Figaro castle where they can live safer and warmer, as well as under better care from not only Terra. But the children's "mama" has a bit of holiday trouble that the kids are and probably should be kept unaware of for quite a while longer. As another hero under Archone's care noticed, it's tough when two people fall in love with ya at the same time...
Interlude with a Vampire (Weiila)A Romancing Saga 3 quickie by the one and only Archone.
About the vampire Leonid of Podol, brooding and talking about his miserable afterlife. There is of course Archone's brand of humour, but there is also a sad scent about the whole story about a lonely man.
Glorious Eyes (Weiila)This is a short but warm fic from Archone, about the nameless hero in the classic RPG Faxanadu. The warrior stumbles into a bar, bitter over having had to kill an old friend. He meets a special someone in the middle of the depression however...
With a bit of suggestive themes, kids should stay off, but others should get reading by all means!
Of Light and Love (Weiila)Another mildly humorous piece by Archone, though it's also quite sweet (if a little twisted, perhaps. Hehehe... but it's too dang good to really bother) and tender. And deals with a plot normally only used for tragedies and dramas. A love triangle.
Faris is in love with Butz. Lenna is also in love with Butz. And when both of them confront him on the same evening, the travelling hero has to face that his heart belongs to each one. But perhaps, with a bit of sisterly love and girl talk, there can be a solution that makes all three happy...
Superb characterizations, especially the parts with Faris' pirate life situation are splendid.
Oedipal Oratory (Mazrim) Not so much a fanfic as an interlude in the action of Final Fantasy VII, Oedipal Oratory effectively captures the relationship between Jenova and Sephiroth, and what each person feels in it. Sephiroth's love for Jenova, as well as Jenova's oddly mechanical way of thinking are at once insightful and chilling. A short read, but quite powerful, as with most of Archone's works. A very cool fanfic indeed.


Gunblade Origins: The Legend of Renzokuken (Weiila)The story of Squall and Seifer's gunblade training. Under master Shin, the two cadets are pressed to the limits against each other to learn the ancient art of their weapon of choice. There are a couple of truly beautiful gunblade duels in this one, definitely worth a look.

Castles in the Sky
2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 1112 13 14 15
(Weiila)Not your everyday FF8 story, this is a fantastic epic about the dire and drawn-out consequences of a simple misunderstanding. I also guarantee that you'll be about to fall off your chair when Squall is forced to socialize with an elderly woman with an interest...
You probably won't be able to stop reading once you start, so make sure you have time :)
Crimson Lies
2 3 4 5 6 7
(Weiila)A fantastic epic by Ashbear, despite its length not spanning over more than a week of action.
Ellone was killed in an attack against Garden, and following the events of that event Rinoa fled from her friends and disappeared. Now she is hunted down by the entire world, claimed to have gone mad and killed president Laguna's adopted daughter. And leading the hunt is Squall, until a certain blond induvidual shows up with some revolutionary new tidbits...
Relationships will start, die, be reborn and die again, all by just one word, one sentence said or unsaid at the wrong moment while the group of warriors fight against the world and the horrifying visions that plague them in their dreams. Undoubtely one of the best fics in the archive!
Knight of Sunset (Weiila)Ashbear presents a very sweet lil' romance story. A cute fic about Quistis relaxing on the beach in a sunset, when a familiar fellow decides to disturb her lonely peace. A gentle plot without any villains or action - if you don't count Seifer throwing Quistis into the ocean - with humor and cuteness makes a truly lovely story.
Place in this World (Weiila)Okay, so I guess we all know that Rinoa isn't the most popular heroine out there, seeing her rather childish acting at times, and the romance with Squall seeming almost unnatural to the ones watching. However, in this fic both of them get to tell us their honest thoughts on the whole situation adn what lead up to their relationship. Interesting and nice character study.

Caleb Nova
About the Author

On Earth as it is in Hell
2 3 4 5 6 7
Author's Note
(Weiila)Fantastically well written and gripping Final Fantasy 8 drama, action and suspense merged with philosophical interpretions mixed with sparkles of humor. Don't expect very much of the latter though as this is a very dramatical tale that takes a look at the darker sides of human nature; fear, conspiracies and most importantly conquest of new areas.
Squall and co. are in Deling in peacetalks with the goverment, meeting a strange man named Scott. His existance in the FF8 world isn't natural, but at least he isn't trying to cause trouble. Those who come after him, on the other hand...
And if that wasn't enough, the intruders are breaking the laws of the multiverse by crossing the walls of dimensions.

Cats eye

All I Wanna do is make love to you (Weiila)A short but touching songfic. Rinoa flees from Squall after an argument, and driving along the road she sees an old friend standing in the rain. There's nothing graphic to see and the language is clean so don't get any strange ideas about this sweet little thing.
Decisions (Weiila)Another dark fic, this one concerning Quistis life before she joined SeeD. Or rather, fled to Garden from her adoptive family with an alcoholic father and psycologically weak mother.
Overdue Goodbye (Weiila)Once again a songfic (Cats eye is good at these!), This one is set five years after the battle with Ultimecia. Rinoa has left Garden since she couldn't live as a SeeD, and she's been asking Squall to come with her for the last two years. He has to make a decision, and it's not easy to say good-bye.
Papa Don't Preach (Weiila)Songfic again, this one filled with a revolting feeling. Rinoa has to tell her father something, but he won't be happy to hear it. Still, she's not left hanging with her news. A strong and sweet piece.
Truly Madly Deeply (Weiila)The sequel to Papa Don't Preach. Well, Squall asked the question. Rinoa waits with the answer though... and that's all I'm gonna say, you'll have to read it to find out! ;)
Why Won't the World Stop? 2 (Weiila)Squall comes back from a job in Dollet, but he was in an accident. His head was damaged and he can't remember anything of his past life, locked in the mind of a child at best. Rinoa has to cope with him pretty much on her own as the other SeeDs goes on with their own lives. Only Zell and Edea are willing to help out. But slowly, Squall begins to remember.

Chanaur Majere
A Castlevania Christmas (Weiila)A tender story from the Dark Legacy world. Not even in the land plagued by Dracula is the times always dark and evil. There was a time between the fights and suffering, where the families still were whole... at least, most of them.
Very nicely done indeed with the past and future heroes celebrating Christmas!


Dragons and Demons (Weiila)Ryu finds himself thrown into the prison of Wyndia, lost, dazed and accused of murdering innocent people. With the new addition Trenity in the gang of heroes, he dives into battle against the mysterious fella' Damine.
From Fear to Hope
(Weiila)This is yet another Breath of Fire fic by Chris-Chris, this one a bit of a crossover however. It's officially set in the world of Breath of Fire 3, but the two earlier games will be mentioned and tied into the story. The third generation of heroes thought they would have some time off, but that's just something they can forget, because an ancient evil is awakening below the body of a warrior who turned himself into a dragon to keep the evil sealed. And while they do, there's still room for a bit of romance.
Yet so Far Away (Weiila)A cute lil' fic about Link wondering about his life and what to do with it, when he meets a bitter wandering swordsman named Vincent who is searching for the Hero of Time in order to get strong enough to get revenge on a monster he's been hunting. Redemption can be found in the art of... fishing?


Kiss Me (Weiila)Though they are rare, there are still some more good song fics out there, apparently. I have surely said it before, but I really think that if you make a songfic, make it a LOT more story than song, as this one is another good example off.
A cute romance story spanning two generations of Leonhearts, accompanied by an occasional quote from Six Pence None The Richer.


I, Garland, Will Knock You All Down (Weiila)Final Fantasy I deserves more attention I tell you, there's so much in there to poke at! Even the most famous villain's line in history of RPGs has a long way to go before it has been done to death, if you ask me. Especially if there'll still be fics like this, with a lot of humor, action, and an ending that will have you go "... WHAT?!"
It's got it all, peeps!

Demon-Fighter Ash

Table of Contents
Chrono Trigger:
Until the end of time

2 3 Epilogue
Table of Contents
(Weiila)A superb crossover between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, attempting to close some of the plotholes in the latter. It mostly follows Magus and Lucca as they strive to protect what is left after Guardia falls to Porre, doing everything they can and more than they should have to do in order to stop Lynx from aquiring the Frozen Flame. It is a rather dark story, but also carrying a lot of hope.

Deth Star Apocalypse

A Time of Miracles (Weiila)Not made in time for the special Christmas update, but here now for your enjoyment.
A heartwarming tale about what the characters of Final Fantasy Tactics have done after the game, told through the viewpoint of Agrais one lonely Christmas eve. Friends long gone, not seen in a while are missed, but somebody might be considering leaving her a christmas present at least.

Devine Dragon Slayer

Chester's Loss (Weiila)This is a short, touching piece set in the world of Tales of Phantasia (woo! Another one!). It's told from Chester's perspective as he wanders through the remains of Totus village after it was raided by the games first evildoers, and his grief becomes very real.
It's Not Easy to be Me (Weiila)Magus looks back on his life and ponders his current situation, and what the future might bring. On the brink of another time gate, he hesitates for a brief moment to remember what he's trying to accomplish and what he has already done - and what the person at the end of the long road would think of him.

d Galloway
About the author
The Coming of Avoozl (Mazrim)A Quest for Glory 4 (!!) fanfic written in an odd, yet very cool archaic-sounding mein written as the Hero's (a cool archaic legend name, I guess :) ) journal, talking about his journey to find Avoozl...I've never played the game, so at times I don't really understand, but it's a cool fanfic nonetheless.
After the Evil (Weiila)Another Quest for Glory 4 fic by Gallo ^_^ This one taking a look on the aftermath of the game, when the hero attempts to pick up the pieces and get a normal life. It might not be actionpacked, however there is quite a few humorous moments and the plot is interesting. A truly nice read.
The Clock Tower (Mazrim)A Clock Tower (again, !!) fanfic, written by the one and only d Galloway, this fic is a written account from the eyes of Jennifer, a character in the popular game Clock Tower, about the events of said game. d Galloway's writing style is quite creepy, not so much building to a crescendo of total weird madness, only to dissipate harmlessly at the end, as creating an aura to settle disconcertingly over the entire book, like an autumn mist...god damn, I'm starting to sound like a literary critic. The point is, it's a creepily awesome fanfic. :P
Reader reviews of this fic.
The Birth of the evil (Weiila)Before, during and after Clock Tower. Each chapter carries the view of a different character from the game, and their thoughts, feelings and placement. No real climax as the major action of the game is left out of the fic, but quite a fascinating piece as you get to see the mechanical, cold thinking of the evil ones and the fears and despair of the heroes as they try to cope with their experiences.
Revenge (Weiila)A brief story, a monologue by one of the characters of Clock Tower. I have heard this game is scary but whoa! Now I don't know if I ever will dare to play it. But that's me ;) For everyone else with a healthy inheritage of bravery, there is a creepy fanfic here waiting to be read and a horror RPG to be played!
Deus Ex Machina (Weiila)Once again Galloway returns to the horror genre, novelazing the less known game Deus Ex. A young couple in love are enjoying (more or less, that is) a tour of the Statue of Liberty, when explotions tears the giant statue apart. The lady of the two, Sara, barely escapes, but her boyfriend Ted is carried off by strange figures...
Did I Make the Right Choice? (Weiila)Another Deus Ex fic, this one taking place after all the action. The hero wonders if he did the right thing, when all's said and done. Deus Ex fans probably knows what he's talking about better than I do, but even so I find it a good read since Galloway somehow manage to keep the reader enlightened enough to follow even if s/he haven't played the game.
The Fall of Ichirou (Mazrim)A fanfic set in the world of the game "Sweet Home," which I had scarcely heard about before reading it. It's set before the game, in the form of Ichirou's diary, detailing how his wife, Mamiya, went insane over the death of her child. It's short, sweet, and you don't need to have played the game to read it. After reading it, you should check out the Sweet Home shrine, made by Hiryuu, just to get some background information about what you just read. Quite touching, a bit on the dark side, so I love it! :)
The Death of Ichirou (Weiila)*is hiding under the sofa* Eep! My poor nerves o' weak! Scary... but in a very good way. If you've already read d_Galloway's horror fics you know the fine quality, if you haven't read them yet... what took ye so long? ;) I dunno, do this really need a summary? The title gives a very fine wink, after all... :)
The Sacrifice of Ichirou (Weiila)And the grand, bloody and horrific finale of Ichirou's sad tale. But on the other hand, he's a zombie so who knows when Galloway is in the works... thumbs up... if the judge could find his other thumb, that is...
Tales of the Fallen (Weiila)Well waddaya know, Galloway has resurrected Sweet Home! Well... if that's the word. Fallen, as it says...
Some heroes doesn't make it though, in case you didn't know...
The Gathering (Weiila)A Demon de Laplace fic (Gallo sure plays some non-mainstream games, w00t for that ;)). May the characters assemble at the master's (read author's) command. You have no choice and you know it, guys...
Richard and Joanna (Weiila)A return of horror for Galloway, this is quite a nerve-shaker about a love refusing to die even if the one carrying this love is killed. Pictures how hate can break a man's soul completely. Demon de Laplace fic.
Memories of Odio (Weiila)Well would you look at that, ANOTHER Live a Live fic! And it's memoirs... by Odio, the great demon himself. A look at the human evolution through game, history and the eyes of an evil force bent on destruction.

About the author

Control (Weiila)A very short but very thoughtful story of Edgar's (from FF3/6j) thoughts as he waits desperately for news on about his wife, who's in labour. It's in the crossover section since there's a point towards Live a Live at the end ;)
The Hatred (Weiila)And here we have another Live a Live fic, pure this time :) This is a silent conversation between a desperate Orsted and a cold, cruel Odio. Very touching and descriptful even though it only consists of two beings speaking.
Relic of the Past (Weiila)Yet another Castlevania fic, told from a surprising point of view. It's Dracula telling somebody who remains unnamed about his bitter view of "life" and the heroes that comes to vanquish him everytime he rises from the grave.
It's not what you might believe it to be...
A truly sincere look at your typical villain in a new light. (Not sunlight, of course!!)
To Sleep, Perchance to Nightmare (Weiila)A series of vignettes from various games, including Lufia 2, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 7 and more. The heroes sure are brave when they are awake, but in dreams their fears arise. Fear of failing, betrayal, loose a case against Squall...
Winter of the Heart (Weiila)Somebody is standing on a cliff, looking out over an endless ocean and bitterly contemplating the fate befallen the world the person knew. As well as darkly thinking of revenge against the creature that caused it all.
A dark fic and a very good one, with a lightly said surprising twist at the end.


The Unbearable Mirror (Weiila)A post-Xenogears fic in which Billy is hired to take out a group of Reapers in an Ethos church during a thunderstorm. In the fight that envelopes him in a feeling of raw disgust about most of what he is and has been, he drags him through all the thoughts that he has too long suppressed and struggles for the bravery of facing himself. Great to see some unusal games get "ficed", and this one is a great little story to boot!

Ersatz Sobriquet
About the author

150 g (Weiila)A second fic considering the original Final Fantasy game by Ersatz. Now taking a look on how the heroes came to assemble he brings us a bit of drama, action, humor and romance, all in one story. And with a party seldom used in these kind of fics; Black Belt, Thief, Red Mage and White Mage. Reader reviews of this fic.
2012 AD (Weiila)PuPu is a cute fellow, isn't he? But he comes from an advanced race after all, and when multiple times proven that humanity is beyond all known cruelty those peaceful sweethearts have to take action. The title and fic were inspired by the X-Files, so don't expect a story about happy little aliens dancing around among the flowers.
A Warrior's Bane (Weiila)A very dark and violent story about why Crono can't speak and why his dad isn't present in the game. The horror grips you from the very start and does not let go for the whole fic. It's a great read, but definitely not for younger readers.
Reader reviews of this fic.
Bullets Cry Of Red Tears (Weiila)Our tragedy horror writer is back!
In this fic, Ersatz opens up the mind of a Shinra soldier, following the thoughts of a Random Encounter, a bit like in Compulsory Duty. Very angsty. If you like Ersatz' stories, you'll definitely like this one as well.
Wanton Violence, Brazen Immorality and An Unwanted Recourse (Weiila)The dark and violent semi-sequel to Bullets Cry of Red Tears. The little girl who lost both her parents have grown up into a beutiful but bitter woman with only one goal in sight: revenge. She'll stop at nothing to ease the pain she feels, and as she finds out that it was a certain Vincent Valentine who killed her father she starts threading a path covered in blood as she trains for the day she can kill the murderor.
Younger visitors should not read this one.
Cherry Pop (Weiila)Short and lovable story about one of the FF7 characters who's dreams didn't really come true as she wished after the game, with the sudden insanity of a pained man. But in the midst of the ashes somebody else steps into the picture to fill the hole left by the one who departed.
Compulsory Duty (Weiila)About time somebody gave those little pests... poor little buggers some attention. All those imps... just exactly why do they attack the light warriors when it's pretty evident that they don't stand a chance? Pretty sad about one of them.
Glen (Weiila)Sorta alternate universe... sorta. It's a retelling of Chrono Trigger in fairy tale form. It's not really the plot you might remember... and still it is. Almost. Somewhat. ^_^
How Ironic (Weiila)The gripping tale of love, hate and tragedy, a woman's jealousy which leads to disaster, as the title implies very ironical disaster. Not for Rinoa fans... Reader reviews of this fic.
So I pulled (Weiila)Once again a superb psychological thriller by Ersatz, and once again I have to bring out the NOT FOR YOUNGER READERS sign. In this story, the last one you'd expect is cracked down by pain and finds a radical solution to all the problems the person sees in the world. Reader reviews of this fic.
The Rain Never Touched Me (Weiila)Muses a la one of the more bad-boy type guys of the FF-heroes; Amarant Coral. Bounty hunter, ninja, species unknown? He's got attitude, and he's not fond of the people around him. Excellent characterization.
To Appase the Gods (Weiila)After the ending of FF8... Seifer has commited yet another crime, one he cannot find forgiveness for among the humans, since it hasn't much to do with his own race. No, the crime has brought the hatred of the GFs upon him, therefore he must face them all and seek forgiving.
Vanilla Nights (Weiila)Considering who wrote this fic, being the master beside d_Galloway of horror, this is a surprisingly tender and warm story about the man in black from Final Fantasy VI; Shadow. A look at his life - without getting sentimental, mind you - he does in the end come to the conclusion that right now, in a time of peace, things can actually turn out alright. Not perfect, but good enough.

About the author

Author's note (Weiila)What the title says ;)
A shadowy past;
The story of Shadow
(Weiila)The first installment in a series that are meant to clear out the past of each hero of FF3/6j. Starting with Shadow Goyangeta takes us through the life of a wanted man, from his tragic first days in life to the tragic experiences that turned him to a ruthless assassin and ninja.
Heh, seeing Kefka call Gestahl "uncle" just gives me the creeps...
A chip in the pile;
The story of Setzer
(Weiila)Second one up too! This is about Setzer. From a boy seemingly cursed with misfortune to a skilled cardplayer and owner of the airship Blackjack, much thanks to a certain, kindhearted scientist and mechanic.
Just a Treasurehunter;
The story of Locke
(Weiila)Goyangeta's tales of the characters of FF6's past continues. It's Locke's turn next; about how he met and lost Rachel to heartbroken and bitter join the Returners.

Herr Rommel

Of Love and Gunsmoke (Weiila)Oh, don't you dare to leave this one unread!
This is an Alternate Universe story, in which Final Fantasy VI has been turned into one of ye olde gangsta' movies, with Locke as the leading char - a typical "she was a tough broad, but she needed my help" kind of detective. It's got drama! It's got action! It's got romance! It's got Kefka leading a mob squad of killers under "Godfather" type Gestahl while governor Edgar Figaro only can wring his hands!
And don't drink tea while reading this. Just a kind piece of advice from a lady who spluttered with laughter whenever another character stepped into the scene in his/her twisted role. They all stay true to their professions - in a way.
Promises to Keep
2 3 4
(Weiila)It's the sequel to Of Love and Gunsmoke, and the Second World War is in its final stages, as the FFVI heroes aren't safe from drafting either - darn Herr placing Figaro in USA just do a gangster flick outta the game, eh? Don't look at me like that, gang!
A rather brutal story as it never was very pretty by the front, and no romanization of it in sight either.

Jade Dixon

Power Is Beauty (Weiila)Now here's something very innovative! How often do you see Flea get to narrate his... err, its... own fanfic? This is a very interesting little story with a twist on the end that'll surely have you jumping on your seat.
Silk Shackles (Weiila)Schala is the star of this work, finding herself thrown from graces and into a time and era where Zeal is long forgotten. Even if she is treated kindly, her own demons are torturing her constantly. A very interesting fic looking at the psyche of this dainty-looking princess and her attempts to deal with her past.
As well as learning not to mess with the reflexes of a certain warlock, especially not when he's in the middle of a clash with his least favorite green knight.

Joker Loire of the Turks
About the Author

Machine Gun And White Flowers (Weiila)A prelude to FFVIII, starring Raine and Laguna. The tale about how the bumbling moron with the world's biggest heart and the collected barowner met and fell in love. Very sweet for being one of Joker's creations, thumbs up for that too!
Meteora (Weiila)What's an "albumfic", then? Well, you've got one right here! It's liek a songfic, 'cept its a very long fic and each chapter has a song from an album. I might be wrong about this, but since I've never seen one of these before this might be the first fic of its kind :)
Rinoa and Squall's relationship will go up and down while Linkin Park plays their songs and the other heroes try to help out in various ways.
Penultimate Force Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
(Weiila)Another FF8 fic by Joker, and in this one something I've never seen done before is introduced; the Church of Hyne and it's servants, with confession booths and holy writings.
Rinoa has disappeared, leaving only a letter of explanation - containing a few strange phrases - behind. By this, Squall has been so depressed that the rest of the gang, especially Quisis, have been forced to fight like animals to keep him alive. But just in time for his careful steps back to reality, strange things begin to happen. Garden accepts a couple of questionable murder assignments and a new meaning is given to one of Ultimecia's riddles. It seems like forces above nature are at work.
1 2 3 4 5
(Weiila)Dark beyond belief about Squall, who after the tragic death of Rinoa that he believes he himself caused is running through the underworld of humanity in a wild hunt for the truth. He's aided by mysterious phonecalls, but the informants are secretive and he has no idea who he can trust. As his old friends begin to fall before his helpless eyes, he is also accused of murders he was the sole witness of.
Retaliation: Afterpiece Noir Prologue
1 2 3
(Weiila)Dark with a capital D is the sequel to Retaliation, it hasn't got Noir in its title without a reason. I don't recommend people with paranoid tendencies to read this, because you'll have a field day...
Squall's attempts to get on with his life in peace are completely smashed by the murder of his new girlfriend, and he's thrown back into the Netherworld of humanity in the hunt for the murderer.
*checks list* Eh, we're gonna need more game-characters...
Retaliation: Endgame, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
(Weiila)Yes, this really is the end of it, Joker says. The ultimate conspiracy will finally be revealed and solved, the person behind everything will be taken cared of... er... NOW we're REALLY out of game characters... anybody have a Phoenix Down?
Not much more I can add really, if you've read the other parts of the Retaliation trilogy, you probably know the drill already.
Revenge (Weiila)Here we go with psycho Squall again, this time on a different level. I don't recommend that children and people who love the commander read this, as he's presented in a less than glorifying way. Those who don't think that Rinoa and Squall should be together can calmly read on, though, as well as those who like dark stuff.


(Weiila)Two poems from the world of Final Fantasy Tactics, the first from Ovelia's point of view, the other from Delita's. They're not a happy couple, and these are two very beautiful though bitter poems by the one and only KaiserVonAlmasy.
Not going back (Weiila)Seifer looks back on the events during the game, and he doesn't regret anything. Over and over repeating one single phrase, the only thing he can hold true after all he has gone through and lost.
The Returners Save Christmas (Weiila)After the world was saved, Terra seems to have been falling into a depression. She still takes the time to tell "her kids" a Christmas story about a good king trying to save his country however. The legend of Santa Clause in Final Fantasyesque style... very cute ^_^

Kimmy B

What Am I Going To Do Now? (Weiila)Really, really short post FFX story about Yuna's feelings. Cute though :)

Lady Aliena

The Choice (Weiila) After the game, Cloud is still troubled with whom he truly loves. I know as well as everyone that there are mouthfuls of fics with "Aeris vs. Tifa in the blondie's heart" theme, but Aliena does a great job as always, so it's definitely worth the time it takes to read.

Days' Child Series

(Mazrim) This is actually a collection of seven fanfics, based on the children's nursery rhyme "Monday's child is fair of face, Tuesday's child is full of grace..." It's sort of a character study of each of the characters in FF8, attaching the 'fair of face' or whatnot label to each one of them, and then talking about their childhood, how they grew up to be the person they are in the game. It's actually really interesting, even if some of the histories are 'made up' in a sense by the author. It all makes sense, and the author has a very concise, very nice writing style that makes the reader gobble up each one of these stories in quick succession. Very cool if you've played FF8 (as you should, since it's one of the best FFs to date in the opinion of this humble librarian), and still cool (if a bit confusing) if you haven't.
Monday's Child
Tuesday's Child
Wednesday's Child
Thursday's Child
Friday's Child
Saturday's Child
Sunday's Child
Family (Mazrim) A charming story about what a Christmas in the world of Final Fantasy 8 might be like, this centers around how various characters would act, how they'd feel, what they'd think, based on both the game and on Lady Aliena's past writings (the Days' Children series). A nice story, good for some laughs/cries, as with most of Lady Aliena's work.
2 3 4
(Weiila)Aliena brings out yet another masterpiece in FF8:ness, this one a true tear-jerker.
When Irvine hesitates about his feelings for Selphie, he looses her to another. On top of that he manage to get into an argument with Quistis just before they're sent on a mission together with Zell. Strange things are happening around the world, and something is definitely ajar in Esthar...
Fortunes: Norris (Weiila)The first story in a series by our lady Aliena, considering the characters of Chrono Cross. This one is about Norris, a commander of the Porre military. A man that tries to stay true to his ideals and belief in the good in people until he gets proved otherwise.
Fortunes: Orlha (Weiila)Aliena's series continue with Orlha; the life story of a girl and her twinsister, that never wanted to be parted from each other. Another excellent proof of Aliena's way of describing fear and loss.
Hardin's fall (Weiila)Vagrant story. A look in the mirror of the past, telling the story of John Hardin before the game's beginning. With Lady Aliena's trademark of elegant wording and joy of storytelling, this is another great creation of hers.
One Of Our Own (Mazrim) A fic set in the world of FF8, centered around Seifer (but told from the point of view of Xu), and about how the events up till the end of FF8 would have affected him. Interesting to see it from the point of view of an observer - but combined with Lady Aliena's writing style (which I must confess, it really impresses me, though I can't seem to find the words as to why), it creates quite the powerful piece.
Misunderstanding (Weiila)Our queen of FF8 delivers yet another great piece, this one taking a gripping look into the way the human psyche works when feeling threatened in the game of friendships. Not the usual pairing here, but is it pairing? Are they just friends? This is the questions leading to the Misunderstanding. Excellently true-to-life and realistic. Maybe this'll help both all males out there and me understand why women change their minds so mysteriously and suddenly all the time... (no, I dunno either and I doubt many of us ladies normally do :P) Reader reviews of this fic.
The Narshe Trials (Mazrim) Set in the time after the end of Final Fantasy 6, this story provides a somewhat sad (if true to human nature) idea of what the future of the world will become. Celes is imprisoned for her previous ties to the empire, which of course angers the people who she fought with to save the world. This fanfic, from the points of view of three different people, shows how this new world of governmental politics is faced by the former heroes who saved the world. I know I'm overusing this word, but it's quite cool. :)
The Return (Weiila)And here's another great FF8-fic from our very own Lady Aliena. This one considers Seifer's attempts to return to a decent life after the end of the game. This is of course not free of complications, and the story will contain a few not too common but interesting and sweet lovepairings...
Winter (Weiila)Whooo! Our classical FF8 queen is back! And with a fic even!
Selphie tries to hold a speech about freeing the GFs, but people won't listen to her. This causes Irvine to ask Shiva to help out, which she does after some thought. But the Guardian Force of Ice might have other plans than merely helping out, as the gang of SeeDs soon finds out as their sniper starts acting weird.


Griever Chronicles: Griever
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
(Weiila)This is an epic FF8 story, at times cruel and dark but surrounded by sparkles of hope and light. Larathia works with a reaccuring theme in her fics, which you'll see more of later, about the origin of the Guardian Forces. I won't spoil it however.
Squall goes against the SeeD rules in order to tell Rinoa further secrets of the mercenary schools, but she resolves to become one of the warriors anyway. Something is strange with the Griever ring, and somebody wants Squall for a devilish experiment...
I advise younger readers to stay off this one, though it is fabulously wellwritten there are parts which children probably shouldn't read.
Griever Chronicles: Zell
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
(Weiila)Several years after the birth of Griever, Zell comes back from a mission he did well... until his client was killed, and he himself got deadly wounded. And that is merely the start of it, for as the investigation mainly led by Seifer goes on, it turns out that the torture that Squall was put through still left marks in the world, in the shape of six small humans...
On top of that, Irvine will have to take Squall's place. In more ways than one...
Once again an epic tale with action, romance and a bit of humor. Quite a great read indeed!
Dark Messenger
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
(Weiila)So Griever is handled in their chronicles... what about one of the other Guardian Forces? What sorceress and her knight would create a creature so vile as Diablos?
The gripping tale of the sorceress Carolin - a young tomboy woman with no plans of getting caught up in a net of men or knights, a group of Squires in training, and Lord Leonheart, a knight bitter after the death of his Sorceress, Marie.

Interacts a little with Griever.

Lord Zero

Once Again (Mazrim) A Seiken Densetsu 3 fanfic taking place after the game, it details the rise of a new evil, but focuses more on the relationships between characters. These relationships change like those in real life, and this fic offers a very realistic view of just how these warriors might treat each other, in times of peace and in times of strife.
Shadows (Mazrim) Sequel to "Once Again" by Lord Zero, this SD3 fanfic is a bit more violent, and has a less video-game-ish plot than the first one. A good read, sure to bring laughs as well as thought to the reader. And it has stuff about Norse Mythology, which we all should love :).


Death Beyond Death
(Weiila)This fanfic dives into the conspiracy theory of Final Fantasy 8, the one claiming that Ultimecia isn't just a villain in the background but in fact in the game almost all the time. A tragic tale about a woman quickly slipping into utter despair and the evil sorceress' view of her last hours of life.
Reader reviews of this fic.
A Grand-idi Day Out
2 3
(Weiila)Action with a hint of humor, very nice!
A training session in the forest turns into chaos and the heroes have to fight for their lives. In spite of a big scary villain trying to destroy the world, the SeeDs find themselves surrounded by an angry colony of one of the worst enemies in the whole FF-series. One that really should get better toothpaste...
Questioning One's Faith (Weiila)A very warm (though a bit angsty) Christmas fic set in the realms of Vagrant story. Lea Mond?leaves scars that are hard to erase. They definitely makes you question the society you live in and the things you see around you. But even if your heart is trying to tell yourself that you're contempt with your outlook, you might need that little reassurance that there is something good guarding the world. Even if it's the servant of the Dark that will bring the belief back to you, he will certainly do it with love.
The Third
(Weiila)Mikoto's story, told from her view. Mostly in a quite robotic way, as she has no soul or emotions. And even as she gains them her world forses her to once again become cold. Very well written, and a masterful way of with words creating feelings of hopelessness and bitterness.
The Strangest of Friends (Weiila)LunarCry explores the time Selphie shortly mentioned that she had used a GF before coming to Balamb Garden. Great characterization of both Selphie and the GF in question, warmly recommended! (Though "warmly" might not be the word since it's all placed in Trabia, which is one cold place, but meh... ;))
Reader reviews of this fic.
To Absent Friends... (Weiila)Not exactly a sequel to "The Strangest of Friends", but it might be a good idea to read that first as you'll meet Selphie's friends there, when they were younger. During the reconstruction of Trabia Selphie's bubble of optimism bursts due to harsh, unfair words and she breaks down. The only one available for listening turns out being Squall.
Reader reviews of this fic.

Mazrim Taim

Feral Wind (Saturn)Well written and concise. I tend to be quite long-winded in my fanfics, but this one is nice and short. A great plot and nice flowing continuity makes for a good read.9/10.
The Kefka Project(Mazrim) One of my darker pieces, this fanfic goes in depth about how Kefka became the insane magic-user he was during Final Fantasy VI. It is a prequel, obviously, taking place before Kefka's rise to general. Nothing much else to say - it's a bit verbose at times, and I'm afraid it doesn't have too much humor, but I think it's a nice dark, deep piece. I may be biased, though. :)

Michael Greenhut

Tears of Blood
2 3 4 5
(Weiila)Magus' memoirs. Do I need to say something more? ;)
A fantastic and tender story with its natural darkness, following little Janus through his own eyes, from his birth, his life as Magus and search for Schala. The relationship between the siblings is strikingly beautiful, one of the best characterization of it that I have ever seen. Also, the story contains rather surprising origins of Flea and Slash, as well as a very dark explanation of how the Masamune began to be defiled by evil until it became the cursed blade seen in Chrono Cross. To name a few. Warmly recommended!

Michyu Girl

Afterward: The Story of Tifa (Weiila)A sweet lil' story. Tifa tells us about her thoughts, feelings and life after her world was saved, spanning from moments after Meteor to months afterwards. Now, monologue stories like this one might have been done before, but if it's sweet and tenderly written that doesn't matter, right? Give it a chance :)
When A Friend Goes Too Far (Weiila)Michyu returns with another Final Fantasy VII story, this one a much longer one than her first.
The characters have had time to settle with their lives after the war against Meteor and Sephiroth, but the peace is shattered as one of their own begin to act strange. It seems like somebody finally found a GOOD way of killing of his enemies.

(Alternate mail)

A Wyndian Princess
2 3
(Weiila)If you haven't heard of Mintbaby or read anything by her before, I recommend you to start right about now ^_^
This Breath of Fire 3 story handles the complications of an arranged marriage, and the two finding themselves in it trying to do the best of the situation. Princess Nina is married off to a man named Shamus McNeil (erm, he's quite different from his relatives from the game, SO GET BACK HERE, YOU!). Superb writing and cuteness galore, warmly recommended :)
Beating That (Weiila)A (pretty much) stand-alone sequel to "A Wyndian Princess" (the plot touches it, but only briefly). This one deals with Rei and a half blood Woren named Tai. As usual with Mintbaby's stories, you can expect a sweet, wonderful lovestory, and even if this one is a bit short in compare to her normal works it has her special and lovely style. If you liked her other Breath of Fire 3 story you'll like this one too, guaranteed.


What If (Weiila)Another story by Mithfeniel (though this is in fact her first, but I sort the fics by name unless it's a series). This one deals with the aftermatch of FFX, and Yuna trying to face the future despite all that has happened.
Past Regrets (Weiila)A FF8 quickie, an alternate version of the scene below the Ragnarok after Rinoa and Squall returned from space. Cute, but despite it's short length packed with spoilers, so those who didn't have any troubles in Esthar yet better stay off this one ;) Everyone else feel free to read.
My Last Breath (StarStorm)A rather sad story, from Elena's point of view: from meeting the man she's always wanted, to heartbreak. These things never tend to end well, do they?

About the author

Bad Blood 2 (Weiila)A sometimes cruel but very well-written FF8 story about Seifer attempting to have revenge against the heroes, specifically Squall. In his quest for this he about every dirty trick in the book, not holding back for anything.
When Balamb Garden is attacked from the inside Zell is badly hurt and Squall, Selfie, Irvine, Quistis and Nida are dispatched to find the madman behind the bombings, leaving Rinoa behind for her own safety. However the group manage to fall in a trap set by Seifer.
Not for younger readers.
2 3 4 5
(Weiila)The sequel to Bad Blood, a cruel and rather violent but well-written and gripping tale about one man trying to avange his sister and not shunning for anything to have his revenge on those he deem guilty. No one of the heroes is safe, not even from each other.
I'm not much for horror movies myself, but I've always wondered how the psychos manage to get access to every place they're supposed to NOT be around...
And lo, this story is NOT for the young ones.


The Things We Remember (TD)A rarity in fanfic-land indeed! A Lufia 2 fic! Starring everyone's favourite archer and general overpowered character, Artea. Oh, and there's a lead part for Tia in there as well. One night, Artea is out looking at the stars and doing all the other stuff those crazy elf people do, when strange lights appear in the sky. When he goes to check them out, he faints, and ends up finding himself in Tia's bed without his clothes on. Strangeness indeed.


If I said I love you... (Weiila)The first one of two connected stories taking place in FF7. Tifa sits with Cloud beneath the Highwind and thinks about the blonde warrior with the huge sword, trying to sort out what she feels for him, and what she should do about it.
... Would you turn away? (Weiila)The second one of two connected stories taking place in FF7. As Tifa sits with Cloud and wrestles with her emotions, Cloud steals glances at her and tries to pan out what he, too, feels about his childhood friend.


Maxim's Party (Mazrim) A serious (with some humor interspersed) fanfic taking place after the end of Lufia 2, it is very well done, though it ends with a bit of a cliffhanger. Be sure to check back here for the sequel when it is completed!
The Legend Continues! (Weiila)YES! It's the next part in Otakon's story of the events taking place after Lufia 2's end 8) And even though I smell a crossover I'll let it stay in the Lufia archive for now, together with the first part.
This story will doubtlessly become very interesting as it continues, it already is. Warmly recommended.

Owen Axel

FFIX: The Return (TD)Short but sweet, Zidane and Kuja discuss the Trance state of mind... sorta.
Chronicles of the Light Warriors: Otherworld (Weiila)Bahamut tells a partly heartwarming, partly tragic story about a Christmas long ago on the world of Effeffeye, before the time loop started and the Defiler, Chaos, begun his rampage on history. Each one of the Light Warriors, before their battle started, is looked upon this last peaceful Christmas - and even Garland.


Miracle (Weiila)This is how a songfic should be in my opinion, the text spreading out like a fan with the quotes from the song just being the tip of the handle that keeps the rest assembled. Yes, that was a really strange description, but meh. We're talking about the fic here.
A well-written and nice romance story for those who think that the blonde gal should get a blonde guy, and we're not talking about the hyperactive hero here.
It may take a while, but Seifer finally manages to redeem himself and make it to becoming a SeeD. But not without fighting with Quistis all the way, of course.
One Last Breath (TD)A rather strange FFX fic. Auron and Rikku had something going on until he and Tidus got their asses shipped to the Farplane. So after a few months of heavy depression, Auron decides to "kill himself". Only, instead of dying (he was already dead), he suddenly finds himself back on Spira... in Tidus' body!

About the author

Darkness Falls
2 3
(Weiila)Alternate universe stories that are set within the games themselves are almost bound to be very interesting, and so is this one.
During the attempt to kidnap Yuna on the Moonflow, Rikku dies instead of escaping safely. She becomes an unsent and follows the group of guardians just like it was in the game, but seen through the eyes of the young, bitter girl who unbeknowst to her share the fate of Auron. It doesn't get any better when a certain creepy half-Guado notices her shape.
Diamond Dust
2 3 4
(Weiila)An impressive tale with Quistis in the center, actually starting with her death. But as the Reaper reaches out for her it is stopped by Shiva, who offers the woman a second chance at life. But on the condition that Quistis becomes the GF to let the old one leave. Evil forces from Hell itself are bent on destroying Earth, and it seems like Quistis is the only one able to stop them. But at a terrible price, which doesn't get any lower as one of the old GF's finds himself (VERY reluctantly) falling in love with her. Hard to find a stranger pairing, but it works... ^_^; I've always been fond of stories where the espers/GFs/eidolons gets actual personalities myself.
An epic with drama, humor (especially when Carbuncle gets involved with coffee...), romance and action.
Not to forget the minor FF6 crossover and the Men in Black references. Ehehe... stupid farmers. RUN!


Dreams Come True (Weiila)A short but nice songfic by Pokefreak, about who else than everyone's favorite character Magus (can it back there in your corner). It's very sweet and a little bit sad towards the end, even though there isn't a pagescroller it nails the character pretty well in my opinion.


Call of the Eternal Wind (TD)A short fic about how, and why, Bartz started his adventuring career, and got involved with that whole crystal thing. Pretty nice.
Sins of the Father (TD)A beautiful fairy tale about genetic engineering, Vincent, and the birth of Sephroth. (can't say more, or I spoil)
Glories of the Son (Weiila)Hojo finally got his surviving sample, and now he's set on putting it into action. In the violent war between Wutai and Shin-Ra, sixteen year old Sephiroth faces his first battle as he is given command of the invasion troops. This one speaks a lot of how his psyche was shaped...


Evolution of Innocence
2 3 4 5 6 7
An ongoing, incomplete, extremely captivating piece of Final Fantasy VII fanfiction, this is, in the words of the author, an ARF (Aeris Resurrection Fetish). But, it assumes that she never REALLY died in the first place (Lifestream bit), and that she doesn't REALLY come back to life (in a manner of speaking). It's cool, and weird, and has a style of dialogue and thought that strikes me as extremely realistic, and awesome. Definitely one of the best fanfics in the archive, in my humble opinion. :P (6/9, COMPLETE!!)
Final Fantasy 7 - Resurrection
2 3 4 5
(Weiila)Another FF7 fic from Quintcia, this one the first in a trilogy.
Only a couple of days after Sephiroth's death new problems begin to arise. A girl named Raieyana approaches the victorious heroes, and it's not just a coincidence that she looks almost exactly like Aeris. Guess what, Hojo has been fooling around with cells again. But that isn't the problem...
Final Fantasy 7-Reunion,
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
(Weiila)The second part of the trilogy is set seven years after the events in Resurrection. It's been fairly calm, but there wouldn't be a story if things just were peaceful, now would it? :)
Everybody who believes Hojo lied about someone's heritage raise a hand and win a prize!

Richard B. Sampson

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Before Light
Forsaken hero
(Weiila)Well would you look at that? It's a Gauntlet: Dark Legacy series! More of these non-mainstream games, gotta love it. So, we have a sorceress, a barbarian tending to eh... transform a little and a valkyrie. And romance, drama and adventure to await!
Let us begin with the sorceress...
Beastly Barbarian (Weiila)... and the barbarian...
Flight Of The Valkyrie (Weiila)... and the valkyrie.
Dark Cloud, Dark Knight (Weiila)Another chapter added. Here comes the knight of the troop.
Memoirs of an Adventure's Child (Mazrim) A very long epic account of this person's play through the game of Final Fantasy Legend, as well as the time afterward. Very interesting and innovative, because the game does practically no character development - you are forced to name your characters and even choose their classes. So the author essentially created the characters' personalities himself; something that I really like to see in fanfiction. It's separated into eight distinct "story arcs,' each arc containing anywhere from one to ten chapters. (31th October, finished!)
The Legend of the Haniwa    
Deadly Desire    
The Birth of the Route of Rigge    
The Restoration Quest    
The Return of Sephiroth    
The Death of Isis and Ending of New Life    

Richard's Next Story Arc

Riders from the Storm

Fear Factor

Darkness Begins to Fall

Tomes of Forbidden Magic

Killer cure

Sibling Rivalry

Call for Peace

Vie Mort, Mort Vie

Yesterday's gone

Every new Beginning (Epilogue)


Fortune's Hostage
2 3
(Weiila)This story is only three chapters long, but it's packed with a great plot with conspiracy and betrayal.
As forty people, including a small boy, are taken hostage by a guerilla group in Trabia, Squall, Irvine and Zell are sent to clear things out. However, the head of the Galbadian force stationed in the region seems less than willing to cooperate despite the fact that all the hostages are from Galbadia. And Cid seems to have some personal issues with the case, but he's not willing to share the information.
Younger readers should stay off this one due to a rather gory scene in chapter three.

Scott Baird
About the author

History of the Lefain/
The story of Berrendar

(Weiila)A prequel to Into the Heart of the Story, following the Lefainish man Berrendar from his narrow escape from the battle between Tiamat and warmech, until him taking up the duty as tutor of four orphans that will one day save the world.
Into the Heart of the Story
2 3 4a 4b
(Weiila)A yet unfinished novelization of FF1, fleshing out the characters and events taking place during the game.
Being a Light Warrior isn't easy, especially when people see you as nothing but a prophecy. Arguments among the troop itself might not be a good sign either...

About the Author

The Sorceress War Part 1
2 3 4 5 6 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37
(Weiila)A prelude to FF8, taking place during the war between Galbadia and Esthar. But the leading characters aren't the ones you might expect...
It's a dirty, ugly war and SkyNight does a great job not romanticizing the battle. The heroes aren't fearless warmachines but humans with their own feelings and fears.
On sidenote there's a small detail I find neat; just becasue the heroes of the game can't acquire a certain summon doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. :)
Raine leads her troop onwards into Esthar, but danger is everywhere. And it turns out, going to Esthar and escaping from there again is merely the start of the trouble. Sorceress Adel is, in the end, not the biggest problem the Galbadians have on their hands...
Sorceress War Vignette (Weiila)The Sorceress War saga is sadly on indefinite hold, it appears. But to make up for it, SkyKnight wrote this vignette that is written as the end of the whole series - set several years after the events in Final Fantasy VIII. Hyne is dead, his schemes crushed by one of Squall and Rinoa's daughters. But this of course doesn't mean that all trouble will end, the danger might now come from within the heroes' families.


Enter a Warmage (Mazrim) Quite the lengthy fanfic, yet gripping through most of the storyline, "Enter a Warmage" takes place in a slightly modernized world of Final Fantasy IV (as in modern fashions and medical equipment, etc., but with the same characters and general setting as FFIV), centering around "Robert," an author-created character. This story has action, suspense, humor and serious ideas, which combined with an interesting (if verbose) writing style makes this a story you'll spend hours reading and love every minute.(4 May 2002, updated version with a little corrected grammar) Reader reviews of this fic.
Legend of the Reptites (Weiila)Ah yes... these green, bald, well developed and ugly fellows could really deserve a few fanfics as well. Good ol' Starstorm gives Azala a better face, not as an ignorant lizard with a taste for human blood, but as a responsible leader determined to save his people from destruction or fall with them.

Steven Mayo

Fat Lip (Weiila)Some grudges go way, way back, and even if mystical creatures residing in your brain might remove the memories of past anger and pain, the emotions are still there. A tale about a day in the orphanage with the future heroes of FFVIII, and how the events taking place there causes the children to clash as teenagers.
Kingdom of Children (Weiila)This dark story takes place during the time when Cloud was a human vegetable sitting in a wheelchair in Mideel, trapped inside his own past and twisted memories. But he's not the only one in the area being tortured by the spooks of his own mind. Hojo might be the nuttiest guy outside of the crater, but his charisma has touched other scientists. Or maybe it's more like a contagious disease...
Lux Aeterna 2 3 (Weiila)Wow. That's all anybody can say about this. Steven has turned the first twenty minutes of gameplay of Final Fantasy 1 into a massive epic with darkness, action and humor. The characters are fleshed out to real humans, and the story is written in a masterful way of storytelling. Warmly recommended!

Vanguard Ziggy

Long Ago (Weiila)This prequel to Xenosaga is the tragic story about Jan Sauer, who's better known under the name Ziggy in the game. The fic takes us through Vanguard's theory about why this man ended up killing himself, thus ending up as an android.
A single father tries to take care of his son while doing his job as an inspector well. Things start to fall apart when he gets a little too involved in a war against a fanatic and his family.
The theme might be regarded as controversial in these times, but it is a gripping and well written story which is the only thing that counts, after all.
The Genesis Experiment Part 1 (Weiila)There is something foul on the planet of Amadore; the area around it seems to have turned into deep space's version of the Bermuda Triangle as it swallows merchant ships and destroys space battle cruisers without a trace. Being the great heroes that they are, the Xenosaga crew are sent to investigate. Who wants to bet money on that they'll be seeing a familiar face or two?
Not only does this connect to the time between "Der Wille zur Macht" and "Jenseits von Gut und Bose", but it also have nice links to Vanguard's older story "Long Ago", so I recommend reading that one first if you haven't already.

About the author

Departure and Reunion (Mazrim) A sweet little fanfic taking place in the world of Chrono Trigger, fifty years after the events of the game. It offers an original look at what some of the characters' relationships might have been from right after Chrono Trigger all the way up to fifty years later. In addition, it contains some musings on the subject of reincarnation, one which I have always found quite interesting. Another masterpiece by Weiila.
Gogo's Secret (Mazrim) A short fanfic by Weiila, taking place moments after the end of FF6. It is about who Gogo really is, though many people who like to read "secrets" sections of certain shrines may already know the climactic plot point. That's ok, it's still quite a fun read, with realistic characters (and I do like believable characters, as you may or may not have known)
Kain 2 3 4 (Mazrim) Another great fanfic by Weiila, a novelization of Final Fantasy IV, from the point of view of Kain. It convincingly shows the feelings of Kain, and makes the reader feel for him even as he does horrible things under the mental control of Golbez. The most convincing rendition of Kain in any fanfic I've read yet. This story contains romance, action, monologues, drama, and pretty much anything a well-balanced story should have. A must read! (I know I saw that a lot, but it's late, I'm tired, give me a break...)
Rydia and Edge 2 3 4 (Mazrim) Weiila's first try at the romance genre, and a very successful one. It is centered, as is evident by the title, around Rydia and Edge from Final Fantasy IV, and how they eventually grow to fall in love with each other. The only Rydia and Edge fanfic (and believe me, there are quite a bit) that almost made me cry, the emotions and thoughts of Rydia and Edge are extremely true to life; more than once I found them thinking something that I could remember thinking at some point in my life. A very sweet fanfic; if you haven't read any more romantic fics, let this be your first!
Magus's Quest 2 3 4 (Mazrim) Another Chrono Trigger fanfic by Weiila, though not as focused on humor as "Bored beyond Compare," very good in its own right. An epic adventure that starts with Magus's search for his sister, but unlike many of the fanfics on that topic, it goes on after he finds her. A very interesting fanfic, with Weiila's trademark style of humor, as well as a very thoughtful vein underlying the plot, coming to a climax at an exciting revelation of how innocent Janus became Magus. A must read, even though it is somewhat long. Click on the name of the story to go to the first part (since there's no "1" there)(4 May 2002, updated version 2 with some corrected spellcasting and grammar) Reader reviews of this fic.
Another Life 2 3 4 (Mazrim)Quite possibly the best fanfic (to date) I have on this site. Written by Weiila, it is the sequel to "Magus' Quest," set in Chrono Trigger in the relative timespan of after the game's end. It's got humor, it's got action, it's got romance (much to Janus's chagrin :P), and it's got Janus's four-year-old niece. As Lucca would put it, it's really cool! Awesome! Read this fanfic now - even though it's almost 100 pages in length, it is definitely worth the time. ^_^ Reader reviews of this fic.
The Prince's Story
(Weiila)The third part in the series about Magus' life after the game; the sequel to Magus' Quest and Another life. Also the prequel to A Look on Another One.
Seventeen years have passed since Charash terrorized the land of Garadia, the sons of Cered and Schala steadily growing up while their sister lives with her husband in the future. While life has been good on the family of heroes, princess Lashey's choice of husband might not have been the wisest. When Janus refuses to serve him, the emperor sets a cruel scheme in motion to set an example for the warlock, one that is quite expoitable for a dark power wanting revenge...
And hey, any chance to have Flea call Janus a drama whore which renders the crossbody being thrown in a lake is welcome, right?
A Look on Another One
2 3 4 5
(Weiila)Once again, I return to Chrono Trigger to close a circle I started. In the true Weiila-CT spirit that makes Magus tear his hair out...
In Another life, the Pawn of the Mystics managed to save the little prince Janus from the monster's clutches. That grown man then showed up again in The Prince's Story, quite obviously very different from both his teacher and the original warlock. This is his story.
The world and history needs to be saved by Crono and his crew (once again, you could say), and this time they will be aided by Janus, the Royal Wizard of Guardia. And despite what everyone says due to the way he handles certain situations, I don't think he's really suicidial nor a masochist. Sometimes it's easy to wonder though... hehehe...
A Look On Another One Part 2 (Weiila)The second part of A Look on Another One, and also the final part of the Janus' Saga.
You might find the beginning very familiar, and keep your eyes open for other similarities between this and a classic. You'll soon figure out which it is.
Of searching for Schala, gigantic snakes, mistakes of the past, family and depressed magicians!
Moments with Celes (Mazrim) A very innovative fanfic, about Locke's relationship to Celes, from both points of view. Instead of being all in one chunk of action, this story takes place in short segments; the important parts of their relationship throughout the game. Starting with the tunnels beneath South Figaro, it goes through the story of the game, following Celes and Locke through such important events as the Opera House scene, the Solitairy Island, and, of course, the beloved Phoenix Cave/Rachel scene, showing the thoughts, feelings, and words of the characters. The first in a series of three stories including Gogo's Secret II.
Gogo's Secret II (Mazrim) NOT the sequel to Weiila's original short fanfic "Gogo's Secret," this FFVI fanfic has a completely different take on who Gogo is. While many have said he/she was Daryl, this takes a completely different approach. I don't want to give away the Secret, but on the whole I will just say that this story is very innovative, interesting, and on the whole cool.
Worshippers of Insanity 2 (Mazrim) A very interesting, if controversial (in light of recent events) story set in FFVI, about the return of the Cult of Kefka (the people chanting outside the Mage Tower in the game) and how they make life difficult for the heroes. Weiila wanted me to say that she wrote this a month before the WTC attacks, and that she does not want anybody to be offended by any similarities between the Cult of Kefka and modern-day terrorists. However, I would never cease to put up writing that might perhaps be controversial, as long as it is well-written, and...well, tactful at least around the controversial thing. As long as it doesn't cause us to get sued... :P The third in a series of three stories, including Moments with Celes and Gogo's Secret II.
Those Not Chosen
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
(Weiila)I'm reviewing this myself for now, Maz' review of it should be up later :)
The product of nearly 18 months of work; a novelization of Seiken Densetsu 3 from the unused characters' view. Duran, Angela and Carlie are saving the world, while Lise, Kevin and Hawk are doing their own share of heroism. I can promise a lot of action, romance, suspense and Kevin making meat mince of half blood demons... >;)
I dare to call this my masterpiece. Enjoy!
Winter Night Thoughts (Weiila)Well here I go again, reviewing my own stuff. Oh well...
Just a brief "tail" for Those Not Chosen, taking place some time after the end of that. If you don't like romance you better stay off this one since the cute-rate is extremely high ;) What else can it be if Kevin is reflecting over his life and Lise, who's lying beside him half asleep?
In the Clutches (Weiila)Erm, I don't write horror. Nope, I don't. So what the heck is this? I dunno, it just popped out O_o
Yet another tail for Those not Chosen, I'm not sure but it might be the start of the sequel. As of now it's a standalone shortie though.
Set a few months after Winternight Thoughts. Somebody is in trouble. Bad. That's about all I can say without spoiling it...
Ready or Not (StarStorm) A wierd, and yet funny fic, continuing on Weiila's "Those Not Chosen" story arc. In here, Sciel plays matchmaker in the bizzare (and quite frankly, sadomasochistic) mating rituals of demons. Thus Kevin gets an unpleasant surprise, and a warning, from Rakadra of all people. Why? Well read and find out. And for those who are worried about the end... well, we've got key sniping points covered if the plotbunny decides to come this way again.
We Met in Another Prison Cell (Mazrim)Another fanfic by Weiila (so we know it'll be good :P), set in the world of Tales of Phantasia. A romance story centering around Cless and Mint, starting near the end of the game, it's filled with passages and dialogue that just ring so true to reality, yet are so...tender and kind make you want to smile and even shed a tear of happiness by the end. There's no doubt that Weiila is extremely talented at showing human emotions and character through writing, and this story just shows that even better.

Ultima Mayu

Prophestess (Weiila)Our first Valkyrie profile fic, a story about Liselia, a maiden living in a sanctuary. And it turns out, she's a highly valued maiden too; many come to claim her home and powers for themselves. In the end she has to do something drastic to stay safe.
Personally I don't know any Japanese so I just take Ultima's word for the translations. It's a nice touch in any case :)
The Two Made One
Author's notes
(Weiila)Another fic for a not too known game ^_^ The game here is “Rudra’s Treasure?(Rudra no Hihou), and now don't you get any ideas from the title of the series. These stories are a collection of tales about how the four heroes Scion, Riza, Surlent and Dune must encounter and accept challenges from the ancient heroes Saizou, Mitora, Houzen and Meifa to be able to combine their own powers with the ancients.


The Promise of Nightmares
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
(Weiila)Galbadia just thrives wicked plans, eh? Well, that country is kinda just begging for it after their blunders in the game, after all.
The new president of Galbadia and his wife plan to continue the dream of Vinzer Deling, with the help of the only Sorceress knight, a... ahem... doctor and a mysterious warlock named Dahl. Their attempts to capture Rinoa is fairly successful until someone shows his true colors. However, Squall is sent into a nightmare filled comastate and when the Galbadians invade Fisherman's Horizon, Cid is captured by the enemy.
Well written and interesting, a great read!


Lighting the Way to Tomorrow (TD)Do you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, slap yourself in the face, and then wish you had a really pretty lamp because it would liven up the bathroom? No, me neither, but just in case someone does, Monique has the perfect lamps to sell you in just such an occasion. At least, if Gilbert, her lover, doesn't get in the way or accidently steps on them or something...


Reunited (Weiila)Bad Tidus! Stay! Yep, that's the way it goes, he's just not allowed to leave if these fans have anything to say about it. Yet another short and sweet story about the blitzer's grand return to life.

Various Authors

Angel of Mine Chun Li (Mazrim)A short, sweet fanfic about Tseng and his love for Aeris. Very emotional at times, with very descriptive imagery and elegant wording. I rate this a 9/10.
An RPGChristmas story
Part 2
Wilfredo Martinez (Weiila)This whacky story takes place all over the world of RPGC and the outside.
Wil gets the responsibility to fix the RPGChristmas party and goes off to find inspiration. Sadly he also gets the order to teach Santa's daughter Jingle the true meaning of Christmas, but the Tower of Bable and the Staff forum might not be the best places to look for it... or is it?
Those Thought cops can't be good news, though...
A Thousand Words Serenity Star (Weiila)Pre-FFX-2. Wouldn't that be FFX...? Nope.
Lenne tells her story about what happened to her before she was killed, her career, father and how she met Shuin - onwards to the war and her enlisting as a summoner and finally how Shuin made the desperate attempt to save her from the enemy.
Baron's Heir SSJ Crono (Weiila)This is a cute lil' story about Final Fantasy IV. Cecil and more accurately his children get their hands full of kidnappers, but princess Cecilia won't stand for it! Oh no, not this lil' wildcat, as the dwarven Thieves' Guild and a demon lord named something like Ill Truck Gore (as Edge's son says true to his genes) soon will find out.
Quirky and fairy talesque, a nice read.
Because Lady Reece (Weiila)A quickie that deals with the relationship between Zidane and Garnet after the lil' thief has run off for a while to think things through and let himself cool down for a bit. Some things never change... Cute, and nice if you feel like reading a short story after all the epics.
Bitter Ash 1 2 Anonymous (Mazrim)Another fanfic about Tseng, also about his relationship to Aeris. Tseng is bitter because Aeris won't care about him, centered during the game, during the destruction of the Sector 7 Pillar and just before Tseng's death (hence the two parts) I rate it a 8.5/10.
Bloody Claws Bubbawheat (Mazrim)A violent fanfic taking place in the Shinra mansion before the game of FFVII takes place, centered around Vincent. Some graphic scenes, overall pretty good writing though. I rate this an 8/10.
Chuck, You're Animated Steven Mayo (Weiila)Quite the strange fic, set in Zanarkand and based mainly on dialogue between a couple of boys. It'll probably keep you feeling like one big questionmark until the end, where the feeling should turn into an "Ooooh, so THAT'S what they meant...". A different addition to the archives.
Covert OPs Irvine style Griever (Weiila)A very intense and rather violent fic, told from Irvine's point of view. He, Zell and Squall are on a SeeD mission, and it's not one of the nicer ones. Not easy either, the three have to mop their way through heaps of guards to reach their target; a Galbadian man who somebody would rather see removed from power.
Crystal Kin Paln (Mazrim) Not so much a fanfic as a look at how the four fiends of Final Fantasy IV might act toward each other "off-screen." It offers novel views of each of the fiends, what their fears, worries, and desires are. He ties into the game, but the ties are more subtle than you might think. For example, you might wonder why Milon in FFIV is much weaker than the other fiends. This fanfic provides an answer to that.
Darkest days Nev Stardust (Weiila)Our first songfic. So, alright, we have them. However, I think that if you use a song in a fic then do not base the fic on the song, but let it be a help for the story. This one is a fine example of such, about Vincent's bitter thoughts and views upon himself. It has been done before, it can be done again if done well, and this is :)
Defying Fate
About the Author
(Weiila)A post-game fanfic about Final Fantasy 8, digging deeply into each character's thoughts as a group of scientists leave Esthar on a quest of their own: to stop the Sorceress before she stirs any trouble, and they'll stop at nothing to put their valiant plan into action. But as their first attempt to get their hands on Rinoa fails, they turn to her weakest point. Her Knight.
Disciples Teh Exile (Mazrim)A short, sweet piece in the world of Chrono Trigger centering around the idea of a school at the end of time, to teach the disciples things they needed to know to protect, preserve, adventure, and other things like that. It doesn't really have a plot, but it's a cool idea all the same, very well written and to the point, which I suppose is a relief after reading all the 50+ page stories in the archive. :P
Dream a Little Dream AchikaMuyo (Weiila)Taking "playing it both ways" to a whole new level... in a strangely cute way. Tifa is, and Aeris were in love with Cloud. And he can't forget the flower girl, even though he lives happily with the brunette. Good thing there's dreams, no? And a bit of reincarnation might add things up, but not in the perverted way.
The End Natt (Weiila)Natt serves us his first fanfic, a short story of Crono and Marle's life together many years after the game's over. It's a sweet story considering their daughter Marleen and her vivid imagination. Or is it imagination? Almost surreal at points, in a good way.
Eyes on Julia Abby (Weiila)Another songfic, a sweet one about Julia giving up on her lost, true love and accepting a new one. It's short, but it's a small pearl.
FF7 - The Sentry Objective
2 3
Ixx (Weiila)A story centering around a man named Zymon, hunted by Shinra, living in the Midgar slums selling materia and giving information to Avalance. Not the best pick of career, but what to do in the world of Final Fantasy VII?
There's some harsh language, so younger readers should skip this one. Everyone else, enjoy!
Final Fantasy III: The Movie
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
About the author
(Mazrim)Quite the epic Final Fantasy VI fanfic, complete with CG'ed pictures of FF6 from Final Fantasy Anthology, the plotline is interesting, quite dramatic, and makes this fic seem all the more 'epic.' A Cinematic Experience...The Final Fantasy.
Final Fantasy X ?Suteki Da Ne
(THE scene)
Akuo (Weiila)Short and sweet about, that's right, THE scene in Final Fantasy X. Stars Yuna and Tidus. Short, sweet and romantic.
First Person views Swift Kid (Weiila)The opening scene of Final Fantasy 8 seen through Squall's eyes; his battle with Seifer in the first FMV. Very intense, as that scene requires that.
As I understand, this might be the first in a series of scenes in first person view by Swift Kid.
The flower H'tirea (Weiila)A different look upon the ever again resurrected flower girl of FF7. A brief, dark tale taking place during one of Aeris' (probably) more depressed moments. Very innovative in the question since she tends to be the happy one.
The Fog over Dollet Little Miss Little (Weiila)The tale of Seifer's father, how he lost his wife and left his son at the orphanage. Rather sad and melancholic, which of course isn't a bad thing. It's always great when non-existent characters get a little spotlight.
The Forgotten Warrior Valkyrie Esker (Weiila)Hey, whatever happened to that other Doma guy who survived when Kefka poisoned the river? Considering the fact that he didn't seem to be around in the World of Ruin, maybe he left on his own quest, found a group of daring warriors and went on his own journey...
Aww come on, what are the odds for that?
In a fanfic? BIG!
A great story with action, humor and that special glistening in the eye... or at least a glistening somewhere among all the letters.
For Rosa SpoonyBard (Mazrim) A very moving fanfic about how Saro, a half-elf with slightly anti-human tendencies, becomes NecroSaro, main villain of Dragon Warrior IV, a nefarious being who wants to destroy all of humanity, all for the love of Rosa. It shows very realistically how Saro slowly becomes more and more evil, losing sight gradually of the reason he started his whole anti-human crusade. One of the few fanfics that manages to be an extremely emotional experience.
Griever ssj_trunks (Weiila)A prelude to Final Fantasy VIII, mainly concerning Squall's training with his gunblade. Every day life at Balamb Garden, spiced with a bit of action and characters meeting each other pro-game. Interesting read.
Join the Lifestream Jenova's Witness (Weiila)The flower girl in the pink dress from Final Fantasy 7 looses her consciousness and takes her first steps in the world beyond, to be greeted by a somewhat surprising entity. There's no revolutionary plot in this fic, but it's a very interesting talk between Aeris and the power.
Knights Bleed Red and Blue Auron Belmont (Weiila)Suikoden II. A brief tale of the pains on the battle field and those of loosing a dear friend. The helplessness and horror of the characters is excellently portrayed, though the story isn't a novel my heart ached for the people on the muddy battlefield.
Meeting the God Sir Jecht (Weiila)Cloud is haunted by a strange dream about himself and Sephiroth, just after Aeris' death. It's a personal prelude for him to the battle he and Tifa will fight later against his own madness. A short fic, which can be a nice change from all the epics in the archives.
The Merman ~Morgan~ (Mazrim) Very nicely done, taking place during the timespan of Lufia 2, but if a different event had happened, concerning Dekar (you'll see what I mean when you read it), the characters interacting on the backdrop of one of the most beautiful descriptions of the sea that I've ever read.
Nei no Boken/Nei's adventure
2 3
Macc Maverick (Weiila)The blue yellow-citrus-loving reploid is not only the funny man, he can write great stories too.
A rather dark tale of Nei, child of genetic engineering and met with hatred and distrust wherever she goes. Is there any hope for her in the declining world of Phantasy Star 2?
No Mercy Aldred (Weiila)Post-FF8, Seifer is fleeing his inner and outter demons, which in the form of outter ones are hot on his trail and has taken away the last two people who cared about him. A brief story about loss and catharsis, with good characterizations.
There's a bit of foul language, but nothing that doesn't fit the mood.
Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen, Chapter 1 2 Brett Ultimus (Weiila) A novelization of Ogre Battle; March of the Dark Queen, and a promising one. It begins with betrayal of the king and quickly continues to the uprising of rebels. Very humoristic at some points as well, a truly sweet fic :)
Oneesama E Morgaine MacLir (Mazrim) A series of letters from Lenna to Faris from FFV, written very believably and well, it really captures the essence of who Lenna and Faris are, all in all an extremely good fanfic. Read it now!
Paranoia SilverStorm (Weiila)A creepy horror fic about a SeeD quickly loosing grip of reality, wrapping himself up in complete lunacy born from a mysterious voice in his head. Paranoia crawls into the man's mind and after finding his hands bloodied once, the madness only keeps growing, hungering for the deaths of his friends.
Perspectives Princess Nadia (Mazrim)A short fanfic from the point of view of Elena, just before Tseng's death. Sorry it's only available in text format, but Frontpage wasn't cooperating when I tried to shtml-ize it, and I've had enough trouble for the day. I rate this an 8/10.(16th august; shtmlized)
Pupu's Saga Jeremy Chapter (Mazrim)An extremely long, almost novel-like Fanfic in the world of Final Fantasy 8, after the game's end. Every character is explored fully, and Pupu's Saga has a gripping plot, well-developed characters, an exceptional understanding of the Final Fantasy 8 world, as well as his own brand of quite hilarious humor. A must read! (9/5 update: added chapter 17)
Ravages of Glory Josephus (Weiila)Dramatic and gripping about the time told in the legends of Final Fantasy 6; The War of the Magi. The tale follows the young man Treskyn, actually starting with him in a very bad condition and then moving back - in a very clever storytelling manner - to a couple of years earlier, of what led up to his situation. Impressive writing, this.
But... hasn't anyone heard about never trusting a mysterious fellow with strange powers?
This is my Story Selenium Wingz (Weiila)The gang of Guardians and their Summoner camp before they start the last part of their journey to Zanarkand, sitting in silence by the campfire. Tidus starts telling them of his memories of the path he traveled to get to this particular moment with the six of them.
Time Screwed Fanfic James L. Aevermann (Weiila)A crossover starring characters from Final Fantasy 7, 8, Tactics and Chrono Cross. One seldom sees even a somewhat serious crossover, but they tend to be good, and this one is promising if incomplete for the moment. With both humor and serious matters, as the heroes find themselves trapped in a strange world none of them really recognize (though it does seem a little familiar...).
Tseng's Prophecy 1 2 3 4 Sly (Mazrim)A fanfic about Tseng, taking place during the timespan of the game, but with some different things happening - very original story, it brings up the question, "Why didn't Cloud just use the Restore materia on Aeris?" I rate this a 8.5/10.
Until the End Creepy Fellow (Weiila)Seifer recieves a letter from his old friends and "enemies", setting him off into a rather painful reflection of his actions. It's a short but very well-written piece, and you'll find yourself sucked into Seifer's thoughts as he goes through the list of senders of the mail.
Valkyrie's bedtime story Jo the Mighty (Weiila)Written on request from Valkyrie Esker, on her regular "bedtime story" greeting :)
The tale of how evil works in the mind of a normal animal, turning it into a horrifying and deadly monster.
And Jo leaves it to ourselves to guess why that band of heroes are the heroes and working together... ;) Reader reviews of this fic.
Vincent's Torment Gemini_Bloodian (Weiila)A very intense and rather violent fic, told from Irvine's point of view. He, Zell and Squall are on a SeeD mission, and it's not one of the nicer ones. Not easy either, the three have to mop their way through heaps of guards to reach their target; a Galbadian man who somebody would rather see removed from power.
Zanarkand Rain Rothalion (Weiila)Interesting and gripping about Auron remembering his life while watching the rain outside the house boat he happen to be in. Very emotional at parts, and extremely powerful as the painful memories of Braska's death are set free to roam poor Auron's brain. Solace might be found close by, though.
At one point some might find the way of expressing loss a little controversial, but I personally think that considering the situation it does in no way harm the story but rather emphazise the agony that it's describing.

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