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If you would like your RPG site to be listed here, e-mail Cless Alvein.

Cream of the Crop
These sites are worth the most of your 'net surfing time. They also gives us mad props.

Caves of Narshe A site dedicated to FF1, FF4, FF5, FF6, FF7 and FFT with very good and extensive information.
FF Experience Union A FF RPG Union in GameSpot dedicated to both the Final Fantasy series and RPGs.
RPG Realm A great resource for FAQs, art, fanfiction, and more on most any RPG out there.
Realms of Hyrule Former staffer Luna's site for the Zelda series. Very well done site with quite a few features.
SquareSound A very well done and new music site featuring sheet music, midis, MP3s, and fan arrangements from various Square games.
The Final Fantasy A site containing media, reviews, products and all kinds of Final Fantasy-related information.
Vast Lands of Grandia A vast site indeed for Grandia fans, with detailed information on all the games in the series as well as some extra fan works.

Game/Series Specific Links

Cherubae The best Terranigma page on the web (other than ours). Everything you could want concerning Terranigma.
Chrono Shock A vast stash of Chrono Cross-related information, fan submissions, and discussion. This place is most notable for its gallery of Dragon Warrior and Zelda animations. Excellent coverage on Legend of Mana mainly centered on the Jumi. There's also fanfiction and fanart on the site. Very interesting overall.
Eyes on Final Fantasy The site contains infos, tricks, thoughts, lists, everything you could be looking for for anything related to Final Fantasy, from FF1 to the FF Movie.
Fantasy Anime Contains info on a variety of RPG series in addition to some anime coverage
Fantasy Square Another well-maintained site covering information specific to the Final Fantasy series.
FFThunder A great website offering all kinds of Final Fantasy coverage.
Phantasy Star: Between Worlds Excellent Phantasy Star Fan Fiction and Fan Art.
TerraEarth Great and complete coverage of the entire Soul Blazer series. Very nicely done.
Tom's Crystalis World Has almost everything you'd want to know about Crystalis.

General RPG Links

GameFAQs Provides low to medium-quality coverage on lots of games, including but not limited to RPGs.
MMOExploits Guides, macros, exploits, hacks for Everquest, Everquest 2, Linage 2, Guild War, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft and specialized forums for all MMORPG players which can be accessed online for reasonable rates at
RPG Dreamers Has information, music, pictures, reviews, and previews for a variety of RPGs on the newer systems.
RPG Eternal Great reviews on all maners of RPGs!
RPG Fan A very nice source for news, previews, and a good soundtrack review. I like ours better though =P.
RPG Gamer More like, RPLamer!
RPGItems A small RPG news coverage site with a novel arrangement and forums that should appeal to RPG gamers!
Zophar's Domain The greatest collection of emulators anywhere, for any type of computer.

Media Links

Avalanche Online A good source for music, nicely done antimated gifs from various games, and game wallpapers.
Epical Studios A website dedicated to making music videos and teaching people how to make them. A variety of videos on Final Fantasy, Xenogears/Xenosaga as well as anime and other genres of games.
Jap & Mules Radio An anime radio using 64 Kbits (ISDN, ADSL, Cable...any connection that can support it), at least 762 songs. Click now to tune in!
Mabatsekker's Art HQ Mabatsekker, a site regular operates this site of artwork.
RPG-O-Mania An RPG media archive which offers pics, wallpapers, music and more.
RPG Radio A radio station site complete with AM/FM and a massive playlist of ~700 songs. If you like classic tunes, this station is a must-hear!
Video Game Directors Cuts A site with RPG animated movies.
Videogame Music Archive Unarguably, the BEST place on the net for videogame midis.

Store Links

Genki Video Games A newly-launched game store that features old school consoles and new titles too!

Other Links

Chosen Journey A role-playing community based on completing a certain set of tasks that will involve working together and battle strategies.
The Descent of Role Playing An interesting article that talks about the beginning of role playing and the rise of Final Fantasy.
GamerBase Good information on a whole variety of games.
Game-Times A store in Greenwood, IN that caters to the needs of gamers. Has very many interesting products.
Jacmus Prime A fantasy world building community for roleplayers, writers and hobbyists.
The RPG Dueling League Made by fans of The RPG Playoffs from "Bobbin Cranbud Presents", an old, now dead, link, this site contains more RPG, well, Playoffs. Just check it out.

RPG Comics

8-Bit Theater A web comic that uses everyone's favorite 8-bit Final Fantasy characters.
Adventurers! A very funny site that uses original RPG characters.
Mortisland Flash animations using characters very various RPG's. A must see.
Penny Arcade One of the biggest, and best, videogame comics the internet has to offer.
Ragnarok Wisdom A great comic about a group of characters in Ragnarok Online. Our own Lunaris is in it too.
RPG World Don't ask me what this comic is about. Find out for yourself!

This page was last updated January 4, 2006. All links worked then.

Links page was originally created and maintained by Tenchimaru Draconis, Kagon, Merlin, Blizzard and Dragon Ninja.

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