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Humorous Fanfics (Comedies)


Don't come into this Coffee Shop (Weiila)This is another humorous FF-series crossover, this one taking a look on the villains from Kefka to Seymour trying to once and for all decide who's the most evil one. Of course, this means a lot of meaniness, Seph making use of the Masamune and all that jazz ;) Good stuff, too! Reader reviews of this fic.


But Thou MUST! (Weiila)Humoristic piece by Archone, you all know what to expect, right? Prepare to laugh...
The Dragon Warrior Nester banishes the dragon and saves the princess, as the legends have told and ballads have told. However, it might turn out that saving Gwaelin might not have been his wisest pick of heroic deeds, after all, considering how possessive the girl is...
My dearest enemy (Weiila)Archone adds another sweet 8-bit tale to our fine archives, this one combining the outcoming of the first two Legend of Zelda games for the Nes.
It's a great humorous fic about Link's trials as a king; two Zeldas fighting over him, the boring life in the castle, and Ganon tormenting his sleep. Well, for the last one... almost. Nothing more painful than being beaten in pool, actually...
Dunno about everybody else, but just the first dialogue between our hero and Ganon had me laughing loudly. :)
Golden Love, Golden Sorrow (Weiila)The (second) sequel to "My Dearest Enemy" (see the author's note to see why there's no first sequel in our archives. You don't have to have read the missing story to follow in this one though).
Link continues to have troubles with his Zeldas, while Ganon gets a revolt in his teeth... uh... hands. A great story as usual from Archone, with a lot of soft humor and emotion.
This part would really fit better in the "Reality" section, but I wanted to keep the series in the same place.
Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams (Weiila)The third (okay, fourth in all honesty but we STILL don't have that nr 1.5) and last story about Link's torments as the king of Hyrule. This story is gently wrapped up in a feeling of dull despair, but it will also dwelve into the deeper meaning of "true love", and I guarantee that it'll leave you smiling for a long time after you've finished it. Without meaning in the current life, perhaps "forwards" isn't the way to go?
The Three Companioneers (Mazrim) Yet another Archone fanfic, this one centered around a less-known (somewhat) PC RPG, Ultima VI. Three of the secondary characters, Dupre, Iolo, and Shamino, are the protagonists of this very epic short story. Reminiscent of broad swashbuckling tales like "The Three Musketeers," this story has a humorous premise, fights on rooftops, beautiful women, and a general nonchalance to the heroes that makes this fanfic very cool. And it's comparatively short, so you don't have to set aside an entire afternoon reading it like some fanfics in this archive. :)

Ashbear and Wayward Tempest
Halloweiner Story (Weiila)A comedy "horror" story by the Copious Couple, on par with their (you know you love it!) "Welcome to the Balamb Garden Network". Ultimecia is back and ready for revenge... but time itself is obviously against her. ^^;; Due to technical difficulties you only get this little teaser for now. Sowwy.
Welcome to the Balamb Garden Network (Weiila)Normally I draw a symbol against evil forces when seeing a "chatroom fic" since they're overall just to be branded free of plot. This one however is simply too hilarious to brush away. Insanity galore as the FF8 gang (including pets) have a less than normal conversation over a chat. Includes the strangest nicknames you'll (hopefully) see.
And lets not forget the fact that Squall towards the end shows tendencies well known in the RPGC chatroom.
Yes, it's a text file. After all, it's a chatlog.


I'm never going to get drunk again... (Weiila)Aye. This fic offers yet another reason to stay clear of having to speak out the title.
Link meets an old friend and they decide to take a break at the nearest bar. This turns out to maybe not be the best idea our pointy-haired hero ever got.

Cody and Charles Farone

The world goes to hell
and it's all Locke's fault

2 3 4 5
(Weiila)Well, the title pretty much... says it all :) If you like really weird humor, this is a fic for you. I suppose all the characters involved can be grateful of is that Kefka isn't around anymore...
There are two versions of part 2, but they are quite different from each other so I left both of them in. :) Hilarious. Reader reviews of this fic.
8th March. Changed the author to the real ones. Credits added.


Jerry Springer FF8 Style (Weiila)Funkiest pen-name as of yet, I dare say... but in any case...
Jerry Springer and relationships just doesn't mix well, I'm sure we all can agree on that. He's gonna need a lot of guards if he aims at sorting anything related to FFVIII out though, this just might be more than the talkshow can chew off...

About the author

The FF break room (Weiila)d_Galloway's first shot at the humor genre brings us a hilarious look at what all the FF-characters do in their spare time. From FF1 to FF10, this is an allout relaxing experience. And if you believe that last thing you should go and vote Kefka for president ;D This is as crazy and funny as it can get.
The FF break room 2 (Weiila)Ah, here we go again... new and improved break room, new camera, new... situations... darn that Black Mage for using poor cute little Vivi's abilites for his dark cause... evil I say!! As hilarious as the first one, so get reading :)
The FF break room 3 (Weiila)The series o' FF-madness continue... now with more explosions, chicks, FF1 ninjas and Starcraft!
The FF break room 4 (Weiila)And enter ze villains with long swords and irritating laughter... plus, a mysterious new nemesis delivers his first threath of death...
The FF break room 5 (Weiila)Err... the mysterios enemy Mox attacks! Who is he? What does he want? And... what the heck, Galloway?!? Expect a very surprising plot twist in this one... OK, so it isn't pure FF but the episodes need to be kept at the same place to make the series make sense, don'tcha think?
The FF break room 6 (Weiila)And now ph33r the skills of Edward, Black Mage, Zell and the society of irritated fanficauthors. ;)
The FF break room 7: Attack of the Dark Fics (Weiila)Ahem. As we all know Gallo is really our current horror fic master but has recently turned to comedy, and in this one they come back -with another, certain charater whom shall not be named here- to get him back, preferably dead not alive! Of course, Sephiroth, Kefka, Black Mage Edward and all the other brave heroes (...) come to save the day! Oh God...
The FF break room 8 (Weiila)Will it ever end? Hopefully not... :) Will Magus ever learn? Hopefully, but not expectable...
Final Fantasy: Solid
(Weiila)An actionpacked fic, with over ten induvidual characters! Live the drama of a lost love, a seemingly hopeless mission, bravery of one hero and his companions as they seek to free the innocent Frozen Continent from insane terrorist! Oh yeah... and some hostages.
Forced into yet another mission, the hero Cloud must follow the commands of Colonel Steiner whether he likes it or not. With the help of Relm and Tifa, will he prevail?
Use almost over five different vehicles and weapons to free the continent!
Get ready to face the danger of the millenia!
Two free blocks on your memory card(tm) required for saving your game.
Final Fantasy: Solid Part 2 (Weiila)Updated again. On his way through the terrorist base Cloud manages to get himself caught. Hit the square button like there was no tomorrow!
Final Fantasy: Solid Part 3 (Weiila)The grand finale approaches! It'll take stealth, bravery, one heck of a lot of codec calls and jokes to win!
Godcrapit, can't Kuja just die like a normal villain!? No wait, he does die like a generic villain...
Final Fantasy: Solid 2 (Weiila)Here we go again! You need the original story to play the second indignation... uh... ignoram... ignition!
Final Fantasy: Solid 2 part 2
3 4
(Weiila)And the epic tale of bravery goes on! Cloud survives the tanker... or so you thought, perhaps? Something is definitely foul here (like we didn't see that coming...). (finished 14/8)
The Mox Saga
Characters an'
(Weiila)Remember Mox from the Final Fantasy breakroom? Well, seems that one was fake (we all knew that...) and here the REAL one shows up. The series stars several other people from the RPGC community and will tie in with the FFbreakroom series :D Reader reviews of this fic.
The FF break room 9 (Weiila)(Yes it's supposed to be placed here, you'll understand when you read The Mox Saga)
The Mox Saga continuance (Weiila)We now return to our other main program...
Return of The Mox Saga continuance (Weiila)Well you see... something went wrong with the recordings of scene 14-16, it's all explained in the revised episode 16. But you'll never notice, I swear! *tries to smile honestly*
The FF break room 10 (Weiila)Just when you thought you were safe, here we go again!
The Moxsaga continuance strikes again! (Weiila)The grand finale is near! Hold on tight as Gallo leads the troop towards slaughtering of evil and DBZ. Except for Piccolo, of course.
SUPER-HAPPY-BIG-BIG ff breakroom! (Weiila)Extra long episode! A new villain is in the hoods, turning the characters to babies! Also, you'll have some hints in this...
The Final Fantasy Breakroom 12 (Weiila)... and even more in this one, about this new evil who claims that his powers is greater than Mox'. O_O Hold on tight, a new story with RPGC fellows is on its way. Otherwise than that, in this part is a peek at a few of the heroes as children. Oh golly...
The Final Fantasy Breakroom Character bios (Weiila)I was wondering when we'd get a load of this ;) Raw, but truthful character descriptions... at least from the Break Room's character world.
The Daemon Saga Prelude
(Weiila)Another RPGC/Final Fantasy/other crossover by Galloway, the sequel to the Mox saga. This is promised to be darker and a bit more violent than the other crossovers, but there's still humour.
Trying to figure out who the mysterius two persons he saw during the MERC mission, Galloway finds some interesting facts...
... Are you staring at my leather outfit? *cracks whip*
Daemon saga part 2 (Weiila)What's to say besides OW! when Gallo slaughters DBZ even more and brings in original characters?
Daemon saga characters (Weiila)Character bios! What did you expect, the Nobel prize? :)
The Final Fantasy Breakroom Halloween! (Weiila)Halloween special and Daemon saga interlude! ^_^ Not very scary, but it's about Halloween, so...
Daemon saga part 3 (Weiila)Do the fusion trick, do the fusion trick agaaain... and don't mess with my original characters, they will bite your head off... Meliah and Gemini are kidnapped but makes a grand escape, Gallo and Neo fights evil like animals, Magus is strangely pretty much absent and a man with a hook joins the battle! Whooo!
Daemon saga part 4 (Weiila)The third chunk of the tale turned out really small (though there's a new episode in it), but I decided to make a new part for the special episodes... see the heroes split up in four groups to get to Daemon, each group's episode being written by the author leading it! (Finished 2/12)
The Naar Saga
2 3 4 5
(Weiila)Here we go again, another saga by Gallo! ^_^... ^_~... ~_o... o_O... not AGAIN! Galloway, I have one word for you! Crack! Well... I would have that to say, if it wasn't for the fact that children aren't allowed to play with dangerous things like whips... Falchin comes back, babbling something about his father's curse and hinting about some new evil. Galloway is having omnious dreams about getting mutilated alive and there's doubtlessly madness ahead. You know, the usual stuff...
Sequel to the Mox and Daemon Sagas.
The Final Fantasy Breakroom Christmas special (Weiila)Well, it's that time of the year... the time of socks over the fireplace, being together with family, stuffing yourself with too much food... and of course save Christmas!! And with a break room filled with bored heroes, is there anything better than to go out and do your holiday job?
This spells disaster...
The Final Fantasy Breakroom 15 (Weiila)Relive the classics, the breakroom is alive again! Whoo!
In this episode, three mysterious figures show up and start messing around with the Square HQ as well as mystic portals and time. Of course, the FF characters + the author and friends won't just sit and watch all this occur! Oh no, not us!
Though the participants might start wishing they had...
How Love is Lost (Weiila)The true and tragic story behind the reason of all Aeris Resurrection Fics; their origin as in why people do write them at all. About the evil economic presidents and commitees that will regret certain choices.
The King of Fanfiction (Weiila)Yes, it's really this bad. That darn Galloway has brought the Queen of Fanfiction into a bedridden state with all his chasing after me to update more. He's evil. EVIL I SAY!
Well, anyway... with the Queen out, there's a need for a King to take over. One problem, who would that be? A contest must be held, calling all the male authors from all over in a whacky contest... and some females too, for some reason.
... and who the heck made Magus chancellor?!
The Christmas Saga, Chapter 2 (Weiila)Due to Sin being in charge of the Christmas celebration at RPGC, a chunk of the community members decide that it might be safer and more peaceful to spend the holidays over at an old hotel. The phamplet claims that you're not allowed to have read "The Shining" to be the there, though...
Includes Santa's evil Twin Half-brother, beer, obscure references, people trying to destroy the internet, that bloody shrinking, old enemies returning, new enemies showing up, children, chibifications, beer and zombies. Lots of beer. And even more zombies.

Doc Shinryuu
About the Author
Special Interview

Characters Author's notes and the characters' stats.
Swords for hire:
Will of Elder Topa
(Weiila)This is a sweet lil' Final Fantasy Tactics fic (our first for that game, too. W00t for Doc!) by Doc Shinryuu, well known from the mailbag :)
FFT is yet another game I've never gotten my hands on, but I still find it quite enjoyable and humorous so those who know the story behind it all should find it even better ;) Ramza's friends that star in this story (eventually series) are short on money and buy a map for a mine...
Master Math (Weiila)And they're back! Time for the calculators to clash... they don't only fight, they can count too! If you're a FFT-character, that's kinda useful ya know...
Trap of the Bandits (Weiila)The third tale of the FFT troupe is here! This time they take on a group of bandits stealing beer... eh, yeah. Also muses a bit on the subject of summons taking a tad bit too long...
Swords for Hire Part 4 (Weiila)The fourth installment in Doc's Final Fantasy Tactics comedy series. This time the group of mercenaries are hired to guard a lonely cart. The driver looks strangely familiar though... and what's the cargo?
It's a hard life when paper clips can be deadly, isn't it? >:)
Swords for Hire 5:
Challenge of Zero
(Weiila)A thief with a familiar name will learn not to anger white mages, especially not if they use really strange weapons. There are also cameos from one of the funniest fantasy series to ever exist ^_^ The funniest Swords for hire as of yet in my humble opinion.
Swords for Hire Interlude: Interview of the author (Weiila)An addition to Doc's author interview, where the author uh... "allows" the characters to ask him questions. Quite funny ^_^

About the author

Call me a Treasurehunter (Weiila)A musical (!!) written by DomaDragoon, featuring a lot of the Final Fantasies and Breath of Fire 1 ^_^ Follow Locke Cole as he fights for survival, dignity and love in the Midgar slums. Features Celes Chere, Squall Leonheart, Nadia Guardia, Gobi of the Fishthingclan, Faris Tycoon, Kefka Palazzo and many, many more! Soundtrack available in a shop far from you!
Critics say: "Another fabulous DomaDragoon production, get your tickets now before they are sold out!"

Duran the Warrior

A Night Out (Mazrim)The first story in the Seiken Series by Duran the Warrior, it sets the scene and introduces the characters nicely. While it is not as well written as the other stories in his series, it is still a good, quick read. Kevin and Riesz (Lise in some translations) make such a cute couple! ^_^
Peace(Mazrim) A nice story about how Kevin and Riesz get to know one another better, it is in dialogue-only format, which seems suited to the way this series is going, with more emphasis on character interactions than on imagery. Nice dialogue nonetheless, and an overall innocently humorous fic.
Growing Up (Mazrim) Continuing on the character development between the characters of SD3, this fic centers around Elliot, who has just learned about the "birds and the bees" from Duran. It is a very humorous story that has some adult overtones, but nothing that I think the visitors of this site will find offensive, I don't think. If you do find it offensive, lighten up a bit, it's not as bad as some out there. ^_^
Shadows of the Past (Mazrim) The first story in the Seiken Series that's main purpose is to further the plot. It still has humor and lighthearted events, but the story is largely about a shadowy figure from Hawkeye's and Riesz's past. Nevertheless, it is still in the "comedies" section to keep it with the other fics in the series.
Making Sense (Mazrim) Another story largely about the plot and shadowy characters, this one focuses around Hawkeye at a fighting tournament to decide who is the strongest fighter. Now we'll finally be able to answer the age-old question: Who is stronger, Kevin or Hawk?
Odd Guys (Mazrim) A story about Ashton's and Leon's from Star Ocean 2 quest for love. I think that this may rank among the most humorous of Duran's fics, even though I've never played Star Ocean 2. "We were going somewhere, but we had a slight argument and the ship wasn't on autopilot." Heeheehee, quite funny...
Cooking With Ashton (Mazrim) From what I've watched of cooking shows ("Iron Chef," mostly), this is a hilarious, if a bit short, cooking parody with characters from Star Ocean 2. We want more parodies of cooking shows!


In another dimension... Maybe (Weiila)Now this is dangerous stuff... everybody who plans on reading this better turn off any sanity you have left if you like to preserve it (why you'd like to do so is beyond me, though... ;) ). It's a completely crazy humor fic; Eihra gives us the dramatical scene in the Ocean Palace where the heroes are supposed to be beaten by Lavos... sliiightly rewritten. If you thought Kefka was irritating, wait until Frog starts showing signs of being influated by the transvestite angel...

Ersatz Sobriquet
About the author

Booya Sucka! (Weiila)Well whaddaya know, the man who's commonly known here as a thriller-tragedy writer can do humor as well!
A very enjoyable story about a superhero in the world of FFVII, courtesy of... Hojo of all people. Oi, for an evil mad scientist he has a knack for creating good guys. Anyway... no villain will be safe on the street anymore now that Booya Sucka is put into action!


Chapter one
(Weiila) If you read Online life (a comic by Spoonybard, a link to it can be found in the Link section of RPGC), you know the staffmember's more humorous sides (this can be found at the message boards as well). And here thay are; in fanfic format! In the Prologue the main characters and villains are introduced, in chapter one you will once again face the fact; cuteness is the deadly sister of DOOM! Superb characterizations, humor, plot and even art! With 70% more My little ponies! For character bios and even drawings of some of the people participating, go here (Faetan's own subsite)
Chapter 2 (Weiila)The horrifying and hungry Moogoon attacks! And that's merely the start of it... the cliffhanger at the end of this chapter gives me the creeps! O_O
Chapter 3 (Weiila)The long awaited continuation of the whacky RPGC tale ^_^
Still in captivity Faetan meets the strange figure who instructed Charlemagne what to do in chapter 2. Even worse, they are old friends... Macc is brought to safety by another helmeted fellow. Merlin tries to find out if Lunaris really managed to kill Faetan by mistake, and as Mazrim isn't allowed to tell him, our piano magnet have to turn to... other sources... the search is on and the fellow Hiryuu collected from Moogoon's preys make his entrance (God save us all...). Features Macc facing off his evil copy (in his own words: "Finally, a story in which I can actually hurt Dark Macc, it's like a dream come true! ^_^").
Chapter 4 (Weiila)Can you say "hoo-ha!"? Well, "yay!" works too ;) It's another chapter of Rendezvous!
In this one, Merlin goes out in the middle of the night to find the source of his piano curse. Who is the person (apart from Hiryuu) who hates Merl enough to grant him such a cruel gift? The answer... lies within Sluggish Hollow.
And what happened to Tenchimaru after he was about to get married off in the last chapter? *grins*
Rendezvous Chapter 4.2 Something
Guest Chapter by Weiila
(TD)The gang is assembled once more. After Merl manages to work his way through certain... "issues", Zero manages to awaken an ancient horror. Filled with inside jokes, this one's great. Ask around if you need help understanding them :P


The Way it Should be (TD)This fic is kind of like poking the brain with a long stick. Strange, but surprisingly not very painful, at least if you bear with it for a bit.


One Winged Angel Translation (Weiila)A... somewhat... innovative translation of the lyrics for Sephiroth's theme song.
OK, not by the rule a fanfic, but I found it a very funny parody. Give it a read, you'll be chuckling guaranteed ^_^
My Arm's Gold an' Hojo Stole my Girl (Weiila)Not a parody translation this time, but an original song - or poem since there's no music - by Frijol. It's once a gain a humorous piece :)
The Summoner Town Nursery Song (Weiila)Another whacky "translation" by Frijol. This time it's Melodies of life being turned into a somewhat strange nursery song from Madain Sari... yeah ^_^;
Hojo's Karaoke Number (Weiila)Didn't you see the title? Run for your lives, it's the Apocalypse!!
A song about some unexplained stuff in FF7. Considering the imagenary setting of hte thing, read at your own risk...
My Tamed Canine (Weiila)Another silly song from our song parody writer, this one ah... a love song from Nanaki to whatever lady lion(?) creature he found to marry...
Black Mage's Whining Session (Weiila)The song/poetry/parody writer is at it again!
In this one, it's our dear ol' Black Mage brooding over his life and his lack of face and feet. Humorous, but with a bit of a mangled but still grim undertone.

Joker Loire of the Turks
About the Author

Private I (Weiila)Selphie's lucky socks are stolen, and Irvine takes up the case in pure, paranoid, over-analysing and suspicious Dick Tracy rip-off style. Say your last prayers, Balamb Garden... especially with an old fashioned Pink Panther/Inspector Clouseau assassin on the loose as well.


Scenes from a
parallel universe:
FF8 (Scene 1-6)
(Weiila)*tries to get back into the chair after falling off laughing* This is an insane humor fic by good ol' Kaiser, and a darn good one too! To sum it up; why try to stay true to the stereotypical character molds when you can smash them completely?! (Reremastered, 7/9) Reader reviews of this fic.
Scenes from a
parallel universe:
FF8, part 2 (Scene 7-14)
(Weiila)Here we go again... enter Ellone, Squall reads Shakespear, Edea gets possessed again, Selphie drinks coolaid... can it get better?! :)
Scenes from a
parallel universe:
FF8, part 3 (Scene 15-20)
(Weiila)Yes, here's more! This latest scene isn't so very focused on humor, more on the careful, reluctant romance growing between alternate Seifer and alternate Selphie. It's so cute... but somehow so horribly creepy at the same time...
The new scenes carry a return of humor though. Disclamer: Warning! Reading part 16 may cause drop of IQ! *grins*
Scenes from a
parallel universe:
FF8, part 4 (Scene 21-27)
(Weiila)Edea is possessed. When Edea is possessed she kills things. Well, she tries... (update 2/12)
Scenes from a
parallel universe:
FF8, part 5 (Scene 28-32)
(Weiila)The end is nigh, will everybody find someone to love? Will Edea get dispossesed? Will Sid ever get rid of his stupid mask? It is now complete!
Scenes from a
parallel universe:
FF8, The Cast

(Weiila)The cast of the wacky alternate universe series by sir Almasy.

Lady Aliena

The First Time (StarStorm) A rather romantic fic, that ends on quite a funny note. Things are ultimately not what they seem (or what you think, you little perverts), and Aliena shows how well she can string her readers along. Still, a romantic comedy from an excellent author, and it's short, so go read!
The Mission (Weiila)Selphie needs Irvine's help with a little shopping... and he gets to bring two friends along to do it. A good reason to learn not to laugh at a friend facing an embarrasing mission.
Mildly humorous as the heroes show that they can plan, fight and survive... but maybe not get the best presents for a woman...
There's Something about Selphie (Mazrim) One of the few 'comedy' fanfics the archive's gotten in a long time, this fanfic just goes to show that even though Selphie might seem like an airhead...there's just something about her that ALL guys love. The bubbly personality, the constant smiling, the kawaii innocence, all these things tend to addle men's minds, used to a very amusing effect in this fanfic :P.
What about Nida? (Mazrim) Yeah! What ABOUT Norman? Err...Nida. ^_^ This fanfic centers around the trials and tribulations of Nida, the other SeeD graduate along with Squall, Zell, and Selphie in FF8. He's not mentioned much in the game (indeed, Squall even forgets his name), but this author with her cool, concise, yet very lively writing style brings him to life, and breathes humanity into this almost nameless character of FF8. Reader reviews of this fic.
What about Xu? (Mazrim) A companion story to the epic tale "What about Nida?" this story is told from the point of view of Xu, another side character in the events of FF8. Basically, it's a retelling of the story of FF8 through her eyes, which is interesting if only to get a fresh perspective on everything. Funny, interesting, nice, cool, what better adjectives can a story ascribe to have?
Where You'll Be (Mazrim) A sequel to "What about Nida," reportedly written because Nida demanded to get the girl. Well, you'll see what happens in this story, which is very humorous, even if it is slightly bittersweet because Nida is quite shy and sensitive to things like that. It's as much a love story as anything, and one that I think the shy, more nerdy (it's not bad!) types could identify with. Or hope for. Sorta like Tenchi Muyo!... :P Reader reviews of this fic.

Lord Edrick

The Curse Lifter Man, for all their good up-bringing and education, the heroes of Dragon Warrior are still stupid enough to equip stuff clearly marked "cursed". So now the merry group of three warriors of the second game in this series have to search out a way to get rid of the cursed sword. This might not be too complicated in the end, but still it's a funny lil' story that I recommend.

Mazrim Taim

How the X Stole Christmas (Weiila)And here's a parody of "The Grinch who Stole Christmas" from our classic librarian, RPC style ^_^ What's to expect apart from chuckle teasing rhymes and a bit of our speacial insanity brand? ;)

Mr. Saturn

The Four Elements (Mazrim)A semi-serious crossover fanfic with characters from FFIV, V, VI, VII, and Lufia. Very good plot, as far as fanfics go, with a scattering of humor throughout. Somewhat long, but if you have time, it's a must-read, especially since it's by Mr. Saturn, and if you praise it along with your submissions, maybe your fanfic will have a better chance of getting in!
The Game (Mazrim)Long, humorous fanfic starring characters from FFIV, V, VI, VII, and Chrono Trigger. Focuses on what would happen if characters from various games were forced into proximity with one another, as a result an involving plot isn't needed. If you have some free time, this fic will most likely make you laugh. Reader reviews of this fic.
Parasite Steve (Mazrim)A short, humorous fanfic starring the characters from Parasite Eve, as well as Mog from FFVI. Nothing much else I can say about this, good writing + funny jokes = good fanfic.


Tenchimaru the little Half-Dragon and Big Bad Lunaris (Weiila)You better read Rendezvous by Faetan to get all the jokes ;)
A creepy, actionpacked tale of Lunaris going crazy and hunting down poor little Tenchimaru Draconis, leaving disaster in his wake. The poor RPGC people getting on the way can only pray for survival...

About the author

The Weakest Link: Final Fantasy Style (Weiila)Parodies, parodies... of TV-shows. Let's play the Weakest Link with the Final Fantasy heroes of the Playstation and Playstation 2! Who'll win this wrestlematch of brains and cunning, and walk home with the prize money in their grubby hands?

Nick Fidler

The Epic of The Onion Knight (Weiila)Hey look, finally (pardon the pun) some Final Fantasy III (the Japanese one) action! This is a very cute and funny poem about the quest of the four Onion Kids that set off to destroy the great evil that threathens the world. The tale retold in a quirky and humorous way :)


Protectors of the Plot Continuum, 2, 3 4, 5 6, 7, 8 (Weiila)Enjoy the tales of Tyler and Kirsten, assassins in the Department of Mary Sues, FFVIII continuum - even if they now and then get to visit and preserve other FF's as well. They're part of the PPC. They're a team. They're sarcastic. They want blood. And have a good varity of ways of how to dispose of the Sues!

The PPC is the creation of the original assassins Jay and Acacia, Lord of the Rings' Sue Department. See their honorable work here, as well as other spinoffs.

Read StarStorm's rant about Mary Sues to learn why we hate them and how to avoid being one.


An Islander Christmas (Weiila)Was a while ago that we last met Robert the WarMage and the rest of the whacky crew of the Islanders, hmm? This hilarious story about Christmas decorationing going all the way to deepest hell and back is set some time after Enter a WarMage, after the still in progress story "Ordeals" by StarStorm. However, you won't have to read that to get what's going on here, just grin at the new faces on the Island and raise your eyebrows as some of them are prone to give a BIT too much information...

Teh Exile

The Quest for the Perfect RPG
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(Weiila)Set in the Chrono Cross world... but the normal heroes won't have any big roles. A group of unlikely allies set out on the ultimate adventure, the Quest for the Perfect RPG. This of course includes leveling up, buying spells, fighting monsters... communicating with the Other side of the Game Over screen and trying to prove that you're not evil just because you team up with Lynx...
If you like RPGWorld, Adventurers! and the like, you'll love this ^_^
The Quest To rescue Nobou Uematsu
(Weiila)Teh is at it again, stumbling through a set of game worlds bending with the reality that reaches for it... or is that the other way around? Prince Cid of Figaro and friends are flung into a quest to save Square from being swallowed up by an evil force... maybe. Nobou Uematsu might be the key to the twisted lock... but he seems to have gone missing! Ahh!
The Second Quest to Rescue Nobou Uematsu (Weiila)Poor Nobou thought that he'd get some peace and quiet after that first adventure, I'm sure. However, ain't gonna happen and the composer is stuck in the middle of another plot, filled with... eh A-levels and dogs.
Phantasy Star Four Point Nine Recurring (Weiila)Okay... the mercenary and all his friends have fought peculiar evil forces in Chrono Chross and the Final Fantasies... time to wreak havoc in the world of Phantasy Star! As usual when teh is at it, expect an innovative and quirky story.
The forces of Motavia covers before the new and frightening threat, worse than anyone ever has seen before; the plot itself is turning evil. Heroes gather in a desperate attempt to fight the... ehm... Fifth Era? And in the end, perhaps somebody will even find the One Truth. And no, it's not 42, that's the Answer darnit.
Phantasy Star Four Point Nine Recurring: Part 2 (Weiila)Everyone duck and cower, here comes a sequel to teh's last zany tale about Phantasy Star and the games' troubles with false sequels and mispronounced spells. This one will deal with crazy basements scientists with an obsession for dissecting stuff, invasions of universities and how the love for a game series might cause the games themselves one heck of a lot of trouble. Beware of the Hyperplonk!

Vanguard Ziggy

Girls' Night Out (Weiila)The male heroes of Xenosaga are sent out on a little shopping spree, but it turns out that the planet Zeus II has some very strange rules about how to get the wares. The kind of stuff that makes normal stupid sidequests pale in compare. For one, Jr. finds his female side and thinks up new ways to kill great evils along the way.
A very funny humor story, really enjoyable whether you've played the game or not!

About the author

Bored beyond Compare (Mazrim) A very funny, if a bit twisted fanfic about what the characters in Chrono Trigger do while they're stuck in the end of time while Crono and two others go out adventuring. What, you thought they just stood there and gestured? The humor in this is very reminiscent of animes like Tenchi Muyo and suchlike, so it is a must-read if you find those shows funny. And if you don't...well, your sense of humor is obviously flawed. ^_~ A hilarious fanfic.
Hanging Around (Mazrim) A long, quite humorous fanfic from Weiila. Her slightly insane style of humor is seen again here, this time in full force, starring characters from FFIV, V, VI, Chrono Trigger, Lufia, Breath of Fire, Secret of Mana, Terranigma, Earthbound, A Link to the Past, Megaman, TMNT, and for a brief span of time (heh heh...), Power Rangers. Any crossover with this many characters is almost ensured to be a bit confusing, but Weiila has masterfully turned that confusion into a hilarious story about the RPG characters...well...hanging around! Read to find out more!
Monsters of the Deepest Depths of Horror 2 3 (Mazrim) A return to humor for Weiila, and proof that she hasn't lost her touch after her last three (I think...) more serious fanfics. It is the sequel to "Hanging Around", also in this Archive. It shows in its own special way that characters of "good" games must stick together, be they villain or hero, against the ultimate villain that is...*gasp!* I won't say it, but if you have very juvenile tendencies regarding your choices of anime, might I suggest you not read this fanfic. :)
One Of Those Days (Mazrim) Not so much a fanfic set in any particular world, but instead a cross between Weiila's real world home, with the characters in the stories she writes about. Based on the premise that any character she writes about comes to life, as a result of her many crazy stories, she has a bunch of video game characters running around her house. And to top it all off, she has a bad cold... :P The humorous setting, combined with Weiila's writing, makes this a very funny fanfic, another one of those 'must reads' that I'm always talking about. :)
Punstory (Weiila)Well, I'm reviewing this myself simply because it's hardly a fanfic, really. As you see in the title it's all about puns, and yes they're horrible. But as you might have noticed many characters in our favorite games have names that could be used... in a story *grins* I'd call this an extreme crossover ;)

Wilfredo Martinez
About the author

An RPGChristmas story
Part 2
RPGC (Weiila)This whacky story takes place all over the world of RPGC and the outside.
Wil gets the responsibility to fix the RPGChristmas party and goes off to find inspiration. Sadly he also gets the order to teach Santa's daughter Jingle the true meaning of Christmas, but the Tower of Bable and the Staff forum might not be the best places to look for it... or is it?
Those Thought cops can't be good news, though...
The RPGC Xmas story 2003 RPGC (Weiila)This one didn't quite make it to "The End" before the Christmas update either, but it's here now at least!
The sequel to last year's Christmas tale by Wilfredo, RPGC is preparing for another celebration... Absolute Alcohol strictly forbidden.
But things quickly take a turn for the worst through challenges between over-powered authors and new mystery villains with a hatred for Christmas. Remember to wear a safety helmet.

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