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The Angel of the Lion

Songs of Yesterday
2 3
FF8 (Weiila)Unfinished as of yet, but the author promises to fix it as soon as possible. So give it a try, it's a nice one!
In a world where memories are frail since GFs eat them for breakfast, keeping your head straight is rather important. But there are other dangers too, as the FF8 crew learns when Squall disappears and is found by Rinoa a few years later, his mind wiped blank of his earlier life. Picking up the pieces of the puzzle might prove very tricky.
To Love the Enemy
FF8 (Weiila)This is an AU (Alternate Universe) fic, based mainly on the idea that the old orphanage gang met each other again without the ravenhaired addition.
Cid recieves a job from General Caraway; he wants a resitant leader kidnapped - unharmed. For this job, the headmaster of Balamb Garden appoints the best he's got, but the leader of the Forest Owls prove to be a difficult prisoner. And it doesn't get simpler when she provides information about sinister plans woven in Galbadia.

Dancing in Time
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1516
FF8 (Weiila)Certain occasions force Squall to be the talking one of him and Rinoa, which is of course quite a strain for him. Of the mistakes of a headmaster, fear of spiders and lacking control of sorceress powers.
Very tender and sweet about the relationship of the two and their attempts to find a safe ground they can share, with bits of humor spread throughout the story. And people walking into the room at the worst times, all the time...
Each chapter is a story within itself with no real bonds to the last, even though they are connected by time.

Ashbear and Wayward Tempest
About the Authors
Somewhere in Between
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2021
Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)Heroes don't come too late, that's a wellknown fact and utter truth.
But what happens when they do fail?
Squall couldn't stop the sealing of Rinoa, and seven years have passed since the war against Ultimecia. The Lion has pushed himself in all ways possible to forget the Angel. Even getting himself a new love, spending sad days and nights full of nightmares in Trabia.
But then Quistis gets a call in the middle of the night; Rinoa is being unsealed.
A fantastic (if unfinished) story written by two skillful authors.

Belinda De Rose Lynne

Chamber of Forever
Final Fantasy VIII (TD)In every life, there is everlasting misery weighing you down. Yet within each misery, there is joy. Want to know the whole thing? Read!

Bounty Hunter Raesune

Tales of Destiny II - Out from the unknown Tales of Destiny II (Weiila)The beginning of a sweet little humorous Tales of Destiny 2 fic (our first, whoo!). I have a feeling thisngs will get a bit complicated during the journey ahead with this set of whacky, jealous and paranoid heroes...

Brett Ultimus
Ogrebattle: March of the Black Queen Chapter 1
Ogrebattle (Weiila)A novelization of Ogre Battle; March of the Dark Queen, and a promising one. It begins with betrayal of the king and quickly continues to the uprising of rebels. Very humoristic at some points as well, a truly sweet fic :)

About the Author

Melchiah's Saga FF8 (Weiila)The tale of a special unit Galbadian soldier who tries to keep a group of SeeDs away from the occupied Winhill, which works really well until the commander himself steps out, pissed as heck at mr. Galbadian.
After waking up from the coma, Melchia recieves new orders from general Caraway.
Really nice story, another good example of how original characters can be the leading characters in a fic without falling over on the dreaded Mary Sue-side.

Cat Alex

The at Times Tumultuous and Arduous Trials of Baralai and Seymel
(THE scene)
(Weiila)(Weiila)An interesting story with a Romeo and Juliet theme, in which Baralai of New Yevon finds himself in a rather complicated relationship with a woman named Seymel, of the Youth League. The political complications are severe for both sides, as very few look kindly on such an union.
And I dunno about you, but I love the title of this one.

Cats eye

The Other side of Nothing FF8 (Weiila)The start of an alternate universe fic. Warning; VERY dark, so if you don't like that you better stay off this one.
The outcome of the Sorceress war wasn't the best for the world in general. Galbadia now has all the wealth, Esthar is silent and the Centras are nearly gone. Trabia and Balamb are stuck in the back, filled with desperate people trying to survive in the spoils.

Chanaur Majere
Dark Legacy;
Chapter 1

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Castlevania (Weiila)Here we have a fic for Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness. This epic tale starts with Raziel (Cornell) and his sister coming back from their battle against Dracula, whom they fought since the latest Belmont still was too young to handle a whip at the time. It then goes on with Reinhardt of the Belmont family as a grown man sets off together with his friends Chanaur and Carrie. The story is built up around the battle against darkness, but centers on the shyly spiring love between Carrie and Chanaur.


The Dark Ages Legend Of Zelda (Weiila)After his long journey, Link returns to Hyrule where his friends are waiting for him. But a hero's job is never done, of course. The peace is only brief, and they we're off on an adventure again. Poor little Hylian...

Darkness Beckons

The God's Other Half FF8 (Weiila)A highlevel SeeD by the name Aidin stumbles back to Garden from a sort of successful mission. He got the job done, though there is more trouble on the rise. Dragons are starting to act up, and that includes the one currently residing in Selphie's mind as well. Bahamut and he's brothers seem to be up to something. And there's a strange sorceress showing up in Squall's dreams, who demands that he becomes her knight.

About the author

Blood Reign Blood Omen (Weiila)A Blood Omen fanfic. That it's an RPG is borderline, but those who have played it voted it into the archives, so here it is in all it's... ehm... bloody and messy glory. Hey, what do you expect when Galloway goes back to his horror roots?
The nobleman Kain finds himself murdered... and after death chained between two pillars in a really warm place. Ain't that just peachy? Well, he soon gets out, with a little help from a necromancer. Hello, have you ever heard of them, Kain dear? When they say they'll help you for a price it might be smart to ask WHAT the price is before agreeing...
Defenders of Fanfiction RPGC (Weiila)Defenders of Fanfiction is the sequel to The King of Fanfiction, in which various authors joined a treasure hunt to determine who should be King... er... janitor of the Castle of Fanfiction. Life's been relatively peaceful for a while (how that works with Magus as a chancellor, I'll never understand though), when suddenly the Treasures of Fanfiction are stolen. This cannot be tolerated of course. Let's all get off our drunk and ping-pong playing behinds and show those thieves what happens when they mess with THESE authors!
The Reaver Saga RPGC (Weiila)Another saga is starting before the last one even has ended! Whee!
This story takes place after The Christmas Saga, in which Galloway ended up (as you should already know, my pretties) with the sword Reaver (from the Legacy of Kain series) on his arm. Some higher-ups however decide that it's better to have it removed, and Galloway and crew sets off to find a way to have this fixed.
Well, this shouldn't lead to having to save the world after having being turned into kids again, right? RIGHT?!
The Future RPGC (title pending) RPGC (Weiila)When they said that some people shouldn't be allowed to breed, they (whoever they were) didn't know how right they were. 25 years into the future, and RPGC is still going strong!
... still standing.
... most of us are still alive. And married. And Heaven save us all, we've all become parents!
Another humorous story by our very own Galloway, which starts out with our resident valkyrie Val deciding that she wants all of her husbands killed, and throws out her son Ryelandt to get the job done. After recovering from the stabs she gave him for good measure, he runs into Galloway and his son Maria.
I want the special rescue squad alert and ready at any given second!
The Movie Saga 2
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
RPGC(d Galloway) During a routine test of Sinistral's Matter-Trasnferance Device, the gang at RPGC is thrown into various parallel worlds. Yes, this is going to be painful.
Soul ReaverLegacy of KainA novelization of the second game in the LoK series, Soul Reaver. A thousand years after Kain destroyed Nosgoth, his lieutenant Raziel has the misfortune of evolving before his master. Kain has him executed in the Abyss, but that isn't enough to destroy Raziel. Now, he wants revenge...

D. Krispin

Twilight of Fate Chrono Trigger/Cross (Weiila)Serge lives a quiet, peaceful life in the village of Arni, enjoying his simple existance to the fullest. But strange dreams are tugging at his mind and one night a mysterious fellow shows up in the youngster's room, claiming that his name is Crono and that he needs Serge's help. Their second encounter gets the young man into quite a situation. Familiar faces from both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross unite to battle the empire of Porre...
A growing epic with fabulous descriptions and great characterizations, though Schala seems to have grown rather quirky during her time off princesshood.

About the Author

1 2 3 4 5 6
Final Fantasy 7 (Weiila)A captivating tale about the Final Fantasy 7 gang after the end of their battle against Sephiroth. New troubles arise with new (and an old) villains that are set on Reno and Cloud. The plot is good, and the relationships between the characters are truly innovative. Nothing is like it appeared to be in the game; Vincent is Reno's father for one and ol' Vinny's relationship with Lucretia is nothing like we're used to see. And even though things are different than usual, drakonlily writes it so that it makes perfect sense.

E x o d i s e

Star Ocean: Red Star Star Ocean 2 (Weiila)The heroes' work is never done (so what else is new? ;)). This story takes place four months aftar the victory in the game...
A star clearly seen in broad light just can't be a good sign... especially not if it's red...


Search for the Emerald WeaponFinal Fantasy VII FF7 (Weiila)Oh, don't you just hate those darn Weapons? Well, they can be more complicated to beat than you thought. This is what eventually will turn out as a strategy guide to beat the merm... I mean, Emerald. And humorous along the way :)


Healing FF7 (Weiila)An interesting fic, another good example of how an author created character can have a leading role in a fanfic - without being one of those pesky Mary Sues.
A surgeon by the name Rei Desai buys the ShinRa mansion of Nibelheim, unaware that she gets a stingy vampire-lookalike included for no extra charge. An interesting story about how to make renovations and try to make use of a mad scientists old lab, the perils of a former breast-enlargement surgeon, and maybe a little romance between a couple of heroes that weren't part of the main plot...

Jeremy Chapter

Pupu's Saga Final Fantasy VIII (Mazrim)An extremely long, almost novel-like Fanfic in the world of Final Fantasy 8, after the game's end. Every character is explored fully, and Pupu's Saga has a gripping plot, well-developed characters, an exceptional understanding of the Final Fantasy 8 world, as well as his own brand of quite hilarious humor. A must read! (14/8 update: added chapter 22-26) Reader reviews of this fic.


The RPG News Team, 2 ,3 Misc Crossovers (Weiila)Lookie here, Galloway's brother is a writer too :) And he's leading his very own news team through rain, storms, monsunes, catastrophes and complete insanity... what did you expect?
And don't forget some of the weirdest ways to end a chapter ever invented. Somebody's going to have one hell of a headache...


Ravages of Glory Final Fantasy VI (Weiila)Dramatic and gripping about the time told in the legends of Final Fantasy 6; The War of the Magi. The tale follows the young man Treskyn, actually starting with him in a very bad condition and then moving back - in a very clever storytelling manner - to a couple of years earlier, of what led up to his situation. Impressive writing, this.
But... hasn't anyone heard about never trusting a mysterious fellow with strange powers?

Julius Ceasar

A Thousand Dreams Legend of Mana (TD)A cute little Legend of Mana fic about Lil' Cactus, the living cactus we've all come to... uh... love? Anyway, in this fic, his master decides to take him out for a pet. The first part of a mighty saga, which we will all share with our future grandchildren.


The Time egg Chrono Trigger (Weiila)You know the drill. Everyone makes it through and live happily ever after once the big ugly meanie is dead. Or is it so? In this excellent story KaiserVonAlmasy plays out the scenario after Chrono Trigger's end, but not the sequel fic we are used to see. Here, the heroes failed to resurrect a comrade before killing Lavos.
What Odd Behavior For Such A Brave Warrior! Shadowgate (Weiila)Sweet, a fic about a game never ficced here before! The classic puzzle/semi-RPG Shadowgate is up for a butchering that probably will leave the poor warlock Talimar crying... provided the fabled... uh... Donald... even makes it to the inner chambers of the castle, since there has been a teeny tiny mistake here...
A hilarious, wicked parody.

Kimmy B

Auron's Lost Loves
2 3 4 5
FFX (Weiila)A currently brief (but promising to grow) tale about our favorite guardian in red reluctantly telling Tidus about his dark past which led him to the point where he now finds himself.


Azumanga Daioh meets Kingdom HeartsMisc CrossoversWell, this is...unique. The anime Azumanga Daioh ends up colliding with Square's own Disney-fied Kingdom Hearts, in a crossover that should definately not have happened. I mean, it's pretty much written that you shouldn't mix something like this together. Still, kiro pulls it off, and it makes an entertaining (although WIERD) read. Currently unfinished.

Louce And AnonymousAustralian

Blood and Whiskey
2, 3
Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)A twisted story with raw humor and a bit of violence. In other words: *waves with the "Not for younger readers!" sign*
Vincent and Cid are in the Big Apple... Grape, discussing life, vampirism, responsibility and the usual stuff when the mafia breaks into the picture, hunting for a lady called Amanda. There's quite a bit of swearing since Cid spends most of the time being lightly said grumpy, and the violence is about the fact that Vincent gets irritated when people shoot at him... run you fools!!


Adventures of Mabatsekker & Kat-Chi Sareas - Medieval 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 13 14 15 16 RPGC community (Weiila) Another community fic, this one by Mabatsekker. Mainly starring him and his beloved Kat-Chi as they struggle in a warntorn country with the land's and their own personal troubles. Very emotional and delicate.
Characters RPGC community (Weiila)Character bios. What did you expect? ;)

The Mana Priestess

Legend of the Jumi
Author's Note
Pearl Version: I, II, III, IV
Sandra Version: I, II, III, IV
Legend of Mana (Mazrim) An extremely well-written unfinished Legend of Mana fanfic (ten of an estimated 20 chapters so far) that I couldn't help but put up. Though I've never played LoM, this is the kind of fanfic that makes me want to go to the store and buy a PSX and the game just to see if it's as good as the writing. The characters in particular are so realistic, so well-motivated and at the same time able to conflict, interact, and otherwise hobnob without needing the presence of a "big scary villain" (tm). Real life characters in a game world. I love it!


Dawn of New Light
Part 2
FFXThe sequel to Twilight of Spira (again, this was written BEFORE FFX-2 was released). The Luca Blitzsphere (or whatever that's called) is destroyed by a very powerful evil guy, and Tidus and Yuna soon begin their quest to save Spira again. A great read, and one I definately reccomend.

Morgona Setterwind

Out on the Moonflow, 2Final Fantasy X (Weiila)Currently a brief but sweet FFX fic, mostly centering about the heroes that are left discussing what they have lost as they are camping by the Moonflow. It's pretty much standalone as it is, but the author has plans of making it into a longer story.

Mr D Heart

What Quistis Did Next Book One
Book Two
Book Three
(Weiila)It seems like that thing that Squall told Bahamut about being born to fight holds true. This is a mighty, fantastically well-written and imaginative epic in which Quistis attempts to start a new life, away from Garden. But her new career takes a turn that she hadn't expected and though she's a gym teacher she has to pick up her whip and start fighting again, for a town which won't even thank her it seems. As things doesn't turn out as planned, Quistis finds herself returning to where she come from, getting her hands full of three extraordinaire and undisciplined SeeD cadets.
But even with the battles, this fic is more focused on everyday life of the people living in the FF8 world, with human thoughts and joys.

Mr. Saturn

Unnamed Fanfic Final Fantasy IV (Saturn) This is obviously not complete, or it wouldn't be in the "incomplete" section... anyway, this is a work in progress of Final Fantasy IV. I'm trying to stay serious, and follow all rules of grammar, etc. I know where I'm going with it, but haven't found the motivation to finish it lately, so, if you like where it's going, feel free to drop me a line

About the author

Final Fantasy 8 (Weiila)Sequel to Bad Blood and Retribution.
Eighteen years have passed since Chris terrorized the heroes, and now the children of the old troop are in the middle of everything. But times aren't any more peaceful now than during the second Sorceress war, for now a group called dark SeeD are out to stir trouble. Rinoa is shattered after a tragic event following the enemies' first raid, and thus she doesn't even notice that something terrible is about to happen to one of her daughters...


Akin to Sin FF10 (Weiila)A man from our world falls into Spira... no wait, come back here! This one actually makes something of it, and is not a Marty-Stue story. NoOne takes on the more practical problems of being thrown into a whole new world, like cultural differences and the simple things such as having to learn to like the weird food the other dimension has to offer. And while the original character Weston tries to make something of his new existance, Lulu and Wakka try to sort their relationship out - and New Yevon aren't planning good stuff. Pesky fanatics, aren't they?


Character Guide
Actraiser/Dark Half (Weiila)Well well, here we have a nice little crossover between two rather obscure games - well, one is semi-obscure, the other I hadn't even heard about... Actraiser and Dark Half.
There's evil about, but they're gonna have to deal with some nerds before they can even think of conquering the world and all that other business. Includes war with computers, weird new rules, experimental learning and... well, a lot of headaches for the unknowing heroes.

Owen Axel

Chronicles of the Light Warriors
2 3
Final Fantasy I (Weiila)It's another novelization of the legendary original Final Fantasy game, this one a mix of drama, adventure and humor.
Four warriors find themselves in a land they do not think they recognize, and all they can remember are their names. But each one is carrying a crystal shard, and evil is brewin'. So off goes the valiant heroes, bickering among themselves, blowing geometrical shapes with smoke, killing bad guys, getting irritated at kings, opening the way for future games and... playing cards when it's raining.


Mirror, mirror...
2 3
Seiken Densetsu III/Warcraft II (Weiila)The game maybe didn't end quite so happily after all...
On his long journey away from Navarre Hawk comes to the lampflower forest and meets Dryad, who offers him comfort in his grief over Eagle and his friends. But when Dryad is taken by the Gilderwine a beastman also shows up, a half blood one.
Kevin is having his own troubles, weakened by his bitterness over Karl's death, having been decieved and turned into a Death hand by a demon who's becoming less pleased about his apprentice... and the fact that Lise is after Kevin's blood due to the fact that she blames him for Elliot's death doesn't make the situation any better. But all of this is merely the start of all the trouble.
This story will cross the worlds of fanfiction, Warcraft II and "reality". If you've read "Those not Chosen" by yours truly, you'll "notice" a few familiar faces (all borrowed by Poke with my consent). But there's another, bigger crossover as well...


Flowers Grow
2 3 4 5 6 7
Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)Sephiroth was defeated, and Meteor was fought back. But things aren't looking as good as they promised to be. Cloud is trying to cope with his strangling guilt and the hopeless love for a dead woman, caught in a bad depression. Tifa and Barret comes to see him in hopes of cheering him up, but somebody else also shows up with bad news...
Perhaps you have seen plots with somewhat the same seed of a plot, but I promise you that this stands out from the crowd with Prometheus' elegant and breathtaking descriptions of emotions and nature.


Final Fantasy 7-Redemption,
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)The final part of Quinctia's trilogy, if not yet complete.
Fourteen years since "Reunion", strange things begin to happen and the heroes find themselves in a situation when they have to save the world, AGAIN! And deal with quite difficult personal problems along the way as well.

About the Author

A Knight of Spira
2 3, 4
Final Fantasy VII/VIII/X (Weiila)The beginning of an epic and interesting story, a crossover between Final Fantasy VIII and X, with a bit of VII in the mix.
Through accident a chunk of sorceress' power is sent through time and splits in two, each part going into a person who isn't ready for the responsibility: one man who'll use the gift for his own selfish plot, the other a young, blond woman of the Al Bhed, one who became a celebrity after having been the guardian of the High Summoner Yuna.
With the knowledge of sorceresses and their powers lost in the stream of time, Bahamut must intervene and do the only sensible coming to mind:
Bringing the most powerful Knight of all to Spira in order to help the new sorceress.

Rinoa Heartilly

2, 3
Final Fantasy X (Weiila)A romantic and faintly humorous at the same time as very tragic story about Lesca, the first daughter of High Summoner Braska and Yuna's older sister.
It starts on a fated day, just before Braska makes up his mind to defeat Sin. The young half-Al Bhed stands by the temple of Yevon in her own thoughts when she meets a just as young warrior monk, who is contemplating whether to accept his arranged marriage to a Maester's daughter.
(If you didn't catch that clue, his name starts with A ;))
Not yet finished.


Mana Knights Anonymous
Seiken Densetsu III/Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)Seiken Densetsu III, but probably not as you remember it. A young Mana Knight in training is thrown out of his home land after a great fire burned down the secluding forest and turned it into glass. He and his master (who'll have you jumping when you see who it is) leave for Jad, where the youngster meets a varied troop of strange travelers.
Hey, Sephiroth shouts "Get thee hence Dragon Emperor!", how can you not take a look at this? ^_^;

About the Author

Chronicles of Hollow Bastion
Kingdom Hearts (Weiila)Yet another Kingdom Hearts fic, one that will have you smirking at the poor ol' villains who aren't really what they used to be... welcome to the Edgar Academy, don't be late with your assignments or magic teacher Kuja will get cranky. And shush down on the music lessons, show Garland a little respect. Not to mention the irony of having Sephiroth as the battle teach, getting to command Squall and Cloud around as they practice their techniques. Oioioi...
Fallen Angel (Weiila)The first Angel of Death gets to tell some of his story here, about how he was born and trained by Garland in preparation of his quest. Something along the way really went wrong, which was understandable. Here we get a chance to look closer upon it.

Scott Baird

Into the Heart of the Story
2 3
Final Fantasy I (Weiila)A yet unfinished novelization of FF1, fleshing out the characters and events taking place during the game.
Being a Light Warrior isn't easy, especially when people see you as nothing but a prophecy. Arguments among the troop itself might not be a good sign either...
Ties of Blood
Final Fantasy Tactics (Weiila)Set in Final Fantasy Tactics, but not about the usual crew.
The tale of Candon Oaks, a Holy Knight of the Ajora church, who sets off on a quest to find his sister and bring her back to the light. He also feeds strong hopes of being the one to kill Ramza Beuvolve, the treacherous heathen who brought the lady astray...
An innovative take on FFT with very strong characters and good plot.
Reader reviews of this fic.


Crossroads of Destiny Final Fantasy VII/VIII (Weiila)A second generation FF7/8 crossover with good characterizations of the oldies and interesting new peeps.
Sifan Leonheart is despite "wild" protests from himself a lot like his father, irritated by the way people seem to want him to live a life similar to his father's; in detail. But others than him have different plans. After an accident he, his friend Avatar and Relafen Almasy are thrown into another world, where the orphanage Phillona Strife and her friends are fighting against the new Shin-Ra.
About the twisted will of fate, insane scientists' legacy and irritating voices in your head. Beware!

About the Author

The Sorceress War Part 2, Black September
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
FF8 (Weiila)The sequel to the Sorceress War 1, a much darker tale due to the events which much unfold in order to make the facts in the game work out.
Raine's life is just settling with her newborn son and Ellone back safe, though Laguna is still abroad. Then, Esthar attacks again, and the leader is an all too familiar figure who's out for revenge...


Second Sun
RPGC (Weiila)Quite a different RPGC fic. In October 2008, a gigantic monster lays waste on the world. 200 years later, humanity is coping with the life in the ruins at the best of their skills. But life isn't easy, with monsters and extremists worshipping the destroyer, the "Second Sun". During a job for ClothHat, the bounty hunter PC finds a sleeping man in a nest of monsters, and brings him to the Fortress where the people of New Brooklyn lives. It turns out that the fellow is from two centuries in the past, a few years before the Second Sun happened...

Valkyrie Esker

The Forgotten warrior part 1 2 Final Fantasy VI (Weiila) Hey, whatever happened to that other Doma guy who survived when Kefka poisoned the river? Considering the fact that he didn't seem to be around in the World of Ruin, maybe he left on his own quest, found a group of daring warriors and went on his own journey...

Aww come on, what are the odds for that?
In a fanfic? BIG!
A great story with action, humor and that special glistening in the eye... or at least a glistening somewhere among all the letters.

Wilfredo Martinez
About the author

And All For One Saga Frontier (Weiila)I haven't played Saga Frontier myself so I just have to believe Wil's word for the plot :)
A sort of in-game alternate universe, sortof an experiment to see how it would have been if all the characters would have been together at once and not just in smaller packs. Quite humorous at times as some of the heroes aren't too trustful for each other all the time. Wil's writing is just like in his "The Eternal Wanderer" straightforwards and with a cheerful tone. Only the beginning so far, but there'll soon be more.

About the Author

Enter Oblivion
Kingdom Hearts (Weiila)Well, well, our first Kingdom Hearts fic, featuring the group of Square heroes living in Hollow Bastion. All is going pretty well for them, there are a few Heartless showing up but their wise king Ansem is searching for the little pests' origin, so that shouldn't be much of a threat (yeah, right...).
It is, however, blaringly obvious that the castle is in dire need of more people to socialize with...

The "Join my army!" gang

Alliance of Light Misc. (Weiila)Spawned from an RPing thread at the message board comes this and later on more tales of the warriors the boardies used. "Origin of the Valkyrie" is the tale of the valkyrie Robyn, who due to lack of faith in Odin (well... at least he's got a sense of humor, the old god...) is sent through the X-Zone to various worlds to find the legendary weapons that have been lost. Wil's story "The Eternal Wanderer" tells of how he started his journey through the dimensions... it's all the fairies' fault!
Note that these aren't original stories, they tie in with RPGs too (especially Val ;)). (Valkyrie's tale updated 13/4)

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