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Millennial Fair -- Chrono Trigger Extravaganza!

Want to skip this cute little sprite skit? Shame on you! But go ahead and jump to the reviews, if you must.

So what's all the fuss about?

It's the Millenial Fair... where have you been?

I was just fueling up the Epoch and getting ready for our big New Year's bash! Remember? The Millennial Fair has come and gone! That's why we're going to hang out with all our friends in the other time periods.

No no no, I mean the Millennial Fair at RPGClassics, you ninny. You'd hear about these things if you'd leave your house once in awhile.

Well sorry I don't check their page every other day. It's not so easy to live on dial-up, you know. We're not *ALL* princesses with DSL in our luxurious castle quarters.

I told you we're working on free DSL for Guardia, just be patient. Anyway, you'd better go and pick up our friends in the time machine... I'll wait here and entertain our guests.

*zips off*

Hey guys, are you all ready?

Hi Dragon God, and... other guy. We're almost ready. What did you bring to the party?

Soundtrack reviews, what else! :P

And very delicious ones at that.

You didn't eat the reviews on the way here, did you?

No, sir! I learned my lesson after Parasite Eve gave me bad gas.


Lucca's just gone to go get the other guests... Oh, here's Crono.


LOL! He's the only person that can make me laugh without even talking.


Here we are!

So who's ready for some music? Chrono Trigger OST, anyone?

Yeah! Put on my theme first, it's the best!

No, MINE's the best!


Relax everyone. We've got all 3 discs here, so we'll just play them in order.

And with what manner of conversation shall we engage ourselves this fair eve?

I can tell the tale of the great history of the RPGC Millenial Fair. You see, this one was not the first. My associate Kero Hazel here was too young to remember last year's...

Not too young. Just too drunk.

Did you even drink champagne? I thought you just guzzled that carbonated cider stuff.

And boy was I WASTED!

Right. Anyway, last year's Millenial Fair had some problems. Certain staff members disappeared, everything was depending on stuff getting done at the last minute. It was just a recipe for disaster.

What about the year before that?

I'll let the former head of the Soundtrack Reviews section, Sinistral, handle that question.

That MF went well, but it was rushed, so it was a little amateurish. We just had "stuff" and funny things to brighten up people's holidays.

Stuff is good.

And that's it. This is the third Millenial Fair here at RPGC, and we hope to make it the best ever.

An excellent story. When your planet is consumed in the fiery wake of Lavos' wrath, and your charred corpses lay strewn about in your devastated cities, you can be sure that the memory of your epic soundtrack reviews will live on in my memory drive and in the hearts of ever-

Robo. Lavos. Defeated. Shut. Up.

Shall we get on with the reviews then?

Yes, it's that time! I'd like to give a special thank-you to Walhalla and Alwyn Aldarion, who submitted their Chrono Trigger OST reviews to us and helped to make this Millenial Fair the best ever. Now go read the reviews before you have too much fun with your family and friends. And be sure to check out all the other exciting events happening at RPGClassics! A Happy New Year to all!