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Welcome to the RPG Classics Quotes Archive! Here you'll find quotes from your favorite RPGs. Enjoy! The names that have nothing to do with the quote itself under the quotes (or group of quotes) are the people who submitted them. Feel free to submit any quote you'd like to see to Merlin.

The Iliad and Pratchett sections are not RPGs, but a listing of quotes from Homer's epic and Pratchett's works.

The RPGC Staff section is an archive of quotes from the staff. It contains some profanity and foul imagery that might cause a severe lack of sleep. Go there at your own risk...You have been warned!!

I think it'd be best to start this section with the most famous quote of all... -Merlin

The world is veiled in
darkness. The wind stops,
the sea is wild,
and the earth begins to rot.
The people wait,
their only hope, a prophecy...

'When the world is in darkness
Four Warriors will come'

After a long journey, four
young warriors arrive,
each holding an Orb.

The Introduction to Final Fantasy I

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