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RPGClassics Privacy Statement

RPGC is very concerned with any individual user's private information. Therefore, the following rules exist for your protection.

1. RPGC will not divulge personal information to a third party without your expressed consent. The only exceptions are if we are compelled by the courts, or to aid an ongoing investigation.
2. IP Addresses are logged automatically, but this information serves no purpose to us other than security. IP addresses will only be disseminated to track hackers, to determine site tampering, or to aid ongoing judicial investigations.
3. The only information RPGC currently collects are e-mail addresses for our newsletter. But, this information is only collected once you (the user) asks to be added to said list. If at any time you wish to unsubscribe it is done unquestionably, and as per rule 1, no e-mail addresses are sent to third parties.
4. Further personal information may be required in the event of any contests, sweepstakes etc. In these cases however the information is only collected on a voluntary basis. Of course rule 1 applies in this instance as well.
5. Any further changes to this policy will be announced on the main page, but in general because RPGC has no use for personal information, there will be no impetus to obtain or divulge it.

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