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Step 4: Sending Your Shrine To RPGC's Server Using FTP

Q. Can I store my shrine on the Internet?

A. You sure can! In fact, you can store it on RPGC's server! You actually have to do this to be able to use the templates correctly and really see how it'll look. When you reserve your shrine, you'll be given a username and password, and the server information for RPGC. Use any FTP program to connect.

Q. FTP? Wuzzat?

A. It stands for File Transfer Protocol. It's a way for you to send files from your computer to RPGClassics' computer (server). This way anyone who wants can view them, and you can view them properly as well.

Q. How do I use FTP?

A. We've got a nice short but thorough FTP Walkthrough for your perusal, including a link for a suggested FTP program. (Any FTP program will do, though.) Also note that if you opted to use KompoZer, you can write your pages directly from RPGC's server! However, you'll still need an FTP program to store your images and whatnot; Composer is only good for the actual HTML pages.

Q. Is there a limit on the size of my shrine?

A. No, not really. But again, you shouldn't have any MP3s or BMP image files, and you should have a damn good reason for having video (AVI) files.

Q. Help! My password isn't working!

A. Sometimes I mistype things. ^^; Let me know if something's not going through and I'll double-check.

Q. Hey! The username you gave me isn't the same as the one I sent you!

A. The username I send you is for logging on with your FTP program (it is also the name of the directory the shrine is stored in, and is part of the URL). It is different from the handle (nickname) you sent me when requesting a shrine.

Q. Help! I've uploaded stuff but it won't show up! I get a "Forbidden Error" or "404 error"!

A. I get this question a lot... it's because there's no "index.php" file in your main folder. Put it in there! And note that this is not the same as "Index.php" or "index2.php"! Also note that you must have a "toc.txt" in your account!

Q. I want to change my password.

A. Just e-mail me with your new password and I'll change it for you. Your username can't be changed, though.

Q. Now that my stuff's on RPGClassics' server, I can delete it from my own computer, right?

A. WRONG! Never delete things from your own computer. If something ever happens to your remote files, you'll never forgive yourself. Always keep a backup.

Q. Can I store my own stuff on RPGC's server?

A. The server is really just meant for your shrine. You can't build your own webpage using it. ^^; You can store things there temporarily, though. I won't tell. 8-) Note that this does NOT include warez, ROMs, or MP3s. If I ever find out that someone used our server to store these things, that person will have his shrine deleted, and will be permanently forbidden from making another shrine.

Q. Any other things I should know before continuing?

A.Yup. You should put all your HTML pages in your main folder, unless you have a really huge amount of them (like over 100). Images should generally go in a subfolder (like "images/". Do not upload Word documents or anything like that; they don't belong in shrines. HTML is the way to go! 8-)

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